Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Stupid Chinaman.

China Ambassador to Malaysia, Huang Huikang (fourth from right) launching the Maritime Silk Road China-Malaysia Forum at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur today. —Picture by Kamles Kumar
The stupid china ambassador to Malaysia, Huang Huikang (fourth from right) 

This is one idiotic diplomat.
This chinaman must have thought Malaysia is his great great grandfather's newfoundland because he know this country is one few country that grants those chinese immigrant from the mainland centuries ago citizenship and land to stay and make money.

The stupid chinaman is an ambassador to Malaysia. His name is Huang Huikang. He has on one of his official leisure day, pay a visit to Petaling Street; tourist area in the middle of Kuala Lumpur town.
During that visit, for whatever reason, he said that China was against those who resort to violence to disrupt public order(this was in reference to the threat by a non-Chinese group  to hold demonstration in Petaling Street, a Chinatown of Malaysia) and that his government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism.

Now, that statement was taken seriously and he was later called to Wisma Putra to 'explain' himself and about his so-called warning that Beijing would not fear voicing out against incidents, which threaten the interests of the country, infringe upon the rights of its citizens in doing business, or disrupt the relationship between Malaysia and China.

If he did say so, he sounded to me like a man who do not give a shit about Malaysia's government and it sovereignty.

Does this man experiencing some mental disorder? Maybe.
Or does the statement resulted from how overwhelm he felt because obviously the chinese are in abundance in Petaling Street and surrounding area.
And having witness his race here are in control of the country's economy and the fact that the mainland chinaman are one of the biggest global spender besides the Russians with their newfound richness,  --does that made him think that China is really that big of a deal?

That is why they say Chinese is the Asian Jewish.
You just cannot give them a bit because they will want more and they won't have the slightest empathy or consciousness of what they do, as long as they gain.

Meanwhile, his same-race Malaysian politician, Ong Ka Chuan, said the Petaling Street remark by this ambassador has not affected diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China. He said that the controversy over Huang’s appearance last Friday was “unintentional” and “not politically motivated” as suspected by many.

But why was he so vocal about another's sovereign issue when he was supposed to be the bridge. Not burning it with such sentiments -- intentionally or not.

My conclusion to this whole hoo haas ;

Malaysian government has been giving too 'much face' to the China chinese, and Malaysian chinese. From the eagerness of Malaysia's  minister of tourism in promoting no-visa travelling for China people -- I'm pretty sure transporting their prostitutes in thousands to Malaysia will done in a more easy going way.


Words of Wisdom.

Learning different languages is no doubt very interesting, at least for those who have the interest in doing so.
I have read some books that have been translated into several different languages, but to date the one written by Paulo Coelho is still top the chart (perhaps). The particular book written by him has to date being translated into a whopping 80 different languages, and the fact that it made a best seller not in his own country making it more compelling for us to have the desire of  learning another language.

Sometimes, expressing oneself in another language is much more easier than expressing in your own mother tongue for example yours truly; because I found English is a language that has better translation and gives more impact  for me in my verbal and written manifestation of life and whatnot's.

However, this recent research from the British Council, which I came across in one write-up, claimed that around three-quarters of British people don’t speak another language well enough to have a basic conversation.
Well that is ab-so-lute-ly (with 'that' Brits expression please) daunting given the fact that British were one of the earliest people who roam the world in order to find new pastures to conquer.
With that, I am somehow glad they did. Otherwise, English language might not be Malaysia's second language; where it is a must to learn from elementary stage.

It is also mentioned in the report that they face problems in businesses such as selling a product or negotiate a deal, and as the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) of UK found out they are literally 'losing out on an incredible £48bn a year in lost exports as a direct result of its lack of language skills'.

That is quiet a sum.
It added that a lot of SMEs see languages as a cost when it is actually an investment.

Now that I know that, I must share one person among the family circle whom, is well equipped with Mandarin, French, Germany, and Japanese besides English as second language and Bahasa Malaysia as the mother tongue.
That is six in total up his sleeves.
Yup, as a person who have great inclinations towards languages -- I envied him. Totally.
He's a polyglot.
He spend his break learning language(s) by going to the origin country.
And how original is that. Duhh...

