Friday, 30 October 2015

No short skirts please...

Image result for short skirts picInteresting news on ways getting some ladies to learn how to dress appropriately.

In India, a female passenger was prevented from boarding a domestic flight recently.because she was showing too much leg.

I'm sure the too much leg won't be as much as the picture I attached here.. which they're showing not just too much legs but too much bottom chins..ha ha.

Anyway, yeah, i think the carrier --  IndiGo did the right thing.
It seems that her dress "had stopped above the knee" is in violation of rules issued to employees and relatives of staff.

The woman was formerly employed by the airline and was travelling on a special ticket because her sister worked for the company.

"Employees and the nominated family members are required to maintain a specific dress code, as and when they fly with the airline under the staff leisure travel privileges," read an IndiGo statement.

The lady was however allowed onto another flight later after changing her attire.

Now, everyone is happy especially those worrying wives...har har. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bric-à-brac -- Compartmentalisation of life.

It must have been human nature, not wanting to know any one or anything, or any information besides what they effortlessly see, being told or fed with.

I have been misunderstood maybe the whole of my life since my coming of age.
Image result for loner face cartoonNope, I do not think I'm delusional or are at any point of having what they called mid-life crisis. Far from the latter definitely.

But today it just got me thinking that people love to take an easy things out in almost all aspect of their life. Without having to put an effort to learn more.
They like taking things for granted because they just not bothered to value what is in hand today might slip off tomorrow.

Maybe when I was younger in my teenage life; if I'm feeling as such, I might get to think that I am somewhat imagining things and having unhealthy thoughts about something.
But now at this juncture in my mid life -- nope; I do not for a bit think that I am delusional whatsoever.
Nope I am not having these feeling because of my resentments towards any one or any thing and that this is my subconscious mind taking charge of my emotion in retrospect.

It is just pure full of reflection of  feelings after long gathering my inner 'philosophical' turmoil besides watching how the world revolves and how human treat another human --  I came to a conclusion that I will, in my personal capacity teach my offspring on the value of appreciating and learning about anything at all. Anything.

Be it a person sleeping on the walkway, to those blind people with able limbs goes around food stalls asking for money ,to the existence of flora and faunas and the whys clouds moves like that and the moon is visible when the sun's still up; and I will teach them to never take a seat back and burying their mind and heart inquest in anything at all.

Having been misunderstood by not just people who don't really know me well because of my rebellion and a little unorthodox perception about life per se, prejudices also came from my own family members. What more the extended ones.
But all in all, having been in such conundrum and having an alternative way of expressing my thoughts (I start writing journals since 12 years of age thanks to my father)...I am quite thankful that those experiences enable me to look at life out of the norm of my society. It makes me enjoy my being as me better and help me approach from slightly different angle.

I have been bashing races, even my own ; again I would like to state here I am not that proud to be one because I am a human. I am born as a female and I will die a female, thus why race is subjective. Unlike to most who think it is really important. Perhaps for the sake of having to hang on to that particular tribe in life. Scared to be a loner. Afraid of what they themselves fail to learn.
I have had friends more from another race than mine, I have had them judging me because of my political ideology. I have had them unfriending me in Facebook because of me raising certain issues related to them or their race.

But because of who I am, I honestly am okay with it.
I do not feel the pinch of resentment because I do that too.
I have no qualms pushing the delete button in my life because those compartmentalised space in my brain are quite limited. It only will be filled with healthy, informative, spiritual concoction and I make sure I am surrounded with good energy in order for me to reach my personal legend.


Niqab no niqab, niqab no niqab, niqab no niqab...

What a sheer malarkey.

There was this issue in Canada surrounding the niqab during the second-longest election campaign in Canadian history.
The ruling Conservative Party - led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper has taken steps to prevent women from wearing it while taking the citizenship oath and also plans to ban the niqab during public ceremonies. Obviously it were met with much dispute.

Now, as it has always been anywhere around the world, there would be fanatics.
Why I say fanatics?...
Because only fanatics would fight for something that is not a requirement of the religion at all.
For example this niqab.

What is the relevance of covering your whole face like some loony,  or sometimes exposing a small window for your eyes to see, when in the religion per se, covering face are forbidden during praying -- a time when you bow and talk to your creator.

To those non- Muslims; you must know that God is not that stringent. Only human make the religion rigid, probably to satiate the man-dominated fatwas or lawmakers.

Niqab to me is absurd.
And men who claimed that all those women don it willingly without any force or dictation from their mahram are just baloney.

You know the country you're living in is not a Muslim country.
You know you have to abide to their laws and regulations.
You are trying to showcase your steadfastness and indirectly you are also showing those non-Muslims that you are non-compromising lots. So, can you not blame them when they conclude that Muslims are strongheaded uncompromising  people.
What comes next need not be said.

Think about it.
When your own God did not expect you to do that when facing him in your prayers, why you you then feeling too obligated to hide your face from the owrld -- and you on the other hand can look at the 'world'?.
Personally, I find women covering their face to be extremely creepy.
Im seeing them loads.
 and even frightening.

