Saturday, 29 November 2008

Zaid Ibrahim makes appearance at PKR congress

SHAH ALAM: Former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim who is an Umno member caused a stir Saturday by showing up at the PKR national congress opening.
He however denied that he had joined PKR or any other opposition party.
“Yes, yes, I am still in Umno. I have not been sacked yet,” he said Saturday when approached by reporters.("I have not been sacked" or you're actually buddy buddy with the 'FELLA' in PKR ?)

On Friday night, he was seen at the DAP victory dinner in Penang which fuelled talk that he was going to join the Opposition.
Zaid who recently received a show-cause letter from Umno said he was still waiting for the response from the party.

On why he was present at the PKR congress, Zaid said it was because he was invited to it and because he was interested in politics.(Yeah, right brother!!Everybody believe that)
On whether it showed he supported Pakatan Rakyat, he said repeatedly “it just shows I’m interested in politics.” (Very intelligent answer, eh?)

On whether it was right for him to be present at a congress which openly slammed Umno, Zaid said, that was normal in politics.
“The Opposition is not an enemy. They are just people with different views so I don’t regard them as an enemy. They ‘bantai’ (slam) Umno and Umno slams them. It’s part of the game,” he said.
On whether he had any fear that Umno would now be forced to take action against him for showing up at the opening of the PKR congress which featured Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the keynote speaker, he said, “I think I don’t have that much fear. I fear more for my health. I am not well.” (God bless you)

Others present at the opening of the congress were DAP’s Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Teresa Kok, Dr Chen Man Hin, PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin, PAS secretary-general Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar and SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee.
SAPP recently left Barisan Nasional but it has not joined Pakatan Rakyat as yet.--Staronline


Like always; hearsay in Malaysia, is never a hearsay at all.......

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Negarakuku lad now in trouble with school

CONTROVERSY seems to follow rapper Wee Meng Chee wherever he goes, reported major Chinese dailies.

The three newspapers, Sin Chew Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press reported that Wee, who caused an uproar with his parody of the Negaraku last year, had been issued a legal notice by his alma mater, Chung Hwa High School.
The notice was to remove his latest recording from YouTube entitled “The ABC Time of Teacher Khoo.

The school in Muar had demanded that the recording, which used the school as the backdrop while criticising the Malaysian Chinese education system, be removed.
The school said it had not given permission to Wee to use the school as a backdrop in his recording.
China Press reported that Wee had been served the legal papers at his home in Muar, Johor, on Monday.

Asked how he felt about the legal papers, Wee said that he was not surprised.
In his blog, Wee said the legal papers had helped raise awareness about his latest effort and problems faced by independent school students.

Criticising the local Chinese education system as being incomplete, Wee said it would force Chinese school graduates to look for alternatives to make a living.
Wee, who is better known as “Namewee”, made the controversial Negarakuku video while he was studying Mass Communication in Taiwan’s Ming Chuan University.--Staronline











There are certain things in life that you know you must do and like to do; whether you like it or not.
I have a few, and more of the 'don't like'.

One thing for sure is; i don't really like people.
(well, i have seen a movie where this chap said the same thing; I HATE PEOPLE, so im not in the ship alone, as what the other half proclaim)

I'm not a self-centered person.
I really do not think so.
I'm easily loved (wink wink) and liked by those who are adventurous enough to hear my thoughts. Infact im quite flambouyant (probably one disposition that i acquired as a façade to my actual self).

But one thing for sure, the very reason that i dont really like people was that they (people) tend to make me NOT be me. In other simple word - pretentious.
I hate being pretentious. I speak my mind:- loudly at times, hence i am quite verbal ofcourse the thoughts will be filtered thru the the cerebral part of me before being chanelled out of my mouth (unlike some PEOPLE..(duhhh.....again)).
I know being to vocal has it repercussion and especially when it came from a mouth of a person of 'my race'.

To me it is always best to make it crystal clear. In both your opinion and thoughts about whatever you feel related to.
Never keep in your heart and head your grumpiness towards some things.
It will be easier on one hand but hard on the other because PEOPLE usually and naturally DON'T like hearing straight off things about them or the things that they do and whatnot.
It will be easier because should anything happen; at least you've laid your card on the table.
Like it or not; those concerned will have to take it; digest it and swallow it.

By that it will also help you distinguished your friend and foes.
It will make your life easier to sift all those unwanted creeps out of your life. Imagine....

