Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Eid Mubarak!!

Today is the day of celebration for all Muslims.
My being at home celebrating is a must.
I cant bring myself celebrating it here, after the first and last experience celebrating it here without family and friends. They do have a community at the place where Im residing now, but somehow there is no point of if the community is slacking in genuine devotion and are of pretentious. I mean, basically, they are those that you 'don't actually know and don't wish to know'.

Anyway, when it comes to 'don't actually know and don't wish to know' -- I have got this urging feeling of really wanting to know who is actually the Prime Minister of my home country, Malaysia.

You see, every year, it is a ritual for someone to announce the day of the Eid, after the sighting of the moon commemorating the celebration, This will be announced right after the night prayer.
Then on the first day, there will be special speech by the Prime Minister.
I cannot recall, the current premier, Najib Razak's way of giving speech pass years but this year, he gave his speech while sitting down on a couch beside his wife Rosmah.
But that was not the gist of the story.
I was later utterly shocked when Rosmah gave her own speech...which was carried on air for the next couple of days!!
I mean, who IS the Prime Minister?
Has it been done before in the history of Malaysia? Nope.
Has it been done in other country's history? I do not think so.

So why is she stealing the lime light?
Why is she been allowed to do that?

Could it be possible that the rumours that she is the actual PRIMIER is true?....

By the look of it -- YUP indeed.

With news about her whatnot being carried on air daily, there is no doubt she is the actual premier.
Indeed her long patience 'hard-work' is being paid off now.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wrong job? QUIT !!

I totally understand that fasting month can be a little bit hard for those who ought to do outside job such as construction workers, those whose job required them to visit project sites, and those who will be on the road dispatching documents or goods.

But what I encounter today is what I can call deteriorating customer service or perhaps wrongly employed person or maybe the person with wrong job.
Why do I say wrong job?

Well, it started with just a simple call from this delivery guy from his office (land line number appeared on my cell) asking me direction to my parents' place in Shah Alam.
I have ordered cupcakes to be delivered home for my daughter's final day at her playschool in Taipan Subang Jaya near here because my daily schedule is very tight, and not wanting to rush on the day itself, I opted to pay extra to save me some time and hassle.

See, I really don't mind people calling and asking for direction to my place, and had never given more than once..okay maybe twice( when they came nearer to the area and wanting to reconfirm) and they arrived with no problem at all.
But when direction was given as detailed as possible, and again for another 4 to 5 times with him calling while riding his motorbike added on with loud noise, laced with rudeness in the voice asking 'where actually is my place' -- it definetely can make anyone goes thinking, do I pay extra for delivery for you to bother me many time asking for directions.

You see, this Malay chap (that is why earlier I mentioned about fasting month) was not asking me direction in a nice manner and intonations -- which, I understood well. Being fasting, added on with slight drizzle, and motorbiking while on the mobile -- it must be tough.
But any women disturbed from her kitchen just to give direction to someone who are dumb, it is a sure call of some conflicts. He was so rude like as if I'm the one who forced him to deliver the cupcakes from Damansara to my parents' place in Shah Alam.

Direction telling him to go ahead another half kilometre before turning right, he took an immediate junction to the left, when I told him to turn right upon reaching certain area, he go ahead and ACCUSED me of giving him wrong direction and there isn't any turning right at the place I mentioned.
 If you're in my situation, what do you do or how will you answer?

Obviously, I told him to listen to my direction and stop interjecting me, and that I have been living here for umpteen years and I know where and which junction to take to the residence.

I came to the point of wanting to ask him to stop where ever he is at, and I'll take my car out to get the goods -- when I rationalised again -- I paid much extra for the delivery because it was out of 'the area' and why should I be dumb enough to kow-tow to his stupidity.

Finally after spending more money on my cell directing him to the house, he keeps on yelling at me that it's my fault and I gave him the wrong direction !! A serious rude, useless, and wrongly employed staff.
I really think he should just work at any toll booth along the higfhways in Malaysia.
For if you're lazy to use your brain, or googled the place you're going to deliver or even to go for any appointment -- I really think he is best collecting toll money -- a work suitable for the handicapped. Because he is definetely a 'brain-challenged' person.

