Wednesday, 3 March 2010

pissed off !!

Believe me, there are loads of things that pisses people off, of course this won't be the case for very patience and so-called godly people.
Be it from the smallest thing of not getting the customer service of some service company picking up the phone after few attempts, or getting caught in bad traffic and be late for your important appointment to receiving telemarketers calls very late in the evening.

I had been pissed off a lot of time.
Maybe I'm easily ticked and get pissed off, but the sure thing I found quite intolerable especially now, is irritating calls from telemarketers who had been outsourced by bankers who, had wanted to become an insurance agent instead of becoming just a Bank.
What I'm trying to say is; I have been getting numerous calls from both my credit card banks namely Standard Chartered and Citibank, and to both of my roaming numbers sometimes. In this case Citibank topped it all.
I cannot understand, to date (ever since years ago) when they started using telemarketers to call clients, WHY would they want to sell insurance when they are already making tons of monies from interests and other mean of money making platform their bank offered.

This might be silly, but I feel the agenda behind all the offer is not just an offer or assistance (as they like to call it) but it is more than that. It works when gullible client sign-up, they must admit to the prerequisite of a must-charge it to the existing credit card.
Here, the bank surely tie a permanent 12 months fix monthly income (it is a must to charge it for per annum (12 months) and client can't withdraw back their commitment during that period).
This commitment will be vital especially to credit card holder who is not a monthly 'swiper' or frequent user.
Thus client will be charge an interest on it, and double interest if the client fail to pay before the due date or received their monthly statement late.

Viola! They are the winner. The banker will always be the winner.
I do not know whether this sort of offer had been carried out elsewhere in the world by the same bank. And I obviously do not know why the Bank Negara of Malaysia (BNM) accord this allowances to bankers when the country already have list of all major insurance companies right up to the small localised one available at any area.

Seriously, this calls had my patience a bit taken off so much sa that my lines had been on a almost permanent roaming mode ( since residing in this little country ie.). I had becoming more concern on the roaming charges, making me quite reluctant picking up unknown numbers, but in the same time, I would not want to miss any important calls from anyone or a contact that might be using new number whatsoever.
Furthermore, it might also be calls in regards to the credit card itself, as we all know, credit card fraud are a norm these days.

Add salt to wound, some of the telemarketers whom of a different race than mine, and whom would find it tongue-twisting exercise pronouncing my name -- in full, and often, will get twisted and try saying it again and again -- and repeating the questions asking whether it is me who they are calling. What should i answer when they asked me twice?-- "no, i'm Michael Jackson's sister? God knows how sometimes that 60seconds can really hike up my BP level. They are moments where I just slammed down the phone before they started blabbering further.

Although being promised of a 'stop-any-promotional calls' to my numbers, and being informed of my current location and to 'call my current local number' for other banking related matters (which they'd do for roaming clients).....promise will stay as empty promise.

One thing i know --numerous screaming and harsh remarks would never deter their persistence to continue calling....again.
Hail telemarketers!
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