Friday, 25 September 2015

I know your name, you are mine...

Just a shot of info for those of you pro-Najib campers.

There was this case in the 70s when one Menteri Besar in the northern state of Malaysia, whom after the discovery of his 'fortune' of RM1.1 million resigned from his post.
At least one third of it was later confiscated.

Image result for picture of scared cartoonAlso around the same time, another politician with the same post in the east coast was instructed to take two months’ leave over graft allegations and a minister was asked to step down from his ministerial post because of alleged corruption.

But what happen to Najib?
Allegation after another, scandals whatsoever, still so proudly and blatantly accusing people that brought up the issue as political rivals who want to see him and the country crumbled. Yeah, right.

Every wrongst that you do, you surely have some answers to it.
But please be reminded that the truth will prevail. No matter how you burn, quell and silence the situations.

I know your name, you are mine.
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