Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Unwillingly naked!

My husband asked me yesterday, until when do I think the facebook-ing thing will go on...and I automatically answered 'perhaps another two more years and it'll slowly fade off..."

Of course, I do not speak on behalf of you or millions of its excited users, but looking at it and considering some other aspect plus taking human interest in it, I feel the pulse of facebook users (those more than two years, i.e) are beating slower compare to the mid of facebook craze in 2008 ~ for me i.e.

One thing for sure, I found myself and people likeminds getting some sort of tiresome feeling with the platform, even more notably when it comes to lots of changes every now and then.
Earlier during it's craze changes had been done from simple layout to 'eye-confusing' one where all details were stuffed into one page. It was done twice or three time if I'm not mistaken.

But my concern and what is more important is the terms and conditions aspect of it ~ the privacy, applications and other related websites matters per se.

Today, I saw a friend's message mentioning about yet another new thing brought forward by facebook to its users that would enable certain information made public on another shared platform. It is called "Instant Personalization" where it enables the sharing of data with non-Facebook websites and it is automatically set to allow.

Now, one important thing for us to remember is, when we subscribe to all these Internet platforms, most of us just do not bothered to read the terms and conditions when signing up ~ Im one of those lot.
See, when most of internet based platform make their billions of dollars by getting it multiply via ordinary people like us, we unwittingly allow certain infos about us and our friends to be used publicly in other word; assisting it to work.
It is a MLM of internet social networking.

And it does work ain't it? Wonders don't you think so when it comes to suggesting friends?
Now, don't some of you just get a little hyped up (good or bad) when being suggested or 'found' by someone you've not been in contact for more than 20 years?
Don't that kind of euphoric feeling travels in your system during those time newly subscribing to the platform.... but after a while it fade off ?
No denying.
I had that sorta feeling too, but as time goes by and after having funtime socialising among the community, it struck my head that some of my personal things are being made available to the public, if not from my own doing, it'll be via some friends' wall etc.

Of course, again, I'm reiterating that this is my own personal opinion and I do not speak on behalf of anyone, especially those teenage kids (girls especially) who doesn't know nuts about privacy and all they know is make available and posting sexy provocative pictures ( some adult ladies does that too, in order to get friends...male friends or future partner to be exact).

Basically, I feel that although we restrict our data to ONLY our friends (unless otherwise), but as technology grows, we users need to be more Internet-educated in order to secure our privacy from personality thieves and not be stripped naked to the public unwillingly....
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