Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fucking rapist.

Malaysians express their anger over rape incident

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians have expressed outrage over the rape of a 10-year-old girl while she was being driven to school, with many demanding that the culprit be severely punished for his crime.

Describing the 51-year-old suspect as a “monster” and an “animal,” they are demanding that the Attor­ney-General seek the capital punishment. They pointed out that “a leopard never changes its spots.”

Some parents have also urged the community to be responsible for children’s safety.

Other developments:

THE suspect, who was brought before a magistrate’s court here yesterday, has been remanded until Wednesday. Police are investigating if an 11-year-old girl and his adopted daughter, nine, had also been mo­­lested;

THE Women, Family and Com­munity Development Minister has called for a policy to ensure that van and bus drivers are accompanied by either a conductor or co-driver; and

SCHOOL authorities have been told to remind pupils to be cautious.


That is all what they can describe the rapist as -- monster and animal...and yet these monsters and animals are all around us mushrooming on a daily basis -- one factor being; the increasing of mental disturbances among people, of course besides letting lust controls their mind.

These bastards are always lurking around for young girls to be relished. To raped and sometimes sodomized and killed in the end.

And the government effort is only telling the people or school authorities to remind young child to be cautious and expect the school authorities to take charge.

What do they expect child of that young ignorant age do?
What do they expect the teachers do when teaching the children itself had not been their priorities lately unless you go for the tuition classes they organised after school?

Karate-chop the fuckers?

Even adult woman are unable to freed themselves of some crazy raping-head-man strength.
The might and eagerness to pinned the victims down can make them jump from a three storey building and still escape death.

Maybe God wants them to be alive to rape more?...No? You don't think so?

Or perhaps in this case, the Malaysian lady minister from that Women's Welfare ministry will come out with some suggestion. She always did when it comes to such things...perhaps she'll suggest giving pepper-spray for the kiddos to use when they're in such danger ?

The only solution to these animal-brained -- nope, I've never seen a butch (my defi for the opposites although most of the time will be use to call a lesbo) fucking puppies -- so animal are better then them ..... The solution to these devil in disguise is to chop off their penis or perhaps if the authorities wanted to be nicer a bit, maybe to castrate them because some of those bastards are married men and maybe in need of that freaking boner later in life to satisfy their lust.
Don't let me exaggerate on why those women, who are still living their life when once or still a molester, once or still a rapist or once or still committed incest -- that will be another category.
The category of helpless, hapless, blind love, emotionally and physically weak women.

Another effort which I think would generate consciousness is to conduct wide-spread photo publishing or some criminal sketch via all media for others to be aware of.

I mean, my first encounter with beast such as this was since as young as fifteen years of age because the school that I go to, is an all-girl school in Petaling Jaya. The area was a lush preserved green of Gasing Hill or Bukit Gasing. Thus, it was quiet which invites lots of crazy-jerking mid-life men finding ways and mean showing their prick to us in order to get some sort of satisfaction.

For those who are brave-hearts and thank God I am one of them, we'd chase and scream or throw things to shoo those beast away, but for those small fragile-soul -- they'll be scared to death with any such encounter.

Of course the school will advice us students to never walk home alone, or walk out of the school compound in group if we're going somewhere where besides making sure both gates are chained during school hours, but that's about it.

What else can the teachers do right?
It is the same as this case.
What can the teachers do?

Monday, 26 July 2010



Salam Tun,

Semalam saya post di laman facebook saya " I hate people who think they are more religious then others".
Hari ini saya baca weblog Tun perkara berkaitan juga.

Saya setuju seratus peratus dengan pendapat yang mengatakan semakin ramai pak ustaz dan makcik ustazah di kalangan masyarakat kita sekarang. Pasang saja goatee semua orang percaya apa saja yang keluar dari mulut mereka. Yang perempuan pulak, pasang saja tudung labuh sampai lutut, dah dipanggil ustazah dan boleh memberi ceramah dan pelbagai.

Saya ada jawapan kenapa mereka nak mengolah hukum mengikut hati -- nak pahala lebih supaya boleh masuk syurga dan dan riak nak tunjuk yang mereka ni alim ulamak yang tahu selok belok Islam lebih dari orang lain.

Long life Jap

BERNAMA - Japanese Women's Life Expectancy World's Longest For 25th Year In Row

TOKYO, July 26 (Bernama) -- Japanese women had the longest life expectancy in the world for the 25th straight year in 2009, with an average life span of 86.44 years, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported, citing health ministry report Monday.

