Saturday, 28 March 2009

There he goes again....

Interestingly, the Malaysian political scenario would not be calm as i thought it would be.
In the 59th Perhimpunan Agung UMNO, which started off with its tradition of raising the UMNO's flag " Sang Saka Bangsa" while singing "Bersetia, Bersatu, Berkhidmat" in the compound of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), one incident that actually manifest the real feeling of the rest of the UMNO delegates took centre stage.

Nothing unexpected happened initially but once the new Pemuda Head Khairy Jamaluddin appeared and going into the hall, some of the delegates booed him openly. It appears that not only the younger generation contributed to the booing incident, it was also joined by the women and older delegates.
How bad can it be when one 'elected' head was booed after his winning.

I guess the only reason he won was non other than money politics per se and it seems that he himself expected all these unhappiness and thus make sure he was escorted well. According to a friend of mine who were at that gathering that night, Khairy Jamaluddin already expect some commotion would occurred. There was even loud shouts mentionning him as "KJ rasuah !" (KJ bribe!)

This incident however proven to be the real feeling and sentiment of the UMNO members towards one person whom had partly contributed to the big lost of UMNO in the previous General Election 2008.

Nevertheless, his biggest 'supporter'; his father in law, also the UMNO Pressident in his final speech found time to condemned the previous premier, Tun Mahathir accusing him of being unloyal to the party and so on.

I wonder whether he took notice or not that what he had done to support his eager beaver son in law is not ruining the party itself. Knowingly he is practising that way of buying people's supports.

There were 'rumours' and talk going around the hall on the counting night, that the counting took more than 6 hours and it seems initially Tun Mahathri's son, Mukhriz was named as the winner.....duuhhh.....
No wonder the Pemuda UMNO is trying hard to eliminate the Disciplinary Committee!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Muhyiddin Wins Umno Number 2 Post

KUALA LUMPUR, March 26 -- Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was elected the new Umno deputy president when he beat Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib in the party elections today."He obtained 1,575 votes," announced permanent chairman Tan Sri Onn Ismail at 10.45pm at the Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) here.

The contest for the Umno deputy presidency was to be a three-cornered fight but the third candidate, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, was barred from contesting when three of his agents were found to have indulged in money politics by the Umno Disciplinary Board.
Muhyiddin, 62, the Pagoh Member of Parliament, is the International Trade and Industry Minister and was an Umno vice-president in the previous party line-up.He had won the vice-presidency for the first time in 1993, garnering the highest votes of 1,113 but failed to retain it in the subsequent party elections in 1996.

He won the vice-presidency for the second time in the 2000 party elections and defended the seat for another term until he decided to contest the deputy presidency in this elections when Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak vacated the seat to contest the Umno president's post.Muhyiddin, who was the Johor menteri besar between 1986 and 1995, began his political career in 1970 after graduating from the University of Malaya in the field of Economics and Malay Studies and was appointed the Muar-Pagoh Umno treasurer.

Five years later he was appointed the division's vice-chief and its Youth chief in the same year.His career continued to shine when Barisan Nasional (BN) made him a candidate for the Pagoh parliamentary seat in 1978.He won the seat and was the MP for the area until in 1986 when he contested for the Bukit Serampang state seat. He recontested the Pagoh parliamentary constituency in 1995 and has held the seat since then.In 1981 he was appointed the Foreign Ministry's parliamentary secretary and later the Federal Territory Deputy Minister.He then returned to Johor to become the chief minister but made a comeback at the federal level in 1995 as the Youth and Sports Minister.

Four years later he was appointed the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister in which he was responsible for introducing the ceiling prices for certain types of consumer items as well as waging war against illegal compact discs.In 2004, following a cabinet reshuffle under the leadership of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Muhyiddin was given the agriculture portfolio.He was appointed the International Trade and Industry Minister last year.The Muar-born leader had been an administrative officer in the early 70's.-- BERNAMA


Not bad at all......
Muhammad son of Muhammad; time for you to call the curtain dude!
But the worst hit must be Rafidah though.
She must be donning shades for few days i guess....

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Pirate of the politics.

Samy Vellu Asked To Make MIC Succession Plan Public.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, who retained the MIC presidency for the 11th consecutive term yesterday, has been asked to make public his succession plan for the party top leadership.
MIC Youth advisor S. Ramis said making public the plan would ensure the clear direction to be taken by the party after Samy Vellu.

At the close of the MIC presidential nomination yesterday, Samy Vellu was crowned president after his intended contender Datuk M. Muthupalaniappan had 90 per cent of his nominations disqualified by the election steering committee for failing to adhere to the party constitution and the MIC presidential election by-laws.In his victory speech, Samy Vellu, who has been at helm of the party since 1979, said this would be his last term."If this is his last term, then it is only right that he announces who he wants to succeed him.

