Thursday, 31 July 2008


I've always fancy an explorer.

They never failed to amazed me with their courage and determination. Be it land or sea. To me they have got certain set of thinking. To discover, uncover and solve mysteries surrounding our planet from those period.

I was watching one documentary on ocean explorer searching for the City of Atlantis.

Their determination and persistency in getting to what they believe was very intense and encouraging. I have to say this; unlike Malaysian 'explorer' especially those politically advanced, i reckon the real explorer faced steep challenges especially in getting financial support.
(Was telling myself that i would recommend those explorer to get Malaysian citizenship, and later propose the government on doing some exploration job like this one. Surely they would be grated millions of dollars, mind you perhaps quarter of it must be given back to the broker...hehehehehe)

Well, as everyone would have known and read, City of Atlantis exist to those who believe and myth to those skeptics; it's either myth or fact.

It is described that the city sat just outside the outer ring of water and spread across the plain covering a circle of more than ten miles with majority of the population lived on farming.
The climate was described as fare, unlike in some movie we saw, depicting the city to be totally underwater.

Their people are called Atlanteans ruled by the god of sea called Poseidon. The story goes on until the city was one day submerged by huge tsunami caused by great earth quake created by god due to their people's obsessions to fighting for power etc.

Nonetheless, the other thing that left me wondering was, during all those period, or during the Egyptian Pharaohs period, where were the Asian? The Malays in particular.

Who are the early people of South East Asian?
My great ancestors; what were they doing during that time.Do they already exist?

I know the Malay archipelagos ( has been in existence although not as old as other cultures namely the Egyptians or the Arabian peninsular and their counterpart. And the original people of Malaysia especially are native people ( i dunno where they came from and why do they look like they are) and that the Malays originated from Indonesian islands, Chinese from China, Indians from India and the rest.

But still my questions are;

1.Why the Arabian and Europeans are the smartest lot on earth during that time and the latter still now.

2. Why are they more adventurous than the Asian (Chinese exceptional)

3. Why are they smarter (although i read somewhere that climate changes makes one culture more innovative than single climate one)

4. Does that makes us Asian (SEA) the substandard lot?


Wednesday, 30 July 2008


(Yahoo News) - In the largest cut to date, pump prices of petrol and diesel have been adjusted down by 10 cents.
As of 10am Monday, stations run by SPC, Shell and Caltex had their pump prices down to S$2.110 for premium unleaded and S$2.036 and S$2.003 for 95 unleaded and 92 unleaded petrol respectively.

With on—site discounts, this brings the mid—range 95 unleaded petrol below the two dollar mark for the first time in months.

As for diesel, it is now priced at S$1.863 per litre.

Crude oil futures are holding steady and hovering at a seven—week low of about US$123 a barrel, despite talk over the weekend that the price of oil could drop to between US$70 and US$80 a barrel in global trade.
OPEC chief Chakib Khelil said on Saturday that the price of oil could drop if the dollar strengthens and concerns over Iran are reduced.
At Friday’s close of trade, oil was around US$125 a barrel in London and New York.
Analysts say oil prices are down as demand is sagging amid slowing economies and fresh signs of rising supply.

After spiralling up from the last weeks of June, crude oil prices have dropped by nearly US$25 on both sides of the Atlantic in less than two weeks.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


(The Star) - The country’s economy seems to face “attacks” every 10 years, Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said.
He said these “attacks” could be either coincidental or attempts by “unseen hands” to sabotage the economy. (he's been watching too much of StarWars....attacks of the clones etc..)

Nor Mohamed said there seemed to be a force that planned to disrupt the country’s efforts to achieve higher growth. (....apa nama? Ingat ni Star Wars ka?)
Asked if he was merely speculating, he said certain quarters could have made attempts to undermine the Government and make it fall.
Nor Mohamed said the Government had to be resilient in finding solutions in facing the current economic situation.

“I don't know why our economy is attacked every 10 years, with the last being in 1998. When our economy is growing, it is suddenly stunted at the end of the 10-year period. This is puzzling me,” he told newsmen after opening the Tekun Nasional Business Centre in Tasek Gelugor here yesterday.

Nor Mohamed said the Government would adopt a more flexible approach in managing the economy to ward off any sudden attack on the economy.
“We have to ensure that our economy is managed in a dynamic, effective and competitive way, to make it resilient in facing challenges,” he added.

The only word i can say about this 'womanly-voiced' man is he is an a fuck-tub asshole who resembles his big boss Pak Lah. This chap have been coming out with loads of really really stupid remarks and statement.

I really wonder how the heck he got to be where he is now.

This fellow is a fulltime idiot. He should just admit himself to the senile club. Bet the president would love his company...

Halal & Haram

It's driving me nuts.

I came across an article on foodstuff sold on our local shelves and found out that most of my favourites are considered not halal. You know, they have all those fancy codes for references and terms they'd use to denote certain ingredients in foodstuff.

