Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Calling all gays...

(CNN)The Food and Drug Administration has lifted its lifetime ban on accepting blood donations from men who have had sex with men.
"The FDA is changing its recommendation that men who have sex with men (MSM) be indefinitely deferred . . . to 12 months since the last sexual contact with another man," the administration announced Monday.
This final guidance from the FDA is the culmination of several years of scientific research as well as consultation with external advisory committees and other government agencies.

"We have taken great care to ensure this policy revision is backed by sound science and continues to protect our blood supply," FDA Acting Commissioner Stephen Ostroff, M.D. said.
The lifetime ban of blood donations from gay and bisexual men was implemented by the FDA in 1983 at the start of the AIDS crisis, when little was known about the spread of the disease.
"The United States government has to stop reacting to HIV like it is the early 1980s," said Kelsey Louie, CEO for Gay Men's Health Crisis said. GMHC is the nation's leading provider of HIV and AIDS care.

"It is time for the FDA to implement a policy that is truly based on science, not blanket bans on certain groups of people," Louie said.
In 2006, the AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks), America's Blood Centers and the American Red Cross said in a joint statement that the lifetime MSM blood-ban was "medically and scientifically unwarranted" and urged the FDA to modify blood donation policies so they are "comparable with criteria for other groups at increased risk of sexual transmission of transfusion transmitted infections."
The Human Rights Campaign called the change a "step in the right direction," but said the new policy, "still falls short of a fully acceptable solution because it continues to stigmatize gay and bisexual men."

Dr. Peter Marks, deputy director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said the yearlong celibacy requirement for MSM is supported by scientific evidence relevant to the U.S. population.
"In reviewing our policies to help reduce the risk of HIV transmission through blood products, we rigorously examined several alternative options, including individual risk assessment," Marks said.

In addition to changing the lifetime ban for homosexual and bisexual men donating blood, the FDA also made recommendations regarding "donor educational materials, donor history questionnaires and accompanying materials, as well as donor requalification and product management procedures," the release said.
Part of the donor history questionnaire asks that transgender individuals self-identify and self-report for the purpose of blood donation.

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Malaysia's political mob of sheep.

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Mob of sheep baa-baaing their leader, although the leader is leading them to deep shit hole.
Oh wait...he's innocence until proven guilty right?
Yeah, who can blame them. They might be paid to get all so enthusiastic to the guy (their leader) whom had, for the love of dignity, being called to New York for an investigation of large 'meddling' of a sovereign wealth fund that he oversees. SUCH A SHAME!!
And local sheep would not want to accept the reality of it. Maybe half of them don't even read out of their mainstream.

Just so you sheep know; and I will repeat it again and again --your beloved protagonist was couple of months ago had to kowtow to American's Justice Department that investigates international corruption.
Although these Americans doesn't give a bull and crap about what's going on in your own backyard, they are actually acting after receiving some brave men reports and is focusing on properties in the US that were purchased in recent years by shell companies that belong to his stepson as well as other real estate connected to a close family friend.

Investigators are also looking at a $681 million payment made to what is believed to be his personal bank account.

I have had a couple of occasions during 'touching-base' visit to extended family; normal chit chat led to political talk.
Mind you in  both occasion; these are people who i) very active in real politics and is close to some people up there; and ii) who is quite close to those who run (not technically) one state of the country.
The fact that both do not know about supplemental stories of his (Najib) stepson extravagant lifestyle and activities back in the States and NOT even knowing about the super-complete-of-all- vices movie The Wolf of Wall Street; it got me thinking what do these people actually know.
To what extend is their exposure of the real goingons?
Or is it because they are being the typical "frog underneath coconut shell" (this is my direct translation to the Malay proverb which means frog which stays under a coconut shell will think that the shell is their world -- even though we know that frog DO NOT live under a coconut shell. For whatever reason behind the proverb-- sometimes I think Malay people those days do not do lots of research before creating a good useful proverb) Thus the frog will live life without any  knowledge of things or happenings outside of it's 'world' and remains ignorant but is happy with it.

The most astonishing part was remark from one of them; who is the one that's quite active politically -- his claim of the current economy and people are happy and everything is well and okay (with an absolute proud UMNO face) got me taken aback. Really.

