Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Movie Talk: Twilight Fans' Vampire Addiction Affecting Relationships

What can you say!

I have to admit after having label the first movie as 'child's play' without even watching it, reading about the never ending craze they (the actor and actress, not much of the story line) had done on teenagers and married women alike, I can't help but got interested to fill in my curiosity. Whatmore after having to know someone who was able to shed tears reading the book, I decided to borrow from her.
It was the second supplement of the Twilight Saga.
Because I still can't understand people shedding tears on fictions (still remember Titanic when the sobbing sounds are here and there in the cinema) I also make an effort to get a copy of DVD and watch it at home.

All I can say is reading the book is much much better than watching the movies.
It's engaging and the story was surrounding forbidden loves. And tell me honestly, what forbidden love that never captures?
Thus not even coming to the middle of the book, I rushed to the bookstore and bought myself the Twilight Saga set.

Hahahaha....yeah, shy to admit but I was into Edward for a while too...but it finishes along with the whole set when I'm done reading.

In my opinion, this is what good actress and actor can do But most importantly the chemistry caught by the camera of the two lovers transfered to the silver screen that managed to incite all the lovey dovey feelings among teenagers, managed to rekindle sweet memories for the elders (like moi...) and all kinds of emotional bewilderment.

For this one, although the previous second supplement didn't work wonders at all, I'll still watch it....for Edward. ;)
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