Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Years of sibling rivalry ends in murder

KOTA KINABALU: Sibling rivalry which started from childhood ended tragically with murder at a middle-class suburban house here.

Chaw Cheng Hong, 26, was allegedly stabbed to death by his 23-year-old brother during a heated argument at their Taman Reservoir house in Luyang at about 5.20pm Tuesday.

Their shocked parents blamed the tragic death of the elder brother to years of endless arguments and fights between their only two children that dated back to their early childhood.

Cheng Hong, who was in his final year of masters degree programme at University Malaysia Sabah here, was apparently stabbed by his younger brother who holds a diploma in business management at least five times with a kitchen knife.

Kota Kinabalu police chief Asst Comm Ahmad Sofi Zakaria said the younger brother had been detained to facilitate investigations for murder.

He said when police arrived after receiving information about the quarrel, the victim was lying on the floor while the younger brother was sitting on the sofa.

ACP Ahmad Sofi said the parents had apparently rushed home after being informed by one of the brother about their quarrel.

The 58-year-old father, a businessman, said that his sons were always at odds with each other since the younger one was about three-years-old.

He said there were several incidence in the past where quarrels between the two ended up with injuries to either one of them or both.

The mother, who works for a bank, said that most of the time the fights between the two brothers were over petty issues and she believed that it was due to jealousy and unhappiness.

According to the parents, they were planning to separate the children by sending the younger son to further his studies in Kuala Lumpur.


Oh God...tell me about sibling rivalry.

Perhaps there must be a reason, although it is superstitious to me, that people of the last generations (the Malays) used to keep their babies stump after it falls off because it is said that by doing so, it help them to feel love and respect of one another during their lifetime.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Migrant workers 'raped, abused, unpaid' in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, March 24, 2010 (AFP) - Amnesty International on Wednesday urged Malaysia to end appalling treatment of migrant workers, saying many were raped, abused and unpaid and endured conditions "close to bonded labour".
(Raped. To which nationalities would this be targetted at; the Indonesians, the Filipinos or Burmese. Very few from Vietnam, and moreover they prostitutes themselves in the neighbourhood, by targeting the Banglas and their own countrymen.
If the writer indicated rape; how many percent would that be, of course unless, they, the workers lodged false report so they could be set free and go roaming the country working elsewhere. Abused; agree. We do have reports about this but how many percent compare to the tons of them coming to the Peninsular seeking 'luxury' their own country can't offer them?
And, lets be realistic, abuse and rape ~ it happens a lot more in the Gulf countries than in Malaysia.)

In a damning report, the human rights group accused the Malaysian government of "facilitating" human trafficking after it found cases of immigration officials delivering Myanmar detainees to gangs on the Thai border.
(Okay. This human trafficking thing is undeniable. Since it is easy to bribe the enforcement and top Ministry people who are so cheap and can be bought with meagre amount of cash and vacations ~ it is coming to a grave point already. With all the black from African continent coming as students, Chinese as prostitutes, Myanmar as roadside and stalls beggars, Indon as general workers and par time as robbers and rapers, and Vietnamese as general workers but laced with social ills Vietcong principles and among of the rudest people equivalent to the are just too much to mention too!!)

Malaysia is one of Asia's largest importers of labour, with a workforce of 2.2 million, but Amnesty said they were too often "lured" to Malaysia and "used in forced labour or exploited in other ways".
('used in forced labour' ~ i wonder was that means. If the writer would be kind enough to elaborate. And 'exploited in other ways' ~ does it mean that the women (especially the Filipinos women prostituting themselves in Beach Club , the Chinese at massage and spa parlour and other including Indonesians small time prostitutes along Kuala Lumpur's back lanes)

"Migrants, many from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal, are forced to work in hazardous situations, often against their will, and toil for 12 hours a day or more," the group said in a statement.

"Many are subject to verbal, physical and sexual abuse," it added.
(Because honestly; some of them a a total wreck and stupid and cant understand simple instruction, especially those women from the island of Indonesia who'd flock in Malaysia, and who had never even seen electricity in their whole entire life before and even some who pretended to not knowing anything except certain things in one malicious way to 'get away' with doing extra things around.
As for sexual abuse; i really doubt it. Prostitutes are everywhere in Malaysia, and young ladies are easily duped for cheap sex, why do men need to hump them, NOT unless, they who'd been left 'dry' for quite sometimes and longing for men touch. Need me elaborate? There are 8 out of 10 stories of women, in this case Indon who'd make move in luring men of the house to having sex with them. This however, not inclusive of the charm and voodoo thing they have going under their sleeves )

Amnesty said most workers borrowed substantial sums to pay recruitment agents to secure a job -- only to discover too late that they had been given empty promises and could not afford to return home.
(This is scrupulous agents both at their end and the one here. Too bad they had to endure all those predicament but what can you expect when you're just wanting to search for better life than their country can offer.)

"Some are in situations close to bonded labour," it said, adding that laws allowing employers to hold workers' passports prevented them from leaving abusive workplaces for fear of arrest.

"Coercive practices such as these are indicators of forced labour," it said.