Living in a close-up community far away from your motherland (where you'd have your family and friends whom you'd know and who knows you well inside) you'll bound to meet new jackheads every now and then.

I know it is called socialising, but the thing is, i cannot be my true self when im around certain group of people. I'm just not taken by their way of mingling and 'socialising'.

I have tried to be myself and telling me, that i need to be nice to them; perhaps some people needed more time to understand the 'planet' that i came from.
I tried.
I do received cold shoulders from some of these people.
I tried again; because i remember some advice; you gotta give it a try after the first one failed.
It is the same when you gave a salam before entering into someone's house; if by the third, no one in the house reply to it, even though the door is wide open; you better get make a move.

Hence, today, after giving it a thought i told myself; okay; you have tried.
Not your fault if these morons just want to behave like how they do towards you.
My life still goes on.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cancer survivors dismayed by blanket ban on yoga


PETALING JAYA: Many Muslim cancer survivors who practise yoga to promote general wellbeing are disappointed and confused over the National Fatwa Council’s edict on the ancient form of exercise.

National Cancer Society of Malaysia’s advisor Datuk Zuraidah Atan said she had been inundated with calls from the survivors who were confused and apprehensive over the edict or fatwa.
“An overreaching fatwa like this is not good for them as unnecessary worry can have a negative effect on them psychologically and physically. Some are already feeling guilty for practising it.
“There is a need for the Fatwa Council to explain their edict properly so that Muslims who practise yoga, including cancer survivors are not made to feel guilty,” she said.

Zuraidah said the council organised a weekly free yoga session for cancer survivors, especially those who were over 40 as a form of relaxation and breathing exercise.
“Besides yoga, we also have qi gong sessions. Is the Fatwa Council going to ban qi gong, too, because it has its origins in Buddhism? Then how about line dancing? We also organise that as a form of light exercise for cancer survivors,” she said.

She said yoga, qi gong and line dancing were good for cancer survivors because they were group dynamics which also helped promote positive thinking and unity among survivors of different race and religion.
She said there were many levels of yoga and only yoga in its purest form involved religious chanting.
“Most Muslims know this. The yoga that is being taught in yoga centres nationwide only concentrates on techniques and has nothing to do with the promotion of Hinduism,” she added.
The National Fatwa Council on Saturday declared that yoga is haram (prohibited) in Islam and Muslims are banned from practising it.

Chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said yoga had been practised by the Hindu community for thousands of years and incorporated physical movements, religious elements together with chants and worshipping, with the aim of being one with God.
He noted that while merely doing the physical movements of yoga without the worshipping and chanting might not be against religious beliefs, Muslims should avoid practising it altogether as doing one part of yoga would lead to another.

FATWA Council Bans Yoga for Muslims

No yoga for Muslims in Perak

IPOH: Muslims in Perak will be barred from practising yoga following the National Fatwa Council’s edict that the practice is haram (prohibited).
Perak Religious Department director Datuk Jamry Sury said the state would abide by the decision of the council to disallow Muslims from practising yoga.

“We will be meeting on Dec 9 to make a formal announcement on the matter,” said Jamry who is also Perak Malay Customs and Religious Council secretary.
However, the department has not identified any Muslim in Perak who practises yoga, he said yesterday.

In Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Hindu Sangam president Datuk A. Vaithilingam said the council must respect the sensitivities and feelings of people of other religions in Malaysia while giving guidance to Muslims.
“Many Hindus have been deeply disturbed by the council’s announcement. To declare this ancient practice haram and say that it can ‘corrupt’ a person is very hurtful and demeaning,” he said in a statement yesterday.

The council on Saturday issued an edict banning Muslims from practising yoga on the grounds that it was inappropriate for Muslims as it involved chants and acts of worship of the god of another religion.--STARONLINE

My word for this is BULL.

Cut the crap people.

There are other important things you guys can think about such as 'legalised' prostitution in Malaysia, gambling, and letting those sickos sentenced to only jail after raping, sodomising and killing small girls.

Some other use of rosary

Man charged with unnatural sex using prayer beads

SHAH ALAM: A Kuala Lumpur City Hall general worker pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court here Tuesday to committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature on a beautician without her consent.

Kamarul Zaman Abdul Rashid, 44, who wore green Baju Melayu was charged under Section 377CA of the Penal Code which is punishable with up to 20 years in jail and whipping if convicted.

