Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Movie Talk: Twilight Fans' Vampire Addiction Affecting Relationships

What can you say!

I have to admit after having label the first movie as 'child's play' without even watching it, reading about the never ending craze they (the actor and actress, not much of the story line) had done on teenagers and married women alike, I can't help but got interested to fill in my curiosity. Whatmore after having to know someone who was able to shed tears reading the book, I decided to borrow from her.
It was the second supplement of the Twilight Saga.
Because I still can't understand people shedding tears on fictions (still remember Titanic when the sobbing sounds are here and there in the cinema) I also make an effort to get a copy of DVD and watch it at home.

All I can say is reading the book is much much better than watching the movies.
It's engaging and the story was surrounding forbidden loves. And tell me honestly, what forbidden love that never captures?
Thus not even coming to the middle of the book, I rushed to the bookstore and bought myself the Twilight Saga set.

Hahahaha....yeah, shy to admit but I was into Edward for a while too...but it finishes along with the whole set when I'm done reading.

In my opinion, this is what good actress and actor can do But most importantly the chemistry caught by the camera of the two lovers transfered to the silver screen that managed to incite all the lovey dovey feelings among teenagers, managed to rekindle sweet memories for the elders (like moi...) and all kinds of emotional bewilderment.

For this one, although the previous second supplement didn't work wonders at all, I'll still watch it....for Edward. ;)

The glory of being a minah salleh...

Martha Stewart shows her mettle at world’s largest pewter factory .

MARTHA STEWART visited the home of pewter brand, Royal Selangor during her visit to Malaysia last month.

The lifestyle expert, who is the founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and who hosts her own television talk show, was invited by Tourism Malaysia to promote the country as a holiday destination.

Royal Selangor was established by in 1885 by Chinese pewtersmith Yong Koon, who left his homeland in China to begin his pewter business in the then burgeoning mining town of Kuala Lumpur. Today the company has a workforce of over 350 skilled craftsmen.

I did it: Martha Stewart with the pewter tumbler that she hammered.

It operates the world’s largest pewter factory, one of the highlights of the tour at the award-winning Royal Selangor Visitor Centre.

Stewart was met by Datin Paduka Chen Mun Kuen, the granddaughter of the founder, who took her on a tour of the pewter factory as well as the archive of Comyns, a 300-year-old silversmith from the United Kingdom, acquired by Royal Selangor in 1993.

The Comyns archive houses over 35,000 patterns, drawings and moulds, spanning three centuries of design style – Baroque, Rococo, Neo Classical and Nouveau.

During the visit, Martha also enjoyed making a pewter bowl at the “School of Hard Knocks” pewtersmithing workshop using just traditional tools.

“Martha was really amazing and very adventurous. She tried her hand at making her own pewter bowl and hand-hammered a pewter tumbler,” Chen said.

“Although she had a very tight schedule, she was very obliging and stayed on for lunch to try our home-cooked Malaysian cuisine that our cafe had specially prepared for her,” she added.

I think the best thing to ask for the next life is to be born a minah salleh.
I'm sure i'll get aways with lot of things if livinh in some Asian or Arabs countries.
I'm sure i'll be treated like queen...... (floowing my post on her visit...no, not visit, it's invitation to Malaysia last month)....

Big deal!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Veneer smile.

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to have a perfect smile on their face.
Nice lined teeth together with lighter shades will definitely make anyone look better.
But with lifestyle and age, anyone once perfect smile can turn to be imperfect at some point of their life and I am one of those, now.

I remember having known one lady who has got this grayish coloured teeth, and she was a coffee drinker, and recall telling myself that this is what will befallen me 15 years from now (the girl was much older than me then).
Anyway, to my delight, it didn't turn out to be so because later on in life and after jotting visit to the dentist in bold on the yearly planner, I learnt about tooth colours and other things as well.

Now, having to come across mid-life, and having 'blessed' with genetically yellowish set of smile which if I'm not mistaken it should range around the scale of A3 or A4, I found myself very eager in wanting to have a whiter set of teeth, not by bleaching but by another type of having it done - veneer.