Obviously I will not let rudeness take helm, especially when I was being accused straight to my face. I told him he is the first ever person that after being given many times direction and still can't find the place, and that he is very rude to the customer, and that even Pizza Hut people never call asking for direction!!

His answer? Get another person to deliver and that I'm a snob because I'm 'well-off' !!
What the heck he meant by that....only he knows.

My thought ? This guy is an example of pathetic, self-pity idiot who is lazy to use his brain and good customer service is unknown to him.

To this guy -- his name is Fizal, five foot seven, fair skin with wavy hair -- try to find what you like to do. If you don't like your job -- quit. And please don't feel belittled my the outlook or persona of someone you don't know.
And to Cupcakes Chic located at the Curve Damansara, I told them to reconsider hiring this rude guy. Nevertheless, maybe "I scratch your back, you scratch my back" kinda thing, I was told later by another staff that he is not under their payroll and that he has been outsourced.


Push Presents....

I subscribed to the email list of this informative site and came across this rather interesting story from one of their blogger.
'Push presents' -- an interesting but the term was new to me although I have read, long time ago, that Catherine Zeta-Jones was paid a million bucks for every child that she gave birth to by her husband Michael Douglas, which I though was excessive.
And, I had once visited a friend who had just given birth and brought two present.
One for the baby and a box of premium chocolates for the mom, because I thought she should get something too.

I had even shared some thought with the husband on why women should be given a gift for each of the delivery -- at least it'll be a sort of memorabilia. Of course I didn't get anything for the first one because I was too busy trying to expect what kind of pain will I be going through, and the new life of motherhood had taken any of those things away from my head.

When I gave birth to my second child last June, I was given, or rather chose for myself a very nice necklace...a present for the delivery.

Don't' get me wrong. I'm not the gift-loving woman, but giving birth is a very exclusive and special occasion. We don't give birth yearly (although there are, but not for more than two or 3 kids). And to commemorate the event, I feel the woman should be given something as a thank you note from the husband for job well done (because there'll be harder job ahead waiting for the mom).

Honestly we are not an anniversary 'gift-giver' sort of couple but will try to get or do something for each another for birthdays (and after years of marriage, I find it more and more difficult to searching and surprising him of the what-to-get item). But 'push presents' -- I think all couple should adopt to this idea...for a show of thoughtfulness, at least.
 -- I've gotten myself another 'push-present' recently -- the second one, which I hope won't be any thirds...hahaha

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Healthy my ass...

KUALA LUMPUR: A doctor, the second defence witness in Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial, told the court on Tuesday that he had examined Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan on June 28, 2008 and found his anus healthy even though the plaintiff said he felt pain when passing motion.

Anwar Ibrahim, the struggling-to-helm Opposition leader who was once described by Al Gore as one of the most enlightened and visionary political leaders in Asia, must have taken an extra precaution before getting into action with this Mohd Saiful Bukhari.
Either, Saiful (who obviously doesn't know) what had been used to sodomised him, or he simply made believed that he had been sodomised by Anwar.

The trials which received much condemnation from the western media however will continue until I don't know when. It has been so long. Saiful Bukhari had been to the mosque to do a special proclamation that he had been sodomised, and that if he had been lying, he will befallen with severe punishment from Allah almighty.

But whatever it is, Saiful's ass is sure a healthy one ...

Friday, 19 August 2011

MONEY is greater then GOD

Besides heavy political dramas (i cant help it but to compare it during Mahathir Mohammad's era, whatever you might say about it), Malaysia is becoming another drama scene of religious silver screen.

There had been quite a significant religious-based drama (actually both in the real world and on TV as i noticed many Malay dramas about religion and many actresses now donning head scarves portraying a Muslim women in hijab, to the extend that I'm rather confuse whether they'd donned it for good or just for acting) ever since the premier after Mahathir -- Abdullah Badawi with Islam Hadhari -- which of course is way down the drain and definitely down residing at the bed of the Pacific Ocean already.

