Thursday, 25 August 2011

Push Presents....

I subscribed to the email list of this informative site and came across this rather interesting story from one of their blogger.
'Push presents' -- an interesting but the term was new to me although I have read, long time ago, that Catherine Zeta-Jones was paid a million bucks for every child that she gave birth to by her husband Michael Douglas, which I though was excessive.
And, I had once visited a friend who had just given birth and brought two present.
One for the baby and a box of premium chocolates for the mom, because I thought she should get something too.

I had even shared some thought with the husband on why women should be given a gift for each of the delivery -- at least it'll be a sort of memorabilia. Of course I didn't get anything for the first one because I was too busy trying to expect what kind of pain will I be going through, and the new life of motherhood had taken any of those things away from my head.

When I gave birth to my second child last June, I was given, or rather chose for myself a very nice necklace...a present for the delivery.

Don't' get me wrong. I'm not the gift-loving woman, but giving birth is a very exclusive and special occasion. We don't give birth yearly (although there are, but not for more than two or 3 kids). And to commemorate the event, I feel the woman should be given something as a thank you note from the husband for job well done (because there'll be harder job ahead waiting for the mom).

Honestly we are not an anniversary 'gift-giver' sort of couple but will try to get or do something for each another for birthdays (and after years of marriage, I find it more and more difficult to searching and surprising him of the what-to-get item). But 'push presents' -- I think all couple should adopt to this idea...for a show of thoughtfulness, at least.
 -- I've gotten myself another 'push-present' recently -- the second one, which I hope won't be any thirds...hahaha
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