Truth be told. He was so darn oblivious.
Perhaps that views were the actual representation of 'voices' of those majority out of the city people.
They don't live life driving on jammed packed roads daily. Paying high tolls everywhere eventhough the roads are still jammed up for the sake of getting home to families if not the caretaker will charge extra for late pick-ups.
They do not have to pay high rental houses or small flats to stay nearer to their workplace, they do not have to pay extra 30 percent for raw food or even cooked food from stalls and restaurants in their vicinity and they obviously won't feel a pinch when their houses were in walking distance to minimart and market or banks in their small teeny weeny little kampung.
And I bet their full tank of petrol can lasts him two weeks or more -- Let me say this to them -- "People like you are the reason why scumbags like Najib and other delusional ministers survived in this country!! "...


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Privacy -- Part II

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Beware of what you share.
Talk about privacy...again.

If you ever sometimes feels somebody or something is snooping you in private..think again. It might not be your paranoia.
It might be your nemesis...or your wannabes even your secret admirer. But here's the news -- it might be some 'superpower' checking in on you and what you post.

I have been quite very very careful commenting on goings here in this country..(I refused to even spell the country's name just in case ). What more after the latest law had seen some victims having no-escape route to it.
To date there had been more than four person being held by the police because they;

 1) snap a photos of an accidents involving some local punks (dead in the accident...yayyy) and published it over the net

 2) another one had been (maybe now enjoying) her meals behind bars after she sent WhatsApps messages to her landlord cursing and degrading him because the latter asked her to moved out of the rented house.

Now...don't you think it is so darn easy to get free meals here in this country?...It does.
Thus why I am more than careful here....You see...I have LOADS of things I wanted to tell and write and shoutabout...but I'm practicing 'abstinence' in order for my partner to be able to continue his profession here...hah hah.

Anyway, just one more latest news on our raped privacy via online.

In the US, two senators introduced a bill that would enforce social media firms such as Facebook and Twitter, to warn law enforcement when they detect terrorist activity on their platforms.

They suggested that if they (the companies) become aware of terrorist activity in any form, they have the obligation to report that information to law enforcement.
While they claimed that the companies would not be required “to monitor customers or undertake any additional action” and the bill is not a way to criminalise free speech, I would think it is a sorta handcuffing us in some way or another.

Que sera sera.....

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Malaysia -- Too Much Monkey Business ...

The truth will prevail...one day.

 It's a shame when political party being led by some desperate scoundrel that has no qualms in using his authoritative power and using draconian method hoping to silence those who dare to voice out against their abuse of power.

Worst when hundreds of other scoundrels rallying behind him sniffing his ass.

The Malay political party of Malaysia; UMNO which commence their yearly general assembly today will be witnessing something out of the ordinary and certain things that had never been done before will be take place.
It seems the security will be much tighter...God knows why.
But, forget all those. The most important thing that have been carried on for so long will be the speech by both the President and the Deputy.
However, this time the Deputy -- who is also the sacked Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin will not be given the privillege to do so. But why?
We must ask.
What does a cabinet post has anything to do with party post?

 The General Assembly which will run until 12 December will unfortunately, time and again witnessing ass-licker, yes-man and robots congregation. Nothing more than that.
If there had been too many issue with the President who is also the prime Minister of the country..if what ever baloney that he and his sheep had been failing to cover up because it was too obvious -- boycott the assembly!

But again, who how many on earth will have the guts voicing out against some super power (so they thought).

Nonetheless, Muhyiddin, trusting his honesty will somehow garnered acceptance and will be listened to,  organised his own gathering last night; a night before the general assembly.
I salute him for doing so.
The truth will prevail. This is what scares the superpower and his sheep.
I am a firm believer that the truth will definitely one day emerged somehow, somewhere. No matter how you try to hide, it show itself.

In God we trust.

Monday, 7 December 2015


Image result for hopeHope.

This one simple and easy word can be quite perplexing.
To me it brings along with it many uncertainties.
It can be confused by either being a positive force to keep us going or on the other hand can cause detriment to those who'd hold on to it without having any reservation.

Who doesn't have hope.
Every one of us do. The difference is whether we have heap of it or just a mere one or two important ones. It is much more easier leading a life without too much of hope because hope can kill us too.