He was alleged to have inserted prayer beads and finger into the woman’s vagina at a house No.6, Block G (E Tambahan), Kampung Melayu Sri Kundang, Kuang, Rawang, at 11.30am, Nov 15.
Kamarul Zaman was arrested on Nov 19.
In applying for bail, defence lawyer Simon Sabapathy said Kamarul Zaman was married and had to provide for his five children aged between three and 19 years as well as his parents.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Salwa Asmary Abdul Rahim objected to the application and said that if Kamarul Zaman was allowed bail, the amount should be high and additional conditions should be imposed.
The reason she gave was that such a case occurred frequently and could make the people worried.

Judge Wan Mohd Norisham Wan Yaakob later fixed the bail at RM6,000 with one surety and ordered the accused to surrender his passport to the court and to report to a nearby police station every month.
He also warned Kamarul Zaman not to harass the victim and set March 10 next year for trial.

-- Bernama

Hahahahaha.....this really had me laughing like crazy.
Good god.
I'm sure my intentions to learn psychology would be all beneficial and just in time; with all these maniacs living around us.
Things that made me wonder though;

1) why in the world she allows him to insert it 'there', and how can that be without her consent, when she is the one, i would assume so, pulled her pants down for him voluntarily.

2) he might want to check out some other sex toys than using prayers beads/rosary

3) typical of guilt-ridden morons; baju melayu/baju kurung would be their choice for hearing
probably hoping to get reduced sentences, duuhhhh........(like typical drama melayu)

4) this is why man are given the privilege to marry more than one (no, not for inserting beads, dumb!)

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Umat Islam diharam amalkan Yoga secara sistematik
22/11/2008 1:20pm

PUTRAJAYA 22 Nov. — Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan hari ini mengharamkan umat Islam mengamalkan yoga secara sistematik, yang melibatkan unsur-unsur fizikal dan spiritual kerana ia bertentangan dengan syariat Islam.

Pengerusinya Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin bagaimanapun berkata, amalan fizikal iaitu senaman dalam yoga, tanpa adanya unsur-unsur mentera dan pemujaan pada zahirnya tidak menjadi kesalahan.
Namun, katanya, ia tidak digalakkan kerana dikhuatiri boleh menghakis akidah seseorang Muslim memandangkan ia merupakan salah satu komponen daripada keseluruhan amalan yang diharamkan itu.“Amalan yoga yang berasal dari masyarakat Hindu mempunyai tiga peringkat, peringkat pertama adalah fizikal iaitu senaman, peringkat kedua adalah mentera dan pemujaan bagi mendapatkan ketenangan dan peringkat ketiga adalah penyatuan diri dengan tuhan.
“Oleh itu ahli muzakarah bersetuju memutuskan bahawa apa jua jenis atau bentuk amalan yang mengandungi unsur-unsur tersebut adalah dilarang dan bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam,” katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

Abdul Shukor berkata perkara itu diputuskan dalam persidangan Anggota Majlis Muzakarah Fatwa Kebangsaan ke-83 yang bersidang 22-24 Okt lalu di Kota Bharu, Kelantan, dan akan dipanjangkan kepada majlis-majlis agama negeri untuk diwartakan.
Selain Malaysia, amalan yoga telahpun diharamkan di Singapura dan Mesir, katanya.
Abdul Shukor berkata, pada peringkat ini, program kesedaran mengenai amalan itu akan diperluaskan ke seluruh negara melalui Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim).
Beliau turut menasihatkan masyarakat Islam supaya berhati-hati dan berwaspada dengan perkara-perkara yang boleh memesongkan akidah, serta perlu mengkaji secara mendalam mengenai sesuatu amalan sebelum melakukannya.

Beliau berkata terdapat banyak amalan lain dalam Islam yang boleh dilakukan bagi menjaga kesihatan dan mendapatkan ketenangan termasuk mengamalkan sembahyang dan berzikir.
Yoga merupakan satu pakej senaman yang telah diamalkan sejak 3,000 tahun sebelum Masihi dan dikatakan boleh melambatkan penuaan, mengurangkan risiko kencing manis, lelah dan penyakit jantung.

This is what these typical arse in Malaysia's government (ministries) would think of the Melayu in general; easily manipulated and influenced, which later would result to them becoming a murtad or kafir.
Perhaps their own families or relatives are those of whom would be easily influenced;hence it is natural that they themselves would think like that and that it is dangerous to be associated or doing some exercise which rooted from another belief or religion.

