Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Double Bill

What can you say about it.
It was a double bill for Indonesia.
The twin disasters which happened just hours apart was beyond any human control.
Whatmore when the world's largest archipelago is situated in one of the most seismically active regions on the planet.Living surrounding there would mean; expect the unexpected.

The eruption of Mount Merapi(or Fire Mountain) which last erupted in 1994, followed by swirl of tsunami swooping away Mentawai's island chain near Padang remote area killing at least 113 people. I think the Indonesian government must at least know how to take care of their people, especially those 'ganyang Malaysia' lots, whom had never failed creating reasons for trouble against the two country every now and then.

I'm looking forward to watch and see what is Malaysia humanitarian assistance this time.
And to watch whether the Indonesian government could at least know how to say thanks in the future should those uncalled for tension arises created by some Malaysia haters by perhaps showing it's respect for bilateral relationship by rounding up those arse. I especially cannot forget watching those protesters wiped shits on the Malaysian embassy wall and burn our flag.

Feeling empathy towards those people?
Nah. Not at all.
Everyone will die somehow. And it is their fate to die in such a manner. I mean in the first place who would be so dumb enough to build houses near such 'angry old' volcano and by beach when they know that they're bound to be swallow by the sea water any given day or year.

God be with you Indonesia.

Paul the 'psychic' octopus dies


There goes Paul.
Died with pride. And whatdaya know, he'll be given a special funeral and shrine. Bet his species will definitely look-up upon him and his achieved fame, thus giving them the octopus of the sea some boost and dream of becoming the next Paul.
Well you octopussy folks ~ ya'all got another three (?) more year to make yourself like him.

Well...looks like the next WC will definitely be sombre, unless some brilliant reptile or insects can give prediction as good as Pauly.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Money is Honey

Selangor searching for 'missing' RM977.7m

The Selangor State Treasury formed a Task Force Committee in May to probe why
outstanding transactions over six to seven months, totalling RM977.7 million,
could not be matched in the accounts.
This was revealed in the 2009 Auditor-General's Report on the financial statements and financial management of state government, departments and agencies.

This has affected the cash balance in the bank as it could not now be determined whether the total is moreor less than what was stated.

Up to May, adjustments totaling RM692.59 million were made.

A further RM285.11 million will be revised by the State Treasury from time to time before adjustments are made.

That's a big nearly 1bil worth.
A lot of body in the goverment must be getting very thick pockets out of this...
Perhaps PKR has something to say on this.

Islamic dresscode.

This thought had been with me.

It somehow agitates me to certain extend for I really don't know why.
Maybe it had to do with respect. Respect and take pride in what we do.
Or perhaps a tinge of disgruntlement towards certain group of people- namely women in carrying and portraying themselves as Muslim ladies.

Personally, I think loads of women fell victim in order to fulfil their desperation of being in style, especially wearing head covers, which is more of a style than a must in the recent decade ~~ and are actually clowning themselves especially those women whom were forced to donned cloths that covers all aspects of the 'haram' body parts by their parents or husband, yet they are actually flaunting it but in a discreet Islamic manner.
In a skin covered attire, but body hugging and skin-tight show all manifestation.

Well, in the first place, I admit that I might not be someone anyone would call a good Muslim lady because of my uncovered head and body although I had over the years and after reaching certain age in life chose something accordingly and chucked away all my skimpy dresses and skirts.

What really triggers this thought again, now, was after reading a circular distributed by my daughter's school here on the students dresscode; this after some lack of understanding or just plain dumb parents who made their kids wear something that not suitable for school day dresscode.

One of the photo show a pinafore worn by one Muslim girl. She must be from Indonesia from her feature or if from my own country, then, too bad I might not know her due to my little boundaries I set for myself.
It made me chuckled seeing her photo wearing a pinafore which is just below her knee but she also wear a white head scarf !

What was running through her parents (particularly) the mother's head seeing the daughter wearing that?
What do they or she actually want from her wearing that?
Wear a pinafore or wear a Muslimah type of pinafore?
Then why not get her an ankle long skirt, which would definitely compliment the head cover?