'Hope for the best and prepare for the worst'... this must be one of my favourite.
Yup. Especially when you went beyond that boundaries.
It can be both good and not so good though.
It basically telling you to always be prepared.
Being prepared is always good. Expecting the unexpected is the best tool, a safety net that would not let you fall hard on the ground.

Realistically, we will always have hope as our trump card.
That what makes life goes around and round and around again.
Without it, we can be called hopeless...or 'given up hope'..which can have it reverse effect.

I have my fair share of giving up hope.
I have had experience where things people doesn't change after a decade, or things I'm hoping for didn't materialised after years of trying; I just give up hope in seeing any changes totally.
In such case(s) there isn't any point of hoping. It will only bring us agony and dejection.

There is one very good proverbs in Bahasa Malaysia that would fit my feeling in such situations -- 'mencurah air ke daun keladi', i.e. pouring water onto a yam leaves.It simply mean the act of doing something totally pointless even after one tries many time.
especially in cultures where the plant is unknown or does not exist. In the case of this particular

Anyhow, I have another set of hope now.
Both personally and for my country that is being plague by the corrupted prime minister.

My hope for better future, for better peaceful environment and world and for better understanding of life per se.

Que sera sera....

Sunday, 6 December 2015

More Monkey Business...

1383115660_ea42144e6d_zThis got me really amused.

Truthfully, I didn't know things such as what I found out today existed...I mean, with all things 'american' and with their politically-correct way of doing things and saying things -- I seriously didn't know that there are group(s) that will boycott monkey-picked coconuts!

I mean, like these people (westerners) in the first place do not have coconut in their country -- we all know that.
And for Asian, especially South East Asian, we have it in abundance -- so basically, centuries ago our ancestor just know what to do with it, and how to deal with it. And we do, do things differently than you people you know.

When it come to coconut, we Asian have been exposed to this plant ever since we know how to crawl. It is everyhwre in the village area, or by the sea, and even behind our house. We learnt in Geography how it is planted, harvested, what we can do from the leaves right up to the fruit.
Thus watching monkey picking coconut is now new.
Yes, there are people who'd climb the tree for meager fees in small small village, but it is just easily done by monkey.

And who say the monkey isn't well taken care of?
Do they made some private call to your protection office to complaint?...Duhhh....
What do you westerners expect? For the monkeys to be sheltered and have their own separate room with tv and fridge?
Darn me.

I came across this webpage after doing some digging on the past year's craze over everything coconutty.
From the milk to the flesh.
It's the current superfood it seems...I reckon we SEA, especially the Malays must be so darn healthy because we eat almost everything from main dish to deserts made with coconut milk and let me tell you -- the best 'nasi lemak' would be the one that uses the real coconut milk instead a drop or two oil by some health conscious roadside seller -- to me only spells ugly taste and greed of wanting to make profit by quelling the originality.

One thing for sure; and one thing to prove some of them are seriously oblivious to the origin of coconut milk; I read a thread and these westerners were 'debating' on how to get coconut milk naturally -- instead of buying the carton ones that might be laced by BPA thingy (again, americans paranoia) one of them suggested dig open the hull -- using drilling equipment..(har har!!  and just poke it open and put in a straw , viola one can drink the milk straight from the fruit!
Coconut milk straight on.
How oblivious can one be.
When someone who can go on the net, have access to all sort of information, if one can't make the effort to really check out what is coconut milk and coconut water -- it basically spells their nature of believing that they are smarter than others (especially non-westerners) and know everything around the world even though they haven't' set an eye on a coconut tree in their lives before.

Anyway, coming back to the webpage that have too much of a concern that monkeys are maltreated by human, they will announce name of companies that DO NOT use monkeys so concern end-users will only buy from listed organisations.
According to them "these companies engage in ethical business practices, ensuring human workers are properly compensated for their work. They do not use monkeys or human children to harvest coconuts."
 It got me laughing...again..thinking about the monkey that my dad rush to pick coconuts behind my grandmother's house couple of years ago because it was in abundance and were being left to rot -- which the monkey refused (snobbishly..yes, no joke)...and were made known later by the handler ; monkey do not appreciate any kind of remark or rushing for him to climb!...Seriously! Now, what say you...   

To those westerners.. my shout out would be  -- Hey, the monkeys aren't complaining, so why are you?! ha ha..

