Thursday, 30 May 2013

Internet and Cybercrime Law.

With what's going on back home in Malaysia, I think it is a high time Malaysia take similar action such as Singapore and Qatar in monitoring the existence of some portals that can be post unhealthy writeups and help curb slanderous news among the netizen, especially among the youth who dominates the cyberspace and spend their time  on the www searching for almost anything from music to news what lifestyles is in right now.

Obviously there would be those who will call it the beginning of the death of freedom of Internet writing and expression, but hey, we DO need some kind of regulations. 
We have regulations to follow all our life.
From young to old.
At home. On the road. In our own country and abroad.

Simply put it like this.
Try watch movies, in Malaysia, or those who are familiar with MBC in the Gulf and other Arabic speaking countries, the word F*** or part nudity  even sometimes passionate french kissing scene will definitely get censored--it goes the same for internet freedom.
The reason is simply because some people are responsible and others are not.

The recent move announced by Singaporean authorities to regulate certain Internet news sites has gained criticism and so does the latest new draft on cybercrime if passed, by the Qatari cabinet will definitely not gain support from most netizen.

In Singapore, the Media Development Authority (MDA)will by the 1st of June require sites "that report regularly on issues relating to Singapore and have significant reach" among local readers to apply for individual licenses, which will be subject to annual renewal.
These sites must post a "performance bond" of an estimated US$40,000 and remove any objectionable content within 24 hours of receiving a government order.

The requirements would be in addition to existing protocols for sites in Singapore that binds them to rules banning material deemed objectionable on grounds of morality, security, public interest and social harmony in the multiethnic island nation.
Among the sites with large audience including  Yahoo Singapore and seven news sites operated by  the city-state's largest publisher, which has close relations to the government; and two sites run by state-owned broadcaster MediaCorp.
 Concerns group called the move as "a new attempt to stifle Internet-based media that often are critical of Singapore's government",and the opposition party,  Singapore Democratic Party and National Solidarity Party stated the rules as "regressive" step that would impede the development of the local media industry.

A wealthy SEA country, Singapore which has been dominated by one political party for decades and ranked 153rd globally in terms of press freedom is home to one of the world's most wired-up and technologically savvy populations. About 85% of Singaporean households have access to broadband Internet, an increasingly important resource for news consumption.

Malaysia of course has not reached that wired-up and not even that close to be ranked technologically savvy yet, but the numbers are growing a steady growth, and Im predicting it will be more rapid after this general election as people pro-oppositions or not  are running away from mainstream media.
That's I can't say much because, honestly sometimes when Im back home, I will get sick reading and watching one sided news.
Was a journalist, and had during my tenure been called by editors couple of time when the event  I cover and the news I wrote deemed by those in 'the Office' a little bit 'heavier' to the other side, thus must amend or at least make it neutral-- yup, there ain't freedom of writing.

What Malaysia need is a more  relaxed governance, without being too ME ME ME. The ruling party must learn to give some space to the opposition in the mainstream news in order to gain trust but mainly to show that they are DEMOCRATIC and are willing to spare some 'freedom' for them to voice their whatnots. It will be more healthy than allowing all these opposition portals to start spreading their words and wings.
The reflection of the ruling party fault is seen in the recent GE13 results.

They must take heed of this and should start thinking smartly. Thus why Daim Zainuddin in his latest public statement indicated that Najib's advisors should all be sacked.

The everything about ME ME ME and only ME can give good government would not work for too long.
People are smarter and they have brain to think and a platform to vent thier frustrations whatnots. 

Nontheless, I will start wondering when will Malaysia take similar action in order to curb excessive and very detrimental writings on issues that can initiate provocations on the peace of  multi racial and religion of the country. Portals such as Malaysiakini  or MalaysiaToday which from my observation since the early days of its set up has been very free and sometimes the commentors can get overboards with their comments to the point of insulting the official religion of this country, and the Malay when it comes to Bumiputera privileges.
And I am hoping to see the death cybertroopers of web fanpage organised by some political-inclined  quarters that only spell racism, spreading lies and are good at spinning news.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Warning from Singapore.

Singapore warns Malaysian politicians not to interfere in its domestic affair. 

PETALING JAYA: Singapore has warned Malaysian politicians to stay out of its affairs, in the light of the arrests of 21 Malaysians for demonstrating in the island republic.
A joint statement by the Ministries of Home (MHA) and Foreign Affairs (MFA) said demands by Malaysian Members of Parliament for Singapore to let off those arrested was seen as foreign interference. 
"Actions to involve foreign parties are attempts to seek special treatment and to further politicise what is essentially a domestic law and order issue in Singapore," it said in a statement on its website.
Singapore added that it had always taken a strong stand against foreign issues or politics brought into the island nation.
It added that it did not interfere in domestic affairs of other countries, and expected similar treatment in return. 
Previously, Malaysians gathered at Singapore's Merlion Park on May 8 and 11 to protest against the May 5 general election results.
They were a rendition of the Blackout 505 rallies that took place in major cities around Malaysia.
On May 11, 21 Malaysians were arrested by Singaporean police. The work pass of one and visit passes of two others were revoked. The remaining 18 are currently being investigated by authorities there. 
Several Malaysians have since approached their political representatives, including DAP's Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching, for aid.
Last week Thursday, several Pakatan Rakyat MPs also petitioned the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur for leniency against the 21. 
Meanwhile, in response, Teo said she was only fighting for the one whose work pass was revoked, arguing that the person was unfairly punished.
She said that the particular person only attended one rally, adding that Singapore's reaction was too harsh.
"It's not that we want to interfere with (Singapore's) internal affairs. If (the one person) only attended one protest, then that is unfair," she said.
Teo said that eight of the 21 had approached her over the matter, and with some telling her that they accepted their punishment.
She added that there was a spate of miscommunication in the episode, and asked Singapore to re-investigate the case.
"We're only pleading for the one person...I don't think this amounts to interfering. They are Malaysian citizens, and we have a duty to them," she said.

