Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bric à brac of Ramadhan.

It must have been some times I've not write.

Too many wanted and unwanted things in hand to handle...and meddle with.
I've been interested to write on few issues...about eight or nine perhaps...but, not finding the right time, and when the time is just nice and right, it is either too late -- like 11pm or if it is earlier, it will be me going blank and seriously don't know how to start the story.

So, like today....I got this huge nice feeling, although I slept only for three hours (we, or me...maybe some.... usually do that during the Ramadhan month)...and I feel the need to pour that 'something; out of my already congested brain.

Im no CEO of any conglomerates, nor a big investor thinking which stock to ditch and hitch...but sometimes this little brain of mind can't stop moving and grinding.

Although I told myself I need to start early to do preparation for today's iftar at my house.
Im organising an iftar for a friend who will be leaving the country for good as the the family got a better offer back home. There would be another five more families joining in...but HERE I am, punching down the keyboard!

I wanna get the satisfaction of writing something out, and wanna grasp the moment I've been longed for...few weeks without writing.

I shared one news recently in Doha where they once again, banned kids from going in the mosque due to the unnecessary disturbances they created.

Oh hail that ban!

They should do that and if any of you parents, who think that the ban will deprived your kids from learning more of islam, or cut off your child's exposure to mosque and praying -- I'll say-- please...please stop that bulls thought off your  mind.

Your kids are running everywhere during people performing the Taraweekh, laughing giggling making noise -- and when some people scolded them, you'll get all furious. But don't you use at least a little bit of your brain, and think of what other might thought of your noisy kids?

Do you  really think that by bringing them to the payers will instill the love of praying, WHEN  they are not praying and YOU are not monitoring knowingly know they are not praying?!

It doesn't have to be the mosque to teach kids to pray.
You must know that.
If you perform you daily prayers at home, Im so very sure your kids will automatically follow you as they can see what you're doing is a rituals.
Don't you think so?

It disgusted me how some muslims behaviour and thinking sometimes causes other muslims or non muslim to hate Islam overall...same goes to those lowlife who love bombing themselves during prayers in Pakistan or Afganisthan -- and they'll target the most important prayers such as Eid or Fridays.
Just so to get a bigger target. Perhaps the more muslim peers they bombed, the more credit they's earned from Allah?

The same goes to Friday prayers when loads of idiots who rushed to gain credits from god by performing their weekly Friday prayers but are ignorant to other roads users and in the at same time garnered hatred and condemnation from people with emergencies whatnots.

I had once during my rebellious younger years simply hit, broke side mirrors of cars parked indiscriminately during Friday prayers and sticking an A4paper with marker ink (thank you Tenaga Nasional Berhad guards-- I adapted to your way of telling me Im an idiot parking my car indiscriminately around your compound!) telling them they are are a lousy and ignorant  SOB and feel satisfied knowing that those driver(s) will get furious because I was furious too!....
( With the hope they'll bring their brain out for the next Friday prayers to saved their side mirror or get sticky A4 on the screen)....

Qatar’s state mosque reinstates Ramadan ban on small kids

Qatar’s largest mosque has once again banned children from attending evening and taraweeh prayers this Ramadan after receiving a number of complaints from worshippers, Al Sharq reports.
During the first few days of the fasting month, kids could be seen milling about the Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Mosque’s men’s prayer area. A makeshift space had been allotted for females with small children to pray downstairs near the women’s prayer area.

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Right move.

This should be carried out in Malaysia's masjid too.
The typical statement of most like 'we bring the kids to masjid to cultivate islamic way of life'  and ' the kids will want to pray if we introduce them to masjid at early age' --which in my opinion are corny and super irrelevant because these kids wont be praying, but running in between the 'saf', laughing and are totally ignorant if some adult asked them to be quiete.