Well, as a coffee drinker who fags (occasionally now and hopefully will end soon) and a constant curry eater especially those laden with turmeric (I'm Asian...I can't help it!) my teeth have been abused-end. Although visits to have it cleaned are done accordingly, I can't possibly restore its natural colour.

It's is not that bad, but to my scale, it is bad because the choice of my lipstick colours have changed along the way. It is impossible and I will obviously look ridiculous with my once orangie based lip colour, which, used to be my favourite during my early 20s.

In my endeavour to having a brighter smile, I had my fair share of gagging my mouth for bleaching procedures, which, besides the very irritating floss-like treatment (to have the whatever thing to be 'installed' in between tooth), having to gag open my mouth for an excruciating fifteen to twenty minutes for upper-teeth alone, had not proven anything at all. It's mere waste of money.
The colour didn't turn out to be how as I expected it to be.
Best part is when I came back home and asked my family member, none of them can see any difference at all.

And having told by my dentist, the more cons than pro of the procedures plus the list of don't eat or drink to condone to if I intend on keeping it 'whither' (maybe he need glasses), it was only a procedures of gaining of painful jaw muscles than flaunting a nice new smile.

After having through twice professional bleaching in my life, I began considering laser treatment, but was too scared of the side-effect (im not a willing skeptic), all along having use bleaching toothpaste, which later also stopped after knowing about the long-term effect, and now came veneer.

Been sourcing around on the procedures, but recently I came to know that now it can be done with no pain nor injection to have a veneer smile. Of course it wont be white because the shades needs to compliment one overall features but imagining it to be two or three shades lighter, I'll surely find myself smiling in my sleep :-)
Here is a link for anyone interested; http://www.dental-veneers.org/common-veneer-problems.html

Thursday, 24 June 2010

BERNAMA - RM100 Million For Amanah Wawasan 2020-Bandar To Help Hardcore And Urban Poor

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Thursday launched the Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020-Bandar (ASW-2020-Bandar) scheme with an allocation of RM100 million to help the hardcore poor and urban poor to earn extra income from the annual dividends and other returns derived from their investment.(help the hardcore poor and there'd always be those hardcore poor...it is very vague - the allocation i.e)

Each household, irrespective of race, registered with e-Kasih, is entitled to receive a principal investment sum of RM10,000, which is kept by the government. (Okay, this is interesting. Given that most of the hardcore poor - those made publicised by the television especially, they are those who are not smart enough to go and get themselves some form of help, they are those rural area who don't know how and where to get such help. Why not the head of the villages be made do some work and register them, rather than taking monthly allowances out of nothing)

In his launching speech, Najib said it was hoped that the investment sum given by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) could increase the income of these target groups who needed help from the government to improve their lot. (Is it true that the government has got not enough fund for next GE? and now in fact?)

"This share scheme is different from other schemes in that the participants will receive dividends and other returns annually throughout their lives.

"However, when they die, the units will be given to others in need," he added when launching the trust fund in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, here.

Also present were Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, PNB chairman Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid and PNB president and chief executive Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah Che Othman.

A total of 4,976 households registered under Phase 1 and 2 of the e-Kasih programme have been identified to be eligible to receive the investment, including 196 families in the Federal Territories who each received their trust fund investment booklet at the launching ceremony.

Najib said the government had identified the hardcore and urban poor groups through the e-Kasih registration coordinated by the Implementation Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister's Department.

Under e-Kasih, families with a monthly household income of less than RM430 in Peninsular Malaysia, RM540 in Sabah and RM520 in Sarawak are defined as hardcore poor and the poor, as earning less than RM720 in the peninsula, RM960 in Sabah and RM830 in Sarawak.

Up to June 16 this year, 8,439 hardcore poor and urban poor households had registered with e-Kasih. (....and still there are those left out which need Tv3 and other tv help)

Najib said the government aimed to achieve the target of zero hardcore poor and reduce the number of poor households from 5.7 per cent to 2.8 per cent by the end of 2010. (I have read about this zero hardcore since like.....10 years ago? If there are still hardcore poor 10 years from now on, there must be something wrong with the scheme, or distribution, or perhaps the laziness of the person himself......?!)