Japanese men, along with their female compatriots, saw their average life expectancy register a record high for the fourth consecutive year at 79.59 years, but they fell to fifth in the world from fourth in 2008, according to the report.

The latest data showed that average life spans increased from 2008 by 0.39 year for Japanese women and 0.30 year for Japanese men.

The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry attributed the extension of life spans to improved treatment of the three major causes of death among Japanese -- cancer, cardiac disorders and strokes -- as well as pneumonia.

"If an influenza epidemic does not break out, the life expectancy (of Japanese people) is likely to extend further," a ministry official said.

In the women's list, Hong Kong came second at 86.1 years, followed by France at 84.5 years. Qatar topped the men's list at 81.0 years, followed by Hong Kong at 79.8 years, and Iceland and Switzerland at 79.7 years.

The gap in average life expectancy between Japanese men and women widened 0.09 year from 2008 to 6.85 years

hmmmmm.... must be the food OR hubby coming back late thus spared them of longer disagreement time per day! ha ha ha....

Sunday, 25 July 2010

RED DEVIL.....ha ha ha....!!!!

Muslims should not wear ManUtd jerseys.

KUALA LUMPUR: Muslims must not wear the famous Manchester United red jersey because of the “devil” emblem on its team crest, Malaysian clerics said today.
Manchester United and the rest of the English Premier League are massively popular in Muslim-majority Malaysia and the rest of the Asian region, but conservative religious scholars said the jersey is un-Islamic.

Also off limits are the shirts of teams including Brazil, Portugal, Barcelona, Serbia and Norway, all of which carry images of the cross on their team emblems.

“This is very dangerous. As a Muslim, we should not worship the symbols of other religions or the devils,” Nooh Gadot, a top Islamic cleric from the southern Johor state, told AFP.

“It will erode our belief in Islam. There is no reason why we as Muslims should wear such jerseys, either for sports or fashion reasons,” said Nooh, an advisor to the Johor religious council.

“Even if it (the jersey) is a gift, we should decline it. It is even more sinful when people realise this is wrong and still buy these jerseys to wear,” he added.

Nooh said there was no “fatwa”, or religious edict, against the shirts but that one was not needed when it was clearly wrong for Muslims to don such a garment.

“These Muslims should repent, repent immediately,” he said.

Another leading cleric, Harussani Zakaria, a cleric from northern Perak state, agreed that devils should be shunned, not celebrated.

“Yes of course in Islam we don’t allow people to wear this sort of thing,” he told AFP. “Devils are our enemies, why would you put their picture on you and wear it? You are only promoting the devil.”

Malaysia is a generally moderate Islamic country, but conservative clerics have issued controversial edicts in the past including a ban on the ancient practice of yoga, which is criticised for including Hindu religious elements. -AFP

..."As a Muslim, we should not worship the symbols of other religions or the devils,” said Nooh Gadot, a top Islamic cleric from the southern Johor state."...

Now, the thing that they must understand is, these football supporters are not idolising or worshipping other religions what more any symbols deem un-Islamic.
They merely support the sport, the team, and NOT the logo that carries the symbol whatever un-Islamic.

What actually wrong here is; when some clerics trying to be famous coming out with such statement, I'd like to think perhaps to get some footing or cheap coverage in their 'industry'.

It is mere sporting my religious and pious friends.

If any of you think that it is un-religious and un -Islamic, then what about supporting your Malaysia football team -- those near death team. The teams which will never smell the World Cup stadium in the next 15 years or more.

And just how many Muslims had they (the clerics) encounter shunning the religion to be a an atheist, or Christians after wearing the jersey?...or in this case worshipping the team Manchester United?.....
I had read most of the cases of Malaysian Muslims shunning and chucking Islam to be either Christians, Hindu or others because of money (the Christians provided shelters for homeless, or money to poor university students), love (Hindus - i know two of them) and some other reasons. But, lets go right to the root cause of all these -- it's what God's will unto them as well.

Funny thing is, the religious people in Malaysia or the clerics, seems to think that it so so very easy for the Muslims to be convinced or to be influenced by such petty thing. Such thing that somehow could on the other hand lead the Muslims to be a mockery among those non-Muslims.
Already Islam has been the champion of terrorism in the eye of the westerners, in Malaysia, the Muslims are being pictured as very fragile people that need to be taken care of in every aspects of their living -- INCLUDING logo to be worn on their shirt.

