Saturday, 21 March 2009

Malay again!

I have had one conversation with a person in regards to this race, Melayu or Malays.

All of us know that the Malays are not the original dwellers of Malaysia.
The Malays in Malaysia came from the Malay Archipelago and nearby islands that speaks the Western Austronesian language used as the official language of Malaysia and Indonesia; Bahasa Indonesia.

The people of the Malay Archipelago are predominantly from Austronesian subgroupings, and all correspondingly speak western Malay-Polynesian languages. Also, this region of Southeast Asia share more social and cultural ties with other Austronesian peoples in the Pacific than with the peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia.

Often, the mainland part of Malaysia, which is known as Malaya, is included as part of Maritime Southeast Asia in order that all the non-Oceanian Austronesian peoples can be included together in one cultural region.
The main religions in this region are Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional Animism.

Thus there is definitely no Bahasa Malaysia. Bahasa Malaysia is just a term used to differentiate it from the original Bahasa Melayu aka Bahasa Indonesia.

Over centuries ago there would be a lot of traders from other side of the world that came down to this peninsula but majority would be coming from neighbouring country, Indonesia.
They are the one that found this land and later developed it and became sultans of certain states after this little country had been subdivide according to the strenght of the head of group.

From then on the earlier people would inter-marriage and breed off springs. One who knows Malaysia and its multiracial people would know that those Malays from the northern part of the country would resembles more of an Indian and Arabs people with high nose and certain features opposite of their southern counterpart, whom would be more of a Bugis looking people originated from Indonesia besides from some small state Indonesia such as Minangkabau and such.

Coming back to the conversation i had with that person; according to history those people who came down here from Indonesia are those lots that of a 'sulky' attitude and that those who are very resentful and cant make it well back in their homeland.
It seems that they came here to this malay peninsula to seek new land and console themselves; thus the feeling in some of the Malay people now would be very reflective of their ancestor.
They would always feel the need to show off their dissatisfaction but without wanting to go harder in getting what would be good for them. Would always be complaining and always sulking .....hhhmmmm....if you asked me the relevance of this theory; i got no comment but have to agree on certain attributes in the Malays nowadays.
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