Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Baboons Attack!

This is what they do. You scratch my back i scratch yours. But the baboons that came to my place the other day did more than that just scratching. They can also exchange stories about themselves and other people very intelligently. Being very close knit, they don't really like people who doesn't like to feed them their 'food' for thought.

I had been attacked by three baboons at home recently!

I was lucky the type of baboons that barged into my house are not of those that bites people, but they possess more of human character.
It all started on my most hectic day.
While rushing to meet my household 'dateline', and right after my significant half left for office after his lunch break, the doorbell rang and expecting that he might have forgotten to take something, i casually opened the door without looking thru the peep hole first.

To my horror, stood there two baboons trying to force themselves in.
I was so stunned at that moment, and while trying to shoo them away another baboon came from nowhere, and the earlier two baboons slip themselves in my house while me still holding the door ajar.
Oh my God! I said. I didn't know that my nearest neighbour was actually a baboon.

Although i was fuming mad, i was not actually surprised by their terrorising my area because i have known about their existence in this desert land and i have tried my utmost best getting away from the area where most of this pesky terrestrial animal hang out.
And also due to my upbringing, i remember adviced by my parents; we have to be kind to human and animals. They are God's created creatures. So i did.
I allowed them in reluctantly and asked them what they really want from me. Knowingly i didn't have any Del Monte or Dole bananas at home during that time.

Well, i was quite lucky somehow that these baboons do not have that elongated, doglike muzzle and thus didn't try to bite me physically. Even if they want to, they'd have to think twice on the consequences.
You'll be surprised if i told you that these three baboons are not the ordinary baboons that you see in zoo.
To be specific, you won't be able to see their naked red-butt because they wore what Muslim women wear on a daily basis!
Yup!....I thought they must have gotten the clothing from people's house that they had broken in earlier. I have heard stories that they broke in to some peoples house before this.

In my head, they must have been quite trained to don the headscarve, because they naturally don't know the actuall reason why good Muslim ladies don headscarve and covers their body.
You will have to agree with me, that baboons and animals generally are not required to cover themselves. I do not understand why they want to imitate humanbeing, in particular Muslim humanbeing.
These must be a very pious baboons i presume.
I wonder how they pray on the tree.....

Well, let me tell you that these baboons were really the brutish type.
People will undoubtedly be fooled looking at them at a glance because when you really take a good deep look at them you will notice their bad behaviour, their rudeness and they carries wicked stench with them everywhere.
I had to spray my house with Dettol antiseptic and switched on my home freshner after they left!

However, after the shocking less than forty five minutes encounter, i was left speechles and stunned.
I was left behind hay wired house and a nearly finish 1kg box of Patchi!....Yup!! Be rest assured. These baboons got very excited when they saw me giving my girl chocolate while i was trying hard to calm her down because my girl is not the friendly type of person, whatmore with animals!
Having to make believe that hiding myself would spare me off these annoying creatures and their related species here (there is another monkey species living in this colony; not as bad as baboons though), i would be spared all these nonsensical and disturbance.
But what can one do when the Gen-X baboons knows how to rang people's doorbell and disguised themselves as Muslim ladies?
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