Thursday, 30 October 2008


There is this poll done by one company on the people of Qatar on certain things in life and that includes queuing up for anything including when it comes to paying one's stuff at a shopping mall.
Not surprisingly, majority of them 'believe' that it is their right as 'the people' to not que when there are needs for it. It seems that; why should they que. This is their country!
This is seriously a very 'barbaric' statement came from the lots of non-cultured people with egos bigger than their heads.

I laughed when reading that because, what else can you expect?!
It is written even in the Holy book of Quran Al-Kareem that these lots are a very snobbish and self-centred people.

I have in a couple of incidents experience and witnessed these people just jump out of nowhere and pretending that there's no one else queing. Funny bit is, only the whites dares to tell them off. The Asian are ever so 'politely' allow these snobbish people to just cut-in.
Sorry, not me. Not even in my own country where some 'kampung' lot just slot in themselves in front of registration counter, or information counter and started asking.
I will definitely give them a piece of personal etiquette 'advice'.

I had an experience where one huge old fart lady with her skinny daughter just popped in out of nowhere putting their clothes at the cashier counter while i was standing there about to put mine for payment.
Non-hesitantly, i didn't look at them but pushed the clothes aside and stand really right in front the cashier not giving them way at all.
That is how they need to be treated. Ignore their existance. Be stern with them. And last but not least be snobbish.
Hahahaha.... i laughed when sharing this with my significant half later.

My opinion; there is no help on how to get these people to become a better person.
So as long as they are what they are called........


Hhmmmmm...wonder why my recent post aren't published...

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sombre life of mine

Have not been logging in for while.
I have been away and back to home country for one good deserving holiday.
Meeting up with family members is such a fulfilment, especially spending time with my parents.
Like always, and everytime, it will definitely make me just wanna crawl to the airport and miss the plane when it comes to going back to the other 'home'.

I have always trying my best instilling in me that i should learnt to accept this other 'home' as my home.
That i have two home in my life, or treat the other home as vacation home; i failed.
I cannot find solace where i am right now.
I cannot learn to accept some things here; perhaps i refused to compromised in it at all.

I don't have the people that i have known half of my life to share opinion with eventhough there are people of the same country here, they just doesn't fit the bill; at all, probably due to a lot of factors and that includes geographically speaking.

I don't have the usual place that i can go to and get my personal beautification done (although the actual reasons was just to wind-out and relax) as i do back in my home place. Basically, i do not have a fulfilling life at all is almost like redundant.

I hate it, but i have got to go with it.
That is the most painful thing a human should endure.

I have changed my life 360 degree. From being a fast driver both in carrier and on the highway to catch up with time and appointments, to being secluded to four walls taking care of one cheeky- yet lovely- going 2-year old daughter and a husband in some foreign land.
No doubt that it does take a toll on my stress level initially, but it begins to run down a bit now.
But eliminating the stress? Nope, don't think so. It would be near impossible i dare to say.

So, again, the aftermath of a good holiday back home is to dwell in this sombre moods for the time being until i got back on track in this land that is not a home.....