Monday, 7 September 2009

Indon again....

Get real Indon.....

And oh yes, these Indonesian thingy had been capturing my interest of late. Not that i have any concern whatsoever in this particular issue,but, hey, come on maids, i am joining my fellow Malaysian working parents into believing that your demand had 'naik kepala' (stepping one's head in ......) already.
Although i am not working in Malaysia, but i empathised with their predicament.

The latest news that read "Demand for RM800 maid salary not feasible, say groups" is absolutely on spot.

According to the article, Indonesia’s demand that its maids be paid a minimum RM800 was made by its ambassador to Malaysia Da’i Bachtiar which was quoted as saying that the republic is pressing for the minimum wage following cases of maid abuse by Malaysian employers......errrggg...maid abuse?

So, does that mean that when we pay them higher like our Arabs counterpart, we could hit and abuse them as we like and not getting into trouble cause WE PAY FOR IT?

It's quite a remarks.
Could it also be because Indonesia is having some bad vibes with Malaysia.
Why suddenly?
Could it be because of the Ambalat case, or the Terang Bulan song?

Nevertheless, of course such news is not a good news at all to the average income earners in Malaysia.

I agree with the feedback from one guy saying that not all of Malaysian are getting a 'four-figure pay packet' and suggest that Indonesia 'wait for Malaysian to progress so we Malaysian can consider such request’.

Hopefully, our Malaysian authorities won't back up and materialise the request for them to have minimum RM800 per month cause that, my fellow countrymen, will surely hit their pocket damn hard....already hard in this global economic slowdown.

There are too many factors surrounding this maid issues actually.
It will never come to a win-win situation at all.
The construction industry in Malaysia had once approximately 4-5 years ago faced with difficulties when the government took an action on sweeping all Indonesian workers in Malaysia in order to sift the illegal ones which, if i am not mistaken came to a staggering number of 2 million.

That numbers however, of course the approximate and 'beautiful' one so not to exposed the exact number of them flooding the country illegally.

And taking into consideration of the working couple, the need of a helper at home is vital.
Yes, sending kids to nursery is an option, but frankly, the Malaysian working couple had come to the level of becoming too dependent for a maid help at home to do things from taking care of children to cleaning right up to cooking.

No one can doubt their role as the person who help managed the house, but the real problem faced by an average income earner in Malaysia is that their own earning power . Furthermore RM800 is sometime higher than what a local factory workers might be getting.

A question brought up by one deputy minister whether will the increase in pay lead to better service from the maids was a good one and also suggested that households opt for other alternatives like engaging local or part-time maids to only work on certain days, which in my opinion will be good and healthy for family upbringing rather than depending to some alien with no attachment besides the money.

This issue will relates back a suggestion made by one ministry last time on setting up nurseries at office premises, and building more childcare and daycare centre -- which also had it's own set back with issues such as children being forced to take cough syrup so they'd all go to sleep and won't make much noise during the care.

And then what?.......

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sex is CHEAP.

Sex for Dope.

Students as young as 13 are getting high on cannabis, Ecstasy and ketamine, not just outside schools, but under their teachers’ very noses in class.

Even worse, the
New Sunday Times found that female students who don’t have the money have sex with the pushers for a free supply of drugs.

Students claim the drugs help them relax and recover from the stress of examinations.

A sizeable number of secondary school students, aged between 13 and 17, are very familiar with both plantbased drugs such as cannabis, and synthetic drugs such as Eramin-5.


How cheap sex can be now.
And how easily acquired it is for those who enjoy frequenting little juvenile.
All you guys need is just hang around a secondary school in Malaysia.

After reading this article, i just can't believe it that some of the parents gave these students up to RM1500 per month as a monthly allowances. That my friend, is better than a peon salary at a small SMIs.
And what is with examinations that they are so stressed out about?
Like the generations previously and all the intellectuals before them in this country needed to take dope for 'releasing the tension'. Is it the dope or the pleasure of having cheap free sex that excite these juvenile?
Im not so sure.
But i am sure when a close family member share her story about some outskirt Felda kids engaging in orgies in some hidden kampung house.