Amnesty said its findings were based on interviews with more than 200 migrant workers, many of whom told horrifying stories of being abused, beaten, threatened with death, or at the least unpaid for long stretches.
(I would suggest all human rights bodies to go do surveys and interviews of all migrant workers around the world and put up the result for publishing. I dare to say that there would be more than half will say nasty things about the place or country that they're earning their income from. No one would be happy with a lot of things. It is human. The only people that will be happy working abroad are those of high paying expats)

A 26-year-old domestic helper from Indonesia said she was raped twice and attacked with a hot iron by her employer after being accused of not picking up the phone quickly enough.
(Perhaps another Nirmala Bonet story? )
"I didn't know why he told me to turn on the iron. He shouted, 'Is that iron hot?' And then tried to iron me. Push the iron toward my body," the unidentified worker was quoted as saying.

Another worker, Mawar, who was only 15 when she came to Malaysia, said her recruitment agent burned her nipple with a cigarette, and forced her to clean the floor with her tongue "just like a dog".
(This agent is Malaysian? or their own people, because I heard lot of similar stories and turn out the agent are of their own countrymen)

"Another time the agent forced me to eat five cockroaches while they were still alive. She also forced me to drink urine from other workers," said Mawar, whose nationality was not given.

Amnesty also documented over a dozen cases in which Malaysian immigration officials allegedly handed over Myanmar detainees to traffickers operating on Malaysia's northern border with Thailand between 2006 and 2009.

"The Malaysian government has the responsibility to prevent such abuses, but instead facilitates trafficking through its loose regulation of recruitment agents and through laws and policies that fail to protect workers," it said.

An official from the home ministry, which oversees the immigration department, said it would not respond to the allegations until it had an opportunity to study the report.
(Of course. It is indeed talking to deaf ears when trying to justify matters to people such as all this human rights group, which set up was done to find faults with other peoples' country and sovereignty as though they are better people than other people)

Amnesty said that workers often face indiscriminate raids from authorities and demands for bribes from police, and that those who cannot pay end up in detention centres in deplorable conditions.

The government said last year it was mulling new laws to enshrine conditions for foreign workers, after persistent complaints that they lack protection.

"Until Malaysia's labour laws offer effective protection and are effectively enforced, exploitation will continue," said Michael Bochenek, Amnesty's policy director who authored the report.
(So, is he a Jewish with his all-Jewish thing in stirring up other peoples' homeland?)

Again, as a Malaysian, i would state the below as to how I feels about foreign workers;

1. I hate them.

2.Pay more and to trustworthy agents to get 'good and capable' workers especially maids.

3. They're rude. Especially the Vietnamese. The Bangla came second. The Indons can't say much cause they behave like Malaysia is their own country. The African although not as general workers but more to committing vices are the worst of all.

4. Hate to see them roaming around places and are very rude to the local.

5. They pose hazardous influence to the nice moderate culture in Malaysia.

6. They pose threat as they are those who kill and rob people. Many cases and known fact.

Endless.....And again, how not to have them around when the local are too lazy to work as general workers and at petrol stations, and they are paid much less in factory compared to local people where the employer need to cover all expenses from EPF contributions to health insurances.

It's a no win situation after all.
And, writing bad news about Malaysia is not news at all.

Sunday, 28 March 2010



You know, it is a cliché (in Malaysia i.e.) when people especially amongst the business circle when the term of 'technically know who, instead of technically know how' being used. I loathed that phrase whenever I heard someone uses it during small talks.

It is a known fact.
It is obviously done and carried out.
From bottom to top.
Around the world.

It is rather an understatement when Dr Mahathir mentioned in his second paragraph that 'there is some truth in this' because in my opinion ~ it is not some truth...IT IS the truth.

I came to know one big guy who is also a friend in one of the GLCs who'd stick to his principles.
During his tenure, he had once send home (in this case Istana) a person who made 'the effort' to meet him personally to pass on a yellow envelope accompanying one big tender proposals.

To cut story short, he was later called by the top brass and asked to explained on the rejection. And of course to back up his verdict, he has enough bullets and are known as a sharp shooter.

But, mind you, this type of decision maker, who were being brought up to keep own dignity and cultivate strong self-conscience with deep understanding of the meaning of good principles, know that money is not everything in the world, although it can buy them a mansion in one of the lake view plot in Mines Sri Kembangan.
The sad part of this is ~~ there are far too little of them Malaysia and perhaps in the world in comparison to those large sharks swimming among us in the sea of deception.

My word of this ever intriguing affair is ;

With money all can be done.
With authority, decision will be mine.

p/s : Personally? I would love to be the one lobbied than a lobbier!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fat or not fat...

I was brought to write on this matter after reading my beloved youngest sister's facebook status on her feeling /being fat.
I reckoned the state that she is in right now, might be quite troubling for her because she is the type that would hardly felt troubled by such things in life or be ignited by simple stupidity created by her surrounding.

I do not know whether she'll be reading my blog or not, and whether she'll kill me for jotting her concern about being fat here today (I hope you won't ....hehehehe), but I do hope she and lot of women out there who share the same concern of being in that 'fat zone' would take my writing on the positive side.

One thing about my sister, she is a very lovely and sweet girl who is more 'girlie' than me, and enjoys good food, something that all of us in the family shared. We will hunt for good food, be it via reading food comments, or just by word of mouth. The only difference between her and me is our physical size and her warm heart. I'm a hard-headed petite girl with a very unorthodox point of view in life ~ well most of it.

