Monday, 15 March 2010


It is actually getting more and more yukky to browse thru younglings in facebook participating in quizzes about getting married and kid's name and all those lovey dovey thingy.

In the first place, if I am not mistaken, facebook is targeted to those in the 20s and getting hugely used by those in their 30s especially when at this age, we are all more settled in our carrier and started looking back at those time in school and wanting to reconnect with those that use to hang out at our dorm or sharing fags together in our hostel rooms.

In my personal opinion, facebook is not suitable to those below 17 although the minimum age requirement is 13 years of age.

I guess parents who allowed their youngsters to use this internet platform must keep abreast with their on-goings just to ensure nothing unhealthy will be resulted from overly too exposed, especially to the part relationships.
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