I only have a smearing two.
I'm a bilingual. But to a certain point would like to consider myself a multilingual.
That is because I occasionally use two other languages in the house with the kids (in order to express myself) understood quite well one of them even though I don't know it by reading and writing.
It is a combination of what I call half-way-done and the x-rated one. They say, you must learn the bad words first because it will easier to learn the rest of other words...(Im suspecting those who says that must have some sort of penchant for language in their own special way) a certain extend, I am in agreement though.

Another personal example exposure to languages will excite the brain and triggers the acceptance thus the start usage of it would be my four year old. She would always occasionally with spontaneity use the word 'la' in replacement of no, and learnt that from her friend at school.

I remembered my French language instructor, whom despite being born into a family with different mother-tongue, even speaks French in his dream, told as joke by his partner. Conclusion? That is what language would do to you. It will take over your subconscious mind.It will stay in you -- of course with continuously conversing and using it.
My dad whom speaks and write Germany, after decades coming back home and with no one to converse with, still understand the language even though slow but fail to work a full sentences now.

Living here in the middle east, has made me somewhat learning few Arabic words -- indirectly though.
My dad would every now and then on my visiting home yearly, ask me whether have I started taking up Arabic.
You know, as a Muslim; he'd told me the good side of learning that language will enable me better understanding the Quran when I read it, even though the Quran wordings are not the typical Arabic words.
We (me and partner) were told that Quranic language is more like a literature.
Or a Sastera Melayu in Malay even perhaps like trying to really understand William Shakespeare in English.
Nonetheless, I liked to jest around and said yes I know Arabic -- and I will start mentioning all those 'salaams' and some words I repeatedly hearing on the tele such as (gha)radaan, karriban and al-laylah -- yup, spending time in front of the tele does have some good side of it you know!

Despite easy communications when travelling abroad, having to know other languages prove to be beneficial too. While waiting for future engagement or advancement in life -- one can tutor, or become a translator and make an income. It is a skill.
A very good example one co-founder of British SMI mentioned -- his company paid someone to translate their webpage into Germany for £700 and £500 for another language.
There is market for translator, in deed.

Even though online translation is available for us to make use of; such as Google Translate-- it doesn’t have the acuity for correct translation especially when it comes to the usage of words as an adverb, or adjective.
It is quite ridiculous to expect a computer to do it amicably.

Coming back to the fact that the most  Brits doesn't acquire more language except their own, as a Malaysian, I felt lucky somehow that the country is among nine of the most multilingual country.

This was shared with me by a multilingual person -- once you learn another language both written and verbal, it will be much more easier for you to learn the next and the so forth.

C'est tout!
Lets start learning.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Najib again...


1. I had worked hard to make Najib the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2. But now I want him to be removed, to step down from being Prime Minister.

3. It is nothing personal.

4. It is because he has failed terribly as Prime Minister.

5. Very early I noted the wrong things he was doing.

6. We have been independent since 1957. We should be able to run our own country by ourself. Indeed we had been doing so for decades before Najib, and we did very well.

7. But Najib appointed several British officers as his advisers.

8. Najib appointed many foreign consultants to advise him on running the country.

9. These people cost billions of Ringgits but their advise were generally not good for the country. They knew nothing about the politics, economics and sensitivities of Malaysia. As a result the development of Malaysia has slowed down and the races are at each others throats.

10. Najib’s Government became extremely unpopular. Despite giving lots of money to the people, they rejected him in the elections of 2013. He performed worse than Abdullah, who was also rejected by the people. The Chinese rejected him totally despite his declaring himself to be their brother.

11. He antagonised the civil servants by setting up Pemandu to take over the job of the EPU. Pemandu non-Government personnel were paid very high salaries, far above the Government Salary Scheme. So annoyed were the Civil servants that a few, upon retirement joined the opposition party and stood as opposition candidates, something which never happened before.

12. The growth of the economy fell below those of the Philippines and Indonesia.

13. The currency depreciated and share prices went down badly creating problems for businesses, importers and exporters. The cost of living went up especially after the GST.

14. Then came the 1MDB scandal. A totally unnecessary fund was created which was to be financed by huge borrowings. The Government gave one million Ringgit as capital but 1MDB (1 Malaysia Development Berhad) borrowed 42 billion Ringgit from the market. It paid high interest of 5.9% and gave 10% commission to Goldman Sachs. Government never borrowed so much or paid such high rates.

