Sunday, 18 July 2010

What are they thinking?

Kids on the streets: Where are their parents?

...Several hundred teenagers are living in abandoned buildings in Kuala
Lumpur. They roam the streets, robbing and prostituting themselves to survive.
One couple even made a sex tape for sale. Shockingly, the parents of some of
these kids know what they are doing.

THEY are unwanted, neglected and shunned by their parents and society.

These teenagers, aged between 14 and 18 and numbering several hundred,
live on the streets, exposing themselves to the underground activities thriving
in the hidden parts of this city. ....

Talk about young pregnancies and social ills lurking into the young people now.
I honestly, are constantly be feeling loathful and annoyed reading facebook statements on how my 14 years old nephew's shout of love and whatever towards his girlfriend.

I mean. What the heck....
Agree, as I was told by a friend (who came from a co-ed school, whereby me since primary till secondary in all-girls school) that during those days, there had already been incident that primary two child sending love letter to his girlfriend, but my guess is, those time the teachers took serious note on the action thus made school-going kids more disciplined.
But, in this case, where their own teacher is on their friend's list of the social platform, and in a way encouraging young loves to be developed since school-going, what the heck is that leading to?

Yes, I was once at that age too.
No doubt, it is healthy, in a way. But not in the other.
It's healthy to know that the child develop these feeling towards the right sex, and not the same sex...mind you, the cultivation of same sex love and affection i.e gays and lesbians, are rooted as young as primary age.

But what about not stopping and yet not encouraging them?
Are they to be left to decide what's good themselves?
With the development of internet social platforms, with the borderless internet search of anything and everything at all, unless you're living here in Qatar where those sites are blocked by the internet provider, I am really going to face great challenges bringing up my daughter.

Kids and youths in this generations are not shy letting know their feeling.
Which is good, but again, when it is too much especially when it comes to expressing love 'love' towards another person at such a tender age without feeling shy....well, nothing else that I can say except to admit that I am a traditional mother.
Like my SO said, I can be the best aunty and mom any child would want, yet a pest when it comes to that word LOVE.

To me kids are not supposed to talk about loving somebody else except family member not until they are seventeen.
And if anyone of my family member has that, then I strongly suggest that those feeling be to kept deep inside them or chuck it far away until they bring the scroll home, besides in-putting the pro and cons of such action.

Then again, what can any one say when thru own experience, a mother of a 15 years old girl literally asked the daughter and her boyfriend to go upstairs, and a 13 year-old girl's mother suggested that children should be allowed to roam the mall and towns on weekend with their friends or boyfriends / girlfriends to 'loosen-up' and de-stress?

I must be living in my mother's era then.
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