My word for this?...
Served them right.
And served those who had their work and visit passes revoked. And hopefully the Singaporean authority will revoked or put under close scrutiny the others passes so they'll learnt their lesson not to simply show offs their skills of 'perhimpunan' any where they like.

And my word for DAP and PR, there you go.
Your only field to venge your heading-nowhere gathering is only here in this country, and that too,  would not be tolerated for that long. In this grace period, try to enjoy your freedom of gathering because if Im Zahid, I'll surely had all of you thrown behind bars -- that too, if the judges won't have much casses to looked into -- because Im pretty sure they've got loads of other significant and important casses to pass judgement on, which some had been backlog for years. 

Im sure, the supporters and the initiators will want this to go on until the next GE if possible  or at least until the visit of Obama this coming Octobre just to show-case your struggle living in this un-democratic country, being suppressed by the lying and cheating ruling government...

Go and eat your bulls idiots!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Incorrect strategies.

TWICE the Finance Minster of Malaysia and now a sought after political commentator, Tun Daim Zainuddin, attributed the Barisan Nasional’s poor showing at the May 5 general polls to incorrect strategy.

He told the China Press newspaper that Malaysia’ general elections is a parliamentary election and not a presidential election, adding that Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak’s advisors should be sacked.

“If you associate a vote for BN as a vote for him (Mohd Najib), then BN’s poorer results reflect on him too.

“This is a parliamentary election, not a presidential election. The PM's advisors should be sacked.” he said.

And is Mohd Najib a lame duck Prime Minister and Umno President?

The following is the English transcript of the interview, which covered a wide variety of issues surrounding the outcome of the 13th GE, made available to this blog. I record my appreciation to the China Press for its superb effort and to Tun Daim’s office.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Obama coming to town!!


Looks like Mohammed doesn't have to come to the mountain, because the mountain is coming to town!
Good news for Anwar and the crooks and those who love to demonstrate on the road.

Wonder no more why PR de facto had been lashed for not handing proper help to their little hingusan soldier Adam Adli.

Just a word of inspiration to all road demonstrators out there -- why not work hard continuing your demonstration until the arrival of Obama. If you're lucky, he'll bring this matter up to his senate and maybe will assist in 'freeing' you people from this UN-DEMOCRATIC country?....

Im sure your comrades wont mind chipping in their tax money paying for your food behind bars?...

Think about it eh...  

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Budak hingusan Part II

I find this very hillarious.
The anti-government portals Malaysiakini and the partner in crime Malaysian Insider has been flooded with comments and letters from the opposition Pakatan Rakyat supporters blaming the party of abandoning him in his 'hour of need'.
PR were blamed for their non-existence support for the boy who had been all out showing his support and thrown in jail few days ago under the sedition act. And Anwar is not spared as the de facto leader was accused to washed his hands off from the issue.
“My sympathy to Adam, his father and his whole family. My disgust to Pakatan politicians for their charade at the Forum Mei 13 that encouraged Adam and landed him in trouble.” and  “And Pakatan Rakyat, remember how we roared for you in Kelana Jaya? Could we hear you roar for Adam Adli? Roar. Not squeak.” -- were some of the comments on this issue.
The budak hingusan has been remanded for five days and is being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1948.
It is believed he is being investigated for a speech he made during a public forum at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) on May 13, during which he and several other activists urged the people to stage a massive street protest against electoral fraud and to topple the government.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Islam double standart.

Inilah Islam double standart yang disokong oleh puak PAS/PKR.
Perempuan Cina ni, masuk masjid, bagi ceramah, tak tahu pula masa tu dia period ke tidak (siapa nak check kat situ), tak menutup kepala...bercakap pasal hal bukan agama.
Mestilah bukan hal agama-- dia nak merepek apa cerita berkenaan Islam. Dia bukan Islam. Cakap bahasa melayu pun tak lepas.

Pak turut yang muka sememeh kat tepi tu duduk melipuk macam dengar syarahan mufti dari Saudi.

Boleh pula?

Seorang perempuan Islam, nak pergi sembahyang, bawak beg telekung, memakai pakaian longgar dari atas hingga ke buku lali kecuali tak menutup rambut -- DI HALAU suruh keluar dari kawasan masjid.


Sebab Islam PAS/PKR adalah Islam politik yang bermatlamatkan  pemilikan kuasa dan sudah tentunya wang...

ATAU, masjid ini special-- di papan tanda yang selalu menunjukkan tertib masuk masjid menutup aurat dan seumpamanya -- ada terselit muka perempuan ni-- sebab itu lah boleh terkinja dalam perkarangan masjid nak bersenam konon.

Peribahasa Melayu untuk Melayu dan Bukan Melayu.

KUALA LUMPUR 19 Mei - Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi tidak gentar dengan desakan Lim Guan Eng yang mahu beliau menarik balik gesaan terhadap mana-mana pihak yang tidak setuju dengan sistem pilihan raya Malaysia supaya berhijrah ke negara republik. 
(Peribahasa Melayu 'Terlajur perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya'-- walau apa pun saya ucapkan Bravo Zahid Hamidi!)

Malah, beliau menegaskan kesediaannya berdepan dengan Setiausaha Agung DAP itu termasuk Penasihat parti berkenaan, Lim Kit Siang yang bercadang membawa usul mengecamnya dalam sesi Dewan Rakyat nanti.