The recent hullas was about the 12 Malay men and women being apprehended at the Harapan Komuniti (Community Hope) dinner of the Damansara Utama Methodist Church in Petaling Jaya. The raid which follows with incongruous actions by the Selangor Mentri Besar, Khalid Bin something (Im not bothered to remember his bapak's name), whom after the incident, announced his apology to the Christians for the raid by the Selangor authority JAIS and would promise a report shall be in order to rectify the matter (in other words he's trying to convinced the Christians not to be angry and he will be getting a complete report on WHY Jais did that...).

That, of course ensued an automatic reaction and a protest from some Islamic-based NGOs to stage resentment toward his cowardliness by saying sorry and in a way allowing the 12 persons do what they do -- of course this Khalid had to do that in order to still stay at the seat, and to kow-tow to his party Pakatan Rakyat (PKR), which consists of all races and religion although he is really stupid. He can just make things neutral by saying an investigation will be carried out before opening his dirty mouth.
Now, he got to wash his mouth thoroughly because the protesters brought along a toilet bowl with ribbon in front of the office compound. I bet they want him to know that his mouth smells foul as the toilet bowl.

There a many Islamic realisation coming to the shore for the past  decade.
Muslim ladies and teenager are seen more tudung-clad compared to during my teenage time, where we're more happy to don mini skirts and have our hair done to whatever the 80s style was.

As a personal opinion, I surely think it is good. I mean I had been lambasted for pointing out that not all tudung- clad ladies are well-behaved and pious. Some of the remarks I've gotten was ' well at least we covers our head'.....yeah, yeah....
Yeah. Of course, I wont be hanged by my hair while having river of fire under me and being punished in hell for my sins of not covering my head...BUT, at least I don't make fun of the Muslim's dress code. I don't cover my head and leave open my chest to show off my pendant, or cover my head but wearing leggings and bareback, or WORST still, wearing baby-doll gowns on top of some tight long sleeves inner, which shows so much of my bodily figure.
I mean, do YOU as a tudung-clad person, really wear your hijab as HOW you should be wearing? Loose, covers your neck right to the chin, and cover your boobies, and not forgetting wearing your head covers normally without the hump at the back of your head the Syrian style ?

Anyway, I don't want to say much about the way young and middle aged Muslim women donning  what they don the recently years. Up to them. I don't give a toot.

So, coming back to Islamic realisation among the Muslims in Malaysia, which has it's good side too -- there are also some quarters who'd politicise the matter. The so-called non-halal beer becoming  halal again, coffees with traces of pig gelatin, and now not halal, which I'm quite skeptical on the claim, to the crossed-like pictures among the masjid on praying mats to the extend of  buns having crossed-like are being watched diligently.

The up rise awareness of all Islamic things probably due to too many  Muslims converting to Christianity. One minister stated that a faith crime act be enacted as  apostasy is spreading at a rapid scale.

To me those Muslims who had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, let them be...maybe some of you might think that by doing so, we are actually allowing sin of apostasy be free to roam among the Muslims, BUT let's face the truth. When one heart desire, they'll only go for what they desire. 
In my opinion, it will only be to no avail.
Once they had willing to take money and in return sell their faith -- honestly, these are morons of MORONS.
These people should be left unattended. What would a consultation produce when deep in their heart nothing is more greater than money.

No doubt as another Muslim, we, responsible people need to act and help bring these people to the right path. However, if confirmed that they disavowed Islam, then, there ain't anything much we can do -- unless the country is practising hudud law.

There are such people that claim they are Muslims, but in actual fact they've already rejected some of the basic Islamic foundation and bow to others, and these group who will doing things against the religion are called musyrik.

The fact is, apostasy in Islam in Malaysia has been taking its ground but were made widely known past five years. It is something that, as another follower, we'd be feeling remorse of their deed, yet have to accept the fact that, it has been going on for centuries...and there's nothing much we can do about it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The raid clip

The video from youtube....

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lina Joy is joyful

Few days ago news about a raid carried out by the Selangor Islamic Department JAIS at a gathering organised by one church in Petaling Jaya created quite a controversy.
Of course, JAIS as an Islamic body has no right to enter or barred any Christians from performing any activities according to their faith. Rather their action was triggered when they received a report indicating that there was about a hundred or so Muslim people joining in the church late afternoon activities.

