Monday, 6 May 2013

GE-13. Declaration of a keyboard politician...

Honestly, after 3 hours the final result came out, Im still feeling the shiver down my spine. Still feeling the adrenalin rush...Yeah, I might not be on site to witness the election (like one of my schoolmate commented on my wall), and not even  close to home; but Im depending on my laptops; both in the study room and down in the kitchen to keep close tract with the elections through facebook and live streaming. 
I need to share here that of all my FB friends, I only have two person who share the same sentiment.  Of course with not that many friends, and with many friends of different background, whom I had known since school and very dear and close to me, and also those I had known throughout my working life back home; some of  these are the people I have known for more than 20 years ago. 
I wanted to take a quieter side initially, not wanting to be harmful in any ways possible  but as the election day grows closer and as I have been feed with too many postings coming from the opposition party-- I decided to make it real and make it bright. After changing the profile and cover picture -- the rest flows in naturally.
Needless say, after my victory profile picture, which with due respect to my friends-- I left it on for less than 2 hours, I received comments from my friends, my old friends asking why I am like this. Why I have changed. What is the reason behind my provocative remarks.
If you've known me, you'll be asking me the same question too i.e. if we support different political party. My mostly non-Malay early childhood and working life, most of my friends are Chinese and Indians. My best friend in school is not a Malay. My relationships throughout had not been a Malay. And I feel more accepted by the Chinese than my own race. I can understand and speak short Cantonese. I even use certain words now even though I have been living half a decade in this land without interaction or watching Chinese movies, except once in a blue moon meeting with one Chinese friend and another Indian friend here.
My friends had always tell me that they think there's someone else trap in this Malay body. And sometimes I do feel so too...but I need my friends to know that as we grow, and as we evaluate life and know how to put the puzzle together and get to see the big picture; our outlook in life will definitely change.
That changes however will not change the way I feel towards them. As this statement I posted goes;
To my dear friends whom I have known through my days in school and work: My political preferences shall not be my shield. It shall not draw a line between us. It will not make me look at you differently. And I do hope that from you too...I hope we can still sit and talk about old times and not let our preferences divide us.
Malaysia will change too -- for the betterment of the rakyat. This time.

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