Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tactics or what?

Umno Members Submit Memorandum Protesting Rithauddeen's Proposal

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 (Bernama) -- About 30 members of the Youth and Putera wings of Umno tonight handed a memorandum of protest to the party leadership on the intervention by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in party matters.(why the worry?)

In the memorandum, the members also protested against the proposal by the chairman of the Umno Diciplinary Board, Tan Sri Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen Tengku Ismail that the party's wings be dissolved to curb money politics.(I sure think the chairman got his reasons in doing so. And if none of them are corrupted, why worry sick? Furthermore the chairman is carrying out his job in fighting corruption which has come to the highest level and multitude ever since the 'corruption fighter' Abdullah Badawi took office)

The memorandum was handed to Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and members of the Supreme Council (MT) before they began their their MT meeting at the Umno headquarters, here. (who else?)

A spokesman for the group, Zuraidi Abdul Rahim said the establishment of the MACC had resulted in more party members being detained on corruption charges and members of the commission frequently adopted harsh tactics when questioning suspects.
"The formation of the MACC is not to beat suspects when questioning them. Thirty-nine people have been called up for questioning, the number of those remanded is uncertain but two or three people have lodged police reports.
We have proof of the incidents through a copy of the police report lodged by a party member which is attached to the memorandum," he told reporters at the Menara Tun Hussein Onn lobby here.(Well, Zuraidi, i can also lodge a police report mentioning that my mother is actually my father....duhhhh....)

The police report dated Jan 28, lodged at the Damansara Police Station by an Umno member from Pahang, claimed that he was beaten on the head, kicked on the ribs by an officer, and was forced to strip and roll over on the floor.(beaten by an anti corruption investigators?...this is quite questionable. Perhaps this is one of the way for them to escape future investigation?)

Zuraidi said he represented about 2,500 party members throughout the country who hoped there would be no intervention by outsiders especially from the MACC on party matters so that the freedom of expression by party members could be revived.Earlier, they had gathered at the lobby to express their protest against the suggestion by Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen and the establishment of the MACC.(Of course, how to fight the bad when the good is only a handful, and the good would always be the bad guy, yet again.....)

The Ox

Bad omens for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people are gloomy about the city's economic prospects for the Year of the Ox after Chinese New Year festivities were overshadowed by bad omens.

As celebrations to mark the New Year took place across the city of 6.9 million, which slipped into recession at the end of 2008, headlines on Wednesday were grabbed by two seemingly ominous events.
First, a "fortune stick'' picked on Tuesday by a senior politician in an annual Taoist ceremony predicting how prosperous the year ahead will be produced the worst possible number - 27.
Feng shui masters in the superstitious former British colony said the fortune stick meant Hong Kong faced a turbulent and unsettled year with possible conflicts between the government and people.

The last time the number 27 was drawn was 1992, shortly before the arrival of last British governor Chris Patten set off a series of political clashes in the territory.

Hours later, there was another apparently bad omen for the year ahead when a barge carrying fireworks across Victoria Harbour for the New Year fireworks display caught fire.
Black smoke billowed out of the barge as the 20-minute display came to an end on Tuesday evening and fire boats had to rush to douse the flames. No one was injured.

In a sign of the mood of pessimism enveloping Hong Kong, only around 250,000 people lined the harbour for the fireworks display - half the number who attended in 2008.
Hong Kong has been hit hard by the global economic slump with share prices falling by more than 50% in the past 12 months and unemployment rising to more than 4 per cent.


Hmmmm....what can be said when superstitions are well accepted and believed by the majority.
I guess even without the politician 'unfortunate' pick of the stick, the economy will definitely be hit and the global impact will surely send it waves across the former British colony.

Suddenly now I wonder what my long lost friend in AWSJ Hong Kong would be doing in order to brave through the economic turmoil there.

On the other hand, what would the fortune reader say should the stick picked by the politician represent all good numbers.....;-)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

100th post

January 25th marked my 100th post in this blog.
Starting with 'i-don't -know' what to post to trying not to lapsed at all; i still am crawling in gathering interesting yet provocating or just-by-the -way topics to post in this blog.

Nevertheless, i hope i will post better topics as time pass.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


Abdullah Returns Home.