''Saya sedia menghadapi usul kecaman dari Guan Eng. (Tetapi) kenapa pula dia yang merasa pedas? Dia termakan cilikah?
(Peribahasa Melayu "Siapa makan cili dia yang terasa pedasnya"...jadi  bertepatan sangatlah soalan Zahid kepada Lim Jr)

''Saya memang sudah biasa berdepan dengannya. Apa nak takut?'' tegas beliau kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.
(Peribahasa Melayu 'Pengayuh Sama Ditangan, Perahu Sama Di air' -- ...)
Ahmad Zahid sebelum itu mengulas kenyataan Guan Eng yang mendesaknya menarik balik gesaan terhadap mana-mana pihak yang tidak setuju dengan sistem pilihan raya Malaysia supaya berhijrah ke negara republik.

Menurut Guan Eng, jika Ahmad Zahid gagal berbuat demikian, Kit Siang yang juga Ahli Parlimen Gelang Patah akan membawa usul mengecamnya di Dewan Rakyat.

Selasa lalu, Ahmad Zahid berkata, pihak yang tidak setuju dengan sistem pilihan raya first past the post iaitu cuma seorang wakil rakyat mewakili kawasan ditandingi dan bukan single transferable vote boleh berhijrah ke negara republik kerana kerajaan Malaysia dipilih berdasarkan parti yang memenangi jumlah kerusi paling banyak.
(Pepatah Melayu "Gunting Dalam Selimut" -- ISA patut diujudkan semula untuk menangani masalah dalaman begini. Musuh yang amat digeruni adalah musuh dalam selimut...bukan musuh luaran yang kita boleh jangka)

Pelbagai pihak turut tampil menyatakan sokongan terhadap kenyataan berkenaan dan menegaskan saranan itu adalah wajar kerana pembangkang ketika ini sengaja menyemai benih kebencian dalam hati rakyat.
(Walau pun mereka beria ia mengatakan tidak...)

Sementara itu, Ahmad Zahid yang juga Naib Presiden UMNO menggesa Guan Eng supaya tidak memutarbelitkan kenyataannya berhubung saranan berkenaan.

"Baca elok-elok (kenyataan terbabit). Kalau tak faham bahasa Melayu, elok masuk sekolah semula,'' katanya.
(Dalam banyak banyak statement Zahid Hamidi ini lah yang TERBAGUS!)

Untuk akhir kata, kepada Che Guevara wannabes apa kata pergi cari buku berikut kalau masih ada, baca dan fahami isi kandung. Ditulis oleh mualaf terkenal Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

Budak hingusan Part 1.

Haaaaa...mesti best dapat pakai gelang free kan?
Budak tak habis sekolah, dah nak sibuk menjadi perusuh.
Budak kecil yang berhingus ni, kalau mengikut cerita adalah pelajar UPSI-- kalau tak salah juga, UPSI ni mengeluarkan tenaga pengajar. Ya, bakal pengajar ini lah bakal tenaga pengajar.

Tapi apa yang nak diajar kepada bakal penuntut jika belum habis belajar, dah mula nak merosakkan negara.
Jangan tanya pendapat kaki sorak pembangkang yang terkinja kinja menyorakkan setiap baris ayat 'penaik semangat' dalam ucapan hingusan Adli ini. Yang lebih dramatik adalah ada juga golongan monyet tambatan PKR/DAP yang  sanggup duduk bermalam berteman lilin sorang sebatang untuk menunjukkan kepada umum bahawa apa yang dilakukan oleh pihak berkuasa salah.

Tapi apa yang mereka buat tak salah?
Menyebarkan unsur unsur fitnah kerajaan tak salah?
Menolong Anwar/Lim Kit Siang memporak perandakan keamanan tak salah?

Semoga dengan tertangkapnya pelapis Anwar ni;  budak budak hingusan yang tak habis belajar di U atau sekolah menengah yang belum tertangkap lagi, dan yang masih meminta duit mak bapak untuk pergi candle-lit dinner dengan girlfriend -- pandai pandai lah anda semua berasa takut ya.
Kalau tak takut pun, rasanya tidur dalam bilik yang sekali dengan jamban tu mesti bebau tak nyaman dan tak lah seenak tidur kat dalam bilik atau dorm di kolej.

Rasanya budak hingusan Adam Adli ni teringin nak jadi Che Guevara kut.
Tapi tahukah dia Che Guevara itu seorang Doktor yang dah habis belajar semasa bersama menolong pemberontakan Fidel Castro.
Ini kalau tanya siapa Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye entah tahu entah tidak.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nay and Yay...too bad Adam Adli.

This is an example of a waste of students time, having to stay behind bars for such things.
What I can see from this general elections, there had been more and more students getting involved in protest and rally organised by the fallen and lost Pakatan Rakyat -- and what amazes me is, this Anwar Ibrahim, evidently using this crowds supports to show to the world that he got thousands behind him. But thousands of young students who doesn't really know what they even want in life yet? It that fair?

Nope. Don't say this is just what I think. That they're mindless people...-- they are. They looking all smilling, hoo haa-ing, jollying and excited to be with friends and in large group ranting and cursing. We all can see these in Youtube or pictures taken of them.  Majority of those people are college age students. Not belittling their rights as an individual, and their right to voice out 'whatever' dissatisfaction  but DO they really know what they're fighting for? Who they're fighting for exactly?

And now the opposition got another excuse or reason to bring more people to the road to get the government to listen to their wailing....thank you Adli. You really a symbol of stupid naive students who still ask your parents for pocket money!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kadir Jasin on congkak.

Transformational Cabinet

When I came across a Star newspaper report of May 16 headlined “A well-balanced Cabinet of 32 ministers” my brain went into rewind mode, taking me back to my Malay school days in the 1950’s when “congak” and “ujian akal” were both loved and loathed by the pupils.

“Congak” was mental arithmetic and a regular subject. We would be given, in quick succession, questions concerning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We would have to answer them without the aid of any instrument – not even pencil. We had to do the calculation in our mind and answer verbally.