I remember an incident where a documentary about the Dalai were banned many years ago from being aired on Malaysian television commemorating the Wesak Day reason being; it might shaken the aqidah of the Muslim majority.

If so, why not the government of Malaysia ban the public holiday in some state in Malaysia for Wesak Day because it might make more Muslims turning to be a Buddhists and it might post a danger towards the Muslims aqidah in general.....


The future of new family institution.

Family let them down big time, says Shahrizat

.....THE number of street children in the city is growing rapidly and there is a
lack of social monitoring by the Welfare Department, said Women, Family and
Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

...“Some them are intelligent and speak we l l , and from what
they have told me, it seems that their families have failed them in a big way.”
She said some of the street children were extremely intelligent and it would be
a waste of human capital if they were neglected.....

Not being judgemental or opinionated, I feel the society of this country will somehow be like those of long-developed nation such as the American or European – a society where people isolate themselves, or being isolated, the advancement that lead to being individualistic, the lack of participation activities that involves others than immediate family circle and so on and so-forth.
My term of immediate family circle here only limited to parents and the siblings.

As the Minister herself stated, the lack of social monitoring is one of the reasons for these youth current worrying lifestyle, but bottom line still zoom back to the individual family itself.
The institution developed by the 'maker' i.e. the father and the mother.
How strong the foundation on each family were to admittedly or not were laid by the them, in terms of respects of one another, empathy, and knowledge besides the core of any good human, religious input.

There is no benchmark on how parents should be bringing up the children or develop their own family.
But there would always be a mark to categorised one successful family from the other.
Some might look on the well to do highly educated children, obedient and filial children which would bring joy to the parents and some other factors.

A successful family institution for me on the hand would mean unity and staying together through out nay turbulences and and no matter what type of challenges coming to toppled the family, all will be fought without prejudice and selfishness.

Eventough, I have yet to come to the stage where my children are even school-going kids, I feel there are lots of other factor that leads to these troubled youths to believing that they are being isolated by their parents, thus making them flock together in some ruined place which later will somehow make them those troublesome annoying street people.

Peer pressures besides the lack of communication between a child and the parents, busy modern working mothers, lack of traditional sentiments (although petty but it helps in developing children respect towards elders), and financial; the lack of abundance of it.

The rest, our pray to God in hope of better living for us the the offsprings.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Happiness -- from a different perspective.

There are many meaning to the word happiness.
And many ways of achieving it too, according to some. Which I agree to a certain magnitude.
As many ways of feeling and explaining it, I somehow feel happiness is something that is hard to stay on for a longer period of time, although it is quite esy to come by.

Maybe it is just some people's luck.
But I notice those who have prolonged happiness in them are mostly those who isolate themselves from many things and people in life.
Perhaps, that is why they actually found it.

Most people clung to othersfor happiness. They depend on their friends, family members,parents or spouse. They're dependent to other people's existence.
Their need of safety net in order to avoid falling on the hard ground is quite evident.

But some people just doesn't have the luck with other people and no safety net at all.
Thus they have got to be independently trying to crawl out of that stinking hole of manipulations.

One reason why those who are emotionally independent managed to crawl out, although sometimes being dragged down again, was they chose to talk less. Say less.
Not manifesting their feel in order to keep peace on the front.
In order to not stirred up some situation which could lead to greater isolation.

But through-out two decades of watching and experiencing, and trying to comprehend some of those oppressors actions, i came out with below prognosis on how they managed to stay untouched yet believe it is happiness meant to them ;

1. showering people with money in order to buy their attention and love.

2. incite hatred among family members so they could control certain people in the family, namely the parents.
3. to pretend and behave the dying-swan action when they created humongous sin in life in order not to be blame.

4. to constantly cultivating hatred towards selected few, and those believers will eventually isolate the suppressed party.

And again, they will win in the end.
How life is unfair....sometimes.
And when come time the suppressed speak their mind, the whole picture will be blown out of proportion.
And without given the space and time for explanation, the suppressed will continue to be oppressed.

Maybe...., maybe those hatred-inciter are too overwhelmed by the achievements that God lend them. Achievements they gathered by stepping, manipulating and constant backstabbing without remorse.

And maybe, they have yet to come to themselves....or they actually befriended the syaiton in disguise? Maybe.

They who do not know themselves, do not know God.
They who do not know God, will do everything including all against God in order to achieve their goals in life eventually getting endless supports.

