Sunday, 16 November 2008

Colour and Canvass

See, i had always wanted to start painting again but there would always be something that will cropped up and stop me from doing so.
The last painting i painted was like umpteen years ago; it was an abstract a mix of light green and mostly yellows painting of a woman sitting down with folded legs. It was a birthday present for a good friend.
Painting is like a rush of feeling, or perhaps more of a desire. Now i am really in the moods. I really wish that i can lock myself up in that room which me and my other half agree to be turn it into our arty room. Unfortunately, as i am now a mother of one young girl at the age of attention seeking; i think i will have to put my intentions aside, again.
One; it is because of her being sticky and two; i dare to bet that whatever rush i felt prior to starting to paint, will be put off by her screaming or crying wanting the acrylic tube in my hand or aiming for the colour plate that look so tantalizing to her.
Those time it was much easier to express my feelings and thought as i was a free soul. Nevertheless, as one grow, the responsibilities and whatnot will grow alongside. Especially with work commitments; my hands are quiet full.
I have always love to paint.
I love art. Having not to complete my Art degree due to some reasons, it has never been a hindrance because art itself is very subjective.
My forever dream and vision was to have a small full glass room with the sun shining in full to give me the brightness that i need to paint beautiful coloured paintings of still life or scenery of my dream. And it must be near to a beach too.....(wink.. wink... so much so it sounded so stereotype of a lonely painter in any melodramatic drama)
Now and again, the only thing that i will start with is.... thinking when will i start to put colours on the canvass that has been waiting for me since quite early this year.....hhmmmmm...........
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