Friday, 18 June 2010

Brand new Malay dilemma-Azly Rahman

In 1997, Asiaweek published the following responses concerning ‘power’ from Malaysia's then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said: “I am not saying that I enjoyed power but I find that it is useful in carrying out the things you want to carry out. If you don't have power and you put out a very reasonable proposal, nobody will implement it. You have to have power.”

When asked why some suggested that he is addicted to power and didn’t want to let it go, he answered: “… it's not the question of wanting to let it go. I sense I may be wrong of course, that people do not want me to go just yet.
They keep on telling me that. Of course they may be sycophants. But the fact is that they say that what I am doing has made the country what it is today. Well, they say, I may be wrong, they may be wrong.”
Power had brought him achievements over 16 years at the time.

Asked if this was a little too long, he said: “People will think it is too long. But one thing you can be sure of is that the certainty of your demise will undermine your ability to run the country. The problem with many countries is that their leaders are only allowed to do one term. People don't respect that one term because you are going to go out anyway.”

Almost 10 years after the interview, he still thinks he is in power.

It is sad that this chap, whom we'er not so sure of who he exactly is but just a freelance writer writing on the opposition-pro webpage has done proving himself.
He is a surely one among many people who belongs to the 'old Malays' thought, those who refused and afraid of changes and be different and easily felt belittled with simple direct forward statement.
What is wrong with the ex-PM believing that he still have some power whatsoever?
Isn't he the one whom still being invited to give talks in the country and abroad? Do they invite Pak Lah?
And, let's accept the fact people.
Mahathir is definitely the guy who made and brought the country to where it belong and being recognised and where you and others are enjoying good life right now. No?
Is it wrong of his statement that 'If you don't have power and you put out a very reasonable proposal, nobody will implement it'....this writer must be joking and living in denial or perhaps he is just a normal income earner who had never experience having to fight and struggle to get some deals done. The sweat and tears and disgust of not having the power OR know someone in power to give one a good break in life?

Gimme a break.

I might not be some Professor of a university or any of the damn 'look-upon' professionals, but I might have a larger life experiences than most of normal income-earner put in comparison and that my friend is VALUABLE and money-can't buy.

Obviously Mahathir, the father of the ultra Malays chief, would think that he is still having some power. He still have his supporters, more than his current politician son. Like it or not.

Yours truly and people of my league are also known as the new Malays are his supporters.
We defy 'typical Melayu' who chose to subscribed to the Melayu thinking and being subjected to the 'syndrome tidak apa attitude and symdrome malu tapi mahu' .

And my answer to his lousy end of 'Almost 10 years after the interview, he still thinks he is in power' ~~ hello Mr.Azli who-ever-you-are,...THIS is not a dilemma. It's the new mindset that people of your sort ought to weight and dwell. Just start by putting aside your 'kampung mindset' and start change your outlook on life as a whole.
I'm sure you'll see things brighter out of the "typical Melayu bespectacled vision'.

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