So, coming back to sweet sister of mine, with her being in that state (which I can say, it is not that bad and have yet to reach the obese scale count, im pretty sure of that!), I know one thing that she and perhaps some women out there share in common ~ the tendency of buying more new cloths to fit in to the ever 'growing' body changes.

No denying on this. We all do that occasionally.
She, for one thing, loves to buy (not shopoholic yet!) and that includes clothings.

See, all of us need someone or something as a benchmark to what we want and intend to achieve in life.
This includes having a sort of measuring tape for our desired comfortable figure.
Of course, we have to take into consideration of the our age (those above 30s tend to accumulate fats faster and at places one never had in the 20s), whether having babies before or otherwise, genetics and lifestyle.

But I'm only going to touch on the clothings and non of the rest.

When someone realises that they are gaining some weight, which will later shows obviously by the tight waistline and being unable to fit in the pants that we've not been wearing three months ago ~ that is an indication having our weight and fats increased or accumulated.
Thus, when exasperation sips into the head, most people and that includes me, will start buy a larger size pants or skirts. And that goes the same to blouses and shirts.

Imagine that to go on months after months and year after year.
We take things for granted.
We thought, it's okay ~ it's just a bit, but still continue the lazy lifestyle.
Only one day, when we sit down and realised that we've succeeded to reach from size 8 to 11 or size 10 to 16, it'll be too hard and too comfy to start do anything at all.
Honestly, it will be much easier when women are at 25 and below to shed some weight away, but it'll get tougher when we reached our prime age of 30s and above.
Thus, making sure we won't be blown into some figure that won't fit comfortably in a Mini Cooper ~ we should always have a checkpoint on our weight and health overall.

I have my own measuring item. Nope, it is not a measuring tape but one piece of nice straight cut Levi's that I have been using for almost 10 years. This particular jeans is my benchmark.
I wasn't that taken aback when I can't fit in to it after the delivery my first child because I have read and known and accepted the condition that I'll be in post delivery.
But after six months, when I was about to throw it away (of course after having a replacement and with one size higher and with different cut), I gave it a last try.


Now, I'm still using it although it does give that bulge on the tummy and love handles, But I put myself into self-agreement that I'll do some floor exercise for those areas, and it will definetely be my ultimate weight and fats watcher.

It goes the same to blouses and all of our clothings. Once we have the freedom of allowing ourselves into getting a size bigger, we will continue do that until one day, when we realised it, we are on the semi-obese scale count and it'll be harder to get rid of all the unnecessary.

Being fat has it's consequences.
Besides implications such as uncomfortable inner-tight brushing against each other, joint pains especially on the legs resulted from carrying overweighted body, the most affected would be the one that is quite hard to guess ~ on our self-esteem.
Although being just at the normal weight or figure would not guarantee a healthy inside, it does allow us to be happy with ourselves ~ the most important factor in life.
Being angry and frowning would only make us a depressed person.

I understand some people would say that being fat is only on the outside. Being fat is okay. Your inside (heart and soul) is the most important of all. On the inside you're still a very nice person, a happy woman, this and that. But honestly, I feel that is mere lip service for people who doesn't have the courage to tell their family or friend that they think that person is fat or a 'little big bigger'.
Ask a lady who think that she is fat ~ whether is she happy with her weight and welcome open-heartedly on how people look at them and they do not envy normal-sized lady?
Ask whether would they be comfortable when looking at themselves into the mirror butt naked?
Would they feel attractive when their husbands look at them behind the four walls?
Ask yourself honestly...

I am not indicating fat (women or men) are ugly, but I would like to know ~ would those who consider themselves fat have a notion come visiting them once in a while and wish that they are not as fat or swear that they would have kept that slimmer bods while having them many years ago.

So for you who thought that you're fat, here are some ideas I want to share;

1. Stop buying new cloths

2. Get one dress that you love so much but can't fit into it now AND start wearing it or hang it out for your daily viewing and encourage yourself to fit into it in 3 months time.

3. Although genes and hormones do take control of us women, we can still manage our brain. So start thinking of being at that desired weight and figure, the rest will follow suit.

4. Try eating at the same time for every meal. Skipping meal doesn't make you skinnier.

5. Eat moderately of everything. We do need some carbo and protein and fats to burn our energy.

6. Snacking is heavenly if it's on Cheezels or Lays, but do it once a while or else munch fresh sweet carrots or celery sticks, or nuts.

7. I've indulged myself into a large glass of hot lemon squeeze on an alternate day those days and it proves to help reduced my fatty count in the BMI calculations of body fats. Im doing it once a week now ....(im actually reminding myself too now. Im very lazy i.e).

8. Floor exercise is better than gym. I've gone for the latter and stick to the former. Avoid cycling machine. It only helps you make your thighs bigger and flabbier if you stop.

9. I think Pilates work better because it stretches all of our limbs. (reminding myself too...i've stooped for ages already especially when it is almost unknown here in this country)

10. For cardio work out ~ go walking or running doing house work instead of sleeping in the afternoons. Running proves bad for our internal part of our body. Not good for our heart.

