Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wrong job? QUIT !!

I totally understand that fasting month can be a little bit hard for those who ought to do outside job such as construction workers, those whose job required them to visit project sites, and those who will be on the road dispatching documents or goods.

But what I encounter today is what I can call deteriorating customer service or perhaps wrongly employed person or maybe the person with wrong job.
Why do I say wrong job?

Well, it started with just a simple call from this delivery guy from his office (land line number appeared on my cell) asking me direction to my parents' place in Shah Alam.
I have ordered cupcakes to be delivered home for my daughter's final day at her playschool in Taipan Subang Jaya near here because my daily schedule is very tight, and not wanting to rush on the day itself, I opted to pay extra to save me some time and hassle.

See, I really don't mind people calling and asking for direction to my place, and had never given more than once..okay maybe twice( when they came nearer to the area and wanting to reconfirm) and they arrived with no problem at all.
But when direction was given as detailed as possible, and again for another 4 to 5 times with him calling while riding his motorbike added on with loud noise, laced with rudeness in the voice asking 'where actually is my place' -- it definetely can make anyone goes thinking, do I pay extra for delivery for you to bother me many time asking for directions.

You see, this Malay chap (that is why earlier I mentioned about fasting month) was not asking me direction in a nice manner and intonations -- which, I understood well. Being fasting, added on with slight drizzle, and motorbiking while on the mobile -- it must be tough.
But any women disturbed from her kitchen just to give direction to someone who are dumb, it is a sure call of some conflicts. He was so rude like as if I'm the one who forced him to deliver the cupcakes from Damansara to my parents' place in Shah Alam.

Direction telling him to go ahead another half kilometre before turning right, he took an immediate junction to the left, when I told him to turn right upon reaching certain area, he go ahead and ACCUSED me of giving him wrong direction and there isn't any turning right at the place I mentioned.
 If you're in my situation, what do you do or how will you answer?

Obviously, I told him to listen to my direction and stop interjecting me, and that I have been living here for umpteen years and I know where and which junction to take to the residence.

I came to the point of wanting to ask him to stop where ever he is at, and I'll take my car out to get the goods -- when I rationalised again -- I paid much extra for the delivery because it was out of 'the area' and why should I be dumb enough to kow-tow to his stupidity.

Finally after spending more money on my cell directing him to the house, he keeps on yelling at me that it's my fault and I gave him the wrong direction !! A serious rude, useless, and wrongly employed staff.
I really think he should just work at any toll booth along the higfhways in Malaysia.
For if you're lazy to use your brain, or googled the place you're going to deliver or even to go for any appointment -- I really think he is best collecting toll money -- a work suitable for the handicapped. Because he is definetely a 'brain-challenged' person.

Obviously I will not let rudeness take helm, especially when I was being accused straight to my face. I told him he is the first ever person that after being given many times direction and still can't find the place, and that he is very rude to the customer, and that even Pizza Hut people never call asking for direction!!

His answer? Get another person to deliver and that I'm a snob because I'm 'well-off' !!
What the heck he meant by that....only he knows.

My thought ? This guy is an example of pathetic, self-pity idiot who is lazy to use his brain and good customer service is unknown to him.

To this guy -- his name is Fizal, five foot seven, fair skin with wavy hair -- try to find what you like to do. If you don't like your job -- quit. And please don't feel belittled my the outlook or persona of someone you don't know.
And to Cupcakes Chic located at the Curve Damansara, I told them to reconsider hiring this rude guy. Nevertheless, maybe "I scratch your back, you scratch my back" kinda thing, I was told later by another staff that he is not under their payroll and that he has been outsourced.


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