The “ujian akal” was a general knowledge test. We were asked on subjects that were not often taught in the classroom. Only if we did extra reading and observed everyday events would we be able to answer them.

Using the basic principle of “congak” and knowledge of general affairs, for which I did not fair badly, and applying them to The Star “well-balanced Cabinet” labelling, I came up with the following mathematics:

1. The Indians, who account for 7.1% of the population according to the 2010 Census, are represented by two Ministers. In addition they have four Deputy Ministers.

2. The Chinese, who account for 22.9% of the population, are, by choice and by their dismal contribution to the BN election victory in the May 5 polls, are not represented. There is, however a nominated Chinese in the transformational Cabinet.

3. There are 32 Cabinet Ministers and 24 Ministries, including the Prime Minister’s Department (PMD). In the PMD, there are eight Ministers. Deputy Ministers are not Cabinet members.

4. Sarawak with the population of 2,506,500, where the state BN won 25 out of 31 seats, was awarded six Cabinet posts. It works out to one Minister for every 417,750 Sarawakians. Counting Deputy Ministers, the Bumi Kenyalang (Land of the Hornbills) has 10 federal posts.

5. Sabah with the population of 3,214,200, where the BN won 22 out of 25 seats, was also given six Cabinet jobs working out to one Minister for every 535,700. Counting Deputy Ministers, the “Negeri Di Bawah Bayu” (Land Below the Wind) has 10 federal posts.

6. On the contrary, Johor, which has the population of 3,305, 900 and contributing 21 parliamentary seats (out of 25) has only three full Ministers working out to one Minister for every 1,101,966 proud Johorians.

7. But the Johorians can spare their handkerchiefs. They are not the ultimate victims of Mohd Najib’s “congak”. The real “anak tiri” are the Selangorians of whom I am one. There are 5,037,600 of us and five BN MPs but not a single Minister. Talk about “congak” and about regaining Selangor in future elections! (I am not counting Paul Low Seng Kuan because I am not sure who he represents.) This is perhaps the Prime Minister’s way of teaching the Selangorians a lesson.

8. But the Selangorians need not shed tears. The two million Kedahans are no better. After returning the state to the BN and contributing 10 Dewan Rakyat seats (out of 15), they get only one Minister post.

9. Perakians are luckier. They gave 12 out of 24 parliamentary seats to the BN and got three Ministers in return. The people of Perlis, Kelantan, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan can count themselves lucky. They have more Menterisdespite having fewer MPs.

10. Perlis (3 seats 1 Minister), Kedah (10/1), Kelantan (5/1), Terengganu (4/2), Pahang (10/2), Penang (3/0), Perak (12/3), Selangor (5/0), Wilayah Persekutuan (4/1), Negeri Sembilan (5/2), Malacca (4/0), Johor (21/3), Sabah (22/6) and Sarawak (25/6). [Note: Bro. Jalaluddin Bahaudin and Sis. Hardev Kaur, please correct me if I am wrong.]

11. Women who make up 49% of Malaysia’s population and a rising force in the economy are represented by only two Ministers and both of them are from Sarawak.

12. And Wanita Umno members, the backbone of Umno’s campaign machinery and the most loyal to the party, are the ultimate losers. They were left out in the cold for the first time in decades. They have no representative in the Cabinet.

In short, the “congak” does not quite add up and the mathematical logic is lost in what appears to be a haphazard arrangement that disregards the key elements of our demography and in the distribution of seats won by the BN. And the Cabinet could only become larger and unruly despite the BN winning proportionally fewer seats in the House of Representatives since the 1969 General Elections.

Then again, who are we to complain? Our peasant way of looking at things counts for nothing against the brilliance and cleverness of the people who make up the Prime Minister’scouncil of advisers - the political secretaries, the special advisers, the special officers and the Blue Ocean consultants. Wallahualam.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Empty promise. --PTPTN--

National Higher Education Fund Corporation which was set up during Dr Mahthir Mohammed the prime minister and Anwar Ibrahim, the guy who promise he will abolish this fund if the party he headed PR wins the 13th General Election.

Tai Sai!!

Pengundi Cina Silap Percaturan Sokong Pakatan Rakyat - Nazri

PADANG RENGAS: Anggota Majlis Tertinggi Umno Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz berkata pengundi Cina silap percaturan apabila menyokong pakatan rakyat pada pilihan raya umum ke-13 kerana menganggap hak keistimewaan Melayu dan Bumiputera akan dihapuskan jika pakatan rakyat menubuhkan kerajaan.

"Bagi kaum Cina mereka tertipu...mereka hanya kejar pelangi sahaja kerana perkara ini tidak akan berlaku, siapa juga jadi kerajaan, hak keistimewaan bumiputera dan Melayu serta Islam sebagai agama rasmi tidak akan dipinda sesiapa termasuk kerajaan pakatan.

"Mereka (kaum Cina) mempunyai tafsiran bahawa 1Malaysia ini ialah sama rata, bila pakatan pembangkang menang mereka fikir hak Melayu boleh dihapuskan," katanya kepada pemberita selepas majlis kesyukuran kemenangan Barisan Nasional (BN) Parlimen Padang Rengas di Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanah Merah, Lubuk Merbau di sini Sabtu.

Beliau tidak percaya anggota parlimen dan anggota dewan undangan negeri (Adun) yang berbangsa Melayu serta beragama Islam daripada PAS dan PKR boleh bertindak sedemikian.

"Kalau berani saya nak cadangkan, sekarang di negeri Selangor mereka ada dua pertiga (kerusi dewan undangan negeri) dan mereka boleh pinda perlembagaan negeri dan dalam perlembagaan itu menyatakan bahawa menteri besar mesti Melayu.