So start trying one.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

What was the story with Tiger's Buddhism bracelet?

What was the story with Tiger's Buddhism bracelet?

So, are we expecting golfers to switched from the golfer's magnetic bracelet to the ones like Wood is using now? ;-D

Saturday, 20 March 2010

RM76 Million Allocated For 14,254 Imams

KEPALA BATAS, March 20 (Bernama) -- The government has allocated RM76 million for the allowance of 14,254 imams this year, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom said.

He said another RM13 million was allocated for 3,661 religious teachers while another RM1.7 million was for 87 mosque coordinators. They were given via the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

"The big allocation is to thank imams, religious teachers and mosque coordinators for their work in creating excellent Muslim human capital," he told reporters after a meeting with mosque officials here on Saturday.

Jamil said the government would also set aside allocation to reactivate programmes at mosques so that they could play a bigger role in the community.

"There is a need to organise more activities to draw Muslims to mosques as it a very significant institution for Muslims. We want to expand the role and scope of mosques as they are not only meant for prayers."

He urged mosque officials to equip themselves with adequate knowledge as this would help in the smooth running of mosques.

"The mosque managements should organise more programmes to attract youths as this will keep them away from unhealthy activities," he added.

March 20, 2010 18:36 PM --Bernama


Thus we hope the allocations won't be used by the imams and religious teachers to help incite hatred towards Muslims of other party(s) than the ones they supported and also hopefully won't organise 'ceramah ugama' but laced with political sentiments.

And also, we hope the teachers won't drill into their young students head resentment towards other religion and race and teaches all negativity about other Muslims who are not 'as Islamic' as they are.

Hopefully all will put in a better way and make them better person physically and emotionally.

Friday, 19 March 2010

The Malays & Jewish

Coke to invest $302M in Malaysia, open new plant

'Coca-Cola said Tuesday it will build a new bottling plant in Malaysia and invest $302 million over the next five years to boost growth in the Southeast Asian market.....'


Despite being open mindedly accepting the news on one of the world's largest beverage company setting investment in the country, there are, as usual, some shallow minded people who would state their protest on such development.

Since according to the spokesperson, the investment will be the largest in the region, and economically, it will generate work opportunity to the local people, I sympathised those fanatics on saying that this is one way of letting the Jews into the country.

What they meant by that, only they and their likes understand.

No doubt that the shareholder of that giant company are Jews or of some Jewish descendant but don't they ever give it a thought about the country's economics?
Can't they just look on the inside to what happen to Kelantan, a state on the east coast of the Peninsular. See what happen to the state when there are no investment due to their rigid regulations.
Where can they earned their income if not from companies investing in the state?
Take a trip there and you'll see how they've been deprived with good development right down to be unable to pay proper maintenance companies to clean their towns and kampungs.
See Selangor, another state on the west coast, and especially Shah Alam, the main industrial area, and the capital of the state.

Watch how it developed?
Know how much the state and councillor make yearly?...

I am not championing the Jews, but I feel those skeptics should take a while putting aside their 'dramatic' Islamic opinion, putting things on the shelf and start evaluating the whole idea before shutting their doors to all non-Islamic whatnots, especially investment, which eventually will help their countrymen or their kampung folks near Nilai and Negri Sembilan including those folks who suffer the retrenchment during the 2008 slump get some job at least.

And, what is not Jews or owned by the Jews?
The Levi's jeans that you wear?
The shampoo that you used?
The Top 10 Western movies that you watch? know, like Spielberg and his like?
Don't tell me you never watch Star Wars at all?
Don't tell me you never 'help' contribute even RM1 to any Jewish based companies in term of the usage or consumption of their products?

One similarity I found among these 'pious' people is, they think they are smart and very religious.
They think they are closer to God than most people, especially people with liberated perception in life.
They think they are the one that is religiously fighting in the name of Islam and Allah.
There are loads of them...and it is getting more and more each day, thus why (my answers to my fellow non-Muslims) there are more religious-based unrest in Malaysia than it was 20 years ago.

Which brought me to one of my mother's friend predicament.
She came to my mother expressing her disappointment towards her eldest son's decision.
After spending years in Japan studying (obviously with the government grant) came back to Malaysia, and later did another advance studies to furnished his portfolio, at the end, he decided not wanting to work at all.
The sad thing about this guy is, because he has been mixing around with some Islamic fanatics while studying (i can attest to this because yours truly encountered same experience too), he refused and rejected offered by multinationals with comfortable yearly package because ' the company is not ISLAMic enough for him'.

Hmmmmm....what can you say to that?
Because honestly, in Malaysia there are near to zero if you're die-hard Islamic-based gooer in term of big employment entity...
The worried mother suggested an endeavour with Islamic-based bank, and his answer was ''it's hard also because the money that he'll be earning is based on 'riba' or usury that is forbidden in Islam"...

That certainly made me laughed.
I bet all those Muslims working in the bank in Malaysia and the world are feeding their families with non-halal money!!
My God!
That is one example of what sort of things silly fanatics and those people who thought they're holy, got in their head.
To know more, I would suggest the FBI retained the bodies of dead fanatics (of course those in suicide bombings cant help much as their brains would be spurted out on the ground), cut their head and do some research on their brains and gather info as to what contributed to this all this enigma.

