Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Stupid Chinaman.

China Ambassador to Malaysia, Huang Huikang (fourth from right) launching the Maritime Silk Road China-Malaysia Forum at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur today. —Picture by Kamles Kumar
The stupid china ambassador to Malaysia, Huang Huikang (fourth from right) 

This is one idiotic diplomat.
This chinaman must have thought Malaysia is his great great grandfather's newfoundland because he know this country is one few country that grants those chinese immigrant from the mainland centuries ago citizenship and land to stay and make money.

The stupid chinaman is an ambassador to Malaysia. His name is Huang Huikang. He has on one of his official leisure day, pay a visit to Petaling Street; tourist area in the middle of Kuala Lumpur town.
During that visit, for whatever reason, he said that China was against those who resort to violence to disrupt public order(this was in reference to the threat by a non-Chinese group  to hold demonstration in Petaling Street, a Chinatown of Malaysia) and that his government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism.

Now, that statement was taken seriously and he was later called to Wisma Putra to 'explain' himself and about his so-called warning that Beijing would not fear voicing out against incidents, which threaten the interests of the country, infringe upon the rights of its citizens in doing business, or disrupt the relationship between Malaysia and China.

If he did say so, he sounded to me like a man who do not give a shit about Malaysia's government and it sovereignty.

Does this man experiencing some mental disorder? Maybe.
Or does the statement resulted from how overwhelm he felt because obviously the chinese are in abundance in Petaling Street and surrounding area.
And having witness his race here are in control of the country's economy and the fact that the mainland chinaman are one of the biggest global spender besides the Russians with their newfound richness,  --does that made him think that China is really that big of a deal?

That is why they say Chinese is the Asian Jewish.
You just cannot give them a bit because they will want more and they won't have the slightest empathy or consciousness of what they do, as long as they gain.

Meanwhile, his same-race Malaysian politician, Ong Ka Chuan, said the Petaling Street remark by this ambassador has not affected diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China. He said that the controversy over Huang’s appearance last Friday was “unintentional” and “not politically motivated” as suspected by many.

But why was he so vocal about another's sovereign issue when he was supposed to be the bridge. Not burning it with such sentiments -- intentionally or not.

My conclusion to this whole hoo haas ;

Malaysian government has been giving too 'much face' to the China chinese, and Malaysian chinese. From the eagerness of Malaysia's  minister of tourism in promoting no-visa travelling for China people -- I'm pretty sure transporting their prostitutes in thousands to Malaysia will done in a more easy going way.


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