"Saya nak tanya 15 Adun PAS dan PKR yang Melayu adakah mereka berani nak pinda pelembagaan negeri Selangor dan segala peruntukan yang ada kepentingan pada bumiputera, dia sanggup tak nak pinda?" katanya.

Mengenai pengundi Cina menolak Barisan Nasional (BN) beliau berkata mereka menganggap kerajaan tidak ikhlas dalam melaksanakan konsep 1Malaysia kerana masih mengekalkan hak keistimewaan orang Melayu dan bumiputera.

"1Malaysia maknanya sama rata, tetapi kita (kerajaan) masih ada lagi hak bumiputera dan perdana menteri telah menjelaskan bahawa 1Malaysia berpaksikan kepada pelembagaan," katanya. - BERNAMA

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Malai Si?...Nya Ma Tongsan!

Lim Kit Siang Menghasut : Najib Adalah Syaitan Yang Perlu Ditolak

May 9, 2013    
lim kit siang komunis
Lim Kit Siang komunis telah menghasut dalam ucapan membakar semangat bencikan Barisan Nasional di Himpunan Haram Kelana Jaya.Beliau telah berteriak dengan bongkak ” Najib adalah Syaitan yang perlu di tolak, betul ?!! “..di sambut dengan penuh sorakan dari para pengkhianat negara.
“Kita tinggalkan politik perkauman, politik rasuah..” itulah antara jeritan Kit Siang yang sentiasa meniup api kebencian agar penyokong mereka bertindak ganas terhadap kerajaan dengan alasan kononnya Barisan Nasional menipu dalam PRU 13 kali ini.

Memang meroyan gila Anwar Bin Ibrahim dan Lim Kit Siang ini, walaupun sudah kalah dalam pertempuran PRU13 namun masih melaungkan bahawa mereka mendapat 52% sokongan rakyat. Sedarkah atau sengaja buat tak sedar akan ada perbezaan antara anggaran dan fakta sebenar. Rupanya mereka masih mahu terus bermimpi ke Putrajaya walaupun tewas dalam PRU13. Nak juga kata mereka menang. Memang sah lah otak ada masalah mental.
Lim Kit Siang cuba raih simpati dan memutar-belitkan isu kononnya semua bangsa menyokong DAP..“This is not Chinese Tsunami but Malaysian Tsunami..” Maka bangsa Cina yang tidak mengenang budi dan tidak tahu diuntung telah bersorak dengan angkuhnya. Sedarkah mereka bahawa mereka terpaksa datang negara kita untuk mencari rezeki, namun mereka seperti anjing yang tersepit akan makan tuan yang telah menyuap mereka.
Kalau Barisan Nasional menipu maka Ali Rustam takkan gugur, Ghani Othman takkan kalah,3 Setiausaha Politik PM takkan tumbang dan Pulau Pinang Kelantan dan Selangor tidak akan jatuh ke tangan mereka.
Cina Dap ini pandai menyalak aje.  Kira undi mesyuarat agung CEC pun tak lepas nak complaint! Complaint! Complaint!.  DAP adalah mereka yang menyemai kebencian terhadap UMNO. Segala slogan dan gerak kerja telah disusun untuk memecah-belahkan bangsa Melayu dan umat Islam. Keputusan PRU13 menyaksikan kerusi UMNO telah bertambah walaupun pelbagai fitnah mereka lemparkan. Sesungguhnya kita tahu bahawa hanya UMNO yang mampu membela agama Islam bangsa Melayu dan Tanah Melayu.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ceritera politik kita...

Dua Tun M bergaduh???

Tun Musa Hitam pastinya satu-satunya personaliti dari luar Pakatan Pembangkang yang menyokong Buku Jingga.  Sekurang-kurangnya itulah yang dijaja oleh PR mengenai Musa Hitam berikutan kenyataannya di dalam program  'Bicara Minda 'Survival Ekonomi Melayu' yang berlangsung di Karangkraf baru-baru ini.  Setelah diselidik teks asal, ternyata Tun Musa bukanlah 'membela kitab suci Pakatan Rakyat' itu secara langsung, tetapi Tun Musa hanya 'membela Pakatan Rakyat'. 

Pakatan Rakyat juga menganggap kenyataan Tun Musa mengenai politik perkauman merupakan sindiran langsung terhadap Tun Mahathir.  Dan terbahak-bahaklah mereka, suka mendengarnya.
Sebenarnya, bukan baru kali ini Tun Mahathir dituduh sebagai bersifat rasis, tetapi sejak dari awal penglibatannya di dalam politik lagi Tun Mahathir telah digelar 'Ultra Melayu' oleh kaum Cina.  Semuanya kerana beliau begitu prihatin dan lantang membela Melayu yang dilihatnya ketinggalan dalam semua bidang.  Keprihatinan dan kasih sayangnya terhadap bangsanya telah ditafsir oleh kaum Cina sebagai ancaman terhadap kaum mereka dan kaum lain.  Kaum Cina menyangka bahawa kerana sayang pada bangsanya, maka Tun Mahathir pasti membenci bangsa lain. 

Namun, setelah beberapa tahun memerintah negara, kaum Cina mula mengenali diri Tun Mahathir yang sebenar, iaitu sayangnya pada bangsa sendiri, tidak bermakna yang beliau bersifat rasis dan membenci kaum lain.  Malah, beliau begitu adil, cuba memastikan yang bahagian kek ekonomi yang dijana oleh kaum Cina tidak dirampas tetapi sebaliknya berusaha membesarkan kek tersebut, agar turut dinikmati oleh kaum Melayu. 
Harapan beliau, kaum Melayu akan berusaha untuk menjana bahagian mereka juga.  Akhirnya semua kaum memahami strategi beliau dan persoalan mengenai sifat Ultra Melayu beliau tidak lagi timbul.  Malaysia berkembang pesat dan semua kaum hidup dalam harmoni serta turut menyayangi Perdana Menteri yang bijaksana tersebut. 

