Sunday, 7 June 2009

Amusement Park.

At times I actually thought I'm living in the vicinity of an amusement park here because I found myself being quite amused lately. Very amused, in fact.

I'm amused by life incidences created by some quarters.
Amused by some who thought that they know best. Who in fact had never or experience little exposure to other things in life but proudly make believe that they had seen the world and taste the life.
Just because they lived outside of their little village once, living in this pathetic little country made them very enthusiastic and chirpy like a happy bird out of their little cage.

And amazingly, I find it very hilarious knowing some people who doesn't even know anything much but they are trying to show that they'd known the best.
It is really funny.
Some people here can really make me laugh.

I remember one advice given by my god-father, a Chinese businessman.
'Always let other talk first and you must listen, and listen well' that time, I was wondering why would I do that and allow my ears to listen to craps, and only later that I understood the meaning of the advice.

When we allow people to talk and blabber, this is when we will known their worth.
This is when we will know their scale of intelligence.
This is when we will know what is hidden in their mind.

Mingling and socialising can really open up one's eyes to a certain degree of everything.
Very funny indeed.

Nevertheless, my advice to my fellow haters is; don't push your luck too far, because you just don't know who you're really pushing....

And, please, learn more things in life.
Start reading some educational books instead of trying to be too religious because knowledge is one of the requirement in the religion too.
Being knowledgeable will be good to one's credentials as a person.
Well, at least one will have better conversational scope when talking to other people besides out of your own circle of friends.

p/s: and just to make another short note -- I am please to let you know that I can make my blog confidential--and that YOU, the reader, will have to log in with YOUR identity to read my logs. So, in whatever case, my writing is my right, and if YOU don't like it, please feel free to change to another window or easy, stop reading at all (unless you're so typical of the curious lot who are afraid I might be labelling you with another in the future)

And FYI, this is one psychology attacked out of so many I had carried out throughout my business life in order to justify friends and foe, good man from con man....I must say that I'm actually enjoying it and the fact that it does work, really makes me happy ;)
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