So, again, the questions. Is it the parents fault or just their crave for sex becoming stronger after their parents and the generations of this world consumed too much genetically altered produce and hormones enhanced meats.

I do not know and dare not comment too, cause i have a daughter of my own too.

Come on here.
This is where the government should be more focused on.
Not debating and flip flopping on the Bahasa Malaysia and English as medium for teaching of Science and Mathematics.

The moral of the younger generations had over the years deteriorated.
It had gone worst, especially with monetary assistance from oblivious and ignorant parents who think money could buy everything in life.
I agree. Money could put a student away from peer pressure but i have seen some that survived without being the slave to the God of all Evil.

I had been a student in too.
But of course not in this millennium, so maybe my way of thinking are different.
My way of tackling stresses are different.
My way of choosing friends are different.

Actually sex and money cannot be separated. That is why one of the oldest carrier in the world is to become a prostitutes. It's easy and perhaps enjoyable by some.
There used to be a case in my secondary school where the 16 year-old girl was caught 'selling' herself to get money. She was expelled later.

It is known later, years after that the tittle 'Bohsia'.
But Bohsia don't need money. You can easily get them to have sex with you just with a hamburger and a coke from Mc Donald.

Now, i think the people of Malaysia should find a new name for these dope lovin juveniles.
In my opinion morally -- it's insane.
Religiously -- it's a sin.
Personally -- it's the making of future immoral generations supported by the ever money-loving parents, and couldn't care less teachers, and oblivious government who would not do anything until there'd be too many dead babies found at dump-side or flushed down the school toilets.

Bila Kacang Lupakan Kulit

An excerpt from a blog by one known guy. I stumbled upon this writing and applaud his critiques which had received many uncalled for remarks thrown at him, as an individual, as a Chinese, and as a Muslim convert.

Selaku rakyat berbangsa Cina, saya amat berasa bertuah hidup di bumi bertuah
ini. Orang Cina (juga India) bernasib baik kerana kerajaan Malaysia sejak
sebelum dan selepas merdeka, tidak banyak berusaha sama sekali mengasimilasikan mereka walaupun kerajaan berhak melakukannya terhadap mereka yang berhijrah.

Mereka adalah seperti orang Cina seadanya seperti mereka di negeri China.
Bersekolah, berbudaya, bertutur dan semua cara hidup berasaskan keCinaan (atau keIndiaan). Mana ada negara di dunia seperti ini?

Berbanding dengan negara lain, seperti Thailand dan Indonesia serta lain-lain negara dunia, mereka yang berhijrah mesti diasimilasikan dahulu sebelum menjadi warga negara di sana.
Kita lihat di Thailand, pada tahun 1930an semua identiti kaum Cina dihapuskan
termasuk meroboh semua sekolah Cina. Hari ini, orang Cina di Thailand sudah
tidak seperti orang Cina.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Of Ramadhan, charity and the beggars

The holy month of Ramadhan is the month of us Muslim conduct good behaviour besides refraining ourselves from all of the things that we must avoid doing from dawn to dusk.
This is also a month where (as witnessed by yours truly) for some who seldom go to the masjid to pray, will mark the masjid on their daily list of thing-to-do, which is good, of course. This is also the month where you'll find parking lots nearby masjid will be congested and obviously pack during Friday prayers.

Besides taking this month as a time for us to conduct an evaluation on what and where we are heading in life, this is also a month of giving. We Muslim must pay our zakat al-Fitri(tithe)so we could share our goodness in life with the poor and unfortunate.

Allah, the Exalted, says:

"O you who believe! the fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious).

(Fasting) for a fixed number of days, but if any
of you is ill or on a journey, the same number (should be made up) from other days. And as for those who can fast with difficulty, (e.g., an old man), they have (a choice either to fast or) to feed a Miskin (poor person) (for every day). But whoever does good of his own accord, it is better for

And that you fast is better for you if only you
know. The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan, i.e., is present at his home), he must fast that month, and whoever is ill or on a journey, the same number (of days which one did not fast must be made up) from other days.''