As written in the Al-Quran : "He who knows himself knows God," and "We will show them Our signs in the world and in themselves, that the truth may be manifest to them."

I have learnt the hard way and accepted internal suppression in my life.
It has been the pillar of my strong-will character no doubt. It is the reasons of my little exposure in life in comparison.
Getting to know other things and live life as jolly as I can be.
But being suppressed for long?...I don't think so. Not anymore.

It is time for a hijrah.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Pyramids shun Accidents.

Positive Energy of Pyramids Used to Curb Traffic Accidents in India

They have been credited with supernatural or paranormal properties since the days of ancient Egypt. Now the putative power of pyramids is to be harnessed by Indian police to cut road accidents.

Traffic officers in Nagpur, 540 miles (870 kilometres) west of Mumbai, have agreed to allow small pyramids to be placed at 10 accident-prone sites in the city to see if their claimed positive energy can reduce crashes.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sahebrao Patil said the road safety initiative came about after a meeting with an expert in Vastu, an ancient Hindu system of construction which is similar to Chinese Feng Shui.

"He told me that he had placed a number of pyramids on roads outside the city and the results were excellent. The number of accidents reduced. He wanted to do it in the city, so I said, ’OK, no problem’," Patil told AFP.

"He’s going to be installing them in 10 spots. They won’t be on the road directly but at the corner of chowks (squares) or near traffic signals so they won’t obstruct traffic."

Vastu expert Sushil Fatehpuria, who offered his services free of charge, said that each 30 centimetre (one foot) tall pyramid will have a copper bottom and five smaller pyramids inside.

"I think the accidents are caused by negative energies. So we need to minimise or convert the negative energy into positive ones," he said.

"I will energise the pyramids. I will transfer my positive thoughts into the pyramids."

Patil said his officers’ own, more human, efforts to cut the number of road accidents would continue during the experiment.

"We will see in six months. If it gets positive results then that’s excellent," he added.

A combination of an increase in drivers, many of them untrained, poor road planning and lax law enforcement have made India’s roads the most dangerous in the world.

More than 114,000 people die each year, according to the World Bank.-- AFP

Interesting. I wish I can energise something so meaningful too....
But on the other hand don't you think they'll be busy looking at the pyramids that will create more accidents....No?

And I wonder what life would be for those people who need most of their decision making in life thru the looking glass of Vastu, Feng Shui, Tarot cards, bomoh and you name it....

Negative energy mostly generated by the human themselves.

But some prefer to blame it onto other factor.

Human are still clinging on to the little paganism in their life.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

What are they thinking?

Kids on the streets: Where are their parents?

...Several hundred teenagers are living in abandoned buildings in Kuala
Lumpur. They roam the streets, robbing and prostituting themselves to survive.
One couple even made a sex tape for sale. Shockingly, the parents of some of
these kids know what they are doing.

THEY are unwanted, neglected and shunned by their parents and society.

These teenagers, aged between 14 and 18 and numbering several hundred,
live on the streets, exposing themselves to the underground activities thriving
in the hidden parts of this city. ....

Talk about young pregnancies and social ills lurking into the young people now.
I honestly, are constantly be feeling loathful and annoyed reading facebook statements on how my 14 years old nephew's shout of love and whatever towards his girlfriend.

I mean. What the heck....
Agree, as I was told by a friend (who came from a co-ed school, whereby me since primary till secondary in all-girls school) that during those days, there had already been incident that primary two child sending love letter to his girlfriend, but my guess is, those time the teachers took serious note on the action thus made school-going kids more disciplined.
But, in this case, where their own teacher is on their friend's list of the social platform, and in a way encouraging young loves to be developed since school-going, what the heck is that leading to?

Yes, I was once at that age too.
No doubt, it is healthy, in a way. But not in the other.
It's healthy to know that the child develop these feeling towards the right sex, and not the same sex...mind you, the cultivation of same sex love and affection i.e gays and lesbians, are rooted as young as primary age.

But what about not stopping and yet not encouraging them?
Are they to be left to decide what's good themselves?
With the development of internet social platforms, with the borderless internet search of anything and everything at all, unless you're living here in Qatar where those sites are blocked by the internet provider, I am really going to face great challenges bringing up my daughter.

Kids and youths in this generations are not shy letting know their feeling.
Which is good, but again, when it is too much especially when it comes to expressing love 'love' towards another person at such a tender age without feeling shy....well, nothing else that I can say except to admit that I am a traditional mother.
Like my SO said, I can be the best aunty and mom any child would want, yet a pest when it comes to that word LOVE.