He said the agenda to reduce the number of hardcore poor had shown positive developments when their number registered under Phase 1 and 2 of e-Kasih dropped from 50,931 to 33,417.

"The number could be reduced because the government does not act like a welfare state, put instead gives assistance to the hardcore poor and organises programmes for the poor to get out of poverty.

Najib said the government would earnestly work at meeting the targets, but at the same time would not neglect the other groups who also wanted to benefit from the country's economic growth.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Diamond Find Could Lift Zimbabwe, or Bolster Mugabe

As per response from one commenter, if the whole of African diamond were to be mined and exported, the world diamond market will undoubtly collapse and will bring the price of the precious stones down.

And I'm sure at that time every women will be able to adorn their ears and fingers with the best cut of the stones and of the colours that had been all these centuries being exclusively reserved for the royalties and millionaires.

And the world will see another collapse - the market monopoliser De Beers, who had been controlling all aspects of the world diamond trade all the while. And I don't think it will be too much to say that they are the one who encourages blood diamonds flooding out of the continent, besides women and the demands of course.

Needless to say, when the head of the government and his associates that are so corrupted, even if God make the diamonds fell from the sky, I reckon they'd continuing discriminating and shooting their own people to fulfil the endless greed and insanity.

Greed and power will make these people continue to suffer under the regime, however they say they want to be a democratic entity.
They will suffer similar fate of those in Palestines and other nation that had been at war decades after decades.

Cruel people makes cruel world.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Halal Malaysia Week To Rake Deals Of More Than RM3.8 Bln .

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 (Bernama) -- The Halal Malaysia Week, which will firmly position the country as a beacon for the global halal industry is expected to rake in deals and transactions worth more than RM3.8 billion, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the joint three-party effort was an excellent example of public-private partnership initiatives to advance the halal industry to the forefront of the global economy.

The tripartite effort is between Kasehdia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) and the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC).

"Historically, Halal Malaysia Week has been a focal point for global industry players with deals and transactions in 2008 amounting to RM2.2 billion and increasing to RM3.23 billion in 2009," Najib said in his keynote address at the World Halal Forum 2010 on Monday.

He said the halal stakeholders need to take stock and realistically assess their progress in the industry to fully capitalise the enormous untapped potential in the industry.

"We've aimed high and achieved a lot, but it is time to take stock and realistically assess our progress in order to effectively re-evaluate our strategies, ensuring that we're on the right track to fully capitalise on enormous untapped potential that remains," he said.

The Prime Minister said realising the potential of the Halal industry required a thorough understanding of all issues and challenges.

Najib said in order to overcome the major hurdles and challenges ahead, the country and industry stakeholders must work to establish and maintain strong strategic alliance with mainstream players.

"I foresee powerful synergies as a result of smart partnerships between mainstream industry and Muslim organisations.

"Muslims must seize opportunities to propel themselves into higher value-added activities and knowledge-based skills such as quality assurance and compliance, training, management and branding," he said.

The Prime Minister also announced the publication of four modules, comprising global halal standards, by the International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHI), in a move to achieve a harmonised global halal industry.

He said IHI, an initiative born out from the World Halal Forum (WHF), could establish itself as the global halal authority and may begin the process of unifying a fragmented community.

In order to support this, halal must continue its journey towards becoming the premium brand recognised throughout the world as a symbol of quality and excellence, said the Prime Minister.

As such, it is imperative that best practices are incorporated by Islamic bodies in order to be better position them and to protect the integrity of the halal market, said Najib.

Although there are over 300 bodies globally offering halal certification, only one-third were legally registered entities, thus creating concerns whether these agencies are accredited in line with international benchmarks and were capable of issuing certification based on international standards.

To address this, Malaysia would continue to offer its expertise and years of experience in halal certification and standards development.

Najib said the global halal products market was estimated at US$2.3 trillion of which 67 per cent or US$1.4 trillion comprised food and beverages.

He said pharmaceuticals made up 22 per cent or US$506 billion with cosmetics and personal care totalling US$230 billion.

"If we include the services sector for halal and, we should give this serious consideration, the potential size of the total market is indeed astronomical," he said.