PETALING JAYA, Jan 24 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi returned home today after a one-week official visit to Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

The visit was to strengthen cooperation in trade and investment and other sectors between Malaysia and the three Gulf states.The aircraft carrying the Prime Minister's entourage touched down at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base in Subang, near here, at 8.55pm.Abdullah and his wife Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, were welcomed on arrival by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Senator T. Murugiah and Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

Among those who accompanied the prime minister on the visit were Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop and Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob.-- BERNAMA.


Well, funny bit about this story was regarding one email going around in the local group here in Qatar.
It seems that a few (might be those hopefuls) have not been happy about the primer official visit which didn't include 'meet the Malaysians in Qatar', as what premiers of neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia did when they came for official visits here.

What the heck!

What do they expect? Lips service from the soon-to be-out premier?
Wanting so much to see him, like as if back in Malaysia they meet him frequently, or kiss his hands in show of respect and get 'blessing' perhaps...duuhhh.....

So, he got other things to do.
So he got no time to meet you overseas 'dwellers' although you 're contributing to the country in your smallest effort economically by bringing in your income and spend it back home.
So, he might have his own agenda travelling around the Gulf in order to secure businesses for his family and son and beloved son-in-law.

Why would he want to waste that two hours time (max they'd give you for small chit chat and tea) when he can spend it conducting business talk elsewhere?

Hopefuls!........................... get over it.

Friday, 23 January 2009


When all depends on moods......

I guess this week is just about me ranting on the country's inability to be where it should be right now given that they are one of the largest oil exporter in the world and one of the highest paying employer in the Gulf.

This is about yet another of the government's inability to provide standard guideline to its authorities; or perhaps the people themselves (ie; the government staff) have their own guidelines on day to day basis and depends- on- my- moods basis.

I have been warned that a lot of procedures here remain written.
In another word; the office hour of the one government office will have its opening time as per the one stated in-front of the entrance but do not be surprised when you come again next month, they will tell you that it will be opened an hour later.

Almost in anything you do here, one must be prepared to be rejected unnoticed, cancelled without reason, and whatever that you might not even thought of. You fix a time and day for your driving class but once you reached there; the guy in-charged might tell you that there is no car available for you for that day; there you go....come back again next class, please.

And talking about the driver's licence here.; it is a nightmare for Malaysians majority of the i would say. You can never hear a smooth sailing process and even if you do; that might be one in a thousand.

First it is because; back in Malaysia, we have standard procedures and timetable to be followed. Either you will go to the driving school or the instructor will come to your place to pick you up and your test will be scheduled accordingly.

Second; just because Malaysians are not made of blond hair and blue eyes; although we share same side of driving as our British counterparts; we must take driving exams. Unlike the British, The US or European, other nationalities must go for complete driver's test.

This is prejudice; but then again; WHO THE HELL IN THIS WORLD NEVER KISS WHITE ASSES?.

Recently, there was a some miracle happening.
It happened that two person managed to get a direct conversion of their Malaysia driver's licence without even having to take the horrible test.

So, almost every ladies especially have been quite chirpy about this and start going around asking whatnot to be done in order to have it done.
Besides having one driver's licence translated into Arabic and English, and later have it stamped by the Consular before taking it to the Qatar Embassy to be endorsed one still have to carry out drivers eye test.

Still it is not as gruelling as going thru the whole process of taking the classes and exams; which again depends on the policeman's mood of the day.
With all those documents, one still have to get a special request letter addressed to traffic department mentioning that one is applying for driving licence conversion.

And with all those; it still does not mean you will get your driver's licence converted even you have been driving for the last fifteen years in Malaysia.

It all depends on the mood of the person of that day......nevertheless, i am quite eager to see what kind of mood would the person of the day offer me.....soon:-)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

High Heels

Sometimes i really think my personal views about the people of this country lacking in loads of good things in life; not counting their big expensive automobiles and villas has it valid point.

Well it all started when i need to have my heels repaired.
I have been looking around for small cobbler but noticed that it is not the business people are interested in here as compared to mushrooming "Juice Stall"; which sells juices but none comparable to the one i had in Cairo and pays only 1riyal for thick- no- water added strawberry juice.

Thus i decided that the only one that i could have my heels fixed was the one in City Center, the biggest mall in Doha. Because of its big build-up (ie the cobbler), i assumed i would only have to wait less than fifteen minutes to get it done; wrong!
My expectation was washed down the drain because even to have a pair of high heels fixed, i got to come back again in four days time.