Most of my not halal fav are ice creams (yummy...) and chocolates; well chocolates might not be that bad of a hit because after tasting the world's renown brands, we ( me and significant half) agree that Patchi is the best and it is totally out of any of the RED CODE far.

You know, as a Muslim we are thought on what can be eaten and what not.

We know that the snouty fella cannot be eaten although it is my friend's favourite meat floss and i remember being offered by one classmate during my early primary school year; of course i didnt take it after asking what's the origin of the stuff.

But just how can you actually be so rigid and careful about all the ingredients when most of the foodstuff manufacturer in Malaysia are non-Muslims?

Okay, they have all this bull about HALAL logo, HALAL Hub and so on, but how many thousand chinese businessmen outside there; those who wont be skeptical on selling their own mother and daughter to a pimp, would abide by the insignificant Muslim authorities such as JAKIM and the rest?

Why do they need to pay thousands of RM in order to get the certificates when they can have their counterpart in Balakong or Kepong to do one exactly for them?

And, all these chap in JAKIM and whatever; do you really think they'd go to the ground and conduct all the check-up themselves because i suspect they'd only be on their feet when there's one poor Malay lodged a report on the premises business conduct. I am not belittling their existence, but they are like tadpoles among bigger katak tong!

And hell....even after they had carry an investigation, conduct some ingredients checking and found that the foodstuff contains non-halal ingredients; would they stop the business ? No, they cant. They've got no right to do so, legally. This is because Malaysia is not binded by Syariah law. You cant get someone to wind up their business due to selling not halal food with halal certificates. Fin.

Even those whom are given the real HALAL certificates, and they are found not abiding to the regulations thus the authorities will nullified the certificate. Do you think those chinese guys really will abide to the judgement. After paying off the summons, take a week break and they're rolling again. Who cares?

They know damn well, the Malays in Malaysia loves all the non Malays foodstuff (Malay foodstuff ; kerepek pisang/tapioca/keledek. Non Malay foodstuff; a lot). Even dodol (supposed to be Malay heritage foodstuff) are being manufactured by non-Muslim company.

Who cares when the non Muslim knows darn well that the market for Halal food are so big and they even spread their wings outside the county into some other oblivious Muslim countries in the world especially the oil producing countries. All riding on Muslim (aka Malay) name and HALAL logo by Malaysia authorised body.

The HALAL hub created by the KJ (aka Kambing Jantan) are just a total bull and is a mere facade for collecting additional funds for next election and buying properties overseas.

And to end it all, the article also mentioned that a Muslim of 45 yr, one might have consumed an equivalent of one pig by SHUBHAH. Good God!!!

That is a lot aint it?

halal + shubhah - google search

Monday, 28 July 2008

POLICE: Website's report an attempt to sabotage investigations, confuse public

By: Lee Shi-Ian


Police have dismissed reports on the Internet that a private hospital doctor had not found any medical evidence of sodomy by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s accuser as another attempt to sabotage police investigations.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said the reports were also aimed at confusing the people.Police, he said, were considering investigating the news website and a blog over their reports, which referred to a medical report allegedly issued by Pusrawi Hospital on Jalan Tun Razak.The news report claimed that there was no evidence that Anwar’s former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan had been sodomised. However, Ismail declined to comment on the medical report itself, saying investigations were ongoing.

Mohd Saiful had alleged that he had been sodomised by the de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Ismail also quashed rumours that Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the Pusrawi Hospital medical officer who examined Mohd Saiful on June 28, had been picked up by police.“Mohamed Osman’s statement had been recorded by police earlier on in the investigation, as such, rumours circulating about his arrest by police are untrue,” Ismail said.

Attempts to get in touch with Pusrawi Hospital officials were futile as all questions were met with a “No comment” answer. According to the news website, Dr Mohamed Osman had examined Mohd Saiful about four hours before lodging a police report alleging he had been sexually assaulted by Anwar.Mohd Saiful went to the hospital about 2pm on June 28 complaining of ’tenesmus’, a medical term for difficulty and pain in passing motion.

Dr Mohamed Osman, a Burmese Muslim, is said to be on leave.

Malaysia's political scenarios indeed as good as CSI now...
Exco men use Merc despite Cabinet order

JOHOR BARU: At least four of Terengganu's eight state executive council members are using newly purchased Mercedes-Benz E200 Kompressor cars despite a Cabinet directive against doing so.
Several of them were seen travelling in the cars to official functions and meetings.
Those who were seen taking rides in the car said they were waiting for Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said to make an announcement at Wednesday's state executive council meeting on when to give up the cars.