To me kids are not supposed to talk about loving somebody else except family member not until they are seventeen.
And if anyone of my family member has that, then I strongly suggest that those feeling be to kept deep inside them or chuck it far away until they bring the scroll home, besides in-putting the pro and cons of such action.

Then again, what can any one say when thru own experience, a mother of a 15 years old girl literally asked the daughter and her boyfriend to go upstairs, and a 13 year-old girl's mother suggested that children should be allowed to roam the mall and towns on weekend with their friends or boyfriends / girlfriends to 'loosen-up' and de-stress?

I must be living in my mother's era then.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Health issue a factor in sugar price increase

.....i mean, how stupid can they be (government officials up to their ministers)?
Do they really think that the people are bloody stupid to swallow that reason?

If I can say something right up to their face, I'd say " What the fuck reason you're giving?"....It's better off if they just say they decided to increase the price because the government 'decide' to increase the price.

No need any reason...because any reasons for whatsoever given by these officials and their ministers, most of them are stupid!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Imam Muda

Germany, Swiss media in frenzy over ‘Imam Muda’

FRANKFURT: The media in Germany and Switzerland have been widely reporting about a Malaysian reality television show called “Imam Muda” (Young Imam).
While in many Western countries, a television talent show is organised to select a star, Malaysia is hiring the next “star imam” through a talent search show, as many German and Swiss dailies have been reporting.

Details of the “Imam Muda” show have been widely reported by a number of dailies - from the Tagesspiegel, Merkur Online through,, Sueddeutsche Zeitung to the Swiss daily Tagesanzeiger - and have kept the readers engrossed, as comments from readers to the news report suggest.

The “Imam Muda” talent show reported about eight young men who appeared on Malaysian television at prime time, attired in suits and the traditional caps.

Switzerland’s “Tagesanzeiger”, for example, describes the candidates as “superstars” on Malaysian television and reports that they seem to have become heart throbs of many young girls.

Unlike in other reality shows, where participants usually sing or dance, the candidates in the “Imam Muda” show recite verses from the Quran, have the necessary training in washing dead bodies for Islamic burial, and pledge to protect young Malaysians from sex and drugs.

The talent show casts young Islamic clerics, the paper goes on.

The weekly talent show is headed by Hasan Mahmud, a former imam himself. He is creating a pool of exemplary young imams and using their help to combat the “social and moral decadence”.

The candidates, aged between 18 and 27, are selected according to personality criteria and their knowledge of religion. As in “American Idol” and other talent shows, candidates are phased out each week after they failed to qualify.

Many viewers and readers were surprised to know that for the duration of the show, the candidates are isolated and kept in the sleeping hall of a mosque - without any mobile phones, Internet, television and other modern gadgets - so that they “think for themselves” and do not have to rely on any outside help or prompting.“

The winner of the contest can expect a pilgrimage to Mecca, financial assistance in pursuing studies at the Islamic university of Medina, and employment in a mosque,” says a commentator in the German daily Tagesspiegel which is published from Berlin.

The German daily contends that all the casting participants can be sure of having the “admiration of young female admirers and potential mothers-in-law”.

“For Muslims, the ideal sons-in-law are aspiring imams because they are educated and well-versed in Islam,” the daily quoted Iselan Bazar of the cable channel Astro Oasis which airs the religious talent search. - Bernama

In the wake of Malaysia's social detriment among teenagers and youth, I'd bet with them in garnering future potential mothers-in-law admiration...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Nazri: ‘We should get rid of Perkasa’

Umno is against any form of racism and does not support Perkasa said Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

“We should get rid of Perkasa,” said the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department on Tuesday in the Parliament lobby when reporters asked
for his response to MCA vice-president Datuk Donald Lim’s suggestion that the
Chinese should form their version of Perkasa.

"What's the point of having another extremist body? We want to get rid of Perkasa,” he said.

He said that Umno was seeking to distance itself from Perkasa but acknowledged that no action could be taken against people who proposed such extremist bodies unless a police report was lodged against them.

And suddenly PERKASA should be rid off?
After being formed post 2008 General Election?
I'd vote for Nazri's being yet again, uttered some stupid comment. No need to wonder why he is neither here nor there after being in the cabinet for that lenght of time.