What would they think of tai-chi? Or perhaps one of the quite well known Chinese traditional medicinal practice called ; Chi-qong by one Malay doctor?

It makes me wonder whether dont these dumbhead conduct thorough research before throwing out this sorta decree to the public, i.e. the "easily' influenced Muslim in Malaysia. In other words; the Melayus?

The actual scenario in Malaysia, in particular the Klang Valley is; these yoga houses; they aren't the one that conduct those ritual yoga. Most of them are yoga classes conducted sometimes by non-Hindu instructors, at well known fitness centres or a private place in some exxlusive area such as Sri Hartamas or Petaling Jaya.
It is more of a 'lifestyle' for the middle high income and yuppies.
Fitness centres used to be the lifestyle and by having a member of one fitness house, that would make you doing the 'IN' thing. And these things are only understood by the non-kampung folks so to say.

There was one place in the Subang Jaya area where they published an advertisement on yoga classes. It was perhaps seven years back and me and my sister went there but after sitting down for half an hour to enquire about their facilities and practises; we declined.

The reasons being;
1) The classes conducted by one yogi person
2) No fees required but we need to contribute to their some sort of spritual funds on a monthly basis.
3) They gave us the idea that this particular place conduct spiritual tpye of yoga.

What did we do?
We did not go for it.
Because perhaps we are smarter and not easily influenced Muslims aka Melayu, unlike those who came out with the fatwa.

This stupid fatwa made me reflect back to many years before when there was a little bit of hu-ha in the print media in regards to the action taken by Information Ministry of Malaysia in banning one movie/documentary about Tibetan monks and their faith. It was supposed to be aired for the Wesak day. The reason for the ban was;
WHATELSE, if not the same bloody reason they would always use; deminishing the akidah of Muslims (in Malaysia). I mean, hell, why cant we, the Muslim learn about some other faith which contradicting to the government's move; that allows a day off for certain states in Malaysia.
If the government are willing enough to give a day off for those who celebrates the Wesak day; then why cant these people watch on tv the root of their faith.
What is wrong about learning.
There are non Muslim in universities around the world that do Islamic studies.
It doesnt make them a 'murtad' to their won faith.

I myself have been into a church for their morning mass, had been to the Siamese temple in Petaling Jaya and that does not make me wanna change my name to Lina Joy!!!
I rather lose the race im carrying now, than losing my religion.
I might not be your next door typical Melayu girl because i am not and i am not proud to be one.
What more with those skumbags keep coming out with such fatwas.

These are the people that would give Islam the worst ever image than it already have been suffering globally.

Be realistic people.

Friday, 21 November 2008

The Scribe A Kadir Jasin: Melakar Cerita Suka Duka

The Scribe A Kadir Jasin: Melakar Cerita Suka Duka

Unfortunately, those with brains like yours Dato' will never ever become politician.

Full transcript of Razak's Q&A

PoliTIKUS(ie.Melayu politician=rat in the eye of other race)

It has been like what,...3 or 4 months i had not post anything regarding Malaysia political scenario. Actually i'm not bothered much as there had not been any unexpected circumstances or changes that is prominent enough to talk or write about.

It has been the same old bullshit played innovatively by all the freakin clowns of Malaysian politicians namely the top two jokers. Hip Hip Hooray.... pusing pusing tang tu jugak.
The best part is Najib's statement that he 'pledged' to continue the Pak Lah's new way of Islam; the Hadhari Islam...(what ever he thought that it is better the the one brought down to us Muslims by Allah (swt) thru his messenger prophet Muhammad (saw).

Perhaps that pledge must be his silence cum invisible nod to Pak Lah saying "don't squeeze my balls too hard Pak"..or..."you scratch my back i scratch yours"....or better still; you squeeze mine, i squeez yours! Duhhhh.....
What the hell?
It must be because Pak Lah and the gang worked something out and got Najib's buddy out of the four walls during his tenure cause, Najib cant be doing it while he is at the top; hence, Pak Lah in return would be managing the whole jinbangs while Najib will permanently be the puppet and mind you, he will make sure of this until his beloved and most powerful SIL Mr Beruk taken into office of some important ministry. And the story goes on......

