Thursday, 7 March 2013

Horse meat and faecal bacteria...

Faecal bacteria found in Ikea chocolate cakes.

After a shocking traces of horsemeat in their meatball, now Ikea will be faced with yet another nightmare -- faecal bacteria in their cakes. 

In one news revealed that health authorities in China have confiscated nearly two tonnes of chocolate cakes imported from Sweden by Ikea after finding high levels of bacteria commonly found in the human intestinal tract.

According to the Shanghai Daily, high levels of coliform bacteria were found in a shipment of Ikea's almond chocolate cakes, prompting authorities to seize and destroy 1.87 tonnes of the dessert. 
The shipment arrived in Shanghai from Sweden in January.
Coliform bacteria are universally present in large numbers in the faeces of warm-blooded animals and are commonly used bacterial indicator for testing the sanitary quality of foods and water.
Ikea officials have since pointed that the bacteria was not healthy
"We now know that it’s a coliform bacteria that’s not dangerous to people’s health, not as with E. Coli or anything similar," Sara Paulsson of Ikea told the TT news agency.
"But we’ll never know exactly which bacteria it is because the cakes have been destroyed."
The cakes have not been sold in Sweden.
The Ikea chocolate cakes were one of 247 different products from a range of suppliers that failed Chinese sanitation inspections, the Shanghai Daily reported.
"We buy chocolate from one supplier. That it's of high quality, that checks are carried out in all warehouses, and that rules are followed are obviously all important questions," Ikea spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson told TT.
The revelations that faecal bacteria were found in Ikea's chocolate cakes comes just a week after horsemeat was found in the company's Swedish meatballs, prompting a massive recall.
On Monday, the Sweden-based meatball supplier to Ikea stores in Europe said it had traced the horsemeat to a Swedish supplier with ties to slaughterhouses in Poland.
Speaking with the Aftonbladet newspaper, Magnusson emphasized Ikea's commitment to quality.
"It's important that products that might contain bacteria don't make it to customers," she said.
"The safety of our products is our highest priority."
Ikea has since been in contact with manufacturer Almondy to determine exactly where in the chain things turned sour.
Since Doha will see the first opening of IKEA store in Qatar with the official launching this coming 11th March, I'm wondering whether they'll be serving something Swedish or Arabic cum Indian.
Back in Malaysia people will hoards for their meatballs; horse meat meatball to be exact (now), and thank God I only crave for their curry puff and never consumed their meatballs or other food because one; I simply hate meatball for the altered taste of meat they carry, two; I dont go to IKEA to eat. 
Not forgetting IKEA had once rocked the Muslim consumer in Malaysia when the authority found their  sausage casing derived from pig intestine.

So we shall wait, what's next in store of IKEA who is famous for their flat board, cheap wood cabinets and user friendly fancy but never last long household items.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sabah raped by self-claim Filipino royal clan.

Malaysia raids Sabah village to end deadlock.

Members of a Muslim royal clan who call themselves the Royal Sulu Army from southern Philippines landed in a coastal village in Sabah on February 9 to claim the territory as their own, citing ownership documents from the late 1800s.
         They ignored appeals from Philippine President Benigno Aquino III to leave
         immediately or face prosecution at home on charges of triggering armed conflict.
The group claimed that they made the decision to occupy the Sabah village in protest at the Philippine government's continued indifference to their claim.

And did they know that is not The Pirates of the Caribbean era anymore?....Get over it! Go find one of those tiny island surrounding your country and settle down with your clan.