Malaysia is seriously turning hay wired.
They are led by a band-wagon of shitty jokers comprises of Malay, Indian and Chinese politicians.
They're all such an idiot that they themselves, realising it or not, making a fool of themselves with their greed for power and money.

I wonder what will happen to Satu Malaysia - Najib's baby after being the Prime Minister?.

Now, this association wasn't gaining any focus but when it was made public sometime in March - with the touch of Nazris's most hated person Mahathir, every race available in Malaysia want to have their own version of superhero En Perkasa (Perkasa means immaculately strong in English).

To date I cannot comprehend the moves by ex- Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in officiating the body- a Malay nationalist group, which was initially turned down by the Sultan of Selangor for some unknown reason.

Indeed there are some good intentions behind the entity set-up with its agenda to safeguard the sovereignty of the institution of rulers, Malay and bumiputera rights and the sanctity of Islam as the country’s official religion...but they should expect that this moves would be politicised by the other two race, who had been making very clear of their needs and wants past ten years.

Talk only...

Umno Ready To Meet PAS On Forging Cooperation, Says Muhyiddin

KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 (Bernama) -- Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Umno was prepared to officially or unofficially discuss with PAS on forging cooperation between the two political parties for the sake of Malay unity, as suggested by some quarters.

In welcoming the proposal, the deputy prime minister said the effort to establish cooperation between the two Malay Muslim-based political parties was not new as the matter had been voiced out before but the idea did not materialise.

"The question of unity among Malays is not something that is not good, what more in a situation now which calls for more concrete cooperation on such issues as the economy, culture and institution of rulers, besides building unity for the good of the ummah (community) and country," he said after opening the Asean Schools Games, here Tuesday.

Muhyiddin who is also Umno deputy president, said it was up to PAS leaders whether to cooperate with Umno or not.

On Monday, a Special Affairs Department think tank member Lokman Nor Adam was quoted as saying that the desire to make Malaysia a country that practised Islamic policies could be achieved if there was unity between PAS and Umno.

Asked about the fear among some quarters if there was PAS-Umno cooperation, Muhyiddin said they should not worry as the government looked after the interests of all races.

"The non-Muslim communities should not feel threatened by it as all this while, Muslim unity has helped ensure security and stability in this country. There has been no problem."

Muhyiddin also said that the government had no problem with groups wanting to form associations as long as it was in the interests of the people and nation, and not with a devious intention.

"Anyone can establish (an association)...whether it's a Chinese, Malay or Indian Perkasa," he said, referring to MCA vice-president Datuk Donald Lim's recent suggestion for a Chinese Perkasa be formed.


Don't you just love it when politicians use all excuses they can think of to gather votes.
WHO they wanna kid this time?

Mr think tank member Lokman Nor Adam is in sure need to think harder and come out with better excuses or proposals rather than saying that 'the desire to make Malaysia a country that practised Islamic policies could be achieved if there was unity between PAS and Umno'....

What is holding the current government from 'practising Islamic policies' without the coalition of the Islamic party?
The UMNO politicians and think tank whatsoever should be smart enough to know that the rakyat is not buying into this bullshits anymore and almost all of the people realised the UMNO supremacy has taken too much on people and majority is resenting them, which was evident from the last General Election result.

This cakap-cakap, I certainly take as UMNO's devious intention on hoping to gang-up and not to lose the next GE with great landslide.

Politician have no qualms politicising the religion, the needs of the people and their own mother!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The bare truth about teen sex

This was followed by a news report of a nine-year-old girl in Penang who allegedly gave birth in a hospital after sleeping with her 14-year-old neighbour......

The new generation parenting challenges.

America has taken it seriously by school to school campaign of abstinence during Bush administration.They had been far beyond a developed nation when Malaysia is still struggling, and had experienced all kinds of social and cultural impact, something that comes as a free gift to any developing countries.

Hopefully the government of Malaysia in particular the ministry concerned will start looking on the social development rather then letting the NGOs probing and reporting on it. This, if allowed to drift will one day reached the uncontrollable state and reading about abandoned babies and child pregnancy will be our cup of daily dose.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Octopus predicts England result against Germany


Disgustingly human.

Don’t do that: Play with your placenta.
by Mira Jacob

Okay people, listen up: this isn’t about placenta hating. As far as organs that develop on the fly to feed and protect a growing fetus, the placenta is tops in our book. We get that it’s a veiny wonder of nutrient delivery. We appreciate the awe that inspires to humans to celebrate its role in the miracle of life. We even understand how a burial ritual feels like an honorable sendoff for such a generous body part. But turning it into a painting, a meal or a toy? Ew to the power of ew.

