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Dr M Okay With PM's Performance and Rosmah's Profile.

A Kadir Jasin @ The Scribe A Kadir Jasin

I would not dare claim that I am right all a long, but I have repeatedly said in this blog that the Prime Minister’s wife can have as high a profile as she likes if she ventures into politics and wins a sit.

Now the former Prime Minister, (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, had said about the same thing. The media quoted him as saying that Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak 's wife, Rosmah Mansor, has the right to have as high a profile as she likes.

"There is no standard format to fill in if you become the wife of the prime minister. You can be as prominent as you like," he said, adding that Rosmah also had the right to rebut allegations made against her in her biography.

Dr Mahathir was asked on whether he thinks Rosmah's profile is too high compared to former prime ministers' wives.

On the same day that he made the comment on Rosmah, he was also quoted as saying that he was not practising double standard by supporting Mohd Najib now and opposing (Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, when the latter was Prime Minister.

"(There's) no double standard. If somebody doesn't perform, I will campaign, against anybody," Dr Mahathir was quoted as saying.

"Whether he's my nominee or somebody else, I will campaign if somebody does not perform and in my view, Pak Lah didn't perform," Dr Mahathir said.

Asked whether his answer meant that he was satisfied with Najib's performance, he responded, "Yes, I'm satisfied."
Being the prime minister's wife already provides her enough prominence. It is not necessary to seek more prominence and definitely not at the expense of the taxpayers' funds.”
Being the prime minister's wife already provides her enough prominence. It is not necessary to seek more prominence and definitely not at the expense of the taxpayers' funds.”

So, in one go, Dr Mahathir reaffirmed his endorsement of the Najib-Rosmah partnership, which, I am sure, will be read differently by different quarters.

Take for instance, what a debater in Malaysiakini’s Yoursay forum, who goes by the pseudonym “Little Giant” had to say:

“Going by protocol, the prime minister's wife has the right to have a high profile. But it is not right of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to say that Rosmah Mansor can enjoy as high a profile "as she likes".

As for me, I still feel that my argument in the posting entitled “Perdana Menteri Wanita: Kenapa Isteri PM Tak Boleh?” on Jan. 16, 2011 is valid and I think the Barisan Nasional should seriously consider putting her up as a candidate in the coming general election.

I am not being cynical. Going by reports and pictures in the media, Rosmah is popular and has her own followers and following. When elected, she has every right to decide and assume whatever profile she desires as long it is within the limit of law and propriety.

As for Dr Mahathir endorsing Mohd Najib, I am not surprised that he is doing it openly and publicly. But what also matters is what he says privately.

If Dr Mahathir does to Mohd Najib what he did to Abdullah in the run-up to the 2008 general election, the consequences would be dire for the Prime Minister, the BN and Umno.

Granted that Mohd Najib is a lot stronger and more capable than Abdullah, he does not, however, enjoy Abdullah’s image as “Mr Clean” and “Mr Nice Guy”. Mohd Najib is more controversial than Abdullah.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of many, including those in the opposition camp, Dr Mahathir is as influential today as he was during the 2008 general election. 

He could still move votes. So Mohd Najib and his retinue of advisers and special officers must be careful not to offend the patriarch and his sympathisers.

It may not be all about altruism though. Dr Mahathir nurtured and protected Mohd Najib because Mohd Najib’s father, (Tun) Abdul Razak Hussein, nurtured and protected him. Now Dr Mahathir has a son, Mukhriz, who is in the political arena and, as the saying goes, one good deed deserves another. Wallahualam.

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I would like to share this since the 'Apocalypse 2012' will be nearing soon.

I have watch with astonishment how people in the US took this end of the world presentation by the Mayan calendar over seriously to the extend of building underground facility for friends and family in order to avoid being blasted with the end of the world catastrophe.

As a Muslim, believing in the Al-Quran, I have learnt that there will be signs before the end of the world even begins. Although there had been several minor signs, as stipulated in the teaching, the medium and major ones has yet to arrive.

I would suggest those Apocalypse 2012 believers to at least consider reading or do some researching especially on the part that the sun will rise from the west instead of east because that IS one of the bigger sign of the end of humanity.