This is the case of a contradicting discipline that is running thru the Muslim world nowadays. It coincide with very evident Islamic realisation among the people (in Malaysia for example, in the 80s, one can hardly find a Muslim secondary school-going girl wear head scarf unlike now, majority wear them and some school in the capital 'force' their Muslim girls to wear a tudung).
Of course there is always better to know that there are higher Islamic realisation in any soceity, but when the understanding of it was not being emphasised, then what is wrong?

The religion itself or the person who admits to the religion?

If one take time learn about other cultures and in the same time observes, it is especially evident among the Egyptian young women especially, their funny 'dress code' or attire, until one actually can point out that they are from Egypt rather than say...Morocco.
This trending of discreet-show- all attire would be shared by other Muslim majority countries except the Gulf. Don't get me wrong. I am not scrutinising or down narrowing that all of them wear as such, but mostly young adults does.
In of course, not forgetting those down around South East Asian Muslim particularly the Malay and Indonesian ladies. One can obviously differentiate the style of hijab-clad women from the other.

Why I call this contradicting discipline?
Well, in my opinion, they are trying hard to instill some 'Islamic' discipline in their young child ( mind you some Indonesian and Malay don their 1 year old girl with head scarves...which is absurd, obviously...) yet in this pitiful case, the girl was 'indirectly' taught that she is allowed to show her legs BUT must cover her head in whatever case it might be. This my friend, if not being properly adviced and taught will somehow be adapted or assimilated by her until she grows up.

What is the relevance?
What is happening to the Muslim society who thought they are implementing a righteous way according to the syariah but are actually dumb in knowing the real way of covering their head and bodies?

How many young ladies out there who covers their hijab but know about the real Islamic head covers apart from the Christians and Jewish way of covering their head?

Don't they have any sense of instilling discipline by doing it across the board according to what actually required in a proper manner.

Or if you, just like me, a liberated Muslim ~ just buy skirts and shorts and gowns for your daughters and at least they won't be living a deceiving life and and might have the consequences of not knowing it until they are adult.
This a sure case of cheating oneself.
An evident of desperation to show others that they are better covered than not.

Just like some of the women I've come to know back in Malaysia who covers their head but wear bustiers under their blazer that obviously showing off her fair-skinned chest, a pretty necklace and a bit of cleavage, or covers their head, but wear skirts without any leggings (which in the first place they are not supposed to wear such mid calf skirt), or wear head covers to work but throw it away and will be bare-headed out of working time, or wear shorts doing gardening (my neighbour) when she actually wear hijab to work!....what is the point of her covering her body at work but go doing her landscape with short shorts and I definitely can make out her 'real body figure' and 'her legs colour and size' ?
Hmmmm....and Im a woman....

People can really be damn funny and complex to me.
I always fail to understand their whys.
And don't talk about the Melayu ladies who'd wear long thick gold necklace (seen once with two extra large pendants, because she's afraid people might not know she got more than one), and one personal case a lady so desperately pull out her white gold necklace (because she claimed that she's a town person just like moi) just to prove a point.

So, if you have the intention of instilling religious lifestyle so you can be better and stronger faith than others, please start by donning a proper attire on yourself first, then evaluate others.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Crawly Cuisine

I came across this factual story about people's eating habits.

Who would have believe that there are people ~ or perhaps there is only this one person in the whole entire world that have the penchant for eating termites?

No doubt.

We all know and are well aware of the future world food problems in centuries to come due to global weather changes and all, but now? I mean when the earth is really an abundance of 'real' human food, why do people want to eat termite?

Do they tastes good and better than your cream chowder?

I don't think so...

Okay, yes.

There beings in the world that ate insects, besides ant eater and frogs.

Those people from Thai for example ate insects such as fried maggots, or scorpions and water bugs. I've seen those ingenious people on the telly in some part of Borneo eating the worms/maggots from Sago tree...which, no doubt looks kinda yummy with its off-white very thick fat body. And they ate it on the rocks!

But termites?

I'm guessing with the world energy industry continuous research for some other alternatives for the world supply in the future, the food industry also don't like the feeling of being left out. Mind you, they have already started with organising a conference on insect eating for the future. To be specific they are called entomophagy and those eaters are called entomologist.

We have vegan.

And now entomologist.

Perhaps 'ento' would fit in nice for a shortform.