Here, in this country and like many other middle eastern countries, the holy month of Ramadhan is celebrated with an air of festivities. This is the time where the locals will get together with friends and families after the Terawikh prayers to common places such as the souqs, which will be very crowded with them buying things, spending time sipping coffee or smoking sisha until the around 3am in the morning.
Due to the rules and regulations here, all shops including fast food eatery will only be opened after the Iftar, and that will be at 7pm right up to 1am or later.
Places of attractions such as the Souq Wakif, will have some of their shops opened till 3am to cater to the incoming crowds.

Unlike the scenario in Jakarta ,where during this month, thousand of beggars most of whom women and children will come swarming the city begging from drivers and passengers, running between cars knocking windows asking for few rupiah. I had personally witnessed a crawling-age child being put just at the curb of a roundabout on the way to Kelapa Gading Jakarta, being left alone by the guardian(s) who is rushing to catch a slow moving car in traffic jam.

Whatever and however vast the difference some countries having the same faith, i am sure Ramadhan will be a month of victory for us Muslim.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw)and his Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) passed through approximately nine Ramadhans together after the Hijrah. They were filled with decisive events that took place in Ramadhan and left us a shining example of sacrifice and submission to Allah the Most High in the cause of making His Word the highest.

Among them were the Incident of Masjid al-Dhirar, The Battle of Badr, The Battle at Wadi al-Qura, The Opening of Makkah and the Destruction of the Idols which Ramadhan of 8 A H., the treaty of Hudaibiyah had been broken and the Muslim armies had engaged the Byzantines in the North. Muhammad (saw)felt the need to strike a fatal blow to disbelief in the Arabian Peninsula and conquered the city of Makkah in Ramadhan.

This was one of the most important dates in Islamic history for after it, Islam was firmly entrenched in the Arabian Peninsula. During the same month and year, after smashing the idols of Makkah, detachments were sent to the major centres of polytheism and al-Lat, Manat and Suwa, some of the greatest idols of Arabia, were destroyed.

Such was the month of Ramadhan in the time of the Prophet (saw)and was a time of purification, enjoining the good, forbidding evil and striving hard with one’s life and wealth to make the word of Allah the highest and Islam the dominant Deen.

The cow head again....

As predicted, this issue must be the fault of that stupid dirty sleezy Selangor Mentri Besar who are so forever floating in the permenant state of bozone since getting his butt stuck at that chair last year.

The cow head issue according to the Home Minister's statement was due to the 'stupidity' (although he didn't mentioned that word)
of the current people leading the state of Selangor.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Are you sure, Indon?

Local Indonesian media quoted a demonstrator as saying that the recent protest in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta last Tuesday was 'a symbolic act to demand that the Indonesian government break off diplomatic ties with Malaysia and evict the Malaysian ambassador'....

Hhmmm.....that is quite harsh, taking into consideration that there are more than 2 Million of his countrymen flooded Malaysia illegally and about 1 million legally (as maids and construction workers).
He and his friends must have not thought of the better value Ringgit flowing in to their country helping some of their poor outskirt people buying lands and bulls and survive with their wives, husbands or children working in Malaysia.

Some had even make Malaysia as their own country and behaving worst than the locals especially around the Chow Kit area and Segambut kampungs and squartters.

Of course these silly calls of breaking of diplomatics ties whatnots came from those bird brain students who just got themselves admitted to the local universities and were very eager and excited. This includes those who has got nothing better to do except to carry on streets demonstration as and when they like.

When i was there during of my trips to my Jakarta Selatan office i had witnessed all these demos and of course feeling afraid at uncalled for consequences. And if anyone follow the local news, streets demos there are not news at all.

Nevertheless, what enraged those 30 odd young students to pelt Malaysian embassy with rotten eggs and attempted to raise an Indonesian flag at the gate was spurred by allegations that the Malaysian national anthem Negara Ku had been copied from the Indonesian song Terang Bulan which coincidentally came a day after Malaysia celebrated its 52nd National Day.