Okay. Although it is absurd.
And really, i still need to have it repaired anyway.
Having charged 20riyals for it, i assume that it would be of the fairly good quality because that is what i would pay for in Malaysia.

Hence, on the day of collection naturally i would expect the heels to like how it was supposed to be. Imagining it to be the likes of fixed heels like i used to het in lets say; Subang Parade, or The Curve Petaling Jaya.
Unfortunately, when the guy brought out my black high heels and once inspecting it, i turned really upset.
It was not even close to the pavement cobblers that i have had my shoes done in Malaysia.

Obviously i don't want to complain about it.
What to complaint when they have been "so hardworking" and got to have four days to have it fixed!
What i can describe of the new heels was the sight of roughly cut heels and nails punched into it which would undoubtedly make sound when i walk, plus might be slippery on certain surface; in the split second my anger erupted.
I can't contained it any longer when the guy so casually chuck it in a plastic bag and hand it over to me.

With high voice i demanded for my black paper bag which i hand it over when sending the shoes to them. One customer next to me who was also waiting for his shoes looked and must be puzzled at what is actually happening.

I really cant believe what kind of service these people give and what kind of demand these people have in day to day things.
It really shows that the people themselves have never been enjoying good quality things in life.
I have been quite frustrated on searching for some moderate decent furniture but only to be fed with all gaudy designs.
I have been frustrated in the type and availablity of the vegetables and seafood.
And I have been frustrated with loads of other things and this one just adds on to the list.

Maybe the women here dont wear high heels that much not as much as platform shoes.
Although platform are totaly outdated, the women here are really into them. My theory was easy; it was for them to look taller because their jub are all too flattery and tailing.
Swamping places and malls in group of three or more, and walking so 'swanky' with expensive designers handbags avec gold shimmering trimmings which was designed especially for their market, these women still have not taste the best life can offer.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

This is excerpt from one of my reading on destruction and rape done by the United States on Iraq.

(Speaking to students and faculty at the University of Florida Levin College of Law on Wednesday, Madeline Albright had this to say with regards to the war in Iraq):

While she’s been an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq, Albright conceded there are now “no good options” in the war-torn country.
“The American forces are both the solution and the problem,” she said. “They are like fly paper that attracts everybody who hates us.”

James Taranto reminds us of what Madeline Albright said back in 1996:

Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.
The above statement had been quoted numerous times in the Arab press, and rightfully so. Publicly announcing that the death of a half million children is “worth it”, could in all likelihood be considered the greatest disaster in American foreign policy.


1)You American people are bunch murderers.

2)Bunch of hypocrites demanding for freedom in almost everything including your women walking naked on your streets.

3)Bunch of monkeys that voted for your young soldier to die all in your government's stupid cause.

4)Your President claiming that America is respected for its compassion is bullshit because his head is full with that, and so does the people that voted for him.

They did it again!

PAS candidate Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut is the new Kuala Terengganu MP.

He defeated Barisan Nasional’s Datuk Wan Farid Wan Salleh and independent candidate Azharuddin Mamat.

Close to 80% of the 80,229 registered voters cast their ballots yesterday.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the result was merely a setback and would not have any bearing on the national political landscape.
MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat thanked the Chinese voters for staying with the Barisan despite the overall unfavourable results.

With the results, Barisan now has 137 seats in the Dewan Rakyat while the Opposition holds 82. There are also three independent MPs.



BN Wan Farid's will find it hard to swallow his arrogant statement now.
Bet it is still stuck at his throat until now after receiving the news of the defeat.
Pray harder next time!

And I seriously think Najib is a bit too much on the optimistic by saying that this result was 'merely a setback and would not have any bearing on the national political landscape'.
Come on long you and your people want to stay in that dream- denial land?

What happened to the last GE?
Or are you saying that, it was also 'mere setback'.
Do you want to see Malaysia being managed by another party completely and you, Najib, being kicked out of that office and your missus cannot import more of her Italian's designers furniture for that beautiful luxurious house?

This is one example of a person that is not supposed to be where he is currently and going to be soon.
He is just another example of one minister who would open their mouth and speak of crap and gave unintellectual statement.

