Sunday, 28 March 2010



You know, it is a cliché (in Malaysia i.e.) when people especially amongst the business circle when the term of 'technically know who, instead of technically know how' being used. I loathed that phrase whenever I heard someone uses it during small talks.

It is a known fact.
It is obviously done and carried out.
From bottom to top.
Around the world.

It is rather an understatement when Dr Mahathir mentioned in his second paragraph that 'there is some truth in this' because in my opinion ~ it is not some truth...IT IS the truth.

I came to know one big guy who is also a friend in one of the GLCs who'd stick to his principles.
During his tenure, he had once send home (in this case Istana) a person who made 'the effort' to meet him personally to pass on a yellow envelope accompanying one big tender proposals.

To cut story short, he was later called by the top brass and asked to explained on the rejection. And of course to back up his verdict, he has enough bullets and are known as a sharp shooter.

But, mind you, this type of decision maker, who were being brought up to keep own dignity and cultivate strong self-conscience with deep understanding of the meaning of good principles, know that money is not everything in the world, although it can buy them a mansion in one of the lake view plot in Mines Sri Kembangan.
The sad part of this is ~~ there are far too little of them Malaysia and perhaps in the world in comparison to those large sharks swimming among us in the sea of deception.

My word of this ever intriguing affair is ;

With money all can be done.
With authority, decision will be mine.

p/s : Personally? I would love to be the one lobbied than a lobbier!
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