The action, which can trigger some religious-related bitterness is however being dealt carefully in my opinion. It is not being overblown by the media and my guess was it must be an instruction from the top.
On the other hand, the Selangor Mentri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim, who will be answerable to this matter, and who claimed that it was mere multi-racial gathering, is also appealing to the media not to 'discuss' the issue before getting any facts on the raid. He got two party to answer to ; 1- the religious head of the state; 2 - his political party PKR which champion multi racial and just for every Malaysian.

Asked me, I'd say, why,  he must claim it was a multi racial dinner in order not to bruised his other party non-Muslim members -- his hands are being tied and mouth being controlled.

The issue which was not being covered much (perhaps to respect other religion and in the spirit of 1 Malaysia), must be an ultimate expose of Muslim people going into a church and joining in their activities, which was not new but not reported.

The specification of the activities was not yet known but involves singing among others.

According to the lady who was apprehended, when interviewed, claimed she had been attending such gathering following a suggestion from another Muslim friend in order to earn an allowance. She who is also a single mother said she did so due to financial difficulties and after failing to get monetary assistance from an Islamic department when approached.

She also said that she had even been assisted financially to start her own small business. When asked about her religious stand, she claimed she is still a Muslim.

Well, if you ask me, I'd say, this lady, although not knowing whether or not she had denounce Islam, her action itself is a reflection of her 'akidah' or faith in Islam. It's a show of her faith is being compromised. What more when the activities was carried out during a fasting month and they are there near to the breaking of fast -- thus making us wonder do they fast or otherwise...

Organisations financed by Christian bodies assisting individuals, or a group are not new. They are known to help those homeless, or drug addicts with temporary shelter and food. I have also heard about Muslim people mainly those who worked in factory with low paying salary or universities students having financial problems, being 'helped' financially by issuance of monthly allowance. In return they must attend the church activities, which initially does not look religious but slowly it'll turn to be one.
The only thing most people don't know is, this issue had been going on for a very long time, but this particular news got into the limelight because now these Malays turning Christians are more bold in their appearance which answered the increasing numbers of people denouncing Islam each year.

On church giving out monetary reward to single mothers and those in needs -- I honestly don't have any comment. To say it is not good -- it is good. Just like the woman interviewed said; if she can't do any work and get money, is it okay if she had just sell her body? In other words, she's saying that; it's  and okay for her to join in a Christian congregations rather then selling her body for money...

My word for her -- is it that hard to find any decent work or it is just so easy to sell and buy religion? Is so hard to find decent work that no other thing can make do but being a prostitutes?
Doesn't she have family to ask help from?
Doesn't she have any other means or ways of finding a proper job with decent pay but instead selling her faith for  a couple of hundred ringgit?

If  seven out of 10 Muslim lives along this kind of thought, I'm guessing the percentage of Christians Malays will see a significant increase in years to come.

Perhaps in Christianity to feel the glory of God so easy. It can be bought or paid for.
So, anyone (in this case non-Christians) having monetary problems shouldn't look far.  Just pay a visit to any church nearby, and a remuneration will be in order.


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Of Ramadhan and Chinese

8TV apology fails to quell public anger.

JAYA: Local television station 8TV might have pulled out their allegedly racist
Public Service Announcements (PSA) and issued an official apology, but anger
over the issue has not dissipated. Instead, many are accusing the Media
Prima-owned station of high-handedness in the way it made the apology.

In a statement quoting Australian philosopher Karl Popper, 8TV apologised for any
inconvenience or uneasiness caused: “As the famous Austrian philosopher once
said, ‘It is impossible to speak in a way that you cannot be misunderstood’ –
and this is the unfortunate situation that has resulted from the 8TV Ramadan

It said there were misinterpretations in the PSA that were meant to
serve only as a message of respect for Ramadan.

....read more at the link.

One thing that I can conclude out of this hoo-haas is that some people are just trying to politicised and hope to make this a larger controvercial issue with undying support of overly sensitive people.
As some said, this is a petty issue, and as a matured democratic country inhabitants, a should be able to accept this matter in a very light way -- "a society which is able to laugh and poke fun at itself is a confident, open and matured society.”
Same goes to an individual.