I mean, let's put your shoes in their's. The person behind the veil might be someone else.
They might be a man instead of woman.
It happens. Not a fairy tale.

As a liberal person, I have absolutely no tolerance for this extreme form of medieval religious totalitarianism.
And there are no harm sharing your face the the rest of the society.

City floating in the sky of China.

This is one sight to be seen.
I would want to have the experience to see a floating city...just like how I want to one day watch an aurora in the Arctic sky.

The 'floating city' over China's Jiangxi and Foshan scientifically are known as Fata Morgana (learning something new today), a rare type of mirage, an optical illusion caused by specific weather conditions. According to scientific explanations it occurs when the Sun heats up a layer of the atmosphere but the layer of air below it remains cool.

The occurrences was actually caused by different layers of the atmospheric temperatures that generate certain gradient, and our optical senses are playing their roles in giving us all these illusions -- although there are some skeptics who believe this was caused by China's scientists testing their stuff, or an emergence of parallel universe to something called Project Blue Beam, a conspiracy theory which involves NASA and the Illuminati and their One World order -- personally, I'm leaving a few percentage of doubt aside too.  

Anyway, while Fata Morganas are quite rare, the most common optical illusions is called Mirage. It happened in hot area such as desert or quite frequently I see here, along the 20 km stretch highways from Doha to Dukhan, Qatar.
It occurred when light waves from the sun travel straight through the atmosphere to your eye during hot weather because light travels at different speeds through hot and cold air and our brain will in return do their function accordingly.

But my question is -- from where the copy of that floating city over Jiangxi or Foshan came from?.

It must be from near city...or at least the buildings depicted over the sky must really exist nearby.

Otherwise, it is still questionable.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Bric-a-brac on life (Of Yin and Yang and Paulo Coelho).

I am in the re-reading zone currently.
Reading back books (yup, I'm a polygamist reader) that suits my current lust need of certain something.

Somehow, Paulo Coelho's repeated sentences "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"...has been the most outstanding statement that lingers in my head.

It has been for days already.

Eventhough I have loads of post on the shilly shally juicy story of Malaysia Prime Minister's accusation of swindling large sum of public money (at one point of time last year, I told myself I am not going to gabble about politics, but I just can't resist), my inner wants still thirst for something more worthy of life and in search of ways and means to cleanse my soul. Which I assume everyone around my age group would do when the time comes -- if it come.
It's natural I guess.

And, yeah, I told my self to hell what the world and the people around me, and other corrupt inhabitants of this world and those greedy people whom greed can never be satisfied.
We human will never have enough of what we have and will always want more.

Thus why reading books that aid mental wellness is great for both the body and soul. It is vital to balance out the energy. Like the Chinese and their Yin and Yang.
Image result for yin yang
I have been, in my solemn mood, questioning the fact of that particular statement -- when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it--
And to what level would it bring us achieving the something that we want.
And the medium of it.

It would be nice if it does easily.
But I do not think it will be that easy.

I might be the biggest objector to this if I were to know about it 15 years ago.
How can that be when nearly 90% of what I want to achieve at that point of time would definitely run away from me, and instead, those unwanted things or people that I wish I would not come across keeps on knocking at my door.
Yeah, I know. I should've not opened the door and let in those dark clouds in, but hey, that is life -- without it, I wouldn't learn anything at all.

In retrospect, I am ever grateful for all the bad and good things that clouded and shine my way while making my walk through this journey of imperfect but beautiful life.

Experience will result in maturity, and maturity will make us who we are.
Meeting with all sort of human behavior, watching them and getting to know them, learning from mistakes, making certain little self- achievements -- all of those are life experiences that every parents must one day teach their children.

Now, evaluating life per se, I can say there are truth behind Paulo Coelho's statement.
And yes, the universe will conspires in helping you to achieve what you want -- the only fine line that separate the good and bad is our conscience.

Que sera sera....

Monday, 12 October 2015

Najib Razak Corruption Scandal: Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad Calls For Premier To Step Down.

The distraught Najib Razak

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is wading deeper into a corruption scandal involving current Prime Minister Najib Razak. He has ratcheted up pressure on Najib to resign and described Malaysia as “a pariah state…where anyone can be hauled up and questioned by the police, detained and charged through abusing laws of the country," the Sydney Morning Herald reported Monday. Mahathir has called for months for Najib to step down.
Accusations leveled against Najib in July alleged that he had taken $700 million from a state investment fund, the 1Malaysia Development Berhad, and deposited them into his personal bank accounts. Najib denied taking the fund’s money for personal use; and in August, the country’s anti-corruption commission cleared him of those charges, saying the money had actually come from foreign donors.

Read more here

Najib explained (lied) 1MDB to US business leaders.

 "Bersatu Bersetia Berkhidmat & Berbodoh Bersama"

Here is what I read from  Salleh Said Keruak blog on his boss's 'brave and good intentions' moves explaining his 'wrongdoings' swindling Malaysian public money.

