Friday, 23 January 2009


When all depends on moods......

I guess this week is just about me ranting on the country's inability to be where it should be right now given that they are one of the largest oil exporter in the world and one of the highest paying employer in the Gulf.

This is about yet another of the government's inability to provide standard guideline to its authorities; or perhaps the people themselves (ie; the government staff) have their own guidelines on day to day basis and depends- on- my- moods basis.

I have been warned that a lot of procedures here remain written.
In another word; the office hour of the one government office will have its opening time as per the one stated in-front of the entrance but do not be surprised when you come again next month, they will tell you that it will be opened an hour later.

Almost in anything you do here, one must be prepared to be rejected unnoticed, cancelled without reason, and whatever that you might not even thought of. You fix a time and day for your driving class but once you reached there; the guy in-charged might tell you that there is no car available for you for that day; there you go....come back again next class, please.

And talking about the driver's licence here.; it is a nightmare for Malaysians majority of the i would say. You can never hear a smooth sailing process and even if you do; that might be one in a thousand.

First it is because; back in Malaysia, we have standard procedures and timetable to be followed. Either you will go to the driving school or the instructor will come to your place to pick you up and your test will be scheduled accordingly.

Second; just because Malaysians are not made of blond hair and blue eyes; although we share same side of driving as our British counterparts; we must take driving exams. Unlike the British, The US or European, other nationalities must go for complete driver's test.

This is prejudice; but then again; WHO THE HELL IN THIS WORLD NEVER KISS WHITE ASSES?.

Recently, there was a some miracle happening.
It happened that two person managed to get a direct conversion of their Malaysia driver's licence without even having to take the horrible test.

So, almost every ladies especially have been quite chirpy about this and start going around asking whatnot to be done in order to have it done.
Besides having one driver's licence translated into Arabic and English, and later have it stamped by the Consular before taking it to the Qatar Embassy to be endorsed one still have to carry out drivers eye test.

Still it is not as gruelling as going thru the whole process of taking the classes and exams; which again depends on the policeman's mood of the day.
With all those documents, one still have to get a special request letter addressed to traffic department mentioning that one is applying for driving licence conversion.

And with all those; it still does not mean you will get your driver's licence converted even you have been driving for the last fifteen years in Malaysia.

It all depends on the mood of the person of that day......nevertheless, i am quite eager to see what kind of mood would the person of the day offer me.....soon:-)
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