Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Keeping up the Malay legacy

Actually i don't really know how to start on this particular subject.
It is a known subject yet I'm finding it difficult to get the right angle of writing this in this post. Nevertheless, i felt so much of 'desire' to jot it down.

Since weeks ago until recently i was quite preoccupied with things, both work and living.
But the work thing is manageable. It just needed focus and it will flow accordingly. Unlike the living thing;...what I'm trying to say here is living in a community.
To be more specific Malay community in small yet close-up group, too close to comfort i thought from the beginning i got to know them. And like i said, work needed focus but dealing with human; it needed patience, and virtue. Failing to do so, one will be sucked in that dumb dumb vacuum compartment in life.

Well, i must admit that this is my first experience having been close to ladies, to be specific malays ladies and to be more detail; housewives. Since day one my being introduced to this small yet 'close' community i gathered a lot of character among them. The character that we will meet along the way in our life and the one that you can just cut off pronto. But when you are living away and the Malaysian way of gathering is meeting more than twice a week with 'pot-luck' is a must thing, i just found myself slowly drawing closer to the 'unwanted situation' in my life.

There would always be the mixture of i-know- all type, I'm well known everywhere type, the kiasu type and the pretentious type, the lying-just to-be-at par type and besides miss goody next door type.
One or two might be behaving like she's the head of the community, a self-elect kinda thing since everyone else don't wanna take the trouble to memorised all the people's hand-phones and house number . Acting i-know- all but wait till they opened up her mouth and one will notice their mental achievement and personal attributes.

Since I'm slacking in this housewives department, and the only opportunity to meet housewives was just as far as my relatives, i was rather 'impressed with their social skills'. They can smile at you and in split second when you turned your head they'll cursed you down to your ancestor.
Mingling is their first priority and selling and exchanging other peoples stories are a must if you want to be accepted in a group. There would always be rivalry. From household items, to cars to jewelleries up to the brand of cloths that one donned.
And the most important thing would always be stories. Failing to exchange other people's stories or even your own will result in you being scrutinised and cynically challenged whenever there's an opportunity to do so, and you'll be cast away. One would also be held back of any updates whatnot.
Thus mingling here is carried out by me out of social obligations; the one that I'm 'forced' to do now.

The funny yet factual bit of the Malay legacy in PHD is they would be lots that would be so ever clever in complaining and assuming and which will later resulted to a baseless prognosis and assumptions. However when it come to the need to speak out their mind; they will be automatically be transformed into miss goody two shoes and behave like sweet seventeen getting first peck from their first love.
The continuation of the Malay legacy in this department will be forever. When asked why they'd rather kept mum when otherwise they blabber things like pop-corns in a hot pan, they'll casually say that it is not nice to make trouble with people. But my concern is it is not so much about making trouble with other people, but rather they enjoyed speaking behind and continue their morning and night gossips.

These are the lots or people that will continue the unhealthy Malay legacy of keeping mum on things that are supposed to be said out without prejudice. And i am sure this attributes shall be brought down to their children and children after them.

As for my case, due to my upbringing and the lack of typical Malay mentality in the family, I'm deem to be very vocal thus very 'kurang ajar' or disrespectful.
But one thing i cannot comprehend was the need of Malays wanting 'so much' to take care of other people heart yet freely and joyfully telling things at the back of each another. Is this also part of the Malay legacy?
Just like one or two of the Malaysian politician being reprimanded because they dare to tell the premier off when he failed to walk his talk. In my previous post i commented on this issue. It seems that no one will be spared if they told the premier off because it is not the Malay thing to do! Huh.....?! Malay? Is Malay very important in Malaysia nowadays?
Is this bullshit if you asked me. I will definetely replied of course, with a big loud YES.

What more can be said?
It happened in the political arena.
It happened in the office which carries the term 'office politics'.
And absolutely it happens among the housewives where ever they might be.
What more can you say about the Malays community.
They are the same wherever you go!
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