Monday, 7 December 2015


Image result for hopeHope.

This one simple and easy word can be quite perplexing.
To me it brings along with it many uncertainties.
It can be confused by either being a positive force to keep us going or on the other hand can cause detriment to those who'd hold on to it without having any reservation.

Who doesn't have hope.
Every one of us do. The difference is whether we have heap of it or just a mere one or two important ones. It is much more easier leading a life without too much of hope because hope can kill us too.

'Hope for the best and prepare for the worst'... this must be one of my favourite.
Yup. Especially when you went beyond that boundaries.
It can be both good and not so good though.
It basically telling you to always be prepared.
Being prepared is always good. Expecting the unexpected is the best tool, a safety net that would not let you fall hard on the ground.

Realistically, we will always have hope as our trump card.
That what makes life goes around and round and around again.
Without it, we can be called hopeless...or 'given up hope'..which can have it reverse effect.

I have my fair share of giving up hope.
I have had experience where things people doesn't change after a decade, or things I'm hoping for didn't materialised after years of trying; I just give up hope in seeing any changes totally.
In such case(s) there isn't any point of hoping. It will only bring us agony and dejection.

There is one very good proverbs in Bahasa Malaysia that would fit my feeling in such situations -- 'mencurah air ke daun keladi', i.e. pouring water onto a yam leaves.It simply mean the act of doing something totally pointless even after one tries many time.
especially in cultures where the plant is unknown or does not exist. In the case of this particular

Anyhow, I have another set of hope now.
Both personally and for my country that is being plague by the corrupted prime minister.

My hope for better future, for better peaceful environment and world and for better understanding of life per se.

Que sera sera....

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