15. 1MDB bought electric power plants at higher than market price. It also bought the debts of the power companies. Total cost was 18 billion Ringgit. 1 MDB lost so much money that it cannot pay the interest on the loans.

16. 1MDB bought Government land at 60 Ringgit per square foot when the real price is over RM3000 psf. Revaluing the land by 50 times, it claims its asset is bigger than its debts. This is like selling Approved Permits obtained free from the Government.

17. Then 1MDB entered into shady business with Petro Saudi as JV partner. It paid USD 1 Billion for its 40% share. Six months, later the JV was dissolved. But the USD 1 Billion together with another 700 million USD were converted to a loan to Petro Saudi. The money has now disappeared.

18. The only assets that 1MDB has are the power plants and the land in Kuala Lumpur. More than RM20 Billion of the 42 billion Ringgit cannot be traced or accounted for.

19. Then suddenly the Wall Street Journal reported that Najib had in his private account at the Arab Malaysian Bank USD700 million (amounting to RM2.6 billion at that time)

20. No PM of Malaysia or UMNO President can have that much money. All donations to UMNO are normally received and banked by the UMNO Treasurer. All assets are placed under the name of three trustees.

21. Never in the history of UMNO had there been more than RM250 million in cash. All other assets are in the form of shares, land and buildings. The President is duty-bound to hand over all donations to the treasurer for banking. The President never had UMNO money or money donated to UMNO for elections for example in his private account. There is no provision for UMNO accounts to be operated by the President.

22. Najib and his wife are well-known for a lavish life-style. Obviously millions were spent on the betrothal and numerous wedding ceremonies in Malaysia and Kazakhstan. Najib’s step-son spent hundreds of millions of dollars buying property in London, New York and California. He also financed the production of a Hollywood movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” with over 100 million US Dollars.

23. On Najib’s salary as Prime Minister, it is impossible for him to spend millions on all these. A statement by the PMO claimed that the money for the foreign properties and film was inherited. It is impossible for Tun Razak, or Haji Noah or Rosmah’s father to have and leave hundreds of millions of Ringgit. They were not even known as millionaires. Najib’s brothers refuted the claim.

24. So where did the money come from. Najib claims the 2.6 billion Ringgit was donated to him by an Arab. This is ridiculous. Nobody ever gives that amount of money to anyone. And Najib cannot prove that the Arab had given the money.

25. And so a special task force consisting of the A.G, the Anti Corruption
Commissioner, the Governor of Bank Negara and the Inspector-General of Police was set up to investigate the source of the RM 2.6 billion in Najib’s private account at The Arab Malaysian Bank.

26. The Public Accounts Committee of the Dewan Rakyat was also investigating what happened to the RM 42 billion Ringgit borrowed by 1MDB. So was the Auditor General.

27. Suddenly Najib sacked the Attorney-General claiming he was sick. The A.G denied he was sick. There was no certificate by doctors to prove he was sick. Najib had no right to claim that the A.G was sick.

28. At the same time the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission was said to have gone on leave. The Governor of Bank Negara was silent. Later she stated she was afraid of being arrested.

29. Two of the Government members of the PAC were made deputy ministers and another two given other jobs. They could not carry on their work as PAC members. The PAC was without a Chairman and its investigation of 1MDB has stopped.

30. Two members of the Anti-Corruption Commission were arrested, released and transferred to the PM’s office. After complaints were made they were transferred back to the Commission.

31. The assistant head of the Special Branch was transferred out. He then made a strong statement against his transfer.

32. People who spoke about 1MDB and the 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib’s account, or reported on it were arrested, have their passports confiscated and threatened by the police with questioning. It seems that any question about 1MDB and Najib’s 2.6 billion constitute acts to undermine democracy and to topple a properly elected Government. People can be detained for up to 28 days without trial under a new law which is meant for acts of terrorism. Talking about 1MDB and Najib’s 2.6 billion seems to constitute acts of terrorism. Najib forgets that he was involved in the removal of his predecessor who was also elected democratically.