Cut all those craps.
I hate the political upheaval in Malaysia; the land that has always been a favourite for people any where to take control and administered. From the British, to Japanese, Portuguese and not forgetting the Communist. Now, we have an insider job; namely the other minority race.....ehem...perhaps they are trying to behave like parasite?

I know my father is good in killing all sorta his garden i mean.

Btw, i would like to append in another posting today, one poetry (puisi) by Kadir Jasin, a well known person in print media ever since. I love what he has to say about the country i was born and raised, perhaps be buried too.


Najib Never Met Altantuya

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak never met Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, says Abdul Razak Baginda.

“I implore all of you and the public to stop spreading lies about the DPM and his wife. I know Datuk Seri Najib and Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor have never met Altantuya,” said Abdul Razak who was acquitted of abetment in Altantuya’s murder.
“Those who have spread such lies can never produce any authentic evidence because there is none.
“The truth is the truth and nothing can change the truth,” he told a packed press conference yesterday.

When asked how he knew Najib was not involved, Najib’s former political analyst smiled, looked at his lawyers and then replied: “I just know.”
Abdul Razak said he has had no contact with Najib since his release from prison and was more interested in getting his life back on track.
He also denounced the “lies” that Altantuya was involved in certain deals, such as the submarine deal.

Meeting the press: Razak holding a tape recorder to make a point that speculation will not stop even after his press conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
“There have been all sorts of stories and insinuations about the link between the deceased and some deals. But everyone is lazy these days and don’t check their facts.
“The purported deal was signed in June 2002. I first met the deceased in November or December 2004. I fail to see the connection but it went on and on. These are malicious lies,” he added.
Abdul Razak, who expressed his deepest sympathies to Altantuya’s family for their loss, said he was coming out to tell the truth because “I do not want to turn a blind eye and allow the liars to prevail.”
“I am caught in the ‘damned-if-you-do-and-damned-if-you-don’t’ situation. But to be indifferent is to be irresponsible,” he said.
Razak plans to do his doctorate in Britain -- Staroline

Like i always say; tidak ada angin, pokok tak akan bergoyang

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Colour and Canvass

See, i had always wanted to start painting again but there would always be something that will cropped up and stop me from doing so.
The last painting i painted was like umpteen years ago; it was an abstract a mix of light green and mostly yellows painting of a woman sitting down with folded legs. It was a birthday present for a good friend.
Painting is like a rush of feeling, or perhaps more of a desire. Now i am really in the moods. I really wish that i can lock myself up in that room which me and my other half agree to be turn it into our arty room. Unfortunately, as i am now a mother of one young girl at the age of attention seeking; i think i will have to put my intentions aside, again.
One; it is because of her being sticky and two; i dare to bet that whatever rush i felt prior to starting to paint, will be put off by her screaming or crying wanting the acrylic tube in my hand or aiming for the colour plate that look so tantalizing to her.
Those time it was much easier to express my feelings and thought as i was a free soul. Nevertheless, as one grow, the responsibilities and whatnot will grow alongside. Especially with work commitments; my hands are quiet full.
I have always love to paint.
I love art. Having not to complete my Art degree due to some reasons, it has never been a hindrance because art itself is very subjective.
My forever dream and vision was to have a small full glass room with the sun shining in full to give me the brightness that i need to paint beautiful coloured paintings of still life or scenery of my dream. And it must be near to a beach too.....(wink.. wink... so much so it sounded so stereotype of a lonely painter in any melodramatic drama)
Now and again, the only thing that i will start with is.... thinking when will i start to put colours on the canvass that has been waiting for me since quite early this year.....hhmmmmm...........

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Internet oh internet

Living in this internet and world wide web era does give people a sort of dependency towards certain subject; in which if you failed to get something done via it, you're gonna be a bit crankier; me at least.
Just like when your mobile is out of battery when you're really desperate to make that important call or when you store all your contact number and did not have another back-up; and your phone went missing or stolen.

My router have had some problem lately; which i thought it might due to the weather whatnot. But after really failing to log in to the explorer, and double checking the wifi near my place, we finally decided to call the technician which only managed to come the second day after we lodged the report.

Thus, i've been unable to confirm an appointment made via email, and being so dependable on the net, i didn't even jot down the phone number of that person which we intend to meet to view some items.
I also have been depending on SKYPE for all my business and personal international phone call, so for that two days im unable to get certain things done as planned.