Namun, itu dulu.  Hari ini, kita lihat sikap segelintir generasi baru kaum Cina tidak lagi membawa semangat perpaduan dan keharmonian yang sama seperti dahulu. 
Semuanya kerana wujudnya kumpulan ekstremis seperti Dong Zong yang berdegil ingin memisahkan kaum Cina dari arus pendidikan kebangsaan.  Lebih buruk lagi apabila DAP turut mengambil kesempatan menghasut menuduh dasar-dasar kerajaan yang telah terbukti berkesan membawa keharmonian dan kemakmuran kepada negara ini, sebagai bersifat perkauman.  Media-media berbahasa Cina juga langsung tidak membantu menyemai semangat perpaduan, tetapi gemar sekali memburukkan keadaan dengan menuangkan minyak kepada api yang dinyalakan oleh DAP. 

Maka, lahirlah manusia-manusia seperti Namewee yang jiwanya penuh dengan kebencian terhadap kaum Melayu.  Mereka biadap, angkuh dan langsung tidak menghormati kaum Melayu.   Mereka juga memusuhi Institusi Raja-raja, kerajaan, pihak berkuasa dan apa saja yang dikaitkan dengan Melayu.   Alasan mereka mudah iaitu UMNO rasis dan perlembagaan berat sebelah!   Kemewahan yang mereka kecapi tidak lagi dilihat sebagai bukti keadilan kerajaan, tetapi dilihat sebagai hasil dari usaha kaum mereka semata-mata.  
Sikap biadap dan angkuh ini tidak boleh diterima sebagai identiti rakyat Malaysia.  Sikap menentang sistem dan perlembagaan, memburukkan segala-galanya tentang negara ini serta membanding-bandingkan pula dengan negara lain membuktikan tiadanya rasa cinta dan bangga dengan negara ini. 
Justeru, tidak hairanlah mereka sering 'dihalau' keluar dari negara ini dan digelar pendatang. 

Tun Mahathir sebagai bekas pemimpin tentunya tidak senang dengan sikap generasi baru ini kerana ia jelas merosakkan Malaysia yang telah dipupuk, dididik dan dibinanya dengan penuh kasih sayang sehingga berjaya dan cemerlang.  Oleh itu, beliau berkali-kali menegur sikap kaum Cina yang tidak memahami asas penubuhan dan kunci keamanan dan kemakmuran negara ini.  Di masa yang sama juga berkali-kali menempelak sikap kaum Melayu yang masih di takuk lama. 
Jika menegur kaum Cina dianggap rasis, maka bagaimana pula dengan menempelak kaum Melayu?  Bukankah itu menunjukkan beliau melayan keduanya sama saja?  Sebenarnya, Tun Mahathir hanya bercakap yang benar kepada rakyat Malaysia tidak mengira bangsa apapun mereka.  Jika sikap mereka tidak membantu atau memberi manfaat kepada negara, maka sikap itu harus ditegur dan dibuang.  Jika perlu, teguran harus dilakukan dengan keras demi memastikan kesinambungan negara ini. 
Sikap terus terang Tun Mahathir ini jarang dimiliki oleh masyarakat Asia, terutamanya Melayu.  

Oleh itu, beliau sering dimusuhi hanya kerana berkata benar.  Sikap orang kita ialah, tidak boleh ditegur, enggan menerima kebenaran dan kebaikan yang dibawa oleh orang yang kita tidak suka, selain dengki dengan mereka yang disanjung serta berdendam hanya kerana orang yang kita benci itu tidak membalas dengan kebencian yang sama terhadap kita.  Lebih sakit hati lagi, jika orang itu terus berjaya dan dihormati manakala kita masih jauh di belakangnya. 
Dan inilah yang berlaku antara Tun Mahathir dan Tun Musa, malah dengan entah berapa ramai lagi 'bekas' rakan-rakannya, termasuk mereka yang pernah terhutang budi dengannya  yang enggan menerima hakikat bahawa beliau bukannya berada dalam liga yang sama dengan mereka, tetapi di liga manusia hebat pemimpin dunia.  
Sifat dengki, iri hati dan pendendam umat Melayu ini amat sukar untuk dijelaskan mahupun dihapuskan kerana mereka yang mempunyai sifat ini tidak mampu menerima kenyataan. 

Kerana itu, walaupun Tun Mahathir telah bersara, beliau terus menerus diserang di segenap arah.  Namun, berkat keikhlasan dan doa berjuta-juta umat manusia yang telah menerima manfaat dari kebijaksanaan dan keprihatianannya, beliau terus gagah mengharungi cabaran mereka. 
Kita pasti Tun Musa lebih tahu bahawa Buku Jingga Pakatan Rakyat adalah sampah semata-mata kerana itu beliau enggan mengulas secara terperinci mengenainya.  Malah, hanya menyatakan secara umum bahawa tidak mungkin PR akan membiarkan negara bankrap tanpa mengaitkan secara spesifik kepada sebarang cadangan  di dalam buku tersebut seperti penghapusan tol, PTPTN, penurunan harga barang termasuk minyak, dan lain-lain. 