It's sad.
It's silly.
It's foolish.

And oh, for those of you who hate me for my opinion, and think that you're more Islamic then me, and feel that you should continue hatred towards other religion and races, me :
Google and Yahoo and your current craze of facebook-ing -- they are all founded by young smart Jewish!!

Why not stop all communications then?

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Women & Driving

Women drivers getting more aggressive, says analyst.

GEORGE TOWN: Women drivers are getting more aggressive than their male counterparts, according to an analyst.

Based on the number of traffic summonses issued and court cases against women, a trend of aggressive driving among the fairer sex has emerged, Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation analyst Kamal Affandi Hashim said.

“Based on what we can see, the attitude of male drivers has improved but women are getting more aggressive. (Male are more benevolent nowadays due to women's suppression? hahaha)

“Hence, the number of women involved in accidents are on the rise,” he said. He, however, did not have statistics. (This is not the result of aggressive driving, but more of don't know how to drive well and lack skills)

Noting that the attitude of drivers was the main cause of road accidents, Kamal said it was crucial for road users to practise defensive driving. (Attitude and skills Kamal. You ought to go experience driving in Cairo, a place where jokes of their driving are a known fact amongst the middle eastern etc. So does the Lebanese who'd drive fast but skillfull. So does the local here. One thing nice is you'll never find women or in rare case men, road-hogging. With skills, accident due to their 'aggressive driving' are hardly seen on their busy streets. Thus - it is skill that we're talking here. Not aggressiveness)

“Drivers who are aggressive, emotional and distracted while driving are dangerous. (Been there, done that....and so far, I thank God and my driving experience!)

“Most people will, at one time or another, feel like strangling their fellow drivers but it becomes a criminal act when you follow up on that intention with an aggressive act (such as chasing after a vehicle),” he said at the Rakan Trafik@USM road safety campaign at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) director-general Prof Dr Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah said Malaysians generally felt that they were “Superman” and would never end up as an accident casualty. (Among small cars especially Kancil and modified local cars driven by low-esteemed drivers that feel that they are as good as Schumacher!! Go to Kadir Jasin blog on this last year, and you will see what type of cars that will be driven by 'superman' on Malaysia roads. )

“It’s their attitudes that cause accidents. The think they are invincible, not even wanting to wear safety belts.

“Perhaps it’s ego. They just want to be faster and better than the next driver,” Dr Ahmad said. (Cause they are driving small cars and felt challenged, perhaps? Sorry folks...but this is fact, although not being confimed officially-- wait until Miros did this particular study on them. Just like how motorist felt against drivers. Of course, while not wanting to reserve my comments, I have to state here that NOT all share the same thought)

He said it was easier for people to change their attitudes than for enforcement bodies to step in as it was costly and time consuming.

He added that Miros was working with several insurance companies to reward “good drivers” but the plan would have to get the approval of Bank Negara. (Hmmm much I wonder? And what kind of expenditure will it be accounted for in the yearly budget of the entity concerned....)

Thursday, March 18, 2010 9:54 AM






Phone +234-8073666822



Another stupid email of me being beneficiary of some dork in the African continent.

Just like some of the stupid and dumb ladies here where I live, these idiots, doesn't know that people, i.e. me, can see the list of names of all the beneficiaries they spammed the above email to. How silly when you thought you're smart but you're actually not!

Perhaps they thought people are all a blockhead as they are.
This time I realised their modus operandi is shooting to all yahoo email subscribers with name started from 'sha....'.

How uninteresting... similar to listening to same old bags spurting stories about other people again and again and to all dumbheads who'd lend their heart and ears listening to rotten mouths.

Too bad ....:-)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Why Financial Plans Are Worthless

March 15, 2010, 12:10 pm

I read somewhere that average Americans will spend more time planning their vacation to Disneyland than they will planning their financial future.

I’m not sure that’s correct, but it would’t surprise me. There are a number of reasons why we are hesitant to spend time planning for our financial future, but the biggest one is that we have confused the process of planning with the end product, a plan.

Financial plans are worthless, but the process of planning is vital. Let me explain the difference.
Creating a traditional financial plan starts by making a bunch of assumptions. These assumptions can be about inflation, what the stock market will do, how much you will save, when you will retire, how much you will spend in retirement and even when you’ll die.

If you have been through this process, you know that it’s very uncomfortable. We know that no matter how hard we try, we will definitely be wrong.

This is one of the cruel ironies of any plan: You don’t have the information you need when you start. This is true when you start a restaurant, a business or are planning the rest of your financial life.

If we accept the fact that even the best plan will be wrong, we can focus our energy on the process of planning instead of obsessing over the assumptions.

Sure we need to chart a course where we think we are headed, and this will involve making some assumptions about the future. But they are just guesses; make them and move on.

Think of this as the difference between a flight plan and the actual flight. Flight plans are really just the pilot’s best guess about things like the weather. No matter how much time the pilot spend planning, things don’t always go according to the plan.

In fact, I bet they rarely go just the way the pilot planned. There are just too many variables. So while the plan is important, the key to arriving safely is the pilot’s ability to make the small and consistent course corrections. It is about the course corrections, not the plan.