While eating the placenta (placentophagy) is honored in at least a few cultures,’s recent detailing of one family’s decision to sautee up a “mother cake” with a little garlic and ginger had more than a few of us at Shine shuddering.

Oh yes, we’re clear on the fact that the placenta is a great source of iron, and that Chinese medicine celebrates its ability to ward of everything from exhaustion to postpartum depression, but still…eat an organ that makes its exit through your vagina? What’s next, a time-o-the-month milkshake? Oh, silly us. It’s the “placenta cocktail.” (Really. Check out this recipe if you’d like to never feel good about drinking a V-8 again.)

Last but not least, we absolutely cannot leave out Joel Stein’s foray into placenta ingestion, albeit through pills. That’s right, there’s actually a person in this world who will come to your house, dry up your placenta and turn it into capsules. That definitely sounds more appealing than a cocktail, or at least until you watch the video below.

Of course, playing with your placenta need not be limited to cocktails and main dishes. One creative soul has come up with the placenta teddy bear (pictured), and eHow offers this delightful lesson on how to make placenta prints. Because really, who doesn’t want one of those?

(We don’t.)

We all know about them using placenta in cosmetics and all, and some (which I heard off, not knowing the whole fact of it though) having pop pills out of lamb placenta in order to preserved their youth and vitality but eating it?

I mean Why on earth do they have to eat that thing that came out of some women's vagina or had been in someone stomach for nine months?Don't they have any other things to eat in order to gain health effect whatsoever?

Put it this way, I am a person who find eating goats or cow's brain repelling, eating the head of this animal disgusting....eating someone's placenta?

I am still a human........

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hailing the Mat Rempits - another Malay enigma.

KUANTAN: RM20,000 in cash awaits the Mat Rempit who ride the slowest.

The state government is organising a special "race" for more than 1,600 youths it had identified as Mat Rempit.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob said all of them would be invited to take part in the race.
The race would be divided into several categories where riders have to ride for about 50 metres.
"They can ride just any way they like.
"But they have to use their skills to be the last to reach the finishing line without falling to become the winner," he said at the joint opening of the Umno delegates' meeting for Kuantan and Indera Mahkota divisions here yesterday.

Adnan said "this first of its kind" race was part of the state government's effort to get closer to the public, especially those involved in social problems.

He said Umno leaders must organise more programmes that the public and grassroots leaders can participate in.
"We must work hard as if the general election will be held tomorrow," he said.
To ensure victory, he said Umno must ensure that its members remained with the party.

At the same time, they must also try to woo fence-sitters and counter allegations hurled by opposition parties.

How stupid a minister can be? I wonder what is the benefits out of one race?
Making side income for the next GE?

Maybe he is trying to follow suit the king of Rempits, Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) in idolising the Mat Rempits on the pretext of 'trying' to help them to take a good course in life.

It's a joke.
Worthless effort.
Silly idea.
An obvious show of stupidity.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Merindui Welfare Officer Zaman Dulu Kala

Merindui Welfare Officer Zaman Dulu Kala


Apa nak dikata?

Walaupun televisyen Malaysia telah bertahun-tahun menerbitkan dan memaparkan kedaifan hidup segelintir golongan yang masih hidup dalam negara makmur ini,para pegawai jabatan kebajikan masyarakat ataupun kemeterian yang releven tidak pernah ambil endah.

Mereka itu semua buta tuli dan hidup dalam sikap endah tak endah kerana mereka selesa duduk dikerusi masing-masing lantas membiarkan keadaan tersebut berlarutan.

Lagi satu saya rasa kerana mereka telah membodohkan diri mengikut arus yang telah diterapkan dalam minda ditambah pula dengan mentality gomen kerana dalam otak mereka dan percaya 'televisyen Malaysia ataupun TV3 ada dan akan mewarwarkan berita tersebut' langsung terus rakyat yang perihatin akan menghulurkan bantuan peribadi.

Mana pergi ketua kampung?

Mana pergi Adun yang sibuk mendukung dan mencium budak kampung yang kecil dan comot masa sibuk nak pilihanraya?

Pergi manakah wang zakat Baitulmal yang berjuta-juta itu?