Jika puak PR berfikir lebih sedikit mereka akan mendapati bahawa keengganan Tun Musa mengulas Buku Jingga secara spesifik dalam membincangkan subjek 'tidak akan dengan sengaja membankrapkan negara', menunjukkan yang beliau tidak yakin dengan perancangan di dalam buku tersebut. 
Hakikatnya, permainan kata-kata Tun Musa untuk menunjukkan sokongan kepada PR hanyalah untuk menyatakan penentangannya terhadap Tun Mahathir dan mengharapkan cara itu akan dapat menyakitkan hati negarawan tersebut. 
Dendamnya pada Tun Mahathir adalah bertitik tolak dari keinginannya untuk menggantikan tempat negarawan tersebut sebagai Perdana Menteri.  Ia menjadi parah apabila Allah SWT telah mentakdirkan konspirasinya terdedah dan Tun Mahathir berjaya mematahkannya.  Ketika itu, Tun Musa sanggup bergabung dengan sesiapa saja, antaranya Ku Li untuk menjatuhkan Ketuanya.  Malangnya Ku Li juga turut tergilakan jawatan yang sama, selain Anwar Ibrahim. 

Namun, kesemua perancangan mereka telah tidak disertai Allah SWT lalu kecundang di tengah jalan.  Bagaimanapun, Tun Mahathir tetap memaafkan kedua-dua Ku Li dan Tun Musa dan tidak terus membuang mereka selama-lamanya, tetapi tetap memberikan mereka jawatan yang sesuai dengan kebolehan mereka di dalam kerajaan atau parti. 
Dan inilah yang amat menyakitkan hati mereka. 
Terdapat juga khabar angin yang Tun Musa merupakan agen barat kerana pegangannya yang liberal berdasarkan cara hidup keluarganya, tetapi itu adalah cerita lain. 

Perlu diulang bahawa Tun Musa sanggup bergabung dengan sesiapa sahaja asal dapat melegakan dendamnya pada Tun Mahathir.  Oleh itu, jika dulu beliau sanggup bergabung dengan Kuli, dan kemudiannya menghimpit Tun Abdullah Badawi sekadar ingin menyertai koir memburukkan Tun Mahathir, maka beliau juga tentu tiada masalah untuk bergabung dengan Anwar atau PR hari ini. Mungkin bukan untuk jawatan kerana beliau sebenarnya cukup arif akan ketidakmampuan PR, tetapi seperti yang dikatakan tadi, iaitu sekadar mencari ruang biar pun kecil, untuk melampiaskan dendam. 
Justeru, tidak perlulah pencacai PR terkinja-kinja sangat dengan sokongan yang ditunjukkan Tun Musa terhadap PR.  Ingatlah bahawa beliau tidak menyentuh langsung mengenai butir-butir perancangan di dalam Buku Jingga kerana beliau tahu ianya tidak masuk akal. 

Pendek kata, Tun Musa cuba memberitahu bahawa jika PR memerintah, Buku Jingga itu juga akan masuk tong sampah kerana tidak mungkin PR akan melaksanakan perancangan yang bakal membangkrapkan negara. 
Namun, walaupun PR tidak mungkin akan dengan sengaja membiarkan negara bankrap, itu tidak bermakna yang negara tidak boleh bankrap di bawah pemerintahan graduan Pengajian Melayu merangkap boneka pihak Neo-con, yang hampir membangkrapkan negara pada tahun 1997/98.   Tidak mustahil sumber negara akan disedut keluar untuk kepentingan ketuanya di barat.  
Apatah lagi dengan sikap DAP yang rakus merampas hak-hak Melayu dan bertuhankan keuntungan, manakala PAS pula langsung tidak punya hak bersuara dan tidak punya pengetahuan langsung mengenai ekonomi negara untuk mempertahankan suara rakyat miskin dan sederhana. 

Kesimpulannya, PR mungkin tidak akan membankrapkan negara dengan sengaja, tetapi mungkin melakukannya dengan tidak sengaja. 

Monday, 6 May 2013


I've seen this petition, titled Democracy crisis in Malaysia, circulated and posted on facebook walls. It has been signed by more than 160,000 people was created by one laknatullah Chinese on Saturday.

My question is -- How dare you morons asking another country to interfere in my country's affair.
If you want democratic free of corruption country please feel free to take you butt off to the nearest Singapore, or start applying for green cards.

You idiots must be bunch of fools asking for a country's where their own backyard is a landfill full of shits from being the world's sheriff...and hey, they are too busy to mourn over couple of people that was killed in the Boston bombings, while happily assisting Israel killing thousands of Muslim and Christians in Palestine.

Oh, and now Syria will be the next target.

My message to Obama -- get your economy back on tract again and stop poking your nose into other country's sovereignty.

DAP Toy Soldiers.

Okay, here it is.
My two cents.

A coalition was form.
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) which was form my Anwar Ibrahim during 1998 Reformasi, knows that they cannot fight the battle alone for several years. So they call up some gangs.
They asked Parti Islam Se Malaysia (PAS) to join in the bandwagon. After off and on, the spiritual leader, Nik Aziz accepted. 
Then realising that the bigger the better, Anwar called on Democratic Action Party (DAP) Lim Kit Siang and of course the former accepted. It's a doorway to heaven.

So, being founded in 1965 with the help of Devan Nair, the future President of Singapore from a humble beginning and affiliation with Gagasan Rakyat and Barisan Alternatif, in 2008 he accepted the proposal and got married to PR and agree to accept PAS as the 'madu'. 

Now, DAP first contested in 1969 and with another opposition Gerakan hand in hand, they managed to  made the biggest victory for an opposition, which later led to the unforgettable May 13th incident.
After that DAP had never come close to any big winning, only managed to garnered seats at certain  Chinese strong-hold area. That was nearly 40 years ago.

This year. They must have had the same thought he had in 1969.
All thanks to Anwar Ibrahim and the PR supporters. Like it or not, by voting for PR, indirectly they are also giving life to DAP.