Once you have a general idea of your own destination, the focus should shift to what you can do over the short term to get there. Focus on the next three years. Thinking in shorter time frames inspires us to act instead of worrying about all of the things that are out of our control.

So set a course quickly. Realize that you will be wrong, and plan on making course corrections often.


Interesting write-up from a blogger on financial planning.
And to add on to this, I feel, when planning for financial security for ourself and the family, nothing should be at the neglected end in order to achieve the desired amount of money in the trust funds or fixed deposit accounts.
(Of course, this is after putting aside the must funds such as heatlh insurance and all other insurances, savings and future educations expenditures)

Personally to me, those people who think that they are in the financially secured and happy zone, but knowingly they are limiting themselves to enjoy only the most basic things in life -- are stridentyl foolish and wrong way of getting their book work-out.
Having to live this short life and being deprived of the freedom to purchase, is a failed financial 'gain'.
What is the point of putting aside stacks of money but owning below average possessions in this millennium (why i stated this millennium -- some still uses items they bought back in the 80s but has got hundred of thousands hiding in the big piggy bank), and those who are always at the cost cutting and buying cheap in term of foodstuff and articles at home, and even to the point of wearing hypermarket clothings for the whole family?

Again, what is the point hoarding when you're being deprived now?
What is the point having your monies stacked away (presumably you're there to enjoy it when you're retired or for your kids?) but only possess 7 shirts and 3 pants to work and play?
How sure are you that you're going to retire healthy and be enjoying your hard-earned monies?

What if you're crippled before you get to indulged yourself into something good and nice now when you're able?

So, basically, if you're going to be deprived of loads that life (now in this era) can offer now.....stop the 'dreamland' financial planning bulls and live life in reality and start enjoying your life because, hey, you just wouldn't know when you'll be lying six feet under...(or in another case being cremated).....
Give it a thought....really.

Monday, 15 March 2010


It is actually getting more and more yukky to browse thru younglings in facebook participating in quizzes about getting married and kid's name and all those lovey dovey thingy.

In the first place, if I am not mistaken, facebook is targeted to those in the 20s and getting hugely used by those in their 30s especially when at this age, we are all more settled in our carrier and started looking back at those time in school and wanting to reconnect with those that use to hang out at our dorm or sharing fags together in our hostel rooms.

In my personal opinion, facebook is not suitable to those below 17 although the minimum age requirement is 13 years of age.

I guess parents who allowed their youngsters to use this internet platform must keep abreast with their on-goings just to ensure nothing unhealthy will be resulted from overly too exposed, especially to the part relationships.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Billionaires 2010.


Don't we all wish we're in their shoes.

Married life blues

Women settle down late, choose younger men.

KUALA LUMPUR: Get married and have babies. This advice to Malaysians was given by the National Population and Family Development Board to arrest the continuing decline in the fertility rate of the country.
The board expects the fertility rate to drop to 2.05 per cent in 2015 if more women opt to stay single and those who are married delay or do not want to have babies.

Board director-general Datuk Aminah Abdul Rahman acknowledged that getting married and having children were matters of personal choice but the decline in fertility rate had become worrying and of deep concern for the government.

A 1995 survey had shown a fertility rate of 3.4 children per woman. Ten years later, the number had decreased to 2.4 children. In 2007, it was 2.2 children.

“And this is mainly because of late marriages. The more you delay, the less your chances of having a baby. It’s a worldwide trend,”Aminah said after opening the Consultative Forum in Population Strategic Plan 2 here yesterday.

Because of this, she noted a growing trend of child adoption in the country.
The Women,Family and Community Development Ministry intends to have more premarital courses to help couples adjust to each other and teach them what to expect in a marriage.
Do they really think by giving all this courses would help the couple. Same goes to the must-take pre-marital courses arranged for the Muslims. Without it one cannot get married. Funny bit is ~ the number of broken marriages are getting higher and higher.

Where is the relevance?

Marriage is more of a practical and day to day living together rather than by the book thing. One can't read a book about marriage or in any matter at all and applied it to directly to real life. Book is just a guideline written by someone who got it from someone else.
The real life is more challenging and of course it will varies from different income group, intellectual level, and family background.
And the most important thing is the economic stability of the household.

It will also hold parenting courses together with non-governmental organisations.
Aminah, who met her counterpart from Norway at a conference two days ago, said the Norwegians had noted a similar trend in their country in the 1980s.
“When they noticed the low number of marriages and declining fertility rates, they introduced legislation to help women balance work and family life. When you legislate, people are compelled to follow.

“It took Norway some 40 years to do it but we don’t have to wait that long. All we have to do is to take the best practices from countries all over the world and learn from them.”
Obviously they had experienced it many years ago.
They are more advance and developed nations and have came across more experience in the aspect of socioeconomic.

