Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Taliban in Qatar.

Since Qatar's emergence on the world map especially after winning the bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, and organising numerous sporting championships, this sovereign state had also been receiving some unfavorable hard news such as one that comes from the chief of Israel's spy agency Mossad who had warned the United States that the small country poses "a real problem," in a US diplomatic cable (as published by WikiLeaks), and the news gets even juicier.

The Taliban had announced opening their first political overseas office, possibly in Qatar, would be one to look out for.
Let's think about it.
If they, the Taliban, really serious on their intentions -- that would be something that I find very confusing...rather bewildering.

Those who are familiar with the GCC knows that Qatar 'hosted' a US army base and had once received bomb threat.
I wonder what will happen if the Taliban set up their office here...
Nope. I'm not being judgemental nor pin pointing that the Taliban are a flock of people who would bomb themselves or other people, but it's between 'is it for real' and funny kind of cogitation.

Whatever it is, and no matter how it will be, I'm pretty sure the Emir would want the best for his country and the challenges to put a sovereignty to the one that is known worldwide, such as Dubai -- is not easy task and they've got to brave any stormy weather in order to gain something.

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