Thursday, 3 December 2015

When a scumbag elected as a Prime Minister...

PENAFIAN hak Timbalan Presiden Umno, (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin Yassin, merasmikan persidangan Pergerakan Wanita, Puteri dan Pemuda di Persidangan Agung Umno (PAU) mulai 8 Disember ini adalah manifestasi mutakhir dua perkara.

1. Ketakutan yang semakin mendalam yang menghantui Presiden Umno merangkap Perdana Menteri, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak dan konco-konconya.

2. Pemusnahan demokrasi, tradisi dan konvensyen Umno semata-mata kerana Mohd Najib dan konco-konconya tidak yakin terhadap sokongan perwakilan, pemerhati dan ahli parti kepada mereka.

Mereka yang besar bilangannya dan mempunyai kuasa yang luas ke atas jentera propaganda parti takut berdepan dengan seorang Timbalan Presiden yang tidak berjawatan dan tidak ada akses kepada jentera parti.

Mohd Najib ramai penyokong kenapa takut Muhyiddin seorang?
Saya mengenali Mohd Najib secara peribadi pada tahun 1977 dan Muhyiddin pada awal tahun 1980an.

Dalam tempoh itu, saya tidak pernah melihat Mohd Najib setakut sekarang dan Muhyiddin begitu ditakuti.

Realitinya, Mohd Najib tidak pernah berani atau tegas. Beliau naik kerana licik main selamat sambil dipimpin dan dilindungi oleh mentor-mentornya  – Allahyarham Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dan, secara pseudo, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Muhyiddin pula bukanlah watak yang menonjol, lantang dan tegas. Dalam banyak hal beliau adalah “the second fiddle” (biola kedua).

Tetapi hakikat bahawa Mohd Najib dan keseluruhan kepemimpinan atasan Umno kini begitu takut kepada beliau amat menakjubkan.

Saya rasa Muhyiddin sendiri tidak boleh mengukur dan memahami mengapa tiba-tiba beliau begitu ditakuti.

Takut Kerana Salah...

Semua ini terjadi bukan kerana kekuatan Muhyiddin tetapi kerana kelemahan Mohd Najib.

Kedua-dua mereka bukanlah pemain catur politik yang hebat. Seperti majoriti penggiat politik Umno sekarang, mereka tidak mempunyai karisma dan “killer instinct”.

Mereka bukan dalam kategori mahaguru politik seperti Allahyarham (Datuk) Harun Idris, (Tun) Mohammad Ghazalie Shafie dan Tan Sri Syed Jaafar Albar serta Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar dan (Tan Sri) Sanusi Junid.

Dalam keadaan biasa, Mohd Najib dan Muhyiddin sama kuat atau sama lemah. Tetapi dalam keadaan sekarang, Mohd Najib nampak lebih lemah.

Oleh sebab itulah beliau memerlukan perlindungan daripada kepemimpinan atasan Umno dan jentera pentadbiran negara untuk berdepan dengan Muhyiddin.

Muhyiddin tidak cintakan PM lagi, sebaliknya...
Kita tidak perlu bertanya pujangga dan pendeta untuk mengetahui mengapa Muhyiddin dilucutkan jawatan kerajaan dan disekat daripada berkomunikasi dengan ahli parti di PAU.

Jawapannya satu sahaja. Muhyiddin mempunyai soalan-soalan sah (legitimate questions) mengenai hal-hal yang disembunyikan daripada ahli parti atau yang dibohongi kepada mereka.

Soalan-soalan mengenai 1MDB, SRC International, “derma” RM2.6 bilion dalam akaun peribadi Mohd Najib dan pemecatan serta tindakan disiplin ke atas ahli parti yang mengkritik Mohd Najib.

Mohd Najib dan konco-konco tidak yakin bahawa penjelasan mereka kepada ahli Majlis Tertinggi, ketua-ketua bahagian dan cawangan serta ahli parti dalam perjumpaan-perjumpaan tertutup diyakini sepenuhnya.

Mereka takut soalan-soalan Muhyiddin dan ketua-ketua cawangan yang berani akan membuka mata perwakilan sehingga menyebabkan mereka mengubah pendirian.