It won't be wrong if I say that this resentment was burnt by some political party(s) in order to have an agenda to take the racist game to the road again.
And it also won't surprised me if one of this day, CNN will aired a "Ramadhan demonstration from Kuala Lumpur" depicting mostly Malay men and women with their children chanting some colour asking the government for something in order to show respect for the holy month.

Let's look at the fact.
Especially for those of you who aren not Malaysian, who doesn't resides here and had never been to the country.
Now, this month is the holy month of the Muslim. Ramadhan, a month where Muslims will try their best to do 'the best' as a person. Very good example is, if one Muslim person is a party animal who'd flock night clubs every weekend, in this holy month, he'll become a little better by stopping his weekend nights activities and might replace it with just 'mamak' chats, or going for the terawikh prayers.

Alright, lets get to the point.
Altogether, some people are making such a big boo hoos about this matter because the advertisement depicts a “Chinese” girl eating in public added on with her tank-top when visiting a Ramadan bazaar, which is making the Muslims around her offended.

The criticism circles that the ad is stereotyping Chinese behaviour during the fasting month.

Now, lets admit it.
Chinese or not, young people has got their own way of dressing. It's an expression. It's a fashion.
Even the younger generation Malays (also born Muslim) don all type of clothing as their heart desires.
I have come across countless encounter with Muslim girls wearing tight skimpy cloths with shorts or micro mini skirts, albeit them 'supposed' to be better during the month --walking scouting for various types of food at Ramadhan bazaars.

What more can one expect out of a a non-Muslim who aren't binded by any dress code....they can wear what they like and however they like it to be.
Couple of days ago while waiting for my nephew in front of an ice- cream shop somewhere in Subang Jaya, and I can swear to God almost 99% of the Chinese girls that goes into the shop wear tiny shorts and T-shirts or spag-strap with slippers.
It's like a trademark.

So why must feel bad when one are criticised about who they're clothed?
This is what they wear.
Why wanna make it a big deal that the advert depict them wearing such?
This is what being worn by most of them either for morning breakfast, afternoon lunch or night time dinner, to market or to mall.
Day and night...well unless they go to college. I'm sure college got some sort of a dress code.

Personal experience?
During winter in the place where I live now, in the housing compound for staff.
We have people from other countries living nearby such as from the UK, the Philippines, Indonesia and other nationals.

No one would be wearing just a short and a Tee walking around in that chilly weather,...BUT this Chinese girl from an eastern coast of Malaysia, I bumped into her many times wearing short short and a Tee.
Thus, would it be my fault or anybody else's fault if we assume and conclude that this how they are dressed casually.

My Indonesian Chinese business affiliate once commented on the matter. And I simply told him the local people don't really care about how they dress.

Hence, to say that stereotyping Chinese to wear that kind of cloths and behaving as such is not all wrong. Why can't those people just accept the fact that this is how most Chinese wear.
Why they don't depict an Indian girl instead of Chinese? Think....

Because we don't see an Indian girl doing such thing.I don't want to be lopsided by saying that most Indian girls are more respectful than Chinese or Malays, in terms of public behaviour or dressing.

Second, on eating.

Well, eating in public during Ramadhan is only forbidden for the Muslims.
I don't see why should the advert be politicised to interpreted 'it seems showing the Chinese' of course not just lady but as a whole, are rude -- to be walloping food around fasting people.

Let's be realistic. They (the non-Muslims) won't be bothered to hide their food and drinks when they're around the Muslims during this month would they? This is what they do. And don't expect them or any others will do. Any Chinese can challenge me that I made up the statement (and I quote this from my Chinese friends) Chinese live to eat, not eat to live.

Last year, another tv station run by the same group triggered the Malay/Muslims people by airing a Hari Raya commercial with alleged Christmas overtones -- a sledge going up to the sky.-- Honestly to me that was a case of stupidity of all party -- the advertising company and the tv station department who is in charge of it. Sledge had nothing to do in the celebrations of both eid. If they were to make a 'ketupat' or a bamboo sticky rice 'lemang' with kids sitting on it flying happily to the sky, the people might just accept it and laughed over it.

I strongly feel that the advertising agency is trying so hard to create 1 Malaysia thingy until they become so engrossed and can't differentiate between B and D. Perhaps they need thicker specs to look clearly into what actually is 1 Malaysia all about.