(hmmm...this brought my mind to one comparison done between Malaysian ministers and its forever foes, Singapore. Those Singaporean ministers are graduates of excellent universities WITH major in political international relations and other major which relates to managing a country.
Malaysia's ministers however; hmmm...the one that i really remember was the ex-Works Minister; education background; cannot be located where.....)

And there is no wonder at all that he agreed to officiates some public toilet sometimes ago!
Malaysian politician....

Friday, 16 January 2009

Facebook | Shaz Shahar

Facebook Shaz Shahar

Please state your views if you are concern on the brutality commited by the world's war criminals; the Israel and the United States.


1. I would like to have the Malaysian Armed Forces attack the United States and Israel.

2. But I don't think the Government and the MAF would agree with me.

3. So what do we do?.......


Thursday, 15 January 2009

January 2009

January 2009

Start the boycott

Emails and smses have been going around asking for support to not going to McDonald and Starbuck for the reason that these two organisation supposedly will be contributing their profits until this Sunday to be channeled to Israel.

Although spokesperson of the local McDonald franchise denies that the company is doing such thing, it indicates that as rumours and Mcdonalds in any countries are run by their local people and paying tax to the local country respectively.

Nevertheless, what was not mentioned in the news was that a franchisee will have to pay the franchisers a certain royalty some sort. Thus, that money will then be channeled to the Israel in helping out killing Palestinians children and civilians.

There would not be any evident that specify the100% profit donation rumour - but both Starbucks and McDonald's are already boycotted by a lot of people conscience for reasons ranging from questionable business ethics to damage to the environment.
McDonald's is on the Boycott Israel list because it is a major corporate sponsor of the Jewish United Fund which works to maintain American military support for Israel.

Starbucks is on the Boycott Israel list because its chairman is an active Zionist who morally and financially supports Israel. If the world and consumers with conscience would adhere to this matter and willing to substitute their favourite Big Mac for Burger's King's burger, i am sure in a long run these two companies will feel the effect of people's power.

There are a lot of other products on the boycott list but, it is kind of hard for us to changed all of a sudden and the fact that this kind of boycott is short term.
Although there had been a case when the whole Ara nation at one point of time in 2002 if i am not mistaken boycotted all US-based product, there was an impact in US export during that period.

The most important move should come from the Arabs world.They should be the one that really take this boycott list into consideration and stick on to it for the whole year. I am sure there will be a huge impact. Nevertheless, we wouldn't know what those pig Israelis and American government could be doing in retaliation.
Ezam reveals Anwar’s alleged letter to Dr Mahathir

KUALA TERENGGANU: Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat Youth head Ezam Mohd Noor finally made public the contents of a letter supposedly written by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1998.

Ezam said the letter was the one that his former boss had directed him to deliver personally to Dr Mahathir two days after Anwar was sacked as deputy prime minister.
The letter, claimed Ezam, was Anwar’s attempt to make peace with the then prime minister so that he would be reappointed.

The handwritten letter, which Ezam read aloud at a ceramah (public address) at Kampung Kubang Parit here Wednesday night, was basically a letter of thanks to Dr Mahathir.
Among other things, it allegedly said that whatever happened to Anwar and his family, he and his wife Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail would never forget the love and care that Dr Mahathir had showed them.

Almost the entire content of the letter was in that vein.

According to Ezam, Anwar had directed him to ensure that the letter was personally handed over to Dr Mahathir before he attended a meeting with all Umno division leaders at Putra World Trade Centre on Sept 8, 1998.
“Anwar had directed me to make sure that the letter was delivered by hand to Dr Mahathir before he left for the meeting as he feared that the prime minister would produce witnesses for his alleged misconduct at the gathering.

“However, I was a few minutes late and by the time I reached the Prime Minister’s Department, Dr Mahathir had already left,” he said.
Meanwhile, Anwar had yet to make public a letter which his party PKR claimed Ezam had written to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi demanding that he be given a minister’s post as an inducement for him to join Umno.

Ezam had challenged Anwar to produce the alleged letter at least two days before polling for the Kuala Terengganu by-election on Jan 17, or resign from Malaysian politics within seven days.
If Anwar failed to do that, Ezam said he would consider other options, including suing his former boss for slander.

This is another game played by Malaysian politicians.

Last year, every person with information whatnot would be rushing to give SD.
From the glamorous blogger to some ex-driver.
SDs here and there.

