Saturday, 27 February 2010

3yrs old this & that.

1. Sense of smell.

My 3 year old girl is having this things about petrol smell.
She seems to 'enjoy' the smell of it and would ask us to wind down the window everytime we fill in the tank. Since we must wind down the window a bit to allow some air into the car, because the engine must be off, pumping in petrol since then will be a 'suffocating' moment, of course unless, she's not in the car.
This however, brought us into discussion about glue-sniffing activities amonngst the kids and believe that glue-sniffing and petrol smelling (which emit same nice smell) somehow has a certain component that are able to ignite that certain thing in our senses and our brain.
No wonder all those teenage kids find it hard to break from their disastrous glue-sniffing past-time.

2. First product of 'achievement'.

Again, on her, she had been introduced to Lego by her daddy at a very young age of 20 months, although it indicates that Lego only for 3+.
A week ago, after being ignored by the us while discussing some issues, she sulk and after a while came to us showing her airplane Lego she built herself without supervision. We were excited. Shouldn't all parents are? And suddenly we were like oohh and ahhs. We congratulated her on her achievement. It is good for kids (congratulating them once a while) which will help to boost both their EQ and hopefully IQ.

3. Words can be 'misleading'.

I was telling my husband to let the hot tap water run and she was near me doing some colouring. Her immediate response was " mummy, it's water. Water got no feet. It cannot run...". Well, it certainly put me to smile and I explained to her in the most easiest way to her understanding that, it was just way of us saying things. An expression per se.
The same thing between stomach and tummy. It's same thing with different way to saying it.

Sometime we adult tend to make children confused....

And we adult will get more confused in all sort of things confusing.
Pity the children.
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