Friday, 22 May 2009

Silence is golden..

Silence is golden.

But sometime, human prefer not take the golden part of it and refuse to be silent. They prefer to blabber and talk about anything under the sky; this i must contribute to the Arabs who talks a lot. I can attest to this because i did a count and random check on how many Arabs will either be on the phone while walking and driving.

I think majority of people cannot be silent because they have this urging need to talk to someone.
They will feel lost not having a conversation with anyone for few hours in a day. They must have an agenda and topics either brought forward or newly acquired ones.
There also the type of people that have the urge and need to ask petty questions like a two year old child.
Not like they cannot decide on what they want, but it is more of a habits. They like to be notified on all sort of things.
They desire opinions from several persons on the smallest most unimportant things we can think about.
Perhaps they are lack of self-confident. Lack of self- esteem. Or maybe quietly afraid of themselves in many different ways.

Sarcastically when my SO asked me why women in general cannot understand the meaning of silence is golden, i told him perhaps they are afraid of losing their ability to talk if they don't talk much for a day.

Nevertheless, a lot of people also thought that if someone is silent and does not talk much are of the timid or coward type and the don't-know-much-type.
This, however is a very wrong perception; especially when it come to men. Men don't blabber like women. However, should you come across men who talks as much as women, than they are the one type that you should really have to be extra careful with.

Again, silence is golden.
But not all type of silence is golden.
It will lose the golden effect when someone who had been silent start to talk.
It might be very painful to listen to.
It might be very degrading to be talked to by someone who all of the sudden broke their silence.
They might be worst human than you can ever imagine.

Perhaps most of people fault was to assumed that when a person is silent that means the person is weaker than them, and condone any immoral activities taking place around them.
They must know that holding one's tongue have its limit.

I have came across this particular phrase "Silence is a woman's best garment."

I believe in sticking to it, however, it would not be suitable for all occasions though....
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