Now, we have these two person challenging each another exposing letters supposedly could help in ruining each another's image.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Toll or not to toll

More questions over toll deals

KUALA LUMPUR: Confusion reigned at the library in the Works Ministry on the second day after toll agreements in the country were declassified.
Politicians and reporters, who had turned up as early as 7.30am to get access to the documents although the library opened at 9am, were dismayed to find that much of the contents were either too technical, incomplete or that they just had no time to digest the information.

With public viewing in the morning restricted to only five people at one time for a maximum of two hours and one document each, reporters had to rely on information supplied by politicians, who were given priority to read the agreements.

As at lunchtime, only one reporter had managed to read an agreement relating to the New Pantai Express­way but complained that she could not fully understand the content or compensation formula.
In the evening, however, 15 people were allowed in at one time after Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed gave the directive to the library to expand the facility.

There was also grumbling after some of the reporters, who had turned up early for their turns to look at the documents, got bumped down in the queue after politicians made an earlier booking with the library.
Among the “incomplete” documents were the deals for the SMART Tunnel, which only came with the first 118 pages without any appendix or schedules, and the Shapadu toll agreement, which was only 16 pages long. None of the agreements also carried with any subsequent exemption or additional clauses.

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, who led a DAP delegation, said the Damansara-Puchong Highway was making excessive profits and called for the Government to stop compensating the operator. The highway operator had initially set its toll rate at RM2.10 but reduced it to RM1.60 in the last adjustment in 2007.

“Under the agreement, the toll charge will rise to RM3.10 in 2016. In its financial prospectus, the highway operator has stated that the construction cost was RM1.327bil and that the 30-year projected profit was RM18.865bil.
“Between 1997 and 2006, it was supposed to have made a profit of RM1.22bil, nearly the construction cost. So, their collection to date has more than paid for the highway and what they are collecting for the next 20 years, is excess profits,” he said, adding that to allow Kesas to raise toll charges by more than 10% every two years until 2022 was also excessive.

Pua called on the Government to nationalise the highways to lighten the financial burden of the people and keep toll charges minimum.
Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching said the agreement with Penang Bridge almost guaranteed profit for its highway operator, adding that this was unfair because the bridge had been opened since 1985 whereas the agreement only started from 1993.


In summary, the Malaysian government is not behaving like a normal government should, where one should be providing its citizen with all the necessary basic infrastructure such as road for travelling.

In Malaysia, the inter-link roads which connects business or industrial areas and districts are fully paid by the citizen in terms of toll collecting which is way above normal rate for a very long period of time. The only road in Malaysia that is fully sponsored by the government is the Federal Highway which is free starting from the Subang Jaya exits until the city centre Kuala Lumpur but a weekend journey of half an hour could take you more than double during working days.

However in order to travel on free road, one will have to fork out more on the other hand. Medical payments due to over time usage of the Federal Highway which will undoubtedly aggregates mental disorder, and stress level which will later leads to the possibility of heart attack, wear and tear of the vehicle due to excessive breakings and the high possibility of getting into an accident (there bound to be an average of two accidents per 24 hours along the Federal Highway).

Besides that the citizen is paying rocket high for their own national cars, which built with low quality materials, paying very high for imported or fully assembled cars and paying very high in comparison with other oil producing countries for their petrol and diesel.

At the end of the road, the citizen will be the one left to support the government instead of the other way round and still be oppressed.

Monday, 5 January 2009

US inaugurates new $700 million embassy in Baghdad - Yahoo! News

Ya right! "To show America's commmitment to Iraq"? US indeed is a global joker. One fine day the joke will be on you back Uncle Sam!
Nobody invited you in Baghdad. You simply forced yourself in shamlessly. Your act are pure act of a rapist.

You deployed 146,000 troops because you're damn scared you gonna be bombed or attacked because you know you're doing a freakin wrong thing.
Bet this would also be the base for your future attack to another Muslim countries near by.

God will surely pay for all the sins you've done to the world. One fine day.

Peruvian Jesus born to Virgin Mary on Christmas

Peruvian Jesus born to Virgin Mary on Christmas


Some of the ways to get really connected to the up above.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Bloody Jews

US blocks UN Security Council action on Gaza

It is crystal clear that the bloody America is controlled by the Jews.
UN is just another body also under their control.
The Hamas should not stop the attack and continue bombing the Israel.