Or, perhaps, the local media industry have been flocked by cheapskate, low paying advertising companies.

This racial tension was stirred up by some people who is trying to find the smallest pettiest thing to create another road demonstration.

That's it.....nothing more.

To the Malays -- stop asking the non-Muslims to respect your holy month or teach them how to behave. If they are sensitive enough, and tolerant, they wont be doing what most of them did. They'd learn about it during primary school in Civic classes. You are living in a country with mixed race and religion. Although you believe that the country is stamped internationally as a Islamic country, and one of OIC member, Malaysia is not. All are allowed, from gambling, prostitution and alcohols.

To the Chinese -- don't be sad you are depicted as such because not all, BUT majority of your younger generations are like that. This is what we see in reality.

So get on with life, and if you're unhappy, try swallowing an anti-depressant.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ramadhan Kareem...

Today is the second day of Ramadhan.
As usual and as it has always been, the month will be flourished with all good deeds and doings and all are racing to pluck credits from God as this holy month is the special month among the months.

I cant help but recall my younger years where during this month I'll be donning a more decent and 'covered' outfit for work, especially. This is the time where the traditional baju kurung or kebayas will be out of the closet more often rather than occasional Fridays or kenduris.

During those 'neither here nor there' or probably rebellion still the main handler of my life, I too try to come to respecting the holy month in my own way. I remember one of them was my trying not to miss praying time of Dzhur and Asr by bringing along my 'telekung' (praying garment) in the car. Due to rushing for meetings here and there, driving and traffic jams in Klang Valley these two prayers can be quite hard to do. No doubt the hardest one for me to perform, unless I'm in the office.

The one incident that I will remember during the Ramadhan was my first attempt to pray at the Kuala Lumpur Masjid Jamek in Kuala Lumpur town centre. Since it was the Asr prayer time, and the traffic was building up, I decided to stop over and perform my obligations. Honestly I don't go to the masjid and I do not know that I have to cover my head to go in the masjid compound then.
After parking by the road side, I walked in to the compound. Suddenly I was taken aback by the sound of someone calling "Cik...Cik"...with a whiff of an angry tone.

Naturally, I looked around to see because there was nobody else there except me. I then noticed this man, who is a guard there walking hastily towards me in the same time telling me to go out of the masjid's compound.
Naively, I told him that I want to go and pray, instead he told me that I cant be walking in without covering my head first!

At that spur of the moment, I wanted to tell him off but managed to take control of my irritation in time before I uttered another word by just turning back and walked to the car. Knowing I don't have any scarf and wanting to just drive off, I then remember the inner head cover I have with the telekung and put it on to 'satisfy' the guard.

I know that it is required by Islam for the Muslim women to cover their hijab...no doubting it, but when I or some other Muslim women out there, who doesn't cover their head but dressed covering the whole body in a respectful ways, wanting to perform her prayers, what is so wrong about walking in the masjid without the head scarf?

Yes, it is a manner required by human to enter a masjid compound BUT does God look at it that way?

I am not a lady who covers her head, BUT I was asked to cheat on myself, and others by having to cover my head just to walk few metres to the woman's praying hall. God almighty damn well knows whats in my heart and obviously know that I don't cover my head, human are making it complicated and asking people to be pretentious. Be whom they are not....or not ready yet.

Do you think God will be smiling an extra inch because I covered my head just to walk few metres to the praying hall?
Or maybe the guard, with that cynical angry face felt I should not even come to the masjid to pray because I can't even do the simplest thing such as covering my hair? No?

But whatever people might think or whatever perceptions they might have towards me and my likes, I know we are in the category of unpretentious Muslims who just want to do what is required of us and doing it slowly, instead of those who only 'feel and making believe' that God is at the work place, or at school and masjids compound only.

Let me tell you what I did after I finish praying....
Admittedly I am quite a sarcastic person and who feels I should make the other party know my like and dislikes by either verbal or body language, I obviously can't let this 'angry' guard to go off with that cynical grin.
So while walking back to the car and still in the compound, noticing the guard was actually looking from afar, I casually took off my tiny white head cover and start finger -combing my long hair freely....HA HA HA