Pokok pangkalnya Mohd Najib dan konco-konconya takut dimalukan. Mereka takut kena sorak, kena herdik dan kena sindir. Paling mereka takuti adalah Muhyiddin dan para pengkritik Mohd Najib akan mendapat tepukan gemuruh. Atau penunjuk perasaan di luar dewan membawa sepanduk mengenai 1MDB dan “derma” RM2.6 bilion.
Banyak Cara Lapah Harimau
Kalau Muhyiddin berazam dan beriltizam untuk mempertahankan demokrasi, amalan dan konvensyen Umno, beliau mempunyai banyak cara.

Dalam dunia yang dipacu oleh Internet, beliau masih boleh berkomunikasi dengan berkesan walaupun tidak lagi mempunyai akses kepada media arus perdana (MAP).

Lagipun, MAP telah hilang kewibawaan dan audiens kerana membiarkan diri mereka diperkuda oleh Mohd Najib dan konco-konconya serta kalah berulang apabila disaman oleh pembangkang.

Umno dan MAP sudah kucar-kacir. Justeru itu, adalah lebih baik bagi Muhyiddin bertindak di luar kerangka Umno dan MAP.

Muhyiddin beri sokongan moral kepada pemimpin cawangan
Dalam konteks itulah kemunculan beliau di Ibu Pejabat Umno bagi memberi sokongan moral kepada sembilan ketua cawangan Umno dalam Bahagian Telok Kemang, Negeri Sembilan yang dihadapkan kepada Lembaga Disiplin petang semalam dianggap penting.
Soal beliau menjadi tunggul di PAU tidak timbul. Kehadiran beliau di atas pentas nanti akan menjadi tumpuan dan telahan perwakilan. Gerak-geri (body language) beliau akan dibaca, diulas dan dikupas.

Kalau kamera media massa dan telefon pintar tidak diharamkan di dalam dewan, pelbagai gambar dan teks akan tersebar di ruang siber menceritakan apa yang tersurat dan tersirat.

Sebaliknya, yang terancam adalah Mohd Najib dan konco-konco beliau. Silap-silap mereka tersepak tunggul, jatuh tertiarap, muka menyembah bumi, misai terkena lumpur dan mulut dimasuki pasir.



Honestly, no matter how I try to hold on to my believe that there will be some people in UMNO that'd have the balls and guts to really iron things out and make those bad creases created by our (not mine ) beloved Prime Minister Najib goes away, and those whom would dare to voice out their sentiments towards what ever is happening right now --what Im seeing infact were more ass-licker than true to justice people crowding and cheering their scandalous Prime Minister.

I have actually given up hope with our government ever since Najib took office. Added on with those juicy story about the controlling wife and her whims and fancies. 
There would not be any changes in the party because what moves the party ever since those nenek moyang days were the typical Melayu belief that the younger or the lower rank must respect the elder or the upper leadership. This BS mentality only applicable perhaps 40 years ago. Not now, not with people getting access to news and whatnots thru the www.

By not wanting to change and holding on to the 'we-must-respect(afraid)-of- the -leader mentality -- the Melayu won't go any far.
They will forever carry on their sheep-like mentality and the lion will forever acquire all the power without having to be afraid of those sheep objections. If sheep refuse to follow -- lion will quell them. Done.

Some of new Malays like myself look at those who enter politics as scumbags racing their way to satiate their hunger for power and money. None other than that. Not because they want to really work for their rakyat. To us they don't give a hoot about what really happen for as long as their comfortable chair and income from various businesses gain from becoming a 'somebody' goes to their banks locally and abroad without any hitches.

And perhaps there are those who really want to uphold their true leadership and perform their duties as the peoples voice -- but of course, in such a materialistic world now -- we all know those type wont make it far. And they will be the black sheep among the 'clean' whites.

So, those write up and stories about something is being done to investigate any wrongdoings by some people and monies coming and going into thin air are all mere fairytale and would not ever reach to any conclusion that you, me and others would like to see, and hope to happen;because the lion has his contingent of sheep Baa-baaing behind his back. 

Just so you know, on how encouraging is Najib's reputations now -- an Indian and his Filipino colleague came over to fix my bicycle tyre commenting on his 'credibility' and on whats going in our country after asking me where I hail from. And like always Mahathir's name will top the chart.

Now, who can deny that.