33. Then came a bombshell. Al Jazeera screened the story of the murder of the Mongolian girl Altantuya. It was clear from the story that Najib has something to do with the murder.

34. Many Malaysians refuse to believe it. But people all over the world believe the story. It has become an international scandal. It has brought shame to Malaysia. Everywhere one goes, one is asked, “What has happened to Malaysia”.

35. Between 1MDB, the 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib’s private account and the murder of Altantuya, Malaysia’s good name has been totally blackened. Never before has Malaysia become so disgraced by its own Prime Minister. Never before have people looked down upon this country. Never before have Malaysians been so ashamed of their country.

36. Najib has paid people to demonstrate in the streets in support of him. He has of course made it illegal for people to demonstrate for his removal.

37. If the currency and the economy is to recover, Najib must cease to be Prime Minister of Malaysia. Malaysians must demand for Najib’s removal. It is totally democratic to demand for his removal. The actions he has taken to detain people for holding rallies to demand for his removal is what is undemocratic and against the laws of this country.

38. I call upon all Malaysians to demand that Najib allows the investigation against him to be carried out by independent people not appointed by him. Najib must allow due legal process to go on. If it is found that he had done illegal things he should be made to resign.

39. Only his ceasing to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia will the economy recover, the Ringgit revalued up, and cost of living go down. Only after his removal can Malaysians stand tall again.

Friday, 25 September 2015

I know your name, you are mine...

Just a shot of info for those of you pro-Najib campers.

There was this case in the 70s when one Menteri Besar in the northern state of Malaysia, whom after the discovery of his 'fortune' of RM1.1 million resigned from his post.
At least one third of it was later confiscated.

Image result for picture of scared cartoonAlso around the same time, another politician with the same post in the east coast was instructed to take two months’ leave over graft allegations and a minister was asked to step down from his ministerial post because of alleged corruption.

But what happen to Najib?
Allegation after another, scandals whatsoever, still so proudly and blatantly accusing people that brought up the issue as political rivals who want to see him and the country crumbled. Yeah, right.

Every wrongst that you do, you surely have some answers to it.
But please be reminded that the truth will prevail. No matter how you burn, quell and silence the situations.

I know your name, you are mine.

Terror attack or underhand planting bad seed in Malaysia?...

Makes me wonder whether there'd be some conspiracy in igniting some sort of unrest in the country now....after all, there are those who would benefit from wrath of others.

Hajj continuous disaster 2015.

Reuters photo

Just less than two weeks after a construction crane came crashing down the roof of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, killing 107 people and injuring more than two hundred worshipers, another bigger disaster took place yesterday when at least 717 pilgrims were killed in a stampede in Mina where ritual of stoning the devil being carried out as one of their last major Hajj rites.

More than eight hundred others were injured when a multi-story structure, known as Jamarat Bridge were trampled after claims that an 'unprecedented high number of pilgrims' surrounding that area.

Mina is situated a few kilometers east of Mecca and pilgrims will end their Hajj here in what dubbed by officials to be the worst in Hajj disaster in 25 years since July 1990, when 1,426 pilgrims suffocated in a tunnel near Mecca. Both incidents occurred on Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice), Islam's most important feast and the day of the stoning ritual.

Reading some of comments online, especially from citizens of certain country, blaming the Saudis government for the befallen disaster conform my believe that people are so easy to blame on something when something bad happened.

They said they are Muslim.
They claimed they are better than other believers. But what they failed to do is to check on their own little self.
To check on their mentality and outlook in life. To evaluate and weigh situations both personally and overall.
Perhaps most of them does not know what reality check is.
Being live in this side of the globe for nearly a decade, having to 'savor' their way of doing things, such as on the road for instance -- my conclusion is these people are basically narrow minded people, lustful with I-want-it-my-way and are perhaps always having the thoughts that they are more important than others.
They lack empathy and having little wisdom evaluating consequences of their actions.

With much remorse I read one comment online, where this man and his fellow yay-er blaming the Saudi government for non- systematic way of arrangement of the ritual site and building buildings surrounding the area etc -- I could not hold myself from lambasting him on how shallow and how ignorant he is while claiming himself a Muslim yet he fails to believe in qadâ and  qadr.