Below some excerpt from the holy Quran.

i--Chapter 02:Verse258:- "Abraham said, Verily!Allah causes the sun to rise from east; then cause it to rise from the west"
ii-- Chapter 06:Verse158:- "The day (ie. Portents of the hour e.g., sun rising from the west)that some of the signs of your Lord (Allah) do come, no good will it do to a person to believe then, if he believed not before, nor earned good through his faith"


Is The Pole Shift Theory Possible?

One of the theories that has not been published in the dialog of Global Warming, is the Mayan Pole Shift Theory in which the north and south pole shift. Albert Einstein agreed that this effect is now going on, and can be responsible for Global Weather change.
The theory if correct would make all other theories moot, because they predict the Poles will shift again in 2012. If this occurs, the catastrophe that will include earthquakes, tsunamis and massive destruction could be the “End of Times”.

The end of the fifth creation of the Maya calendar is on December 23, 2012 of the Current Era (C.E.2).That would be 12-21-12, It has to do with the movement of the earths axis where all of the planets line up. It will change the tides and start massive flooding. Not necessarily the end of the world just major change in “mother nature” that could result in devastating events.

The magnetic field of the Earth has actually switched its direction many many times during Earth’s history. Although this is not completely understood, the leading theory of how it works is that Earth’s magnetic field is caused by the motion of the liquid outer core. The churning of the liquid in the outer core acts as a giant electromagnet, moving electrical charges around, in what is known as the “geomagnetic dynamo.” The rotation of the solid inner core also contributes to the magnetic field.

When a certain combination of inner and outer core motion occurs, the Earth’s magnetic field will quickly reverse. For example, lava that solidified 30,000 years ago shows that the magnetic field was in the opposite direction at that time. Evidence from the geologic record shows that this reversal could take less than 1000 or even less than 100 years. The way these reversals throughout geologic history were discovered was by looking at the seafloor. New ocean floor is created along the mid-ocean ridges. When lava along these ridges cools, its minerals harden in line with the Earth’s magnetic field. This causes the seafloor to have magnetic “stripes,” which can be measured and mapped.

This is very useful for oceanographers and geologists.
One effect that may occur during a magnetic reversal is that the Earth may not be protected from charged particles streaming from the sun. These particles are called the “solar wind“, and could be dangerous to life if they reached the Earth’s surface. However, the interaction between the magnetic field and these particles deflects them around the Earth.

The area around a planet (including Earth) within which the motion of charged particles is affected by the magnetic field is called the magnetosphere. The Earth’s environment extends all the way from the sun to the Earth and beyond? It is not an empty wasteland of space. Instead, near-Earth space is full of streaming particles, electromagnetic radiation, and constantly changing electric and magnetic fields. All of these things make up our magnetosphere (source for this material is from NASA.

We’ve learned that the solar wind travels past the Earth at well over 1,000,000 miles per hour. And thanks to the Earth’s magnetic field, the solar wind is stopped and deflected around the Earth so that most of it does not hit our atmosphere head on.

Sometimes the magnetosphere becomes overloaded with particles. When this happens, some particles escape through the magnetosphere and interact with atoms in the upper atmosphere, making them emit light. This is what creates the northern lights (aurora borealis) and the southern lights (aurora australis). weakened during a reversal, more of these particles will get through to the upper atmosphere. This could be a problem, but most likely the atmosphere is thick enough to protect the Earth’s surface.

Solar wind energy in our magnetosphere can also cause what are known as space plasma storms. These storms can cause communication and science satellites to fail. They can also cause damage to electric power systems on the surface of the Earth. (See picture above of damage)
A large space storm in 1989 made currents on the ground that caused a failure in the Hydro-Quebec electric power system. This prevented 6 million people in Canada and the US from having electricity for over 9 hours. The same storm caused the atmosphere to inflate and dragged the LDEF satellite to a lower orbit earlier than expected.

This phenomenon, can and does have an affect on the Earth and it’s climate. Al Gore’s theory of Global Warming blames man made co2 gases for a decrease in the Polar ice cap, and many other climatology things. He like other hucksters is peddling a disputed scientific theory that will do nothing but slow down the United States economy.