" In his recent trip to the United States, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak met business leaders during a meeting on business prospects in Malaysia now and in the future where he took questions from them regarding 1MDB.
So the allegation that the Prime Minister refuses to address this issue or explain the matter is not true. During a business luncheon a day earlier, Najib touched on the weakness of the 1MDB business model, which he described as too idealistic.
 Najib explained that only RM1 billion had been invested to undertake a huge property development and RM18 billion for the acquisition of power generation plants, resulting in the company having to go heavily into debt financing.
Najib then told the audience that he is confident that by the end of the year the company would be able to go through the process of rationalisation with a massive reduction of debt. Najib also informed the business leaders that there would be an announcement in the coming days regarding a significant reduction of 1MDB’s debts to the tune of RM16 billion.
Needless to say, none of this was carried by the local news portals, which seem to want to avoid talking about any good news involving 1MDB. "

No doubt people are calling him ass-licker.
He would licked his bosses ass just to stay where he is now...continuing the legacy of the family; to be in power.

UMNO should change their slogan actually. One that could fit them well especially for those ass-licking cabinet ministers.

It should read -- Bersatu Bersetia Berkhidmat dan Berbodoh Bersama.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Ass-Licker Politicians.

I understand to be in power in any governmental job must be the dream of many individuals especially those with high ambitions.
Although it comes with great responsibility (if they are genuine and doing their job honestly), it can be lucrative too.
Okay, on the lucrative part -- all of us know that government job wont be paying us much compare to private sector. But it can become lucrative when those in power use their authority and power to make more money to themselves and their cronies and family members.

But to stay in power is not easy too.
Especially not when you have a boss that will terminate your position as and when he like. Especially when those having the small fry power trying to challenge the bigger power.

Just like Muhyiddin Yassin, the ex-deputy prime minister of Malaysia which had been sacked by his boss when he is only 'trying' to going against the boss's traffic flow.
He was sacked.
The AG was sacked.
The two level of Bukit Aman was on fire for no apparent reason and it seems nothing important were stored there. Just some old newspaper...yup. Old newspaper and amazingly the fire is so smart enough to know which level to go to and lit up by it self.
That is one of the ass-licking statement most of us somewhat know will be uttered by all those who want to keep their positions and pensions.

Now, talking about being in power and having to hold on to it, is not that easy when you have hanky panky games going on.
And when that hanky panky involves really scrumptious amount of money public money, it widens up eyes of everyone including authorities locally and abroad.

But to back up any hanky panky wrongdoings of a big boss isn't an easy job.
Just like the newly appointed deputy prime minister of Malaysia, Zahid Hamidi on the millions of dollars of money being played around his boss's and playmates accounts.
He said the money is not Malaysian public money, instead the money was given to his boss by some Middle Eastern "King and Prince”.

Yup...right. Sure.Donations.
He must have forgotten about technology.
He must have overlook a lot of other things because he is too busy trying to come out with reasoning to cover his boss's ass for giving him the new position. And nobody said it is easy.
But he wants it.
Now he gotta cook it.
But he cooked the story without knowing how to balance the salt and pepper.

Easy straight question.

Why would it stated partial payment if it was a form of donation and if it was for the cause of the party, why didn't it goes to the party's account?

"Partial payment" rather than donation
“Partial payment” rather than donation

Like they always say, cut the bullshit.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Lick-ass ministers Part II

I was so elated reading about this on the treadmill this morning.
Eventhough news (mainsteram) from the homeland says this is not true (in a way) and didn't flash it out as big as The NY Times, I would want to know other than this.

At last the lords has spoken.
And as described in the news --  this move was infact 'a rare and explicit intervention in politics, the sultans of nine of Malaysia’s states' . 
According to the news, they have called for a swift and transparent investigation into a political scandal involving Prime Minister Najib Razak, saying his failure to resolve allegations of corruption had created a “crisis of confidence” in the country.

An excerpt;

Malaysia’s central bank and anticorruption officials are investigating whether millions of dollars transferred into Mr. Najib’s accounts came from companies linked to a government fund that Mr. Najib oversees.
The statement by the sultans, who have a largely ceremonial role, was their most direct intervention in politics in recent history. Analysts said it was likely to provide support for the embattled officials who are investigating the scandal and buttress the position of the growing ranks of Mr. Najib’s political opponents.

The national news agency, Bernama circulated a statement mentioning that "the findings of the investigation must be reported comprehensively and in a transparent manner so that the people will be convinced of the sincerity of the government, which shall not at all conceal facts and the truth,” .

And as the issues has never seen any positives interventions from necessary party(s), which indirectly provokes the rakyat's need in knowing what is happening actually; this timely action by the rulers come in a much needed time as people are losing hope and trust in the current government.

However, I'm pretty sure those lick-ass cabinet ministers will definitely find ways and mean trying to buck-up their boss's ass.

We shall wait and see what comes next...