Saturday, 20 February 2010

Mind problems.

No denying that the world today is infested with more and more implausible diseases and the one that is taking a good footing of it all is the disease of human's mind.
There are a lot of human mind problems.
Some of them were those that had already been from the early age of humankind (the case of Adam's son who felt jealous when the brother married his sister who is more beautiful than the other sister which he was supposed to marry).
Such is jealousy and envy.

There are also those which are not noticeable and very hard to identified such as character-problem called Split-personality disorder.
This disorder is not easy to recognised maybe because there aren't many disclosures on people with that mental sickness around, or maybe we've been mixing with only 'one' of the personality and are oblivious about the other one. How was that?

Anyway, I've been exposed to Split-personality disorders but that are restricted to only those on tv's psychological thriller movies. Hahaha.....
There's this movie I remember, about a guy suffering from Split-personality disorder starring Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning in Hide & Seek . It is interestingly mind stimulating watching such movie which will undoubtedly make us think of the existence of such behaviour.

On a more serious note, I know few people with mental disorder, and one of them is from the inside. Why I call it mental disorder?
Well, take time and read to judge.
This person, whom has been responsible to create chaos within many times before, will without any show of remorse back stab in order to get things done the way this person wants it. Creating slanderous stories for own benefits and in order to gain support from others. Make believe non-existence incidences besides blaming own family to constantly taking advantage and never failed to bring to being uncalled for situations with those who is on on wanted list.

After exceedingly achieve creating massive havoc, this person whom continually send forth hurtful words or statements, together with thoughtless actions, will unfailingly, in the quickess span of 5 hours deny any hurtful remarks uttered and instead blame on something for the uncalled for behaviour....which evidently to be caused by other people or situations.
Really an achiver.

And interestingly, the ultimate repetitive behaviour which is very significant to those who know this person; is the ability to behave, pretend and deny things ever happen. And it's like the sky is always blue.
Conversation and behaviour takes on naturally without any show of regret or self-reproach.

Obviously this person is slacking something somewhere, and evidently have no friends.
More than that, this is one strong indication of mental illness which needed treatment.
I have witness and be involved more than enough incidences and it has been going on for more than a decade.

Yes, it may be easy to label someone with having character problems or mental sickness, but because that person is not responsible enough to get any kind of help or treatment, and the others who are not responsible enough to encourage, this lot of people will be roaming our streets and get on by as normal people.
And hey, who would want to admit that they're sick in the head anyway?

Moreover, we tend to assume that those irresponsible bad behaviour were the result of stressful work, or life or whatever. And we are not taking time listening and evaluating those behaviour.

As todays' society supposedly believe in the 'respect of human rights and one's privacy', we choose to ignore these behaviour unless it effected us directly. And we also chose not to be judgemental.
Besides that there are also some of us who'd subscribe to the 'i-don't-care' attitude thus making us an individual oblivious of our surrounding.
Do we honestly think it is at the better end?
What if the person that we know now, one day will be the one who would run amok on us?

Another of my experience was during my first semester doing Art & Design.
I remember this girl who I shared the room with in the hostel.
She was a jovial and fun girl who is also a chatter-box.
As the two of us shared the room, along with another two more girls, we quickly developed a close bond together.

Well, what I and the other girls found out later from this persona, is a very different character. The friendly façade was later tainted by some incidences. Her stories is getting more and more out of sense when me and the rest of the girls conduct our own little diagnosis.
One of her stories which I remember well was her about being a swimmer representing her school while she studied in one High school in the United States.

This is just too easy to notice because, we know it was impossible when we started to plus and minus her age and her stories just doesn't fit in. Fact will be fact and numbers can never be uncomputed.

Nevertheless, she didn't stay on long due to failure in the first semester exam, thus lifting certain burden off our shoulders.

I guess her behavioural attributes must be due to some kind of 'wants' or 'dream' that she wished she had or listen or saw someone near of having it.
I read somewhere that we are WHO and WHAT we want US to be.
Our attitude, behaviour and our way to react to any given situation was based on the type of group we were into; in other words ; who we mix with.

Hmmm...that sounds like all of us have some kind of minor split personalities too, no?
See, if our behaviour and actions are based on our environment and people that we mix with, then it is not at all wrong to say that 'every one of us are having split personalities' problems too.

Im sure we behave differently while we're with family members and become another when person with our friends.
If anyone dare to deny, I'd say you're a liar.

So, it is a decent behaviour that we must obtain while with different group. Than doesn't that sounds like Split-personality disorder. Maybe on the minor side?

I feel, no matter who we are, and who we mingled around whether young or old; we are being influenced to behave accordingly to the 'needs' of that particular group we in at that moment.

Je ne sais pas....

All I know, there are numbers of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Although there's a lot of term and definition for every each of personalities, it only single to one; mental illness; which will result in more people with peculiar personality walking among us, affecting ours and their own thoughts. Feeling and emotions both.
The only way of knowing one is by keeping a close watch and evaluate their behaviour on a neutral ground.

Of course the term 'It needs one to know one' cannot be implemented here.... or could it?
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