Terengganu Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Datuk Za’abar Mohd Adib attended the Malaysian Flora Fest here yesterday in his gleaming new black Mercedes-Benz.
“I think the issue is overblown,” said Za'abar yesterday when met after the function.
Official use: Ahmad Razif leaving in his Mercedes after attending an event opened by the Deputy Prime Minister in Kuala Terengganu on Friday night.
When asked whether he knew about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's announcement, he said he was aware of it and that Ahmad had already commented about it.

On Friday, Abdullah had announced that all the Mercedes-Benzes bought by the state for its executive council members could only be used for foreign dignitaries.
Za'abar also described the overall performance of the car bearing the licence plate number TAM 28, as “justified”. The car was parked at the Dataran Bandaraya Johor Baru parking area reserved for VIPs and some press members noticed it as they were leaving the function.

“Oh, you all are more interested in the car than in the floral fest,” he said in jest when approached by reporters.
When asked whether his action was going against Abdullah's decision, Za’abar said: “That was not my intention.”
“I think the matter will be discussed at the next exco meeting,” he said.
He also said he first used the vehicle on Wednesday when he went to Kuala Lumpur to attend an executive council meeting.

“From Kuala Lumpur, I drove back to Terengganu because on Friday morning I had another meeting to attend and later that day, I drove to Johor Baru,” he said.
Datuk Za’abar’s car with registration number TAM 28 was seen at the VIP carpark as the executive council member attended the Malaysian Flora Fest parade in Johor Baru yesterday.
On Friday night, another executive council member, Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman, was seen leaving in his Mercedes after attending an event opened by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

In Kuala Terengganu, R.S.N. Murali reports that nine people have been questioned by the Anti-Corruption Agency over the high service costs of Proton Perdana V6 Executive cars owned by the state government incurred from 2004 to this year.
State ACA director Sharudin Sapian said those summoned to his office were civil servants and members of the public and several

Hahahahaha....why not? They've got the choice of what kind of cars they want to drive. And there is a word "privileges" aint it?
Perhaps, this is one of their way of saying "we are the richest state when you (Pak Lah) starts paying back all those years Petronas royalty"......

Sunday, 27 July 2008


Im sick to my head reading all the political boo hoos in Malaysia.
Im sick of reading postings by political "analyst" all of the sudden mushrooming like kulat after downpour. The best thing is, most of them will be banging on the same bloody subject and not least some wannabes whose postings are merely cut and paste.

Dr M will continuously bashing the ass of puppet Pak Lah, foreign Anwar supporters will continuously trying to rape Malaysia of its sovereignty, Najib will be shadowed endlessly by two incredible women in his life, of course one is already dead. The rest are just ass kissers or chorus singers as labelled by Dr M.

Killing, sodomy, cronyism...perhaps after this some ministers will be caught in high class orgy rituals?

Who knows?

Anything is possible.....

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Usernames & Passwords

Too many websites and internet login in passwords and usernames made me go haywire.
It has been almost four weeks since i last login to several web pages and i failed to remember the newer ones.

I should've listened to the other side of me telling me that i should just synchronise all the user name and passwords to max two, easy to remember and the possibilities of getting to re-register again would be near zero.

Thank God after going thru some pages in the organiser i found two logins and their passwords, which i scribbled hastily ( knowingly that i might forget about it over time, duuuhhhhhh.....).

I am still waiting for my books......did Amazon screwed me up this time?....or perhaps it is with the local customs.....


The dreaded wee hours call took place...
It was on 29th July that we received a call informing that my mother in law had been admitted to the hospital and three hours later to the ICU.
While my husband is out to get a plane ticket back, i received his call informing me that she had gone, forever.

I cant actually describe and tell the feeling i had because I'm too busy trying to feel for him. I pitied him and wanting to offer more than just mere presence. He was in a shock but very composed. I remembered him telling me that he felt like he is in a dream while we were on our way to get tickets back.

We managed to get 3 tickets back home after much persuasion, from me of course. I know these airlines do have seats for emergencies like this one and its a matter of how we are willing to "request" it from them.

This is what one must be willing to face when we are based out of the country. The thought that the whole journey back would not grant us to give our last respect and having to see her for the final time is disheartening.
Thank God that our little girl is around to humor us with her cunningness and keeping our hands full.

We arrived to find that my father in law too had been down by what else if it wasn't the killer dengue. The sadness of losing one beloved person had been clouded with the possibility of losing one more. He was taken to the ICU the next couple of day for one week.
Thank God, he was released after two weeks and now staying with sister in law indefinitely.

Until now, its kinda hard for me to imagine that my husband had lost his mother, i had lost a mother in law, and it all happen at the least expected time. She was a tall woman, strong and enterprising, and quite determined. No complaint on any sickness except for hereditary diabetic.
Now she wont be around asking me on hows things, or picking up my sticky daughter while she tries her best to slip off her arms every time, asking my husband on foods over here, so on and so forth.

I would think it would be harder for my father in law because after over 35 years of living and doing things together it must be awkward to start all over again...alone.