Thursday, 18 February 2010

Liar Liar

Lounging when work are done watching movies does me some good most of the time.
I had just done watching some late 90s movie Liar Liar starring Jim Carrey. Not that i like Jim Carrey so much to be watching the movie, but the movie itself brought forward some character that one will come across in everyday life. That is the part that i like watching.
Seeing how they will be at the end of the day.

The story was about someone who would lie to get away with things or broken promises.

In life we sometimes lie.
Everyone of us.
Like it or not.
If anyone dare tell me that they had never lie in their whole entire life before -- that my friend is the Biggest lie ever!

Lying by blaming the traffic jam rather than admitting you got up late for an appointment with your prospective client is acceptable. Lying to kids about some 'adult-related' movies they caught us watching also will be acceptable because telling the whole truth about the whole thing when they're only six will make it even more complicated.
But when one lie about what they are not is totally not acceptable at all.

Perhaps, people with this attribute (lying) had not been bothered much by people or the social circle where these liars mingle and lives. This is because some people just don't bother much, don't care as long as their tail aren't stepped by the liar, and an obvious courtesy us human have ~ we want to avoid making enemies, and ripping the liar's off their dignity and self-respect.

So, what do we get in return? The liar will continue lying of course!
They will sway away among people with lies and their made-believe stories.

Although it is common, there are obviously many kinds of liars and the type lies.
There are people like the character Jim Carrey who'd lie to save him out of trouble, and there are people who lie just to gain respect from others.
Among this two character, the latter would definitely spelled horrid than the former. The latter I would not have any hesitancies categorising them as a compulsive liar.

Knowing one traits will have to come with experience.
I personally would not dare to admit I know this character if I myself had not been so gullible enough to be con by this type of people. When you know one, you'll know them all.
They have similar traits. They'll buy their way thru you by admitting and agreeing to your opinion and your lifestyle.

After a while you'll notice the inconsistencies in their stories, and once you got done putting the puzzle altogether, you'd be able to view the big picture clearly.

This compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit.
I must say that lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions and they will eventually, if not well prepared, be telling a different answers when you shot the same questions again later in the future!

This habitual liars are not shy to lie about everything at all, important or otherwise. Perhaps for them telling the truth had becoming a very awkward and uncomfortable thing to do and lying would be so comfy just like being wrapped under thick downs on cold winter nights.

And the most profoundly incomprehensible thing i found in liars are -- they don't feel a tinge of regrets, or remorse or guilt in their eyes when they lied. Somehow, i felt that they thought people that they lied to, are such a fool and personally i find it as a very hard slap on my intelligence.

My word for these sort of people; The truth will prevail and you better know which mask you put on today because people around you know what type of masks you had in your Pandora's box....

Have a nice day!
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