She said the declining fertility rate was more noticeable among the higher educated ones and working people.
Because of education, women were also finding it difficult to find a compatible partner.
They were forced to marry someone who was less educated or with lower qualifications. Some also married men younger than them.
Smart working women find it unnecessary to get married. When we can earn better living than most men, why do we need to entangled ourselves into the web of being controlled and dictated by someone else.
The freedom of being without attachment are absolute.
The freedom of deciding and not having someone to say the otherwise is what all women should enjoy.
There are men (in this case I'd say Malay because of the race that I'm well versed with), who will be supportive of the woman's needs especially in the aspect of her carrier. But there are tons and tons of men who are the opposite. So dictating, so chauvinistic, so easily dampned (their man ego) and prefer the women to be less competent than them so it would make it easy for them to control and 'manipulate' and get their manly whimps and fancies achived.
Most men will labelled women of high achievers to be arrogant, snob, vocal and can't keep opinion to themselves.
I challenge any men who say that he is happy to be married to high achievers, earning 5-7 grand higher than him and are contented with life to say 'yes, im am totally happy earning much lesser than my wife' or 'yes, im very happy that my wife needs to fly in and out of the country regularly and go for metings and business dinners and come home late'......

Aminah said while women put off marriage because they were unable to find compatible partners, men say marriages are getting expensive.
“Why is it so expensive now to get married? Are dowries and wedding expenditure more important than the marriage itself?”

Why not ask the questions to yourself first, Aminah?
Would you allow your beautiful smart graduate daughter marry a Proton technician?
And I'm sure you would want your daughter to be supported by a man who have the monies to pay for higher dowries and other wedding expenditure too.
Lets get real.
It is a must be find compatible partner before one woman commit into marrying a man. We wouldn't want the marriage to last just 2 years would we?

One experience knowing lady in her late 40s who tried too hard to find man to marry her. Well, even though she is a business lady and won't need anything more from man to support her material needs, she fall prey to one 'Datuk', who wanted to marry her, which later on this poor woman realised that the man (who is a divorcee) just wanted the 'marriage' status in order to support him financially because he is broke (common thing since the Datukships are easily bought from several states in the Peninsular).
The marriage lasted only a year or so.

So, how?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Kelantan to hold special prayers for rain

Kelantan to hold special prayers for rain

No need to hold special prayers for rain people.
Your time will come soon when the wind blows from a different course. Imagine those people living in drier area in the African continent.
Just let nature take it's course and obviously as a state that claimed themselves 'holy', they must beleive that all this are arranged by the One up above.

They have been managing the state for too long and to date have yet to come up with any solutions to counter dry spells which will, without fail, befallen the state on a yearly basis ever since.

I wonder whether those people in the western coastal of Malaysia hold special prayers to ask God to stop the rain and strong winds that had been going on almost daily lately?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Overseas newspaper paints bad image of Malaysia

Overseas newspaper paints bad image of Malaysia

A ha!
This is not news at all.
And the person who wrote this letter shouldn't even feel surprised on his finding.
It's naturally natural news on Malaysia. All the bad things will be captured by all the newsmen around the world casually.
In this case me, and perhaps most Malaysian, can't make it to where the Indian journalist got his news fact from....the Neems tree perhaps?

We've all know about this tarnishing image. Whether direct or indirectly.
Living in the Gulf, where the news and newspapers are managed by, say, 90% the Indians and 10% others, one will get sick to the throat reading all news surrounding the Indians and India and it's surrounding countries (Sri Langka, Pakistan etc) and one will be surprised when a short and brief news on Malaysia came up.
However, i can attest that the news was never a good one but all controversial and damaging to the country.

Who to blame?
The government (since letting reputation-damaging incidences take place and stupid lopsided and bias journalists).

Take for instance Dubai.
The place to go.
The place in the GCC to be a must to visit.
The place that have like almost everything especially the shopping (among the women).
But once you're there, you'll never want to go again.
All those hype and news-boost from Western world managed put Dubai where it is.

Because the whites and Western media have been trying for years to put it up on the world map.
From a no where to some where.
Because it is and already become the land of the white people actually (they who are an opportunist by nature), and for their love taking over other people's land (but then again, without this opportunistic values in them (the white/westerners) some countries will not get a jump-start and will be continuing their ancestral way of living, diving for pearl).

What happen to the locals?
Well unlike this Qatar you'll be able to see the locals everywhere but in Dubai....hardly.
Try and get familiar with the souks and outside the town area, it is more of Mumbai than Dubai.

Thus the whole picture, will be paint by the controller or world media, newspaper men and other means of information as to how they want it to be!


Dear Valued Customer
Thank you for writing to ........Emails will be attended to fr
Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5.30pm excl. Public Holidays.We can also be reached 24/7 at:

Careline 1300-111-000
Business 1800-111-888

Efficiency is very hard to come by.
Lack of it means more bills to pay (i.e. in energy), and in my case believing the claimed 'better customer service than other provider'. Most companies, especially those dealing in selling of services, will boast of their excellent after sales service bulls plus this and that. But when things got rotten even before the warranty period ends, they will treat the customer like a ball and gives thousand and one excuses. For some people, sending to a private outside service centre and pay will get things done faster and more efficiently minus all those hassle and bustle and annoying reasons.

Coming back to my problem, trying to get someone picking up the 'careline' which is not,
in my opinion care about the customer at all, I can say, efficiency in most customer-related companies are at below par. I have been waiting for some sort of rectification to my
complaints and have yet receive anything even after 5 working days except for the above computer generated reply.