Perhaps these youngsters just realised the similarity between the two songs.
This allegation had been shrouding the Negaraku song ever since those days when i started reading newspaper in my teen as far as i can remember, and i am sure it started way back in the 60s or 70s already or perhaps longer. I am not quite sure of this.

The attack was also reportedly triggered by allegations that a Balinese dance had been used to promote a television show about Malaysia, although it was revealed that no Malaysian government agency had a role in the advertisement, and that Discover Channel later apologise for wrongly showing the dance. Further on this can be read at Blame Discovery Channel, Indonesians told --yeah, as the Deputy Premier said -- blame it on Discover Channel!

It seems that this demos which had taken place many time before at the embassy over last few months was especially due to the Ambalat issue. This Ambalat issue was brought to another level after Indonesia claimed that Malaysian warships had entered the Ambalat area in the Sulawesi sea in early June. now i got it.
The Indonesian students, had actually gathered all their eggs of resentment into one basket and started pelting them at Malaysian Embassy. Must be awfully ugly and incite the stench of hatred and hostility.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Kartika Vs Kartika

When i first saw this news "BEER-DRINKING MUSLIM MODEL KARTIKA SARI DEWI SHUKARNO SENTENCED TO PUBLIC FLOGGING IN MALAYSIA" i was imagining a tall slender beautiful lady with sharp features but still suspect that she definitely hailed from Indonesia due to the name.

I mean-- the name itself . It's woopsy!! It's one of the known name among the list of socialites in the US or Europe.
For those of you who doesn't know who I'm talking about...she is the Kartika Sari Dewi Soekarno, who was born in 1967 raised in Paris and the famous daughter of 1st President of Indonesia, Soekarno and his beautiful Japanese Ratna Sari Dewi Soekarno.

She was married to the Europe Citibank President, Frits Frederik Seegers.

But this particular Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno who is claiming the limelight in both local and international scene is the total opposite of the her namesake.
To add to it, when i first saw her photos; the first thing that came to my mouth was; she's a model of what? Perhaps she is, but those that wear alligator suit sleezing on the catwalk....hahahaha....i've seen that one on the Fashion Channel and its utterly funny!

Okay -- cut my craps. Im bad sometimes....

What made me want to talk about this girl is -- her intentions of seeking limelight -- i mean 'international' lights okay! Now she had gotten all those human-rights humans to champion her and media carrying the news endlessly and in a way, it will undoubtedly affect Islam as the 'mean' religion.

Put it this way -- if she is a Muslim -- she wont become a model ( i still cannot grasp what type of model this woman claimed she is) because in Islam, women are not allowed to parade themselves unless, again, she paraded in an alligator costume on the catwalk....hahahaha....

Secondly -- she said she repented and wanted her canning to be carried out publicly....hmmm she is smart. I never know model can be as smart!...Nevertheless, any smart people surely know that this woman is being manipulated by some group and parties.

Malaysia does not practice the Islamic law "hudud' -- thus public caning or stone to death shall not be applicable. But why this 'glamour-seeker-ugly-woman' desperately wants to be caned in public?

She and her manipulator(s) knows for sure the government wont allow this.
Thus will accordingly, let her go scot -free when the case is being observed closely by the world, which of course would also tarnished the Malaysia's law reputations -- again.

I mean this little self-proclaimed model definitely is hungry to get worldwide coverage.
I guess she is trying to be at par with her namesake.
But girl -- you can dream on!

Consuming alcohol is a religious offense in Malaysia only for Muslims, where offenders are prosecuted in Shariah courts. Most offenders are usually fined, but the law also provides for a three-year prison term and caning.

The punishment is it seems in order to make the accused repent and serves as a lesson to other Muslims, which in my opinion and is a laughing stock cause in real life, hoards of Muslim Malays drinks alcohol.

So, i am not surprise if this self-proclaimed model gets off the caning and start drinking again soon after......