"Asked what kind of resolution would be acceptable to the United States, Wolff said “the important point to focus on here is establishing the understanding of what type of cease-fire we’re talking about and to ensure that it’s lasting, and to ensure that we don’t return to a situation that led to the current situation.”

I'll throw my shoes to his face!
The US is a bloody war criminal-led country. They're just buying time with this stupid statement. God will punish these people and their country. One day before the The Day, we will see that.

"Britain’s UN Ambassador John Sawers, who said he was “very disappointed” that no agreement was reached on a council statement Saturday, said a solution must also address the Hamas rocketing and arms smuggling across the Egyptian border."

Hhmmmm....finding faults with another Muslim country perhaps?

There has been too many wake-up calls for the Muslim nations to work together against this satanic worshippers but only a handful that would dare to complaint. The rest are still resting on their laurels.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Animal in Human

It is interesting to read about all the hoo and haas of the new year bash.
Anywhere at all.

The next day you will surely be fed with all sort of news and the aftermath of it.
And as it has always been, whenever there was any kind of celebrations, there would bound to be all sort of mishap taking place, either due to drunk driving, fight from any sort of misunderstanding and private clubs or group being ambushed by authorities because of illegal gathering or drugs usage and so on.

But what caught my interest was the news on one reporter or presenter of a Internet news (if i got this right) and a young singer that was caught in an orgy party in one hotel room. There was more or less 12 person all together in that room performing their acts alongside the usage of drugs and alcohol. This happened in one hotel room in Kuala Lumpur.

Well, honestly this sort of story is not a news at all.
We have been reading about these sort of parties going on for the past ten years and i remember very well when one of my cousin who were then the head of department of a religious body up north of Malaysia told us about one orgy group that her department ambushed.
The unbelievable part was the group that she caught were school going kids age ranging from 13 to 15 years old including one 16 years old dropped-out. Imagine that!
All the girls are wearing head scarves and they are not those town folk that one might think be easily exposed to any immoral behaviour, as how it was stereotyped by the majority.

When i first heard about it, i was trying hard to imagine 'the' situation.
I cannot comprehend their willingness to engaged into that kind of personal act, in group.
What more performed by girls that were supposed to be 'good', well behaved with head and body covered according to Islamic values taught and put upon them.

I read about wife swap which is an open secret in the western world.
I understand their need in doing so. They're either fed-up humping the same people or maybe they just want to satisfy their lust among each another; BUT with each another's willingness and consent; HENCE they'll be having a very clear conscience while at it including making believe that the act was not an 'act of adultery'.
Furthermore, those people might be an atheist.

But, in Malaysia?
A country that claim their official religion is Islam?
Interestingly, only the Malays (hence Muslim) were the one that always been apprehended conducting such an immoral act.
It really made me think what has happen to the people nowadays. Especially the Muslims that were supposed to behave in good conduct being brought up according to the Islamic rules and regulations. What has gone wrong. Yes indeed this is what we have to pay in bringing in development to the country especially world without borders. Something must have gone really wrong in the society. And the government is not doing anything serious about it at all.

Would we be seeing and hearing more of this sort of animal behavioural?
Even animal don't do orgy. They'll change partners but no orgy. I know. I watched Nat Geo and Animal Planet....

What more can I say......
May i say those people are worst than an animal?

Whatsupp with me? of my aim for the new year is to post more informative news, more of current health researched and findings that would help us improve our lifestyle and not politically inclined posts because honestly i am not well versed with international political scenarios, and secondly, i am sick of the current one in my birth country, Malaysia.
Besides there is nothing much to comment about all the distructions done and initiated by the Jews and especially on the current Palestinian-Israel conflicts. They're satans worshippers that would distructs all peace globally.

Not that i am not concern with my fellow Muslims being attacked and killed but, by God, what more can we do besides sending in petitions and spread our word of hatred towards Israel.
The US will not stop them from continuing killing women and children ANYWHERE they want to. In fact the US will be happy because they have carried out instructions given to them by the Jews and we all know that they're basically a Jewish-owned country.

So help us God.

Welcome 2009

Welcome new year.
With new year comes new hope and new resolutions.
May we all be blessed with good year ahead.