At the event, Najib also launched IHI's four global halal standards modules and witnessed the exchange of memorandum of understanding documents between Penang International Halal Hub and the Investmy International Ltd, a consultancy company based in Yemen.

About 900 participants, including local and international industry players, policy makers as well as academicians, have gathered at the WHF platform to exchange ideas as well as solutions to any predicament faced in the industry.

The Halal Malaysia Week encompassed the Fifth WHF, the Third World Halal Research Summit (June 23-25) and the Seventh Malaysia International Halal Showcase (Mihas), which will kick off on Wednesday.



No doubt of the potential.
But am still wondering the legitimacy of the whole halal produce though.
The source of it. The manufacturer. The whole concept actually.

With or without, the fake Halal certification will always be there................

Sunday, 20 June 2010

BP Chief Draws Outrage for Attending Yacht Race - NYTimes.com

Ouuucchhh....now, everything that he does will be under the microscope.
That is the result of angering people at the Capitol Hill and some tweet suggested that he should be spending time with the mop at the affected sites :)

The glory and infamy of being a CEO.

BERNAMA - Mumbai-Malaysia Illegal Fertiliser Export Ring Unearthed

BERNAMA - Mumbai-Malaysia Illegal Fertiliser Export Ring Unearthed

Yup, besides workers.
The fertiliser is only the tip of iceberg.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Melayu will be melayu....

1. Saya akui yang pemikiran saya belum matang seperti yang didakwa oleh Prof Madya Dr Azmi Sharom, pensyarah undang-undang Universiti Malaya.

2. Saya lupa bahawa 60 peratus daripada 100 peratus adalah majoriti. Dan jumlah orang Melayu di Malaysia menjadikan mereka 60 peratus daripada 27 juta rakyat Malaysia. Mereka bukan minoriti.

3. Tetapi orang Melayu sekarang berpecah tiga. Kalau pecahan ini sama rata maka tiap satu puak atau parti, peratusan mereka adalah 20 peratus. Walaupun mungkin ada parti yang mendapat lebih ramai penyertaan, jumlah peratusan mereka tak mungkin 50 peratus atau lebih.

To all the Malays....and there'd always be those who are so Melayus whom would be easily ticked when topics about them are being touched.


Brand new Malay dilemma-Azly Rahman

In 1997, Asiaweek published the following responses concerning ‘power’ from Malaysia's then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said: “I am not saying that I enjoyed power but I find that it is useful in carrying out the things you want to carry out. If you don't have power and you put out a very reasonable proposal, nobody will implement it. You have to have power.”

When asked why some suggested that he is addicted to power and didn’t want to let it go, he answered: “… it's not the question of wanting to let it go. I sense I may be wrong of course, that people do not want me to go just yet.
They keep on telling me that. Of course they may be sycophants. But the fact is that they say that what I am doing has made the country what it is today. Well, they say, I may be wrong, they may be wrong.”
Power had brought him achievements over 16 years at the time.

Asked if this was a little too long, he said: “People will think it is too long. But one thing you can be sure of is that the certainty of your demise will undermine your ability to run the country. The problem with many countries is that their leaders are only allowed to do one term. People don't respect that one term because you are going to go out anyway.”

Almost 10 years after the interview, he still thinks he is in power.

It is sad that this chap, whom we'er not so sure of who he exactly is but just a freelance writer writing on the opposition-pro webpage has done proving himself.
He is a surely one among many people who belongs to the 'old Malays' thought, those who refused and afraid of changes and be different and easily felt belittled with simple direct forward statement.
What is wrong with the ex-PM believing that he still have some power whatsoever?
Isn't he the one whom still being invited to give talks in the country and abroad? Do they invite Pak Lah?
And, let's accept the fact people.
Mahathir is definitely the guy who made and brought the country to where it belong and being recognised and where you and others are enjoying good life right now. No?
Is it wrong of his statement that 'If you don't have power and you put out a very reasonable proposal, nobody will implement it'....this writer must be joking and living in denial or perhaps he is just a normal income earner who had never experience having to fight and struggle to get some deals done. The sweat and tears and disgust of not having the power OR know someone in power to give one a good break in life?