The joke is on the Cow.

Hisham wants stern action against ‘cow head protestors’

PETALING JAYA: Those responsible for bringing the head of a cow during the Aug 28 protest at the Selangor state secretariat building should be charged in court, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

He ordered the police to proceed with further investigation and take stern action against those responsible.

“The police have identified the individuals involved," he said in a statement Thursday.

Affected residents had staged a protest last Friday against the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government’s decision to relocate a 150-year-old temple from Section 19 to Section 23 in Shah Alam.

The protest sparked controversy when some of the participants brought along the decapitated head of a cow, then stamped and spat on it. Hindus consider the cow a sacred animal.

One of the protest leaders also threatened bloodshed if the Selangor government went ahead with its plans to relocate the temple.

Although the residents were angry with the state government and had no intention of hurting the feeling of any other race, Hishammuddin said such action could not be tolerated.

“The Home Ministry view seriously all issues that could undermine the harmony, unity, national security and stability of this multiracial country,’’ he said.

The Malaysia Bar Council, in a statement, expressed disappointment at Federal Government leaders who made irresponsible statements including blaming the Selangor government over the temple relocation issue.

“The fact that this is a Muslim-majority area is immaterial and should not, in and of itself, be permitted to serve as adequate basis for rejecting the establishment of a place of worship of any faith,” said Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had said that the police and Attorney-General’s Chambers would decide whether the protestors had violated any laws under the Sedition Act.

The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan had also said police had identified the main culprits involved and the Attorney-General had directed further investigations-- Staronline.


It was embarrassing and an obvious portrayals of stupidity.

I saw the video clip via you-tube and was appalled at watching those Malay men acting like barbarians, stepping on the bloody head and spitting on it.

Good God.

I cant find any word to describe their 'inhumane' actions, and would be so embarrassed if one of them are related to me.

First and foremost, these Malays are meat eater.

They eat lots of meat especially beef and need the meat very much for their delicacies 'rendang' to eat with ketupat and lemang for this coming eid celebration.

So, why are they spitting on their source of meat?

And what was in the brain of those retard when they took a newly beheaded head with blood and carry it around town in order to manifest their resentment towards something.

There are lots of other ways to manifest our anger.

Knowingly the cow is a sacred animal to the Hindus, their behaviour would not create anything better or getting their needs and wants achieved but would only create a harsher tension between the two race.

Are they trying to create another Kg Medan ethnic unrest which took place in 2001 again?

If it is so, then i would want to get my skin bleached soon, get my hair dyed red and wear coloured lenses in order not be ridiculed, or abused on the highway (i personally experienced this during those black period when the driver of a 3 tonner lorry wanted to hit my car when he saw me -- for no reason, and another incident on the Federal Highway near Subang Jaya when the driver intentionally threw small ball bearings nuts towards my car and few more cars).

I would also not like to be slashed or had my arm chopped by someone while walking just because i am a Malay. Or should i just wear a placards stating that I HATE BEING A MALAY AND NEVER PROUD BEING ONE!! sign so i wont be slashed?

Should I?

I mean, why does this minister wants a stern action against those responsible when all the authorities could do during that incident was get the police to quickly arrest them for unlicensed gathering or FRU shoot water canon at them. I know they can come to the place pronto.

Why didn't they?

And for the Selangor government, especially the crooked and dirty Mentri Besar (go to fly kite will ya!!) what the heck you want to entertain a request for setting up a temple in a Malay / Muslim majority area when you obviously know that this would definitely create havoc.

Why can't you just give the yes but set it up somewhere else?

And to those Hindus, why are you people in dire need to set it up among the majority Malay dominated area? Are you people trying to test water too?

When the 'baran' Malays create havoc due to your playing 'testing' game and an unrest happened, will you people go to the Queen of England and seek help because you've been 'ethnically cleansed' and 'deprived'.

It's a joke.

When religion are being politicised -- Its a bigger joke.

Where is God when human are turning into bunch of sick pious people?