Monday, 23 March 2009

Lemang and lemang again...

Since I'm back home for a short visit cum holidays, i took time to make myself available for any sort of short stint holidays around the country. I had been to the northern part of the country and made time to the east coast recently.

What came to my amusement was the roadside stalls selling sticky rice in bamboo stick also known as lemang. Along the way somewhere in Terengganu, i saw more than seven stalls selling loads of the Malay delicacy being sold alongside few jars of pickled fruits. What i cannot comprehend was why do they (the seller) set up stalls selling the same bloody thing.

I mean, what was the first thing on their head everyday when they opened up their stalls? Seeing thy neighbour selling the same thing.
Maybe the different would only be in the taste of the food itself, or perhaps how the food is cooked; would it be well-cooked, over-cooked or just nicely cooked.
What kind of competition that is? Duhhh.....

For us buyers we would merely stop and probably walked over to the nearest stall and make our purchase, or perhaps we walked over to few stalls screening through their cooked sticky rice and beef or chicken 'rendang'; the usual accompaniment for the sticky rice and purchase what comes to our liking.

But that still didn't answer my questions on why do they have to do the same type of business?
Why cant they be innovative enough and create something different. Sell something different?
Or is it because they are just too plain lazy to do other thing besides selling the same food as others. Just don't care much as long as they do sell something when they managed to get the stalls from the municipal.

It's just lack of effort and creativity that would lead people to brain dead.
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