All they know is they must blame it on something.
Not themselves.
Not their intolerance and unwillingness to listen to instructions and not their common 'known' attitude as a whole.

All these disasters can be avoided if 60 percent of those worshipers would have conscience and a little bit of patience in their heart. After all this is what required of them Muslims by the religion. And it is what being told upon -- that this rituals would not be a bed of roses.

The haj where Muslim from around the world would gather yearly has been the scene of numerous incidents and accidents such as fire due to human negligence, riots and other misfortune.
However,it has seen improvement and reduction as Saudi government spent billions of dollars upgrading and expanding the sites infrastructure with crowd control technology such as thousands of cameras and loudspeakers in order to control any commotions.

Nonetheless, even the government set up the best ever crowd controlling system to avoid disasters, BUT if the crowd itself is uncontrollable and have not a tinge of consciousness, then it will be to no avail, and death such as this would happen again and again.
Maybe not in a bigger numbers in next couple of years but it will occur unnecessarily and unexpectedly.

Again, it amuses me reading Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei statement asking the Saudi government to take responsibility for the incident in which more than 150 of their nationals were reported to have died.

I won't be surprised that this will later ensued with some sort of retaliation from them and hopefully not become a revenge and a start of any war. God forbid. Knowing these people are all 'war'-riors. And blood must be paid in blood.

One thing I know what future pilgrimers should be thought, (of course) besides all those ritual prayers and what one should do during the homage is this :

ICKY -- Impatience Can Kill You

Let's wait and see....

Where is your pride Najib Razak?

Image result for najib razak cartoonic pic
Oh gosh....Im burnt this time....
There is this news from an Asean fellow country today on it's minister tendering his resignation after a mistake done on his side.

Japan's sports minister Hakubun Shimomura tendered his resignation over the scrapping of plans for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics centrepiece stadium after a cost blowout.

Now, lets evaluate this simply.
 Even though Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who is also his close ally had asked him to stay on until the upcoming cabinet reshuffle , but out of dignity, this minister determined that this is what he should do.
Not just that, he will also return half his pay for the six months through September in atonement, as reported by Kyodo news agency.

What do we call this?

That is the difference between someone with dignity and one who has none.

Shimomura said 'he has caused great worry and trouble to many people over the national stadium problem' and feel this is the best to be done.

Plans for the stadium 2019 Rugby World Cup, would be scrapped after the estimated cost of UK-based Zaha Hadid Architects' design ballooned to over $2 billion, nearly twice the original figure.

It is not uncommon for Japanese ministers to step down or resign from their cabinet post when something uncalled for happened. In 2011, amid Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster following a major earthquake and tsunami , the Prime Minister Naoto Kan stepped down and so does it's Industry Minister, Banri Kaieda.

Although the root of the disaster was an act of god, they took the blame for all the downfall Japan faces after the incident.

This is what one with pride and one that has great responsibility should do in order not to create more tension. Most of the time, when the people doesn't want you to lead anymore, you cannot just stick there and act like nothing happen and continue to belittled the peoples' intelligence by suffocating them with lies after lies and the mere stomach wrenching statement that the country's economy is still stable.

And that is what Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak is doing and continues enjoying doing so.
Stop all those bulls and be a man and just let go Najib.

Please, before you dragged the country's to the lowest level yet.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Malaysia’s Leader, Najib Razak, Faces U.S. Corruption Inquiry.

"The inquiry, being run by a unit of the Justice Department that investigates international corruption, is focused on properties in the United States that were purchased in recent years by shell companies that belong to the prime minister’s stepson as well as other real estate connected to a close family friend, said the people knowledgeable about the case, who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it. Investigators are also looking at a $681 million payment made to what is believed to be Mr. Najib’s personal bank account".....

Now,....I know the phrase "I told you so..." is not a nice one to say to someone, especially if that someone is a premier of a sovereign nation -- but in this case, I'm betting tons of people (and of course those close to him too) would just love to say this to his face.

Don't be greedy.
Don't think people are stupid and dumb to know whats going on, and especially with your Hollywood-super producer-wannabe, stepson Riza Aziz.
Owh, come on....every goddamn people can do their math Najib.

Time to #letgoNajibRazak. Before they tear you down and apart...

Read more here...