Friday, 4 September 2009

Are you sure, Indon?

Local Indonesian media quoted a demonstrator as saying that the recent protest in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta last Tuesday was 'a symbolic act to demand that the Indonesian government break off diplomatic ties with Malaysia and evict the Malaysian ambassador'....

Hhmmm.....that is quite harsh, taking into consideration that there are more than 2 Million of his countrymen flooded Malaysia illegally and about 1 million legally (as maids and construction workers).
He and his friends must have not thought of the better value Ringgit flowing in to their country helping some of their poor outskirt people buying lands and bulls and survive with their wives, husbands or children working in Malaysia.

Some had even make Malaysia as their own country and behaving worst than the locals especially around the Chow Kit area and Segambut kampungs and squartters.

Of course these silly calls of breaking of diplomatics ties whatnots came from those bird brain students who just got themselves admitted to the local universities and were very eager and excited. This includes those who has got nothing better to do except to carry on streets demonstration as and when they like.

When i was there during of my trips to my Jakarta Selatan office i had witnessed all these demos and of course feeling afraid at uncalled for consequences. And if anyone follow the local news, streets demos there are not news at all.

Nevertheless, what enraged those 30 odd young students to pelt Malaysian embassy with rotten eggs and attempted to raise an Indonesian flag at the gate was spurred by allegations that the Malaysian national anthem Negara Ku had been copied from the Indonesian song Terang Bulan which coincidentally came a day after Malaysia celebrated its 52nd National Day.

Perhaps these youngsters just realised the similarity between the two songs.
This allegation had been shrouding the Negaraku song ever since those days when i started reading newspaper in my teen as far as i can remember, and i am sure it started way back in the 60s or 70s already or perhaps longer. I am not quite sure of this.

The attack was also reportedly triggered by allegations that a Balinese dance had been used to promote a television show about Malaysia, although it was revealed that no Malaysian government agency had a role in the advertisement, and that Discover Channel later apologise for wrongly showing the dance. Further on this can be read at Blame Discovery Channel, Indonesians told --yeah, as the Deputy Premier said -- blame it on Discover Channel!

It seems that this demos which had taken place many time before at the embassy over last few months was especially due to the Ambalat issue. This Ambalat issue was brought to another level after Indonesia claimed that Malaysian warships had entered the Ambalat area in the Sulawesi sea in early June. now i got it.
The Indonesian students, had actually gathered all their eggs of resentment into one basket and started pelting them at Malaysian Embassy. Must be awfully ugly and incite the stench of hatred and hostility.
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