Gimme a break.

I might not be some Professor of a university or any of the damn 'look-upon' professionals, but I might have a larger life experiences than most of normal income-earner put in comparison and that my friend is VALUABLE and money-can't buy.

Obviously Mahathir, the father of the ultra Malays chief, would think that he is still having some power. He still have his supporters, more than his current politician son. Like it or not.

Yours truly and people of my league are also known as the new Malays are his supporters.
We defy 'typical Melayu' who chose to subscribed to the Melayu thinking and being subjected to the 'syndrome tidak apa attitude and symdrome malu tapi mahu' .

And my answer to his lousy end of 'Almost 10 years after the interview, he still thinks he is in power' ~~ hello Mr.Azli who-ever-you-are,...THIS is not a dilemma. It's the new mindset that people of your sort ought to weight and dwell. Just start by putting aside your 'kampung mindset' and start change your outlook on life as a whole.
I'm sure you'll see things brighter out of the "typical Melayu bespectacled vision'.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

USD 20 billion fund.

The British Petroleum (BP) is really paying it out this time.

The agreed USD 20 billion fund created to pay for claims for the worst ever oil spill in the history of America would definitely be a big chunk for them at the top.

This amount of money is definitely more than some small countries reserves.

Imagine the trillions of dollars they're making in the industry after capitalising it and became of of the pioneer.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tips to becoming a Politician

1. After the forum held by the University of Malaya to discuss the book by Barry Wain entitled "Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times", during which I was condemned for all kinds of misdeeds, many have asked me to sue the author. In fact even before the book was allowed to be sold in Malaysia, many who took exception to Barry Wain's vilification of my stint as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, many, including the Press have asked me to sue the author.

2. My view is that a politician must accept all the opinions for or against him as normal. They go with the job.

3. I am leery of politicians who sue their critics. I suspect that what they want is to make the issue sub-judice so as to prevent the critics from attacking them on the issue. This is a cowardly move and in fact proves that the criticisms are fully justified.
4. A politician who is convinced of his own integrity and innocence should be able to fend off the attacks by proving that they have no basis in fact. It is up to the people, after hearing both sides to decide on the matter. Shutting the mouth of the critics by abusing the authority of the court of law is no better than Governments which censor or shut down papers which are critical of them. Those who resort to this trick to shut the mouths of their critics are in fact showing the kind of leader they would make if they come to power.

5. Malaysians should be discerning enough to recognise such politicians who are fond of accusing others of misdeeds but who are in fact already abusing whatever little power they may have at their disposal.

6. Barry Wain and his people can say what they like. The people in this country can decide whether it is just arrogance or whether their accusations are what they say they are. I will have my say if I think it necessary.

To all the politician wannabes here and everywhere; take this as an advice.
I somehow like the fourth para ;
a politician who is convinced of his(her) own integrity and innocence should be able to fend off attacks. I would like to add on to that; I think they must also be able to make-up or create or exaggerate stories to their supporters and idolisers so to enable the show of innocent be their main façade in ensuring continuous supports.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ng Yen Yen - is that the best way promoting the country?

Monday May 24, 2010
Bird Park and Twin Towers on Martha’s tweet list

KUALA LUMPUR: Famous American lifestyle guru Martha Stewart heaped praises on the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Bird Park on the fifth day of her visit to Malaysia.

Stewart tweeted about the two city attractions on Saturday.
On the twin towers, she posted two snap shots that peered through the skylight on the skybridge that connected the two towers.

She wrote, “Peering through the skylight on the bridge that connects the 41st and 42nd floor of the majestic Petronas Towers. Stand just in the right place and you can see the peak of both buildings at once.”

Having an ‘avian’ time: A picture of Stewart with her niece Sophie (right) and a friend at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park that was found on her Twitter site.
The television host also posed for a photograph with her niece Sophie and a friend at the bird park.

“Birds of all sorts,” she wrote before tweeting that “Sophie thinks she likes owls!”

Stewart, who is here on the invitation of Tourism Malaysia, was also excited about her trip to Borneo, describing it as the “the home of orang utans, tarsiers, slow lorises, elephants, 622 species of birds, wild boars, proboscis monkeys and more.”