Same goes to when they'd advice fellow bloggers to back-up our logs and so on. I haven't done that because im just very lazy to have to go one by one on the method of doing so, and all these html terms; they are jargon to me.

Im quite satisfied after the nice technician came by to fix my router and even before he left the house i have started to log in to SKYPE and ready to make some phone calls.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Old Hellos

I guess today is a remembrance day....remembering me, i mean.
Today in the spin of less than two hours i received two calls from two different person.
The first one was from my brother cum Bapak, Pak Bikong in Jakarta. I have not met him more than two years although the last time we were in touch was like four months ago.
Anyway, it is also my intentions of giving him a call since he sometimes texted me asking my whereabouts and updates.
His call was more of a response to my telepathic calling i would say.

But the second call was the most unexpected one.
See, i am the sort of person that will do spring cleaning of my house, wardrobe and not forgetting my mobile phonebook. I simply hate to see many names unrelated to my current life although sometime these names will somehow cropped up in head or sometime out of the blue they will call me asking my being and whatnot.

But this person that called me just now, I knew him while I was handling the one of the local power station project in Port Dickson (PD) like seven years ago....gosh, that was quite some time!
He was the project engineer and I was the contractor in charge thus we work very closely for like a year and a half. I still remember driving down to PD on a daily basis although I rented an apartment at one of the hotel there. I just can't bring myself staying there alone, and the food was sucks. Moreover driving up and down daily will take me less than an hour to get to the project site.

 It was more of an enjoyable projects because, one; the site was near beach area, and two; because we mutually connected thus making work easier.  So, it's fun all day long, even-though there would be some working issue popped up once in a while; it's easier to settle it understandably.

So, we spoke for a short while because i was on roaming but making sure that we keep in touch again, we exchange emails; even though i cannot guarantee the lasting of it...
Whatever it is, it was nice hearing from someone you knew long time ago and that person just out of the blue drop you a line; which i can say brighten up my day a bit.

Perhaps, i should just leave my phonebook un-touch, except for those really need to be deleted, and drop a line to some of them sometimes......

Friday, 7 November 2008

Im desperate for assistance here.........

Im desperate for some sort of assistance here.....
It's taking too much of my time trying to figure out the freakin problem and it looks like im really wasting my precious time


Either i must have meddle with some of the setting or the blogspot is just giving me some headache. I cant seems to view my current log again....

And i cant even do via bookmarks as i used to.
Tell me which help centre, especially the one that you just post and hope that'll be some sort of reply that really works?


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Ageless Beauty

I read with much surprised one woman's journey to beauty ended up with her going 6 feet under!
It not my intentions to be mean but come to think of it...what was it all for besides her own satisfaction, perhaps; which also derives from receiving comments from friends and also making sure that the husband will stay put although the eyes will absolutely be straying still...

You go down to the hospital, don the operation room's uniform and be put lying down on the bed, hoping that when you're awake, you'll have ;

1. the bridge of your nose will be higher and the nostril will be smaller
2. sunked-in cheek
3. pointed chin
4. axed double chin
5. lest droopy eyes

But, that is if you wake up, AGAIN....

Gosh, i mean, im a woman. It does come to my thought too, perhaps to have some eyebrow lift, but i tell you it will only be in that thought area, forever (i hope). I will not have myself going thru some pain around my face; intentionally, for the sake of beauty.
How long can it last anyway?
Of course, i will also not let some dermatologist jab my face with that B thing. I wouldn't want to look like some sort of clown with plastic-stretched face walking around feeling proud that i look younger than my years. Duhhhh......

Yes, i admit to spending thousands for beauty purpose. And everytime after swiping my card d'blanc, i swear that i will not again pay that much for those products...nevertheless, i failed.
It also makes me wonder when meeting with my schoolmate. The last time she went for a facial was like five years ago, and i don't see she's having much problems on her face at all.
So, could it also be that all those beauty products that sells thousands of bucks don't actually work well. Or, perhaps, when you started using one, you'll need to continuously use it to avoid some blemishes on your face.Maybe...although the supposed to be 'beautician' would be telling you that, "oohhh, you wont realised now","oohhh, the result will only be visible when you're late 40's and by then it will be too late",..blablabla......

All in all, women will always succumb to preserving their beauty for whatever reasons with whatever means.

And perhaps, the agless beauty course wont be make me be the Lara Croft of the man made Beauty World.