This however cannot beat thus far, Citibank, which to date had been almost three weeks non-reply (the only reply after my every attempt to check on the status of my queries is 'we will call you in 3 days time' ~ now it has been 16 days already.) However I applaud their efficiency in calling for late payments....
I know things will work it's way up if I apply the same method I used to execute things when I
didn't get my problem solved appropriately. Nevertheless, I'm way far from the country to
materialised it one on one.

Here I am waiting....

Monday, 8 March 2010


An email received today indicates:

Monday, March 8, 2010 2:21 PM
From: "Microsoft Award Team 2010"

To: undisclosed-recipients

Congratulations, you just won £500,000 in the ongoing 2010 Microsoft/satellite
software Online Email Lottery with Batch: 12/25/0340 and Winning
number...YOM09788,organized for all email users,requested info:Name: address:
phone Number: Country:occupation:Age.Claims Contact Details Below

Claims Agent:Mr. Harrison Martins,
Phone:+44 703 597 2456

The above is an email I received in my mailbox today.
I first received such email sometime like five years ago, which, had at that time, managed to make me excited and in the state of euphoria. I replied to the sender....and I guess you'd know what came after that and so on and so forth.

Perhaps some senses took over my euphoric mode, I smelled rottens. I did some evaluations on the amount of money that they offered, besides checking the web for such 'contest' or 'draw', I waited for the responding email and, viola, it came out just as what the fraud to-do list indicates.

From then on, any similar email received, I'd either deleted it or reply back to sender with some nasty curse or words to indicate that I am not idiot and hoping that they'll delete my email from their 'prospects' list.

I read of some who'd fallen for such scam.
And the best thing of all, all these schemers got away scott free. Lest it is not easy to detect them, thanks to the technology ruling the Internet and changing on a daily basis.

I remember one that i had received along the way, of these opportunists using the Microsoft and AOL together. And the first thing that came to my mind was, since when these two giants works together running some sort of Internet-based test together?

Adding on to it, we will notice their mail address per se.

Which reputable companies will allow their staff to use an email address other than the official work email address?

And we must be lucky to received all sort of winning notifications several times a month, wouldn't we?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hard to Start.

Im in my mode of not knowing when to start.
I have been trying but somehow find it hard to part.
I hope I can take it to heart.
And when it is done, I'll be happy with my work of art.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

pissed off !!

Believe me, there are loads of things that pisses people off, of course this won't be the case for very patience and so-called godly people.
Be it from the smallest thing of not getting the customer service of some service company picking up the phone after few attempts, or getting caught in bad traffic and be late for your important appointment to receiving telemarketers calls very late in the evening.

I had been pissed off a lot of time.
Maybe I'm easily ticked and get pissed off, but the sure thing I found quite intolerable especially now, is irritating calls from telemarketers who had been outsourced by bankers who, had wanted to become an insurance agent instead of becoming just a Bank.
What I'm trying to say is; I have been getting numerous calls from both my credit card banks namely Standard Chartered and Citibank, and to both of my roaming numbers sometimes. In this case Citibank topped it all.
I cannot understand, to date (ever since years ago) when they started using telemarketers to call clients, WHY would they want to sell insurance when they are already making tons of monies from interests and other mean of money making platform their bank offered.

This might be silly, but I feel the agenda behind all the offer is not just an offer or assistance (as they like to call it) but it is more than that. It works when gullible client sign-up, they must admit to the prerequisite of a must-charge it to the existing credit card.
Here, the bank surely tie a permanent 12 months fix monthly income (it is a must to charge it for per annum (12 months) and client can't withdraw back their commitment during that period).
This commitment will be vital especially to credit card holder who is not a monthly 'swiper' or frequent user.
Thus client will be charge an interest on it, and double interest if the client fail to pay before the due date or received their monthly statement late.

Viola! They are the winner. The banker will always be the winner.
I do not know whether this sort of offer had been carried out elsewhere in the world by the same bank. And I obviously do not know why the Bank Negara of Malaysia (BNM) accord this allowances to bankers when the country already have list of all major insurance companies right up to the small localised one available at any area.

Seriously, this calls had my patience a bit taken off so much sa that my lines had been on a almost permanent roaming mode ( since residing in this little country ie.). I had becoming more concern on the roaming charges, making me quite reluctant picking up unknown numbers, but in the same time, I would not want to miss any important calls from anyone or a contact that might be using new number whatsoever.
Furthermore, it might also be calls in regards to the credit card itself, as we all know, credit card fraud are a norm these days.

Add salt to wound, some of the telemarketers whom of a different race than mine, and whom would find it tongue-twisting exercise pronouncing my name -- in full, and often, will get twisted and try saying it again and again -- and repeating the questions asking whether it is me who they are calling. What should i answer when they asked me twice?-- "no, i'm Michael Jackson's sister? God knows how sometimes that 60seconds can really hike up my BP level. They are moments where I just slammed down the phone before they started blabbering further.

Although being promised of a 'stop-any-promotional calls' to my numbers, and being informed of my current location and to 'call my current local number' for other banking related matters (which they'd do for roaming clients).....promise will stay as empty promise.

One thing i know --numerous screaming and harsh remarks would never deter their persistence to continue calling....again.
Hail telemarketers!