Thursday, 15 January 2009

Start the boycott

Emails and smses have been going around asking for support to not going to McDonald and Starbuck for the reason that these two organisation supposedly will be contributing their profits until this Sunday to be channeled to Israel.

Although spokesperson of the local McDonald franchise denies that the company is doing such thing, it indicates that as rumours and Mcdonalds in any countries are run by their local people and paying tax to the local country respectively.

Nevertheless, what was not mentioned in the news was that a franchisee will have to pay the franchisers a certain royalty some sort. Thus, that money will then be channeled to the Israel in helping out killing Palestinians children and civilians.

There would not be any evident that specify the100% profit donation rumour - but both Starbucks and McDonald's are already boycotted by a lot of people conscience for reasons ranging from questionable business ethics to damage to the environment.
McDonald's is on the Boycott Israel list because it is a major corporate sponsor of the Jewish United Fund which works to maintain American military support for Israel.

Starbucks is on the Boycott Israel list because its chairman is an active Zionist who morally and financially supports Israel. If the world and consumers with conscience would adhere to this matter and willing to substitute their favourite Big Mac for Burger's King's burger, i am sure in a long run these two companies will feel the effect of people's power.

There are a lot of other products on the boycott list but, it is kind of hard for us to changed all of a sudden and the fact that this kind of boycott is short term.
Although there had been a case when the whole Ara nation at one point of time in 2002 if i am not mistaken boycotted all US-based product, there was an impact in US export during that period.

The most important move should come from the Arabs world.They should be the one that really take this boycott list into consideration and stick on to it for the whole year. I am sure there will be a huge impact. Nevertheless, we wouldn't know what those pig Israelis and American government could be doing in retaliation.
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