Monday, 28 June 2010

Veneer smile.

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to have a perfect smile on their face.
Nice lined teeth together with lighter shades will definitely make anyone look better.
But with lifestyle and age, anyone once perfect smile can turn to be imperfect at some point of their life and I am one of those, now.

I remember having known one lady who has got this grayish coloured teeth, and she was a coffee drinker, and recall telling myself that this is what will befallen me 15 years from now (the girl was much older than me then).
Anyway, to my delight, it didn't turn out to be so because later on in life and after jotting visit to the dentist in bold on the yearly planner, I learnt about tooth colours and other things as well.

Now, having to come across mid-life, and having 'blessed' with genetically yellowish set of smile which if I'm not mistaken it should range around the scale of A3 or A4, I found myself very eager in wanting to have a whiter set of teeth, not by bleaching but by another type of having it done - veneer.

Well, as a coffee drinker who fags (occasionally now and hopefully will end soon) and a constant curry eater especially those laden with turmeric (I'm Asian...I can't help it!) my teeth have been abused-end. Although visits to have it cleaned are done accordingly, I can't possibly restore its natural colour.

It's is not that bad, but to my scale, it is bad because the choice of my lipstick colours have changed along the way. It is impossible and I will obviously look ridiculous with my once orangie based lip colour, which, used to be my favourite during my early 20s.

In my endeavour to having a brighter smile, I had my fair share of gagging my mouth for bleaching procedures, which, besides the very irritating floss-like treatment (to have the whatever thing to be 'installed' in between tooth), having to gag open my mouth for an excruciating fifteen to twenty minutes for upper-teeth alone, had not proven anything at all. It's mere waste of money.
The colour didn't turn out to be how as I expected it to be.
Best part is when I came back home and asked my family member, none of them can see any difference at all.

And having told by my dentist, the more cons than pro of the procedures plus the list of don't eat or drink to condone to if I intend on keeping it 'whither' (maybe he need glasses), it was only a procedures of gaining of painful jaw muscles than flaunting a nice new smile.

After having through twice professional bleaching in my life, I began considering laser treatment, but was too scared of the side-effect (im not a willing skeptic), all along having use bleaching toothpaste, which later also stopped after knowing about the long-term effect, and now came veneer.

Been sourcing around on the procedures, but recently I came to know that now it can be done with no pain nor injection to have a veneer smile. Of course it wont be white because the shades needs to compliment one overall features but imagining it to be two or three shades lighter, I'll surely find myself smiling in my sleep :-)
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