Stewart has close to two million fans who follow her on Twitter.
This is Stewart’s first visit to Malaysia. She is scheduled to be here until Wednesday.

I know it's history. But I must comment on this ridiculous treatment Malaysians giving to some fair skinned, blue eyed people.

This is on the visit of the home-improvement and know-all Martha Stewart to Malaysia last month.

"This is Stewart first visit to Malaysia"....shows that if she were to be interested in visiting, she had done it long time ago. This visit is all-paid expense courtesy of the tax-payers money, and to add on to the gimmick, the Tourism Minister herself was so excited (well, i guess she's die-hard fan of hers) interviewed the know-all Martha for one local magazine.

Just look at how glorious the Malaysian and I'd dare to say, Asian, in treating mat sallehs!

And they (the tourism ministry) of course won't reveal how many years for them to have the lady to free her time to fill in the invite.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power plant to cost RM8 billion upwards.

KUALA LUMPUR: A 1,000 megawatts (MW) nuclear power plant will cost US$2.5-US$4 billion (RM8.3-RM13.3 billion) to build, Dewan Rakyat heard today.
Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said the amount did not include research and development in soft infrastructure like human capital development and improvements to support the nuclear plant.

"The cost of operating a nuclear plant is lower than that using oil, coal and natural gas," he told Lim Guan Eng (DAP-Bagan) who asked about the plant planned for 2021 and its impact on the environment.

Chin said the nuclear plant's exact location had yet to be determined but it would be built in peninsula to meet rising demand for electricity post 2020.

The government would use international standards when choosing the location by considering factors like population density, environment, hydrology, seismic, teutonic and geomography.

He said as a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the government would ensure that all safety regulations would be adhered to.

"Licence for the plant project site will only be issued after all studies including environmental impact assessment and radiation are done."

Chin allayed public fears over safety concerns as nuclear technology had improved in recent years.

"The reactor will stop quickly, in several seconds, in case of unforeseen incidents," he added.

Radiation from nuclear plants were also lower than those at background radiation areas as they had five safety layers to prevent radiation. - BERNAMA


The nuke issue again.
We hope the government won't be too ambitious in building nuclear power in Malaysia....not that soon.

Not wanting to be a sceptic towards finding an alternative to the ever increasing demands of electricity but it is much more important for people to know about the effect of it on the enviroment and be well informed about it affect on human at large.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

to be or not to be...

I must say that I find it amusing to see a lot of people here especially the women wearing the local hijab covering dress called abaya.

Well, of course I won't talk about the local people or the people of from the Gulf because it has become part of their culture. Their national dress.
I'm talking about those who are not Arabic. Those who came from other Asian countries to be specific.

I have came across one write-up by a local lady on the net expressing her disgust towards non-locals wearing the black national dress which was supposedly to be part of their personality and culture.

Adding on to it, some of these non-Arabic people took to extend of donning the abaya with face covering piece, thus making their feature unknown to the public eyes.
She must have had some uncalled for incidences I presume.

I mean, that was exactly my opinion when I first arrived to this country.
I found it bewildering to the extend of amusing that women of other nationals, and those of whom I'd like to believe to be a Muslim too, wearing what was supposed to be the local people's national dress.

What was in their head, besides thinking that wearing the black abaya seems to be the best way to hide all their overly simple clothings underneath.

Don't they know that these Arabs ladies wore things that are super nice, colourful and expensive underneath the black abayas?

What triggered my jotting about this was following a recent incident with one Indian lady, who tried her best to get away by doing something what the local women did, sometimes --not lining up accordingly to pay for their shopping goods.
When asked to step out of the way, and when she spoke to let me know that she is in a hurry, I immediately I know that the lady is not a local lass and assumed that she is just wearing that to disguise and hoping for 'scott-free' treatment. No?

Covering oneself is one of the way and an effort taken to become one good Muslim lady.
But in my opinion, these people ladies can always wear something that covers their hijab without having to disguise and to be who they are not.
There are abayas or whatever they call it, but in colours. Not necessarily to be the black abayas.