This would provide a clear direction for the party in these trying times," Ramis told Bernama when contacted.Asked who would be the suitable leader to succeed the long-serving president, he said there were "a lot of leaders in the party who can take over".-- BERNAMA


The bullshits of Malaysian political scene.
Proven since decades and centuries ago, that the bad and most cruel person will always be on top. I surely think that this head of gangsta (at least that is what some of the people labeled him) would rather die than letting this post gone to someone else.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Lemang and lemang again...

Since I'm back home for a short visit cum holidays, i took time to make myself available for any sort of short stint holidays around the country. I had been to the northern part of the country and made time to the east coast recently.

What came to my amusement was the roadside stalls selling sticky rice in bamboo stick also known as lemang. Along the way somewhere in Terengganu, i saw more than seven stalls selling loads of the Malay delicacy being sold alongside few jars of pickled fruits. What i cannot comprehend was why do they (the seller) set up stalls selling the same bloody thing.

I mean, what was the first thing on their head everyday when they opened up their stalls? Seeing thy neighbour selling the same thing.
Maybe the different would only be in the taste of the food itself, or perhaps how the food is cooked; would it be well-cooked, over-cooked or just nicely cooked.
What kind of competition that is? Duhhh.....

For us buyers we would merely stop and probably walked over to the nearest stall and make our purchase, or perhaps we walked over to few stalls screening through their cooked sticky rice and beef or chicken 'rendang'; the usual accompaniment for the sticky rice and purchase what comes to our liking.

But that still didn't answer my questions on why do they have to do the same type of business?
Why cant they be innovative enough and create something different. Sell something different?
Or is it because they are just too plain lazy to do other thing besides selling the same food as others. Just don't care much as long as they do sell something when they managed to get the stalls from the municipal.

It's just lack of effort and creativity that would lead people to brain dead.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Malay again!

I have had one conversation with a person in regards to this race, Melayu or Malays.

All of us know that the Malays are not the original dwellers of Malaysia.
The Malays in Malaysia came from the Malay Archipelago and nearby islands that speaks the Western Austronesian language used as the official language of Malaysia and Indonesia; Bahasa Indonesia.

The people of the Malay Archipelago are predominantly from Austronesian subgroupings, and all correspondingly speak western Malay-Polynesian languages. Also, this region of Southeast Asia share more social and cultural ties with other Austronesian peoples in the Pacific than with the peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia.

Often, the mainland part of Malaysia, which is known as Malaya, is included as part of Maritime Southeast Asia in order that all the non-Oceanian Austronesian peoples can be included together in one cultural region.
The main religions in this region are Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional Animism.

Thus there is definitely no Bahasa Malaysia. Bahasa Malaysia is just a term used to differentiate it from the original Bahasa Melayu aka Bahasa Indonesia.

Over centuries ago there would be a lot of traders from other side of the world that came down to this peninsula but majority would be coming from neighbouring country, Indonesia.
They are the one that found this land and later developed it and became sultans of certain states after this little country had been subdivide according to the strenght of the head of group.

From then on the earlier people would inter-marriage and breed off springs. One who knows Malaysia and its multiracial people would know that those Malays from the northern part of the country would resembles more of an Indian and Arabs people with high nose and certain features opposite of their southern counterpart, whom would be more of a Bugis looking people originated from Indonesia besides from some small state Indonesia such as Minangkabau and such.

Coming back to the conversation i had with that person; according to history those people who came down here from Indonesia are those lots that of a 'sulky' attitude and that those who are very resentful and cant make it well back in their homeland.
It seems that they came here to this malay peninsula to seek new land and console themselves; thus the feeling in some of the Malay people now would be very reflective of their ancestor.
They would always feel the need to show off their dissatisfaction but without wanting to go harder in getting what would be good for them. Would always be complaining and always sulking .....hhhmmmm....if you asked me the relevance of this theory; i got no comment but have to agree on certain attributes in the Malays nowadays.

Another Malay 'legacy'.


The only problem about this is the mentality of the Malays themselves.
I figured the people that joined in the rush for the return of teaching of Maths and Science in Bahasa Malaysia are those folks that would be die hard with the 'ketuanan Melayu' because mainly i saw only the Malays in that particular gathering organised recently.

These are the type of folks would not hesitate to give a cynical comments when passing by you if you tend to be different a little bit in your overall 'presentation', also the folks that would gave uncalled for remarks when you walked with another race of the opposite sex in an intimate manner. The kind of remarks that made them to be like 'jakun' (jakun is a name of a clan of indigenous people living in the Semenanjung Malaysia forest but that term are also used as an informal insult to people with bird's brain).