NZ man dies watching Eclipse

Gosh.....he must be too overwhelmed by the whole stories and what had befallen Bella.
What a pity.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


...."12. But it is very doubtful that the officers manning the Government agencies would want to buy anything untried produced by Malaysians. Even if the product proves to be workable and even cheaper than what the Government is presently using, there would be a great reluctance to terminate the present suppliers, even after the contract is finished."....

No doubt about it at all.
Especially when some mat sallehs in group coming with their briefcase and suits selling their stuff to GLCs. They will received better treatment and better ears and are treated like God although there local products use similiar or better technology.

It is a wonder to see that after all this while they were still given priority although some of them are just selling their 'features and saliva'.

The mentality of kow-towing to some fair skin and blue eyed people should be rid of us all.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Political Reforms vs Umno

Umno Needs To Undertake Political Reforms - Muhyiddin

PUTRAJAYA, July 3 (Bernama) -- Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reminded party members to carry out political reforms which is in tandem with the government transformation.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, said that what he could see now was that Umno was not moving fast enough and this was critical in facing the next general election.(seriously, it is an obvious show of 'ketakutan' of the next GE)

Compared to the government transformation, he said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had made radical and extraordinary changes by introducing various initiatives, including the 1Malaysia Concept, Government Transformation Programme and the National Key Result Area (NKRA).( a facade to syphon some cash perhaps)
He said the changes made by the government had regained the public confidence in the government under the leadership of Umno and the Barisan Nasional (BN) in developing the country after experiencing the 'political tsunami' in the last general election.

"Umno should have changed, but it was slow. Umno is like an old ship. We are not perceived as moving rapidly, so this is more critical if we are to face the 13th general election which is less than three years from now.

"If we (Umno) do not change, there will be people who will change us. They will take over (our role)," he said when opening the Putrajaya Umno delegates meeting, here Friday night.

Also present was Putrajaya Umno division chief Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

Muhyiddin said Umno had not much time and thus, had to make the changes by understanding the needs and aspirations of the people so that they would continue to support the party.

He said the people's demand had now changed and they wanted to see the willingness of Umno and BN leaders to make changes.

That was why, he said, Umno introduced the Juara Rakyat programme so that party leaders and members could understand and were able to help resolve the people's problems. (funny that they thought by introducing such programme people's mind set could be changed. the leaders should be changed in order to move forward. cut the head and replace with a better one)

Muhyiddin said Umno should be loud and not afraid to uphold the rights of the Malays because the basis of the party struggle was to defend the Malays and Islam in the country. (used to be maybe after the independence. not any longer. it is now a party that struggle for personal financial gains)
"Now, I see non-governmental organisations are more vocal in fighting for the rights of the Malays, when it is Umno's agenda. (exactly, because they can't make more money than corrupted politician and politicians wannabes)

"Why are we seen weak? The Malays are not as great as before. So they (Malays) go to other bodies. This is a mistake," he added. (because the majority are comfortable in what they believe a safe environment now and forever, and of them adapting well to the complacent mode)

He said Umno should continue to fight for the rights of the Malays, but at the same time, not to deprive the rights of other races in the country. (is this another political joke or fishing for vote from another race? truthfully, they, the other race or the component of the ruling Barisan Nasional don't give a shit of what the Malays well being. Why would the Malays need to bother much about the non-Malays? I have met many non-Malays who are so eager to get themselves PR in another country especially the Chinese who would die hard wanna live and die in Australia. So why bother? I never hear any Malaysa who'd wanted to migrate as many as the non-Malays. They -non-Malays- don't bother about the country, except for those who are on the scene, at the top and those influential ones)

Friday, 2 July 2010

Cup of Life - sans Samba.

Can't help it.

I'm no football fan, but I found myself getting into the groove as the game kicking itself to the quarter final. And I must admit that it was the indirect influenced of my SO constant cheering and whimpings. He isn't a big football fan either, because his interest only come visiting every four years.
Tonight is one of the most important game and having to watch Brasil packing up biding adios to the African land - the samba spirit at home and elsewhere must be dying after tonight.

I'm sure there'd be a lot of mournings around the world and there'd also be a lot of laughing as football bookies will be making tons of money out of this game and through out this I'd call 'unpredictable' World Cup 2010.
Although not a fan, I do keep track of important games and certain sports.
Always watching the giants and strong team rejoicing their winnings, I believe this particular game will be getting more interesting and it is a surely an underdogs year.
Don't be surprised if Africa 2010 might be seeing some unexpected team taking home the Cup of Life this time :)