And I don't think it would be too much of me if I thought that their doing so was an easy way out of;

  1. not wearing anything nice while going for leisure because the abaya is the 'coat of their simplicity'.
  2. hoping not be be treated like second class.

I mean, they Do have their own national dress, don't anyone?

And I'm sure they can wear their national dress and in the same time covers what need to be covered.
Just like the ladies in Malaysia for example.
They have no problems wearing their national dress (baju kurung) and in the same time covering their head. Or wearing long skirt or loose pants with some loose top and in the same time covers their head too.

I don't think they'd be wearing the abaya, other people's national dress when they are back in their home country.

Take a look at Turkish or Egyptian ladies.
You don't see them wearing all black back there.
It is just not their identity.

But a lot of people here from what I observed are mere followers.
Perhaps they believe that wearing abaya is part of being a Muslim, and that would make them more Islamic, no?

Anyway, as usual, I've got my simple theory though.

For some female here and their love to adopt the behaviour of the local lads, and not hesitating to becoming a chameleon it was mere easy way out hiding their simple clothings, less time to dress up besides taking advantage of the national dress in hope to be given or receive better treatment than being treated like a maid or second class people in this obnoxiously proud and 'gold-fish' eyed people.

Come on.
Just stop imitating and stop pretending....it wont make you an Arabs if you live and breath in an Arabic countries, it wont make you extra religious if you start donning their national dress and having some Arabic footnote at the end of your 'religious' emails or speak a word or two of Arabic, and ultimately it wont make you, YOU!


p/s: Similar to some Malays who refused to eat using chopsticks because it represent eating some non-halal stuff. What on earth do they think those Muslims in China use to eat? Using hands like them?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Complicated Children.

This week alone I had been bemused by two stories about children in two different countries, one in Indonesia and another in home country Malaysia.

Well, the first one was about this 2 year old smoker-boy in Indonesia.
While feeling a bit ireful at the idea of him being allowed smoking by the parents, watching him on the video puffing away better than some young women, I can't help but feeling rather sceptical with the news, on his actual age actually. From the way he puffed and hold the cigarette.
There is a syndrome where people don't look their age.

The news which was carried out by UK's The Sun and some other newspaper, mentioned that his mother was feeling devastated by her son's throwing tantrum if not allowed having any cigarette whenever he asked for it.

It was said that the boy began to get addicted to smoking after his father had given in to his initial request.... And in the first place, we all don't smoke near young children, even if we chose to endanger ourselves...like moi.

What ever it is, sometimes it is beyond my comprehension in understanding some people actions and inaction's.

Back on the other story.
It is about three sisters in Gurun, Kedah, north of the peninsular which had been hospitalised after eating soil and pebbles, because of hunger.

One concern chap who brought the girls to the hospital after being told of their behaviour, is seeking help for the kids to be placed at a home run by the State Welfare Department.
According to them they resorted to eating sands and pebbles because they don't have enough food at home.

The three including one cousin boy were doing better warded at one hospital nearby
despite being weak and suffering from diarrhoea.

Their father,an odd job worker earning mere RM400 a month and housewife mom, however are fighting to keep all their six despite having life difficulties.

Now, I am wondering where are the welfare department concerned.
Living with that much of an income in Malaysia is count to disastrous life, and the welfare department is adding more to it by their freaking red tape.

It's a pity life has to be difficult for them children.
It's sad to see some very spoilt rich children throwing expensive handphones, wearing expensive sports shoes that only last for nine months, and chuck aside food they dislike.

Another thing spurted out of my mind - perhaps Samy Vellu is willing to extend his prosperity in helping this family.
He might get better support and be able to sit on that chair for the next decade.

Any take Mr Samy?

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Gaza flotilla

Aid ship Rachel Corrie, with 6 Malaysians, presses on to Gaza

We hope those passengers and crew in custody will be allowed freedom soon and all six ships in the flotilla to be given the green light.
The UN need to hasten their decision and pressed Israel hard this time...otherwise we shall witness another work done by evil being let-off, yet again.

And in my opinion, the only terrorist elements obvious here is nontheless from the aggressor themselves.