Wednesday, 21 January 2009

High Heels

Sometimes i really think my personal views about the people of this country lacking in loads of good things in life; not counting their big expensive automobiles and villas has it valid point.

Well it all started when i need to have my heels repaired.
I have been looking around for small cobbler but noticed that it is not the business people are interested in here as compared to mushrooming "Juice Stall"; which sells juices but none comparable to the one i had in Cairo and pays only 1riyal for thick- no- water added strawberry juice.

Thus i decided that the only one that i could have my heels fixed was the one in City Center, the biggest mall in Doha. Because of its big build-up (ie the cobbler), i assumed i would only have to wait less than fifteen minutes to get it done; wrong!
My expectation was washed down the drain because even to have a pair of high heels fixed, i got to come back again in four days time.

Okay. Although it is absurd.
And really, i still need to have it repaired anyway.
Having charged 20riyals for it, i assume that it would be of the fairly good quality because that is what i would pay for in Malaysia.

Hence, on the day of collection naturally i would expect the heels to like how it was supposed to be. Imagining it to be the likes of fixed heels like i used to het in lets say; Subang Parade, or The Curve Petaling Jaya.
Unfortunately, when the guy brought out my black high heels and once inspecting it, i turned really upset.
It was not even close to the pavement cobblers that i have had my shoes done in Malaysia.

Obviously i don't want to complain about it.
What to complaint when they have been "so hardworking" and got to have four days to have it fixed!
What i can describe of the new heels was the sight of roughly cut heels and nails punched into it which would undoubtedly make sound when i walk, plus might be slippery on certain surface; in the split second my anger erupted.
I can't contained it any longer when the guy so casually chuck it in a plastic bag and hand it over to me.

With high voice i demanded for my black paper bag which i hand it over when sending the shoes to them. One customer next to me who was also waiting for his shoes looked and must be puzzled at what is actually happening.

I really cant believe what kind of service these people give and what kind of demand these people have in day to day things.
It really shows that the people themselves have never been enjoying good quality things in life.
I have been quite frustrated on searching for some moderate decent furniture but only to be fed with all gaudy designs.
I have been frustrated in the type and availablity of the vegetables and seafood.
And I have been frustrated with loads of other things and this one just adds on to the list.

Maybe the women here dont wear high heels that much not as much as platform shoes.
Although platform are totaly outdated, the women here are really into them. My theory was easy; it was for them to look taller because their jub are all too flattery and tailing.
Swamping places and malls in group of three or more, and walking so 'swanky' with expensive designers handbags avec gold shimmering trimmings which was designed especially for their market, these women still have not taste the best life can offer.
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