Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Dealing with human is a very exhausting effort.
An effort that you either do or die.
Dealing with stupid people in a large group needed larger and bigger effort. It will definitely brings hell knocking on your door.

You just cannot imagine the things that they ( stupid people in large group) can come up with in order to get what they want and say what they thought.
Naturally, when one deals with stupid people, one will get very agitated and exhausted, either in explaining the situation again and again repeating it more than three times or some who would give you a blank face when you asked on the progress of certain something that was expected from them for months.

Can you scream at them? Nope!
Can you punch them on the face and wake them up from their dream? Nope!
So, what can you do when you needed them yet despised them?
Dispose them? How sure are you the next coming would not be worst than the current one?

Dealing with people from across the sea down south is a very exasperating effort.
It takes a toll on your mind and soul.
It must be their mentality and perceptions about people from my country of birth.
Perhaps it was also due to the economic standing of the people in general.
They can behave so naturally dumb dumb but also can get very tricky should you failed to take notice of your surrounding.

Hearing stories about the conduct of their business people one tends to not proceed but when it come to think about the large opportunity awaiting, one will definitely rush for it.
So when you are in the league, you either make it or just done with it.....
And I'm still contemplating........
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