Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bric à brac

It has been quite sometime I refrained myself from reading or knowing or even chat with my mom about the local (Malaysia) political news.
Personally there had been too much of the 'kipas bontot' the vulgar way of saying it, or buttering up the Prime Minister Najib and to add on to the loathsomeness was the endless coverage of the wife Rosmah is way too much. Almost behaving like she is the Prime Minister herself, I mean, hey, I ought to blab on this yet again -- the only wife of a premier that gave a message for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri (in Malaysia, the premier will issue a eid mubarak message yearly ever since Im small ) of  last year.
I cannot recall any wife of a Prime Minister of Malaysia has never done that before.
She was seated next to him when he delivered the message (I was back home during the eid) as normal but later, some programme were interrupted and there was she seating at the same settee and delivering her own message!!
I was stunned and it was so unbelievable.
She said nothing much really but basically touching on similar thing the hubby mentioned earlier.
But why?....
Why do you Rosmah, need and must give your own speech?
What your hubby gave is not good enough for you?
Or perhaps you drafted the speech yourself and probably proofreading your hubby's speech is not satisfying?

I can go on talking about that lady and her achievement in stealing the limelight from the husband so very evidently and so very shamelessly.
Well, maybe I'm ignorant and maybe I do not know that there might be some other country's primeirs' wife gave such message to their people.

Okay, let's leave that alone.
Just can't help it after reading an online 'newspaper' tittled -- Sodomy II to ‘test’ Malaysia’s zeal to democracy and rule of law, says Washington Post; and the writer (of the online newspaper), claimed that Washington Post as the most read newspaper in the US, also condemned Barrack Obama for not putting a firm stand on the what's happening to Anwar Ibrahim, who will receive his verdict today.

Hence below are some of the things that caught my short span attention and my shorter time to review and digest any comment due to lack of time etecetra.

1. Anwar, 64, who has been charged with sodomising a driver Azizan Abu Bakar, convicted by the High Court and jailed sometime in 2000. And an eight year itch returned (is it eight years already..? please self count ) the defector leader of one opposition party was once again caught indulging himself in the forbidden desire as claimed and reported to the mass by one Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, his 27-year-old former personal aide (psssttt...~~ this is the chap who claimed he freshened up before the whole thing took place...dang!) and will be facing up to 20 years in jail and whipping if convicted.
His supporters and lovers will be praying hard for his acquittal today.
We will see...

2. On the other hand, the police came out with one rather humorous statement on tomorrow's biggie. They say they will not compromise on the conditions to bar the organisers of the rally from carrying banners or shouting for the release of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
See, this is where all those pokey Americans will seek opportunity to condemned the Malaysian government and accused the latter of not being democratic including failing to gave Anwar and his supporters justice and failure to allow freedom of  press (there's no denial on this unfortunately) and of being a dictatorial country.
I don't take side and never like the idea of it. But by doing so, it clearly shows that there isn't any freedom even if the group apply the licence to organise the quiet demo to manifest  their supports.

What is so wrong with them chanting for the release of Anwar?
To add on to it, almost every person knows that the conditions the police gave are those that so very lopsided and leave them with no room of manifesting their emotion at all.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said if the organisers do not agree to the 10 conditions set to hold the rally, the police are willing to meet them again before it is held to discuss further.
It's a joke....

3. Meanwhile, with the GE coming so very soon, and before I forgot, touching on the coming GE although it hasn't been confirm yet -- I strongly feel that Anwar will be acquitted of his sodomy charges this time. I dare bet my finger Najib and his gang are so very afraid of losing big time in the GE. Hence why we will be reading so many news about 'katak lompat' (jumping frogs) hoping from one party to another.
Be it either they are paid to do it so they did it out of realisation. It's politics. And it's dirty.
One of current news was PAS (the Islamic-based political party) state executive councillor Datuk Dr Hasan Ali has been sacked from the party immediately.
In a brief statement, its president Abdul Hadi Awang said the decision was reached based on a provision in the party's constitution but  I guess it was more due to his the former recent public criticism of PAS policies.
And especially when his statement which sounded rather contemplating (on behalf of PAS) on last year raid at one church  near Petaling Jaya where few Muslims were caught after being caught being involved in the dinner gathering cum prayers.

We shall be reading more interesting and sometimes silly news out of Malaysia political scenes until the General Election.

Till then...
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