Winning all19 seats it contested in Penang in this GE13, this is yet another total clean sweep they achieved in 2008.
The secretary general, Lim Guan Eng said local Penangites had used their "righteous strength to defeat dirty politics" but what we all know is this is the Chinese Tsunami. The one that Najib was afraid of in this GE.
Claiming that BN coalition party had lost despite bribing Penangites with concerts and entertainment, DAP chant for democracy.
But what we need to know is that Chinese supports from Penang didn't just come from DAP supporters, but it came from almost all Chinese there in order to abolish the Malay political domination.
Both MCA and Gerakan incumbent were took to the ground.

In my opinion, which Im sure same goes to all out there, PAS and PKR are only their toy soldiers. They are being used to garnered the 'other' Malay votes.

My reason saying so?

While BN captured 127 out of 222 parliamentary seats to win a majority, PR with their 77 seats are won  mostly by DAP.
Half time tally showed BN -32, PR -1 and DAP- 10 seats.
That shows how strong DAP has become since 1969 -- and all thanks to Anwar Ibrahim and his Malay supporters. 

Anwar Ibrahim cannot accept the truth. GE-13

As expected.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim after the result tallied said he will not accept the Election 2013  accusing the Elections Commission (EC) of rigging the polls to give Barisan Nasional (BN) victory.
The de facto leader who is sad with with his failure yet again, even though he managed to retain his Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat with 37,090 votes polled, said he will not recognise the legitimacy of the result unless the EC provides a satisfactory explanation to his complaints.
He who had been very confident with majority victory in for this election, had raised suspicion of electoral fraud besides lodging complaints against the indelible ink used in Sunday’s polls and accusing security forces helping transport phantom voters of foreign nationalities, Bangladeshi and Indonesian to vote in key constituencies.

There had been videos uploaded and shared in the facebook community about these phantom voters or undi hantu. Those with features similar to Bangladeshi near polling area were questions, some beaten and others being chased away by hardcore PR supporters.

Due to their patriotism and wanting to make sure new government will be form, even locals, tall and with specific features (maybe only PR people got a special booklet on how to detect non-Malaysian) were being questions. That must be the humor part of this GE13.
Even after the EC denying the allegations  of undi hantu, and some BN leaders claimed the accusations were made up to justify PR’s plans to subvert the election outcome through street protests-- BN has once again proves to be the chosen one.

Like it or not.

Alamak, aku kalah lagi!!!!

GE-13. Declaration of a keyboard politician...

Honestly, after 3 hours the final result came out, Im still feeling the shiver down my spine. Still feeling the adrenalin rush...Yeah, I might not be on site to witness the election (like one of my schoolmate commented on my wall), and not even  close to home; but Im depending on my laptops; both in the study room and down in the kitchen to keep close tract with the elections through facebook and live streaming. 
I need to share here that of all my FB friends, I only have two person who share the same sentiment.  Of course with not that many friends, and with many friends of different background, whom I had known since school and very dear and close to me, and also those I had known throughout my working life back home; some of  these are the people I have known for more than 20 years ago. 
I wanted to take a quieter side initially, not wanting to be harmful in any ways possible  but as the election day grows closer and as I have been feed with too many postings coming from the opposition party-- I decided to make it real and make it bright. After changing the profile and cover picture -- the rest flows in naturally.
Needless say, after my victory profile picture, which with due respect to my friends-- I left it on for less than 2 hours, I received comments from my friends, my old friends asking why I am like this. Why I have changed. What is the reason behind my provocative remarks.
If you've known me, you'll be asking me the same question too i.e. if we support different political party. My mostly non-Malay early childhood and working life, most of my friends are Chinese and Indians. My best friend in school is not a Malay. My relationships throughout had not been a Malay. And I feel more accepted by the Chinese than my own race. I can understand and speak short Cantonese. I even use certain words now even though I have been living half a decade in this land without interaction or watching Chinese movies, except once in a blue moon meeting with one Chinese friend and another Indian friend here.
My friends had always tell me that they think there's someone else trap in this Malay body. And sometimes I do feel so too...but I need my friends to know that as we grow, and as we evaluate life and know how to put the puzzle together and get to see the big picture; our outlook in life will definitely change.
That changes however will not change the way I feel towards them. As this statement I posted goes;
To my dear friends whom I have known through my days in school and work: My political preferences shall not be my shield. It shall not draw a line between us. It will not make me look at you differently. And I do hope that from you too...I hope we can still sit and talk about old times and not let our preferences divide us.
Malaysia will change too -- for the betterment of the rakyat. This time.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

BARISAN NASIONAL WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahhhhhooooooo

Anwar, oh Anwar...kenapa engkau lari.



Democracy crisis my ass!

Those who call themselves Malaysian has again prove that they were mere bunch of blind idiots whom has been feeding and prosper in Malaysia, yet still cries for international help to the world's mighty sheriff, the US.

My message to these people who doesn't know what sovereignty means is very simple.
If you are not happy living in Malaysia, or if you find that you have been oppressed by the Barisan Nasional government, I suggest you pack your bag and start applying for green cards.

There isn't any need to crying for another people's mother when you don't want to take the sweets your own mother hands you.

This is yet another case of knowing their party Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will definetely lose this time, thus why making this urgent help; which they thought be enable them to take helm of the country.

Like my advice(s) to them, which has been reported and deleted by CNNadmin -- don't waste too much time crying for help because the US is busy cleaning their backyard, a landfill full of international shits.
And let me reiterate --   for you supporters of PR and for those who are crying for help at the CNN iReport platform -- please be rest assured your little squeaky voice ain't gonna be heard by them.

Your cries for help will only be buffered by their machine at the backyard cleaning other people's dump-- especially those from the Arabic country. And they are still mourning over their les than 5 people die in the recent Boston bombings-- if you didnt know about it yet...

And another word of advice; please do not bring heavy luggage because it would only inconvenience you and your family when you line up to get food and a place to overnight at any of the US community centre.