These sort of people are around. A lot of them.

I had come across this type of low mentality people here in this country which im living right now when one lady commented on me speaking to my young daughter in English.
Probably her undying need to be cynical to me made her claimed that she would not want to speak to her children in English because she is 'afraid' that the children would not know how to talk in Bahasa Malaysia later on in life.
At that instance, i thought that this lady must not be very well informed or read!

In the first place, if she were the well read type, she would not say that kind of things to another person out of respect of one person's liking and whatnot.
Secondly, how could she ever want to converse in English when she herself doesn't have a very good command of the language and that the children are of the public school 'offspring'; the typical Malay children and those who'd just kept quiet when you asked something in English to them.

I am not trying to belittle some people with certain handicap but honestly, when one are well read, one will surely know that children will naturally picked-up their mother tongue language along the way. I am not an English lady and so does my husband.
We do converse in Bahasa Malaysia at time but i personally prefer to have my conversation in English due to my upbringing and my being very easy relating things in that particular language.
I can see it in my own and extended families. Mixed marriage are not uncommon. Chinese, European and the best case study is my own sister who is married to an Arab man. Her children speaks in English among themselves and still can speak good Bahasa Malaysia with the mother. Besides that they can understand and speak soft Arabic.
Thus my conclusion about that person who commented on me speaking in English is that she is a real 'katak bawah tempurung' or in English ' frog under coconut shell' or something like that.....nevertheless, although the frog had leaped out of the shell, it will still be too blind to see the real world due to overtime living in darkness; due to not opening her 'eyes and mentality' to something that will bring benefits to her off springs later in their life.

Likewise when Dr M says although he might speak and dream in that language, that doesn't mean that he is an ounce lack of the 'Bumiputera' blood on his vein. He still carry his ID stating that he is a Malay. But he is a very different type of Malay. He is not the PAS (an Islamic political party managing one very unhygienic and dirty state in the East coast of Malaysia) type of Malay, he is definitely not the Keadilan (another baseless political party formed to fight for justice of one man that will one day sold this country away) type of Malay. He is a Malay with vision and have developed this little country to be recognised worldwide.

Those people who fight for the return of Bahasa Malaysia to the two subject in school are mere 'rioters' and 'attention seekers'.
I can imagine how their children struggled in school speaking that international language because of their parents fault.
No wonder almost 90% of the Malays student who studied overseas still can't converse in good English. They are forced to memorised just to get the grade. But when it come to the reality of life, they'll be slacking behind the non-Malays who can speak and converse in good English besides having the attitude that is slacking in the Malay overall; the go getter type.

My word for this people is ; TOO BAD!
Live on with your Malay legacy!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Dealing with human is a very exhausting effort.
An effort that you either do or die.
Dealing with stupid people in a large group needed larger and bigger effort. It will definitely brings hell knocking on your door.

You just cannot imagine the things that they ( stupid people in large group) can come up with in order to get what they want and say what they thought.
Naturally, when one deals with stupid people, one will get very agitated and exhausted, either in explaining the situation again and again repeating it more than three times or some who would give you a blank face when you asked on the progress of certain something that was expected from them for months.

Can you scream at them? Nope!
Can you punch them on the face and wake them up from their dream? Nope!
So, what can you do when you needed them yet despised them?
Dispose them? How sure are you the next coming would not be worst than the current one?

Dealing with people from across the sea down south is a very exasperating effort.
It takes a toll on your mind and soul.
It must be their mentality and perceptions about people from my country of birth.
Perhaps it was also due to the economic standing of the people in general.
They can behave so naturally dumb dumb but also can get very tricky should you failed to take notice of your surrounding.

Hearing stories about the conduct of their business people one tends to not proceed but when it come to think about the large opportunity awaiting, one will definitely rush for it.
So when you are in the league, you either make it or just done with it.....
And I'm still contemplating........

Keeping up the Malay legacy

Actually i don't really know how to start on this particular subject.
It is a known subject yet I'm finding it difficult to get the right angle of writing this in this post. Nevertheless, i felt so much of 'desire' to jot it down.

Since weeks ago until recently i was quite preoccupied with things, both work and living.
But the work thing is manageable. It just needed focus and it will flow accordingly. Unlike the living thing;...what I'm trying to say here is living in a community.
To be more specific Malay community in small yet close-up group, too close to comfort i thought from the beginning i got to know them. And like i said, work needed focus but dealing with human; it needed patience, and virtue. Failing to do so, one will be sucked in that dumb dumb vacuum compartment in life.

