Saturday, 21 March 2009

Another Malay 'legacy'.


The only problem about this is the mentality of the Malays themselves.
I figured the people that joined in the rush for the return of teaching of Maths and Science in Bahasa Malaysia are those folks that would be die hard with the 'ketuanan Melayu' because mainly i saw only the Malays in that particular gathering organised recently.

These are the type of folks would not hesitate to give a cynical comments when passing by you if you tend to be different a little bit in your overall 'presentation', also the folks that would gave uncalled for remarks when you walked with another race of the opposite sex in an intimate manner. The kind of remarks that made them to be like 'jakun' (jakun is a name of a clan of indigenous people living in the Semenanjung Malaysia forest but that term are also used as an informal insult to people with bird's brain).

These sort of people are around. A lot of them.

I had come across this type of low mentality people here in this country which im living right now when one lady commented on me speaking to my young daughter in English.
Probably her undying need to be cynical to me made her claimed that she would not want to speak to her children in English because she is 'afraid' that the children would not know how to talk in Bahasa Malaysia later on in life.
At that instance, i thought that this lady must not be very well informed or read!

In the first place, if she were the well read type, she would not say that kind of things to another person out of respect of one person's liking and whatnot.
Secondly, how could she ever want to converse in English when she herself doesn't have a very good command of the language and that the children are of the public school 'offspring'; the typical Malay children and those who'd just kept quiet when you asked something in English to them.

I am not trying to belittle some people with certain handicap but honestly, when one are well read, one will surely know that children will naturally picked-up their mother tongue language along the way. I am not an English lady and so does my husband.
We do converse in Bahasa Malaysia at time but i personally prefer to have my conversation in English due to my upbringing and my being very easy relating things in that particular language.
I can see it in my own and extended families. Mixed marriage are not uncommon. Chinese, European and the best case study is my own sister who is married to an Arab man. Her children speaks in English among themselves and still can speak good Bahasa Malaysia with the mother. Besides that they can understand and speak soft Arabic.
Thus my conclusion about that person who commented on me speaking in English is that she is a real 'katak bawah tempurung' or in English ' frog under coconut shell' or something like that.....nevertheless, although the frog had leaped out of the shell, it will still be too blind to see the real world due to overtime living in darkness; due to not opening her 'eyes and mentality' to something that will bring benefits to her off springs later in their life.

Likewise when Dr M says although he might speak and dream in that language, that doesn't mean that he is an ounce lack of the 'Bumiputera' blood on his vein. He still carry his ID stating that he is a Malay. But he is a very different type of Malay. He is not the PAS (an Islamic political party managing one very unhygienic and dirty state in the East coast of Malaysia) type of Malay, he is definitely not the Keadilan (another baseless political party formed to fight for justice of one man that will one day sold this country away) type of Malay. He is a Malay with vision and have developed this little country to be recognised worldwide.

Those people who fight for the return of Bahasa Malaysia to the two subject in school are mere 'rioters' and 'attention seekers'.
I can imagine how their children struggled in school speaking that international language because of their parents fault.
No wonder almost 90% of the Malays student who studied overseas still can't converse in good English. They are forced to memorised just to get the grade. But when it come to the reality of life, they'll be slacking behind the non-Malays who can speak and converse in good English besides having the attitude that is slacking in the Malay overall; the go getter type.

My word for this people is ; TOO BAD!
Live on with your Malay legacy!
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