Well, i must admit that this is my first experience having been close to ladies, to be specific malays ladies and to be more detail; housewives. Since day one my being introduced to this small yet 'close' community i gathered a lot of character among them. The character that we will meet along the way in our life and the one that you can just cut off pronto. But when you are living away and the Malaysian way of gathering is meeting more than twice a week with 'pot-luck' is a must thing, i just found myself slowly drawing closer to the 'unwanted situation' in my life.

There would always be the mixture of i-know- all type, I'm well known everywhere type, the kiasu type and the pretentious type, the lying-just to-be-at par type and besides miss goody next door type.
One or two might be behaving like she's the head of the community, a self-elect kinda thing since everyone else don't wanna take the trouble to memorised all the people's hand-phones and house number . Acting i-know- all but wait till they opened up her mouth and one will notice their mental achievement and personal attributes.

Since I'm slacking in this housewives department, and the only opportunity to meet housewives was just as far as my relatives, i was rather 'impressed with their social skills'. They can smile at you and in split second when you turned your head they'll cursed you down to your ancestor.
Mingling is their first priority and selling and exchanging other peoples stories are a must if you want to be accepted in a group. There would always be rivalry. From household items, to cars to jewelleries up to the brand of cloths that one donned.
And the most important thing would always be stories. Failing to exchange other people's stories or even your own will result in you being scrutinised and cynically challenged whenever there's an opportunity to do so, and you'll be cast away. One would also be held back of any updates whatnot.
Thus mingling here is carried out by me out of social obligations; the one that I'm 'forced' to do now.

The funny yet factual bit of the Malay legacy in PHD is they would be lots that would be so ever clever in complaining and assuming and which will later resulted to a baseless prognosis and assumptions. However when it come to the need to speak out their mind; they will be automatically be transformed into miss goody two shoes and behave like sweet seventeen getting first peck from their first love.
The continuation of the Malay legacy in this department will be forever. When asked why they'd rather kept mum when otherwise they blabber things like pop-corns in a hot pan, they'll casually say that it is not nice to make trouble with people. But my concern is it is not so much about making trouble with other people, but rather they enjoyed speaking behind and continue their morning and night gossips.

These are the lots or people that will continue the unhealthy Malay legacy of keeping mum on things that are supposed to be said out without prejudice. And i am sure this attributes shall be brought down to their children and children after them.

As for my case, due to my upbringing and the lack of typical Malay mentality in the family, I'm deem to be very vocal thus very 'kurang ajar' or disrespectful.
But one thing i cannot comprehend was the need of Malays wanting 'so much' to take care of other people heart yet freely and joyfully telling things at the back of each another. Is this also part of the Malay legacy?
Just like one or two of the Malaysian politician being reprimanded because they dare to tell the premier off when he failed to walk his talk. In my previous post i commented on this issue. It seems that no one will be spared if they told the premier off because it is not the Malay thing to do! Huh.....?! Malay? Is Malay very important in Malaysia nowadays?
Is this bullshit if you asked me. I will definetely replied of course, with a big loud YES.

What more can be said?
It happened in the political arena.
It happened in the office which carries the term 'office politics'.
And absolutely it happens among the housewives where ever they might be.
What more can you say about the Malays community.
They are the same wherever you go!

Watchout bloggers

A Kadir Jasin blog;

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Secara peribadi, saya telah sejak sekian lama berulang kali mengingatkan masyarakat blog, sama ada pemblog atau pembahas, agar berhati-hati dan sentiasa menghormati undang-undang.Tetapi nasihat seperti ini bukanlah mudah diterima kerana ramai pemblog, pembahas dan pembaca percaya bahawa blog adalah bebas dan tidak ada siapa yang boleh bertindak ke atas mereka.
Apatah lagi majoriti pemblog dan pembahas adalah bukan wartawan dan tidak terlatih di bidang undang-undang.Malah ada di kalangan pemblog wartawan dan mereka yang fasih mengenai undang-undang pun ramai berasa seolah-olah mereka di luar kuasa undang-undang.

Di kalangan pembahas pula, majoriti adalah orang muda dan anggota biasa masyarakat yang penuh emosi dan mengulas untuk melepaskan geram.Dalam rancangan “Perspektif Kita” keluaran saluran satelit Astro Awani baru-baru ini, saya memberi kata dua bahawa tidak ada siapa pun di bumi Malaysia ini yang terlepas daripada kawalan undang-undang.
Saya mengingatkan pemblog bahawa mereka tertakluk kepada semua undang-undang negara, khasnya yang berkaitan penyebaran maklumat dan propaganda, seperti Akta Hasutan, Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri dan Akta Rahsia Rasmi.Setidak-tidaknya pun mereka boleh dikenakan tindakan sivil seperti saman malu.
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Hhmmmmm.........(don't wanna say anything much cause im afraid it will be deemed insulting;-))